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William Pepper Who Really Killed RFK And MLK

William Pepper Who Really Killed RFK And MLK --- ===
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Man for justice for JFK, MLK and RFK and 911 truth or pro-Ho chih minh  Pro-russian propaganist?

paths of Martin Luther King and William Francis Pepper were inextricably joined after King saw an article Pepper had written in the January 1967 edition of Ramparts magazine. At that time Pepper was executive director of the New Rochelle Commission on Human Rights, instructor in Political Science at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York. For some reason, most outlets promoting case of innocence are pro-russian propaganda outlets. Robert F Kennedy was killed by a Palestinian communist who admired Castro, like Lee Harvey Oswald, also proven innocent by Pepper.

 many more incredible details of the King assassination are contained in a trilogy of volumes by Pepper culminating with his latest and final book on the subject, The Plot to Kill King. He previously wrote Orders to Kill (1995) and An Act of State (2003).


  • 9/11 truth Wikipedia active in other government conspiracy cases, including the 9/11 Truth movement, ...MLK Jr and the 9/11 Truth Movement   The Assassinations of the 1960s as “Deep Events” - 911Truth.Org William Pepper has collected testimony from witnesses that the second gunman in the Martin Luther King assassination was hired and directed by a Mafia-connected produce dealer named Frank Liberto
  • Frank Liberto The Assassinations of the 1960s as “Deep Events” - 911Truth.Org William Pepper has collected testimony from witnesses that the second gunman in the Martin Luther King assassination was hired and directed by a Mafia-connected produce dealer named Frank Liberto Two Detectives Raising Fresh Doubts Over Dr. King's Murder - The New York Times Nov 23, 1997  belief that a Memphis grocer with supposed Mafia connections, Frank Liberto, now dead, paid Mr. Jowers to hire an assassin other ... “Orders to Kill” Dr. Martin Luther King: The Government that Honors ... Global Research Loyd Jowers hired a shooter after he was approached by Memphis produce man Frank Liberto and paid $1,000,000 to facilitate the assassination. He also said that he had been visited by a man names Raul ...
    MLK Day: Who Killed Martin Luther King? The Cover-Up of the ... Asad Ismi anti-imperialist=communist details destructive impact of U.S. and Canadian imperialism  with
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives  The Latin American Revolution  Destabilization campaign continues in Venezuela (he opposes protests  carried out by right wing political parties opposed to the Maduro government’s progressive program of socialist President Nicolás Maduro ) Global Research Jan 13, 2018 Jowers was asked to help in the plot by Frank Liberto, a produce dealer with Mafia connections to whom he owed money. Liberto told Jowers to hold $100,000 for him. Minutes after the bullet hit King on April 4, Jowers was handed a smoking rifle at the back door of Jim's Grill by Earl Clark, the MPD's best ..Jowers also identified Raul. According to him, King’s assassination was planned by three Memphis Police Department (MPD) officers in Jim’s Grill over 2 days. The officers were Earl Clark, Johnny Barger and Marrell McCollough. Jowers was asked to help in the plot by Frank Liberto, a produce dealer with Mafia connections to whom he owed money. Liberto told Jowers to hold $100,000 for him. Minutes after the bullet hit King on April 4, Jowers was handed a smoking rifle at the back door of Jim’s Grill by Earl Clark, the MPD’s best marksman. Jowers believes Clark killed King. Raul picked up the rifle and the money the next day, according to Jowers.
  • George W. Bush advocated that George W. Bush be charged with war crimes.[1]
  • Ho Chih Minh:  The Plot to Kill King: The Truth and Salon It was not then clear to Dr. King that Ho-Chi Minh’s reverence for Jefferson, Lincoln, and American democracy, as he idealized it, made him the legitimate father of a unified Vietnam, but on April 4, 1967, in his speech at Riverside Church in Manhattan, Dr. King declared his formal opposition to the increasing American barbarities in Vietnam.  “Beyond Vietnam”, Silence is Betrayal: Martin ... - Global Research (pro-communist)  Apr 4, 2018 William Pepper I speak now not of the soldiers of each side, not of the ideologies of the Liberation Front, (communist name, they were called Viet Cong by US)  not of the junta (only communists called it a junta) in Saigon Pepper backed communists in an election “Beyond Vietnam”, Silence is Betrayal: Martin Luther King's Historic ... defenddemocracy Pepper: ... conspire with Diem to prevent elections which could have surely brought Ho Chi Minh to power over a unified Vietnam, and they realized they had been betrayed again. 
  • Infowars Alex Jones Tv MLK JFK RFK pt1 on anti-semitic tags July 23, 2008 Sirhan Sirhan was not the person who killed Robert Kennedy.  Pepper, who will be the man to free Sirhan in the future.
  • James Earl Ray MLK family lawer Wikipedia Pepper has also been trying to prove the  other wacky conspiracy theory of the innocence of palestinian terrorist Sirhan Sirhan in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald JFK and RFK
  • Neo-Nazi   Ignored by Pepper who says Ray had nothing against blacks and some of his best friends were black  "The Making of an Assassin: The Life of James Earl Ray," George McMillan details Ray's background;  He came to love German politics. He carried a picture of Hitler, his idol. He would show it to people (page 100). Jimmy talked 'Hitler politics' (page 101). Jimmy had become an impassioned proponent of the Nazi philosophy. His pledge to Nazism was itself peculiarly satisfying  According to McMillan, James Earl Ray was determined to go to Germany and give up his U.S. Citizenship, giving the Heil Hitler salute in public, and he signed up to join the Army at age 17. DailyKos  notable biographies Ray was posted to Germany, where his pro-Nazi sympathies and black marketeering activities quickly absorbed him. Martin Luther King Jr assassination: Did James Earl Ray really kill the ... independent uk was an admirer of Hitler, who wanted an all-white America. New York TimesDies in Nashville Mr. Ray's brother Jerry once described him as an admirer of Hitler, saying ''he would make the U.S. an all-white country, no Jews or Negroes. Posner: joined the Army. ...infatuated with Adolf Hitler through the influence of a close German friend, and asked to be stationed in Germany. He got kicked out of the Army, and in the following years was convicted of increasingly serious crimes.
  • Ramparts Leftist pro-Communist Conspiracy Theory Journal
  • Sirhan Sirhan RFK assasin is innocent his friends include palestinian terrorists and communist inspired radical William Ayers  Palestinians terrorists demanded release Sirhan as their hero Mar 2, 1973 BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) - Palestinian guerrillas, striking at a diplomatic reception in Khartoum, seized the U.S. ambassador and colleagues Thursday as hostages against a demand for the release of Sirhan Sirhan and others. pro-russian radical Bill Ayers Denies Dedicating Book To Sirhan Sirhan | HuffPost professor William Ayers was denied emeritus faculty status by the University of Illinois at Chicago for an alleged book dedication to Sirhan Sirhan
  • William Ayers  also supported Sirhan Conservapedia leader of the Students for a Democratic Society, and then a prominent leader of the violent "Weatherman group." The group was associated with other international communist guerrilla and terrorist groups, including the Vietcong. Its objective was the furtherance of Soviet foreign ...Discover the Networks long-term goal cause the collapse of the United States and to create a new communist society over which they themselves would rule.
*Ho Chih Minh communist

