Great Anti-Americans

Great Anti-Americans ---
Unifying Theory of Terror

People whose work helps the enemy


  • Matthias Chang Chinese Catholic Malaysian who admires the Iranian people and works for Muslim interests, blames Israel for MH370
United Kingdom

United States traitor killers
  • Adam Lanza Sandy Hook traitor
  • Anwar al-Awlaki- imam to Pentagon 9/11 hijackers, inspiration to dozens of jihadists
  • James Earl Ray - killed MLK connected to same Pepper lawyer as RFK killer promoted by Russomedia
  • Seung-Hui Cho Virginia Tech
  • Sirhan Sirhan - Cuba loving communist who killed RFK for palestine (or Russia?)
  • Timothy McVeigh
  • Tnuza Jamal Hassan St. Catherine University Arsonist
United States media
  • Franklin Lamb - Hamas spokesman 
  • Jane Fonda - hosted by North Vietnam
  • Jeff Rense 9-11 truther
  • Jesse Ventura - sues widows of murdered national heroes, says Iran should hate the US for meddling with their government
  • Jim Jones
  • John Kerry - mouthpiece for KGB vietnam propaganda
  • John Walker Lindh captured in Taliban camp in Afghanistan
  • LaRouchePac No Chemical Attack in Syria Virginia State Senator Richard Black discusses the latest "chemical attack" in Syria as a false flag attempt at pressuring Trump into a reckless confrontation with Russia in Syria.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK but had nothing to do with Russia where he defected and returned.
  • Martin James Monti WWII United States airman who stole a P-38, defected to the Axis powers and worked as a propaganda broadcaster and writer as "Captain Martin Wiethaupt".
  • Michael Brown - martyr for war against police brutality
  • Nidal Hasan -Fort Hood shooter for jihadist Anwar al-Awlaki
  • Ron Paul unofficial spokesman on Newsmax quoted by PressTV, RT
  • Scott Rickard anti-American Analyst 
  • Stephen Lendman blog- Iranist disinfo 
  • William Pepper pro-communist 911-truther lawyer who has tried to prove on CNN, HBO and New York Times and Washington Post that the killers of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King are innocent. 
  • William Pierce Legacy Blog
  • Willis Carto - neo-nazi white nationalist propagandist
United Kingdom

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