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Greg Johnson White Nationalist

Greg Johnson White Nationalist --- ===

Greg Johnson White Nationalist Greg Johnson is an American white nationalist and advocate for a white ethnostate,[1] a white supremacist,[2] and anti-Semite, opposed to immigration, and a self-identified transphobe.[3] He is known for his role as editor-in-chief of the white nationalist imprint Counter-Currents Publishing, which he founded in 2010 with the "racist geneticist and neo-Nazi aficiando" Michael Polignano.[3]Cross-Currents has been called "one of the pillars of alt-right publishing".[4]  He appears with racist neo-Nazi David Duke, and admires Russia's president Putin "Like many White Nationalists, I admire Vladimir Putin because he is an important geopolitical counterweight to the United States and Israel". Cross Currents also publishes the works of Francis Parker Yockey who inspired Willis Carto best known for promotion of antisemitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial. Johnson is criticized by Max Blumenthal for supporting US backed Ukranian Azov neo-nazi anti-Russian nationalists and Olena Semanyaka,

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  • mintpress Max Blumenthal unsealed FBI indictment of four American white supremacists from the Rise Above Movement (RAM) declared that the defendants had trained with Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, a neo-Nazi militia  RAM members photos with Olena Semanyaka. Gregory Johnson promotes his “White Nationalist Manifesto” at Azov’s Reconquista Club in Kiev, Nov. 2018.  

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Greg Johnson is an American white nationalist and advocate for a white ethnostate,[1] a white supremacist,[2] and anti-Semite, opposed to immigration, and a self-identified transphobe.[3] He is known for his role as editor-in-chief of the white nationalist imprint Counter-Currents Publishing, which he founded in 2010 with the "racist geneticist and neo-Nazi aficiando" Michael Polignano.[3]Cross-Currents has been called "one of the pillars of alt-right publishing".[4]
As a result of Counter-Currents' popularity, Johnson has become a high-profile international white nationalist, and is regularly invited to give talks in Europe. Through the imprint, he has published over 40 books, several of which he wrote himself, either under his real name or the pseudonym Trevor Lynch.[3] He is based in SeattleWashington.
As a writer, Johnson has written for the anti-Semitic far-right online publication Occidental Observer.[5]


Johnson supports the creation of ethnicity-specific white ethnostates in which only white people would live.[3] In an introduction to his book New Right vs. Old Right (2014), Johnson defines ethnonationalism as "the idea that every distinct ethnic group should enjoy political sovereignty and an ethnically homogeneous homeland or homelands." According to Johnson, this is opposed by multiculturalism.[6] He has written that "Blacks don’t find white civilization comfortable. "[3]
Johnson has claimed that white nationalism is not the same as white supremacy because " is not our [white nationalists'] preference to rule over other groups. Although if forced to live under multicultural systems, we are going to take our own side and try to make sure that our values reign supreme."[3] He has also praised the late British fascist leader Oswald Mosley.[7]
Johnson has written that "The organized Jewish community is the principal enemy — not the sole enemy, but the principal enemy — of every attempt to halt and reverse white extinction. One cannot defeat an enemy one will not name. Therefore, White nationalism is inescapably anti-Semitic."[3]
Reproductive rights and access to birth control are also opposed by Johnson, who wrote "Get rid of all voluntary birth control. ... Voluntary birth control means that people who are far-sighted and responsible restrict their fertility, and people who are impulsive and stupid don't. So you can't leave birth control up to the individual." He made suggestions as to how to encourage women to have children earlier in their lives, in order to insure that the white race remains viable.[8]
Johnson also calls himself "transphobic", writing that "transsexualism is a ghastly, insane phenomenon in America today, or in the white world today."[3]

Life and education[edit]

Johnson has been secretive about his personal life, and few photos of him have been published.[1][9] He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the Catholic University of America, and subsequently taught philosophy at Morehouse College from February 1994 to December 1997.[3][10] In 2002, he joined the faculty of the Pacific School of Religion as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Swedenborgian Studies.[3][11]

Feud with Richard Spencer[edit]

In 2014, the white nationalist National Policy Institute (NPI) held a conference in BudapestHungary, to which the Hungarian government responded by threatening to arrest and deport anyone who attended the conference. Johnson, who had planned to attend, cancelled these plans and asked for a refund of his registration fees. Undeterred by the Hungarian government's threats, NPI founder Richard B. Spencer held the conference anyway, after which he was arrested and banned from Hungary for several years. Johnson subsequently wrote of Spencer that the "final straw" for him "...was Richard’s disastrous mishandling of the Budapest conference. When a foreign government tells you that your conference is banned and that the police will take the necessary steps to make sure it does not take place, you do not vow defiance." He also attacked Spencer's wife Nina Kouprianova, arguing that she was controlling her husband's actions and that she was not a white nationalist.[12][13]