google Book: An Act of State, The Execution of Martin Luther King  In spring 1966, US carpet-bombing had systematically devastated ancient village-based rural culture in South Vietnam as napalm rained from the sky, slaughtering helpless peasants. As a freelance journalist, I had witnessed and chronicled these atrocities and in early 1967 opened my files to Dr Martin Luther King Jr, who had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize two years earlier. At this time when I discussed the effects of the war on the civilian population and the ancient village road culture of the Vietnamese people with Dr King, he was already inclined to formally announce his position on growing concern about his country’s ever greater role in what appeared to be an internal struggle for control of the nation by a nationalist movement seeking to overcome an oligarchical regime in the south, which was previously beholden to western economic interests. It occurs to me that he would likely react in much the same way today, opposing American, unilateral opposition to nationalist revolutionary movements around the world, which ostensibly is being mounted against terrorist organizations. In the Museum of History in Hanoi is a plaque with the following words: “All men are created equal. They are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights; among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” It was with these words and pro-American spirit, which Ho-Chi Minh said he took from the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, that he proclaimed the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on 2 September 1945. It was not lost on Martin that Ho-Chi Minh’s reverence for Jefferson, Lincoln, and American democracy, as he idealized it, made him the legitimate father of a unified Vietnam. So, on April 4 1967, Martin declared his formal opposition to the increasing barbarities in Vietnam. During the Second World War, Ho-Chi Minh parachuted, as part of an American OSS team, behind Japanese lines to supply his nationalist Vietminh forces. Only when America turned its back on his nationalist-anti-colonialist movement against the French, did he seek help elsewhere. dispatched its greatest ever land army to Vietnam, dropped the greatest tonnage of bombs in the history of warfare, forced millions of people to leave their villages and homes and by accrual bombardment used chemical agents in a way which devastated and altered the exposed environmental and genetic structures, virtually petrifying some of the most beautiful and lush lands in the world. In excess of 1,300,000 people were killed (I estimated over a million by 1967) and many others were maimed for life; of these 58,022 were American. By 1970, Vietnamese babies were being born without eyes, with deformed hearts and stumps instead of legs. Six pounds of toxic chemicals per head of population were dumped on the people of Vietnam. President Reagan referred to this as a “noble cause.”

