Terrorism is not an accident
Terrorism is not a crime
Terrorism is not insanity

You have probably heard of conspiracy theories, but there are few who delve into counter-conspiracy theories.

This is not only debunking conspiracy theories behind every terrorist attack or assassination, but recognizing the features of when an incident is not just one isolated crazy person or criminal but a pattern of incidents where death and destruction is the primary goal of the perpetrator who often acts as if he was a trained mideastern terrorist, but has no evidence of ties to either any terrorist organization or any religion or ethnic group associated with terrorism.

Could it be possible that most high publicized accidents with no known cause and most crimes with no known motive where terrorism is not even suspected could be terrorist attacks?

  • Fertilizer explosions at West, Texas and Toulouse France.
  • Gas explosions at restaurants, apartments, buildings, pipeline pump stations, fuel barges, tanker truck, etc.
  • Death of bride in limousine fire in San Francisco Bay and powerboat crash on Hudson River.
  • Buses that plunge off bridges or burst into flames or ram other vehicles.
  • Vehicle rampages with construction bulldozers, trucks, buses against pedestrians, vehicles, and buildings.
  • Deliberate or "accidental" head on collisions with police or fire vehicles or motorcycles.
  • Destruction of mulitmillion dollar apartments, homes and yachts by fire.
  • Attacks on mothers with baby strollers by backing over, running over, shooting, or throwing infant on the ground.
  • Mass shootings, hostage taking, bombings, chemical attacks and stabbings at school buses, high schools, elementary schools, colleges, apartments and movie theaters by lone attackers

When there is no motive or no known cause, there is almost always one explanation that makes sense - causing death and destruction for a political or military objective.

Most heavily promoted conspiracy theories like 9-11 "truth" and "false flag theories" could be disinformation promoted by inteliigence agencies or enemies of Western allies.

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