Undercover investigations[edit]

In June 2017, Hope not Hate's Patrik Hermansson went undercover to interview multiple alt-right figures, including Johnson, at the Puget Sound-area white nationalist convention the Northwest Forum, which Johnson organized. When speaking to Hermansson at the convention, Johnson stated that Counter Currents was seeing a significant rise in traffic, and expressed support for the concept of ethnostates, arguing that Jews should be expelled to Israel.[14][10] Also that year, David Lewis of the Stranger went undercover at another Northwest Forum meeting, where he learned about Johnson's "secret agent" plan. This plan according to Lewis calls for Johnson and his fellow white nationalists to pretend to support diversity so "they [can] move into positions of power where they can hire other racists and keep non-whites from getting into the company."[10]


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The Second Paneuropa Conference in Kyiv
Public · Hosted by Пломінь and Interregnum-Intermarium
Monday, October 15, 2018 at 11 AM – 6 PM UTC+03
October 15, under the auspices of the all-European Reconquista Movement and Plomin Club, starts the paneuropean week in Kyiv.

Opening event is the 2nd Paneuropa conference itself, which will be followed by events with the participation of the special conference guests (Greg Johnson, The Golden One) and delegates of various European organizations as long as their schedule allows it (Casapound Italia, Der Dritte Weg, Alliansen - Alternativ for Norge, JN-NPD, National Corps, Svoboda, Karpatska Sich and others).

The memorable introduction to the event, in fact, will be the March of the Nation (For A Greater Europe) of allied Ukrainian nationalist forces held annually on October 14, when most of the guests will join the ranks of Ukrainian comrades.
In Venezuela, US Forgets What Century It Is,Latest ... - Consortiumnews

This November, during the latest Paneuropa
conference organized by Semanyaka as a safe space for
fascists from across the West, she played host to one of the
most prominent self-styled intellectuals of America’s white
nationalist movement, Greg Johnson.
“I think that what’s happening in Ukraine is a model and an
inspiration for nationalists of all white nations and I
wanted to learn as much as possible about what you’re doing
here and see as much as possible,” Johnson told his rapt
audience. “And I’m enormously impressed and I’m taking
notes.” Johnson is a highbrow racist who publishes a
journal, Counter-Currents, that advances what he calls
“white identity politics.” Like the Rise Above Movement
leaders before him, he was clearly inspired by his visit to
Kiev. “I’m already planning to come back,”
Johnson exclaimed during a break-out session. “I’m very
impressed with what I’ve seen here. I want to come back and
learn more.”
Svoboda Party: Originally called the Social-National Party
of Ukraine, a Ukrainian political party with long history of
anti-Semitism. Led by Oleh Tyahnybok, Svoboda played a
prominent role in the 2013-2014 Maidan uprising, where
Tyahnybok shared the stage with U.S. Senators John McCain
(R-AZ) and Chris Murphy (D-CT). Andriy Parubiy, who had co-
founded the Social-National Party of Ukraine, is now Speaker
of Parliament.

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Oct 31, 2017 - Greg Johnson, “Abortion and White Nationalism”, Counter-Currents, ... Kevin Barrett speaks on Press TV, Iran's conservative state-sponsored English-language TV .... 2017, .... a constitutional amendment but opposes the convention route.
But an additional purpose of all this3 is to make the gathering seem patrician. It’s no accident that Taylor uses his Yale alumni email address for American Renaissance communications; that conference-goers talk rapturously about the annual after-party hosted by wealthy Klan lawyer Sam Dickson at an onsite bungalow conference-goers call the “villa”; or that Taylor is one of the Alt Rightists most fiercely opposed to discussing economic inequality. (In a 2014 speech, Taylor called income inequality a “phony debate,” and falsely implied that Whites are little represented among the poor.4 This in contrast with other White nationalist leaders, including AmRen attendees Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson, who express anger about exponentially rising income inequality but blame it on “the Jews.”)
....  Yet there is no actual evidence that AmRen attendees have higher incomes than other White people as a group

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Dr. Wilfred Reilly Hoax Hate Crimes

Dr. Wilfred Reilly Hoax Hate Crimes --- ===

Wilfred Reilly


Wilfred Reilly is a tenure-track Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University. His interests include International Relations, contemporary American race relations, and the use of modern quantitative/empirical methods to test "sacred cow" theories. He is the author of The $50,000,000 Question: An Engagingly Empirical Examination of the Relationship between "Privilege" and Pride.


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Mark Davis and Wilfred Reilly on Hate Crime Hoaxes and the Fake ...