*9/11 propaganist

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I was late to the ceremony, so perhaps I missed some of the opening remarks, but after the ceremony when I spoke with a kind gentleman who pointed out Martin Luther King Jr.'s attorney who's keynote I missed.

I mentioned William Pepper to him and the book, An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King which presents the fruits of Pepper's research and investigation into the death of his friend, on behalf of the King family, which culminated in a very successful trial by jury in Memphis, Tennessee. The trial and verdict were never reported by the mainstream press. The government was charged and convicted for their role in the assasination.

Pepper was Martin Luther King's friend, and his work (his journalistic efforts in South Vietnam) prompted King to take an (unpopular) stance on the Vietnam War. The omission of the true cause of King's death is a national disgrace. An Act of State should be required reading in schools to remedy the myth making white-washing of King's most important words and work. I have the greatest respect for Martin Luther King Jr., his courage, clarity and vision.

I also have great respect for William Pepper, who has been involved in the struggle for truth, peace and justice for a long time, and has much wisdom to offer those who continue on the path. William Pepper has spoken out, and joined the 9/11 Truth Movement in our quest for a real investigation of 9/11.

He penned this article for today.

"The New York City Ballot Initiative and the
Re-investigation of 9/11 By an Independent Citizens Commission"

By William F. Pepper

Many, deeply concerned citizens of this Republic and the world have been engaged in tireless, multifaceted research and investigation about the events surrounding the 9/11 tragedy. These patriots have produced articles, essays, books and films which seek to answer the multitude of unanswered questions about this atrocity. Not having researched these questions myself and having no answers, when I have appeared before them I have encouraged the continuation of their valuable work as citizens of the Republic. I have also advised these patriots to be wary of disinformation and provocative irrationality in their midst.

In their numbers are distinguished scientists, engineers, architects, professional people from all walks of life and families of victims who seek closure. Amongst the latter are the colloquially named “Jersey Girls” (Lorie, Mindy, Patty and Monica) for whose courage, determination, intelligence and steadfastness, I have boundless admiration. They propounded 125 questions to the Kean/Hamilton Commission; one was answered. In fact, it was largely as a result of their efforts and those of other victims’ families that a Commission was established in the first place over the initial opposition of the Bush administration.

The failure of that Commission to seek, even address the critical questions is now a part of contemporary history. Former Georgia Senator, Max Cleland, resigned early on in disgust citing official obstruction. More recently, Co-Chairmen, Kean and Hamilton, have themselves declared their awareness that their work was obstructed and denied valuable information, materials and evidence. Consequently, there is overwhelming agreement that the initial government sponsored investigation was a failure in respect of bringing truth about 9/11 to the light of day.

Left alone, all of the incisive, powerful representations and analysis produced by our researching brothers and sisters will be cast into the dust bin of history. The official story will prevail to be learned by succeeding generations of the world’s people.

Put forward under oath before a formally constituted citizens’ Commission –independent of government – their work and conclusions will be tested confirmed or rejected and, at last the truth may emerge.

That is why a group of citizens in the City of New York, aided, supported and encouraged by citizens throughout the United States and the world (remember 80 nations lost citizens in that attack) have come together to mount an effort to put a Referendum question on the ballot in 2008 for the consideration of the voters of New York City, seeking their approval for the establishment of a new, independent Commission to investigate all aspects of 9/11. This Commission will consist of Commissioners who are prestigious individuals, not only from New York City and the United States, but the world.

They will convene with a commitment to go where the facts they accept lead, and they will have subpoena power to compel testimony under oath and full investigative and legal support staff.

I suggest that this will be the death knell for any deceit, disinformation and cover-up, and I encourage all citizens, everywhere, to support the establishment of this Commission and its work.

