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Gun seized

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Terroristic Security Incidents by Category |Timeline
8/14/2014 updated  1/4/2018

You might be a terrorist if...

Suspect attempts or takes gun or steals gun from officer, gun, or resident and uses it against him.

This is a common terrorist tactic.


9/22/2017 shooting 1/3/2017 update Huntington Beach officer justified in fatal shooting outside 7-Eleven, DA's office says  Los Angeles Times Huntington Beach police officer who shot and killed a 27-year-old man during a scuffle outside a 7-Eleven store in September...  Tabares was trying to grab his gun from officer's utility belt during the ensuing scuffle,

Burglar stole guns off nearby FBI vehicle hours before Seth Rich shooting

June 18, 2016 Mental Voices Michael Sandford Attempts To Grab Gun Shoot Trump   Briton Michael Steven Sandford attempted to seize the sidearm of a Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer  stated that says voices ordered him to kill and voices in his head were screaming at him to kill.

August 30, 2016 TOULOUSE FRANCE: ATTACKER TRIED TO GRAB POLICE WOMAN’S GUN…….by KGS #BREAKING: Female policewomen seriously injured after being stabbed in#Toulouse. Attacker tried to grab her weapon — Amichai Stein (@AmichaiStein1)  //

July 1, 2015 Kate Steinle case: Stolen gun in killing raises question over ... Mercury News Dec 2, 2016 - Steinle was shot July 1, 2015, by a Mexican nation in the country illegally four days after a BLM ranger's gun was stolen from a parked car.  Kate Steinle case: Family's suit over stolen federal gun will go forward Mercury News Jan 9, 2017 - Kathryn Steinle is photographed on a trip to visit Prague and Amsterdam in 2009. Steinledied from a single gunshot wound on July 1, 2015, ..

1 assault police officer 1 arrested December 23, 2014 France: Muslim destroys Christmas decorations, screams “Allahu akbar”  BY ROBERT SPENCER “Le Mans: A man detained after shouting ‘Allah Akbar,'” Le Maine Libre (translated), On Monday morning, police arrested a man who was in the process of destroying Christmas decorations in the city center of Le Mans. He then tried to take the weapon of the police and even shouted “Allah Akbar”, the famous formula attributed to the Joue-les-Tours and Dijon attackers. “Allah Akbar” is “God is great” in Arabic. Authorities believed he had mental issues.

1 killed by police, 1 officer injured August 9, 2014  Tried to seize gun Shooting of unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO In the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri at around 2:00 p.m. Michael Brown, 18, and Dorian Johnson, 22, both African American men, were walking on the street to Brown's grandmother's house. A Ferguson police officer drove up to the two men and ordered them off of the street and onto the sidewalk. As the officer got out of his squad car, there was a physical confrontation when Brown pushed him back into the car and assaulted the officer and allegedly tried to seize the officer's gun. After a gunshot was fired either in or from within the vehicle, Brown and Johnson fled and Brown was fatally shot at some distance away. The incident sparked protests and acts of vandalism in the St. Louis suburb, as well as national calls for an investigation

1 injured, suspect arrested August 2, 2014 Anthony Michael Nickson demands to be jailed, grabs officer's gun 49 and 300 lbs faces two counts each of terroristic threats and attempting to disarm an off-duty uniformed police officer after he approached officer James Gray and demanded that he be taken into jail or he would take the officer's gun. Nickson grabbed the gun, tearing the belt. It took two backup officers to wrestle Nickson to the ground, and they had to strike his head with a flashlight unconscious, but at the hospital he only had minor cuts and abrasions. It was one of 3 attacks on police in St Paul in a week. cbslocal

July 24, 2014 Security guard, suspect shot at Seattle bank KIRO  A suspect wrestled a gun from a   security guard and both were shot Thursday morning at a Bank of America in Seattle's Central District.

2 killed (policeman, suspect) July 13, 2014 Jersey City Police Officer Shot Killed in Staged Robbery Drugstore Ambush NBC New York. A Jersey City police officer Melvin Santiago was shot in the head and killed early Sunday by a man who told a witness he was "going to be famous", as the man did not steal anything and police could not determine his motive for killing a police officer. The shooter was Lawrence Campbell, 27, one of three suspects wanted in an earlier killing, as one had been arrested Sunday night. The gunman entered at 4 a.m. with a knife and punched out the armed security guard, then waited for police to arrive. In an ambush, he sneaked up to the car and apparently using a gun taken from the guard, he shot the officer through the car window.  Campbell was shot multiple times before officers handcuffed him, and he died. The Jersey City mayor condemned a makeshift sidewalk memorial in honor of martyred Campbell with balloons and messages such as "Thug in Peace" and "See you on the other side" scrawled onto t-shirts.

Murder at the China-Vietnam Border | Asia Sentinel  Apr 21, 2014 Uighur illegal immigrants grab guns from Vietnamese border guards and start shooting

1 killed by cop August 23, 2013 Edmond Fair Killed in Brooklyn Center Officer Involved Shooting 24 year old Edmond Fair was pulled over driving a minivan about 2 a.m. on Aug. 23 after they were asked to leave a Motel 6 that called police to help with unruly guests. Fair told officers about a for his role in the 2011 kidnapping and alleged rape of a woman, where he had admitted to kidnapping but the rape charge was dropped, and officers he did not want to go back to jail. Fair fought off Soliday and his partner when they tried to handcuff him when he grabbed one of their Tasers and shocked them both before Soliday shot him. Soliday shot Fair when he reach for his partner's gun.  Edmond's family filed a lawsuit, later dismissed claiming “during a routine traffic stop, and without any justification or defense, Defendant Ryan Soliday shot and killed a defenseless and handcuffed Edmond Fair.” According to witnesses in the van, Soliday wrapped his arms around Fair’s upper body and neck, and the other officer fired Taser darts into Fair’s side. As Fair tried to take the darts out of his body, Soliday pulled Fair away from the van and “without any warning” sent the helpless and handcuffed Fair to the ground with a gunshot to the chest. In 2014, U.S. District Court Judge David Doty ruled Officer Ryan Soliday was justified in using deadly force.

January 17, 2013 Tulsa Police Officer Stabs Suspect Trying To Grab His Gun  Police Officer Stabs Suspect Trying To Grab His Gun. Suspect Jeremy Thomas was wanted for driving without a valid driver's license and speeding.