Forces of Good (vs Evil)

Not Politically Correct and Not-Progessive groups 
(These are the real good guys, not bad guys pretending to be good)

Generally pro-Israel, pro-US, anti-Iran, anti-Islamist, anti-Nazi, anti-anti-Semitism, anti-white supremacist, anti-anti-government, and not responsible for many terrorist-style no-motive mysterious attack sprees. 

  • Australia
  • Germany (postwar)
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan (postwar)
  • NATO
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France

Groups and People

  1. Allen West facebook
  2. American Center For Law And Justice
  3. American Civil Rights Union
  4. American Conservative Union Foundation
  5. American Crossroads
  6. American Enterprise Institute
  7. American Family Association
  8. American First Principles
  9. American Freedom Alliance
  10. Americans For Prosperity
  11. Amir Taheri
  12. Bizpacreview
  13. Any Street
  14. California Conservative Action Group
  15. Citizens For Self Governance
  16. Clarion Project
  17. College Insurrection
  18. Conservapedia
  19. Defend The Vote
  20. Daniel Pipes founder and head of the Philadelphia-based Middle East Forum(MEF) 
  21. Debbie Schussel
  22. Economic Freedom
  24. Emerging Corruption
  25. Emergency Committee for Israel
  26. Employee Rights Act
  27. FaithFreedom
  28. Family Research Council
  30. FireAndreaMitchell
  31. FreedomWorks
  33. Fringe Watch:
  34. Gates of Vienna Mostly counter-jihad with a sprinkling of right-wing GMO TWA-800 conspiracy theories
  35. Gatestone Institute
  36. Glenn Beck
  37. Government Accountability Network
  38. Grassfire
  40. Home School Legal Defense Association
  41. Impeach Obama
  42. Independence Institute
  43. Institute For Justice
  44. Intercollegiate Studies Institute
  45. Investigative Project on Terrorism
  46. wiki
  47. Jewish Press
  48. Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch
  49. Joan Swirsky
  50. Keep And Bear Arms
  51. Leadership Institute
  52. Let Freedom Ring
  53. Liberty Central
  54. Liberty Law
  55. Liberty Legal Foundation
  56. M. Zuhdi Jasser
  57. Mary Beth Hicks
  58. Michelle Malkin Conservative Columnist and Political Commentator
  59. Middle East Forum Islamist viewpoint: (MEF) is a controversial Philadelphia-based policy institute founded by Daniel Pipes that is notorious for attacking academics in the United States who disagree with its hardline view of Israeli security and Middle East politics.
  60. Mothers Against Illegal Aliens/Amnesty
  61. National Federation Of Independent Business
  62. Network Of Enlightened Women
  63. North American Law Center
  64. " in Nigeria where Islamist terrorists (or as the BBC describe them, gunmen) have attacked a college in north-eastern Nigeria, killing up to 50 students."
  65. Palestinian Wall Of Lies
  66. Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs
  67. Patriot Action Network
  68. Patriot Network TV
  69. Patriot's Heart Network
  70. Patriots For America
  71. Pledge Riders
  72. Priests For Life
  73. Renew America
  74. RightOnline
  75. Sarah Palin PAC
  76. Saving Our Healthcare
  77. Smart Girl Politics
  78. Song of Truth Foundation
  80. Stand Up America
  81. The Conservative Caucus
  82. The Last Great Stand
  83. The Muslim Issue Worldwide
  84. The National Republican Trust PAC
  85. The United States Patriots Union
  86. The United West
  87. Together For America
  88. United States Justice Foundation
  89. Veteran Defenders Of America
  90. Global islamism
  91. Wall Builders
  92. Wall of Truth
  93. WALNUT
  94. Washington Free Beacon
  95. We The People USA
False Flag Patriots

Apologists against "western imperialism" say the US and/or Israel is a menace to world peace
  • Alex Jones 9/11 and Boston Marathon Sandy Hook truther
  • Barack Obama is Christian, a strong supporter of Israel, is a friend of Netanyahu, tough on Putin and Iran, guarantees that Iran will never (make that 1 year away for 10 years) get the bomb, has never been or influenced by communists or Islamists, and Fort Hood was workplace violence.
  • David Duke
  • Gordon Duff
  • Jesse Ventura
  • Mark Dice
  • Michael Scheuer
  • Ron Paul

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