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Unifying Theory of Terror
Terroristic Security Incidents by Category |Timeline

A collection of categories of calamities which could be evidence that a random crime or accident or mental illness attack could be a carefully staged terrorist attack with political objectives. A mere psychopath has no political agenda, but a mentally ill person who is into radicalized religious or anti-government views may be influenced if not directly commanded by a terrorist or state hostile to the targeted nation, especially if there is an obvious cover story or excuse such as a medical condition, intoxication or alternative criminal or gang motive presented. For example, there is on average 1 death per day due to head-on collisions, but in the vast majority of such incidents, the attacking car appears to have some cover story why they for unexplained reasons suddenly drive in the wrong lane, or cross over the median to "accidentally" kill people.

Murder: 40 per day on average. Murder is the unlawful intentional taking of a human life by another human. It doesn't include accidents, self defense, or suicide.  According to data made available by the FBI, In 2011, an estimated 14,612 persons were murdered in the United States. 

Is it a random crime or accident? Or could it be a terrorist attack if it is similar to one of these incidents? What percentage of these incidents are random, and what % are guided by a "black hand"

Cause / Method of attack
*Group Attacking or Targeted
*Location Attacked


    • 9-11
    • Alcohol
    • Conspiracy Theory
    • Cult
    • Drugs
    • Elderly
    • Homeless
    • Jihad
    • Mental health
    • Political
    • Religion
    • Suspended drivers licence
    • Teen
    • Unemployed

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