You Might Be A Terrrorist If...
Unifying Theory of Terror

Pre-Incident Indicators ofTerrorist Incidents: The Identification of Behavioral, Geographic, and Temporal Patterns of Preparatory Conduct Brent L. Smith Terrorism Research Center in Fulbright College University of Arkansas
  45 cases were selected from the American Terrorism Study, a database composed of information from federal indictments resulting from FBI terrorism investigations from 1980-2004
included 22 right-wing, 9 left-wing, 10 international, and 17 single issue cases.
Including Ron Arnold (environmental extremism), Stephen Chermak (militias), Kelly Damphousse
(database management), Bill Dyson (left-wing, international groups and incidents), Mark Hamm (rightwingterrorism), and Austin Turk (political violence theory).

  • 9/11 truther
  • Anarchist cookbook
  • Baby, especially in stroller or carseat targeted

  • Church or place of worship or minister targeted

  • Disinformation campaign supporting you from conspiracy or pro-Palestine sites

  • DUI claim

  • Driving with a case of beer in the front seat

  • Driving rampage, not stopping for or running over police (Miriam Cary)

  • Drive like a terrorist wrong way or rear ending or crashing into parked cars or buildings or shooting at people from cars or ramming white house barriers
  • Dry run attack (Kid flying to Las Vegas)

  • E-mails with terrorists like Anwar al-Awlaki

  • Firefighter targeted

  • Government building targeted

  • Gun collection - especially one semi-automatic handgun and an assault rife or shotgun.

  • High profile lawyer like Gloria Allred

  • Illuminati conspiracy

  • Inspired by Al Queda materials on how to build bombs
  • Mall or shopping area targeted

  • Mental health claim

  • Paint cathedrals or roads while blocking freeway with burning pickup truck
  • Police targeted 

  • Post-partum depression claim

  • PTSD claim

  • Romance problems claim

  • School targeted

  • Socialite that invites generals to her house and gets them fired after trading e-mails

  • Targeted individual (Aaron Alexis, Miriam Carey)

  • Vehicle rampage

  • Wrong way head-on collision

.Romance problems claim

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