I note that I have been requested to write this message for publication on the formal Holiday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In my youth, he became a friend and colleague, those many years ago. I have since spent many years seeking the truth about his assassination; even legally representing the man convicted of killing him who both the family and I knew was innocent and the victim of being set up by the government.

Without doubt, Martin King would be in despair over what has transpired in his beloved native land. I also have no doubt that he would enthusiastically support this quest for truth about the atrocity that has shaken and drastically changed our world. He would remind us that truth crushed to earth will rise again and that we should never continue to mourn into passivity the loss of liberty and our loved ones –but organize.

I call on human beings within sight and sound of this message to rally behind this effort for a new investigation by an independent Citizens Commission and, in your thousands, to support it with massive numbers of volunteer workers as well as monetary contributions.

The website of the 9/11 Ballot Initiative is The NYC coordinator of volunteers is Les Jamieson. You are needed. We are in this disaster together and together our movement must prevail.

A patriarch in my Irish/Scots family established for us the credo — non nobis solum nati sumas - We exist not for ourselves alone. It has informed my life, and in that speck of historical time, no event has so traumatized and challenged the people and the Republic I love as that which occurred on September 11, 2001.

So, then, together, let us join our brothers and sisters in New York City and from the very belly of the beast, seek truth and justice.

W.F. Pepper

*Mainstream outlets
  • Amazon An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King: William F. Pepper ...  William Pepper, attorney and friend of King, has conducted a thirty-year investigation into his assassination
  • CNN Black in America special on the Martin Luther King assassination Aaron Dahl says  CNN mischaracterized James Earl Ray and focused on unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. Daily Kos: Aaron Dahl Jun 5, 2008 - Last night I watched CNN's two hour special on the Martin Luther King assassination and I was astonished to see CNN lying about who James Earl Ray was. In their attempt to paint Ray as a common thug and a habitual criminal, they left out Ray had joined the Army, would have defined Ray's character just a bit. 
  • Coretta Scott King v. Loyd Jowers\ In 1997, King's son Dexter had a meeting with Ray and asked him, "I just want to ask you, for the record, um, did you kill my father?" Ray replied, "No. No I didn't," and King told Ray he, along with the King family, believed him; the King family also urged that Ray be granted a new trial.[53][54][55] In 1999, the King family filed a civil caseagainst Jowers and unnamed co-conspirators for the wrongful death of King. The case, Coretta Scott King, et al. vs. Loyd Jowers et al., Case No. 97242, was tried in the circuit court of Shelby County, Tennessee, from November 15 to December 8, 1999.  Attorney William Francis Pepper, representing the King family, presented evidence from 70 witnesses and 4,000 pages of transcripts. Pepper alleges in his book, An Act of State (2003), that the evidence implicated the FBI, the CIA, the Army, the Memphis Police Department, and organized crime in the murder of King.[56] The suit alleged government involvement; however, no government officials or agencies were named or made a party to the suit, so there was no defense or evidence presented or refuted by the government.[57] The jury found defendant Loyd Jowers and unknown co-defendants civilly liable for participation in a conspiracy to assassinate King in the amount of $100. Members of King's family acted as plaintiffs.[58]After hearing no evidence from the government, and only testimony and pleadings cooperatively submitted by the plaintiffs and Jowers, the jury—six blacks and six whites—found King had been the victim of assassination by a conspiracy involving the Memphis police as well as federal agencies. Local Assistant District Attorney John Campbell, who was not involved in the case, said the case was flawed and "overlooked so much contradictory evidence that never was presented"[59] This civil verdict against Jowers has been claimed by some persons to have established Ray's criminal innocence, which the King family has always maintained, but it has no bearing on his having pleaded guilty.[60][61][62] The family said it had requested only $100 in damages to demonstrate they were not seeking financial gain..