Mar 1, 2019 - Mark Davis asks Wilfred Reilly, professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University, about his recent book, Hate Crime Hoax: How the ...

1 day ago - (w/ Dr. Wilfred Reilly) -h2- 'Overcoming Obamacare'? ... Listen to The Glenn Beck Radio Program, Monday through Friday, 9am - 12pm ET for ...

Wilfred Reilly - EverybodyWiki Bios & Wiki

Wilfred Reilly

Wilfred Reilly is an American Professor of Political Science and Intelligence & Counter-Intelligence, who teaches at Kentucky State University, a historically Black college located in the Kentucky state capital of Frankfort[1]. Dr. Reilly holds a PhD in Political Science from Southern Illinois University and a law degree (J.D.) from the University of Illinois [2]. He is the author of The $50,000,000 Question[3], published by the academic publisher Scholar's Press, as well as a number of refereed journal articles in publications such as The Journal of Contemporary Applied Sciences and the American International Journal of Humanities and Social Science [4] His second book, Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War, is scheduled for publication in late February 2019.[5]
A focus of Reilly's research is conducting actual empirical testing of claims made by the political Right and Left - about, for example, the existence of widespread "white privilege" - which are often very influential but rarely well-supported by scientific data. His book The $50,000,000 Question tests the claim made during the 1990s by left-wing intellectuals such as Andrew Hacker [6] that the average white American would have to be paid tens of millions of dollars to become Black (were this possible), and that this figure illustrates both the intense racism of most whites and the value of white status in an "institutionally racist" society. Reilly to some extent disproved this claim, surveying several thousand people for his collegiate dissertation and discovering that (1) people of all backgrounds are very reluctant to change core traits like race and sexual orientation and (2) minorities like Blacks and Asians are more attached to their race than whites [3]. For another, as yet unpublished, conference paper, Reilly tested the actual extent of "white privilege" by measuring the effect of more than a dozen characteristics (race, sex, social class, height, weight, IQ, etc.) on dependent variables such income and happiness. Whiteness had a slight positive effect on privilege, with all other characteristics adjusted for, but this was dwarfed by the effects of poverty, social class overall, female sex, sexual orientation, and other traits [7].
Reilly has recently attracted considerable national attention as an opponent of the racialist alt-right, a movement he has described as "a joke." Following a regionally televised debate with American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor [8], Reilly was described by the website as desiring the genocide of whites [9] and by far-right-wing watchdog site Judas Watch as one of the most dangerous men in the world [10]. Reilly has described himself as having been too "glib" during the debate with Taylor [8], but appears to have been generally declared the winner by local and national media. He does make several substantive points against the alt-right, pointing out that many characteristics which alt-righters describe as genetic are in fact largely culturally determined ("Irish IQs have increased by 20 points since World War One"), and that Caucasian groups outside high-income Western Europe do worse on tests of traits like IQ than not only Western Europeans but also North Asians or West Africans [8].
Reilly currently lives in "South Frankfort," an eclectic working-class district of the KY capital city, with his partner, a Great Dane, his pet cat, and an arsenal of weaponry "in case them damn Nazis come round."

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Hate crime hoaxes, like Jussie Smollett's alleged attack ... - USA Today

In writing a book about hate crime hoaxes, I found more than 400. ... Wilfred Reilly, Opinion contributor Published 12:19 p.m. ET Feb. 22, 2019 Doing research for a book, Hate Crime Hoax, I was able to easily put together a data set of 409 confirmed hate hoaxes. An overlapping but substantially different list of 348 hoaxes exists at, and researcher Laird Wilcox put together another list of at least 300 in his still-contemporary book Crying Wolf. To put these numbers in context, a little over 7,000 hate crimes were reported by the FBI in 2017 and perhaps 8-10% of these are widely reported enough to catch the eye of a national researcher.

There are less than 7,000 real hate crimes reported in a typical year. Inter-racial crime is quite rare; 84% of white murder victims and 93% of Black murder victims are killed by criminals of their own race, and the person most likely to kill you is your ex-wife or husband. When violent inter-racial crimes do occur, whites are at least as likely to be the targets as are minorities. Simply put, Klansmen armed with nooses are not lurking on Chicago street corners.

Wilfred Reilly is an associate professor of political science at Kentucky State University, a historically Black institution located in Frankfort. He is the author of the upcoming book Hate Crime Hoax, as well as The $50,000,000 Question, a book dealing with how people value identity. 

Hate Crime Hoaxes and Why They Happen - Commentary

Mar 14, 2019 - Mar, 2019; by Wilfred Reilly ... The whole thing was allegedly a hoax. ... I have done a great deal of research on hate crimes in America, and the ...