  • Democracy Now Jury Rules King Assassination a Conspiracy Kings were represented by William Pepper, who was Ray's lawyer and has for years claimed the assassination was the result of a vast conspiracy involving the FBI, CIA, Army, organized crime and various state and local officials. Pepper claims King was targeted because of his opposition
  • HBO show trial 
  • Judge Joe Brown on Tavis Smiley PBS breaks down the MLK assassination  assigned to the case of James Earl Ray, testified as an expert witness at the civil trial for the Martin Luther King family... what I think happened based on all the evidence. Martin Luther King was shot from the fire station tower, which is about 80-some yards away from the point where he was shot. The weapon was an M-14, accurized and modified to become an M-21. There was a 3-to-6 Redfield scope modified by a gentleman named Leatherwood to become an auto-ranging telescopic site, which compensates for range by use of the magnification settings. It had on the muzzle what is known as a sonic suppressor, which was developed for Vietnam to reduce the sound signature of a rifle shot–to reduce that rifle shot from a hypersonic projectile at about 25-2,600 feet per second down to about 1,600. What happens is if you fire a high-velocity rifle in a forested area, every time it passes a tree, it leaves the resonance from a shock wave, and it goes crack, crack, crack, crack, and you can look right back to the point of origin. So what they did is modified the sound signature and reduced the velocity of the bullet down by about 1,000 feet per second, and what happens is you no longer have a rifle. Effectively, you’ve got a pistol, small caliber pistol. Now, the first thing that struck me about this case was why did they take a head shot at under a hundred yards when, if you get a solid torso hit in under a hundred yards with a .30-caliber rifle and the victim is standing right next to the emergency room, he’s not going to survive?... the velocity had been reduced and what you have is not a .308 or 7.62 NATO weapon, which is what it apparently was, with the muzzle energy of 2,600…2,700 foot-pounds, but you’ve got a .30-caliber pistol with about 600 pounds of energy. So what they do is they shoot him and take a head shot–which they almost miss because it clips his upper molars on the right, goes in through his cheek, comes out through the soft palate through the tongue, goes into the skin in his neck, clips the carotid artery, goes around the skin on his back, traveling around the back from the right to the left without passing through the thorax, and then it lodges between his scapula and the skin on his left shoulder. The bullet never penetrates his body–just clips the carotid artery.  official story: struck by a single .30-06 bullet fired from a Remington Model 760 rifle. bullet entered through King's right cheek, breaking his jaw and several vertebrae as it traveled down his spinal cord, severing his jugular vein and major arteries in the process, before lodging in his shoulder. 
  • New York Times March 28, 1997  Dr. King's Son Says Family Believes Ray Is Innocent New York Times By KEVIN SACKMARCH 28, 1997  In an extraordinary face-to-face meeting in a prison conference room, James Earl Ray told the youngest son of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today that he did not assassinate his father, and the son, Dexter Scott King, told Mr. Ray that the King family was convinced of his innocence. Accompanied by William F. Pepper, Mr. Ray's lawyer, Mr. King arrived 15 minutes late for the meeting at the Lois M. DeBerry Special Needs Facility, a boxy state prison in Nashville for sick and disabled inmates
  • Salon Was James Earl Ray innocent? - quest to uncover the truth about Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination has dominated much of my life WILLIAM F. PEPPER Excerpted with permission from “The Plot to Kill King” by Dr. William F. Pepper, Esq. Copyright 2016, Skyhorse Publishing  inconsistencies in the state's case and rumors of a conspiracy in which James Earl Ray was framed for Dr. King's ...
  • Tavis Smiley PBS breaks down the MLK assassination 
  • Washington Post The Children Who Would Be KingWhat prompted the King family's decision  to back the convicted assassin's bid for freedom? Ray's latest lawyer, William Pepper, had persuaded them that recent "breakthroughs" proved the assassination was part of a massive government-led conspiracy and that Ray--whose fingerprints were on the murder weapon--was a mere patsy.... First Pepper claimed he had located the mysterious Raoul, Who killed Martin Luther King Jr.? Was James Earl ... - Washington Post Pepper does not believe James Earl Ray was the killer. 
*Pro-Russian media outlets


  • Wikipedia
    • Robert F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories - On November 26, 2011, Sirhan's defense attorneys William F. Pepper and Laurie Dusek filed a 62-page brief in Los Angeles federal court which asserts that a bullet used as evidence to convict Sirhan was switched with another bullet at the crime scene. The brief claims that this was done because the bullet taken from ...
    • William Francis Pepper - Wikipedia William Francis Pepper (born August 16, 1937) is a former attorney based in New York City who is most noted for his efforts to prove government culpability and the innocence of James Earl Ray in the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Pepper has also been trying to prove the innocence of Sirhan Sirhan in the ...
  • Daily Kos Has the King Family Been Bamboozled by William Pepper?  I wrote a diary documenting how CNN mischaracterized James Earl Ray and focused on unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. Because I admire Martin and Coretta Scott King so much, I feel ...In 1988 Pepper became James Earl Ray's lawyer. He then proceeded to pursue "all possible avenues through the courts to obtain justice and free James".  anyone who's taken an interest in the King assassination, they've no doubt come across one of Pepper's two books on the subject. There are few books as crazy as these. Pepper dredges up every conspiracy theory ever imagined in his attempt to clear his client, James Earl Ray. Pepper's list of those involved in King's assassionation include the FBI, the CIA, the Mephis PD, Army Intelligence, Special Forces, the government's Special Operations Group, Office of Security, its Domestic Operations Division, the Mafia and organized crime, the Secret Service, DEA, and big oil.  many in the African-American community have been duped by this man, ..I must object to giving this man a stage, the way CNN does in their special. In my opinion, William Pepper is an opportunist who seems intent on dividing the African-American community.
  • Department of Justice in 2000 completed their own investigation into Jowers' claims; it did not find evidence to support the allegations about conspiracy. The investigation report recommends no further investigation unless some new reliable facts are presented.[63] A sister of Jowers said he had fabricated the story so he could make $300,000 from selling it, and that she corroborated it to get some money to pay her income tax.[64][65] King biographer David Garrow disagrees with William F. Pepper's claims that the government killed King. He is supported by author Gerald Posner.[66]
  • Gerald Posner The Truth About Memphis  By Gerald Posner  What motivated Ray? A lust for quick cash (the $50,000) and his dismissive view of blacks (the refusal to go to the integrated honor farm, his bar fights in Mexico) are most likely.  The conspiracy theories are tantalizing -- but wrong. In an exclusive excerpt from the largest private re-examination of the case in 30 years, the real story of James Earl Ray.  My research into the conspiracy nether world disproves each of these three contentions--and shows that James Earl Ray, a canny career criminal with racist sympathies and a hunger for cash, is the assassin. No Raoul, no new paper trail, no legitimate confession from Loyd Jowers, no secret military sniper team. If the new information developed by the Ray defense team is bogus, then who killed King, and why? Based on my review of thousands of government and private documents, as well as many interviews, I have concluded that the answers lie with James Earl Ray.
  • Snipers washington post--a squad called Alpha 184--tracked King is spurious.  there was no Alpha 184 unit in existence in 1968. Pepper named two sources for his military scenario: two soldiers identified only as Warren and Murphy

JULY 21, 2017 BY J. MICHAEL SPRINGMANN  On July 20, 2017, William F. Pepper, Ed.D., J.D., spoke at the National Press Club about his previous day’s filing of a 200-page petition regarding Sirhan Sirhan.  Sirhan, jailed since 1968, is the alleged killer of Robert F. Kennedy, late New York U.S. senator and Democratic presidential candidate.  Organized by Andrew Kreig, J.D., editor of the Justice Integrity Project (, the well-attended conference enabled Dr. Pepper to discuss his long-sought evidentiary hearing.  As Sirhan’s lawyer for many years, Pepper conceded that the legal remedies for his client in the United States have been exhausted–at both the State and federal levels.  California, where Kennedy had been murdered in a Los Angeles hotel kitchen, did not assure a fair trial.  Essentially, ineffective assistance of counsel got the accused wrongly convicted.  Grant Cooper, his attorney, under threat of a sealed felony indictment, did almost nothing to defend Sirhan.


MLK Day: Who Killed Martin Luther King? The Cover-Up of the Century By Asad Ismi (expert on pro-russian opposition to U.S. and Canadian imperialism) Global Research, (Russian propaganda) January 13, 2018  On December 8, 1999, a jury in Memphis, Tennessee, reached the verdict that Martin Luther King Jr. was killed as a result of a conspiracy involving the FBI, CIA, U.S. Army, Memphis police and the Mafia.

After a five week trial which presented 70 witnesses, the jury (made up of six blacks and six whites) rejected the official position that the civil rights titan was shot by a lone assassin, James Earl Ray, who was jailed for 99 years for the crime and died in 1998. The verdict concluded a wrongful death civil lawsuit brought by the King family against Loyd Jowers, owner of Jim‚s Grill, a Memphis cafe located next to the scene of the shooting when it took place on April 4, 1968.

The jury found Jowers guilty as one part of a large conspiracy created by government agencies. Jowers admitted his role but insisted that he did not know the identity of the target.

 authorities never matched the bullet that killed King to the rifle they claim Ray used. Charles Stephens, the state’s only eye witness who claimed to have seen Ray leave the rooming house soon after the shot, was too drunk to even stand up at the time. There was a tree branch between the bathroom window and the balcony that made a clear shot impossible. Ray was not a trained marksman and the scope on the rifle was not sighted which means that it could not have hit any target. Six witnesses claimed that the shot came from bushes behind the rooming house. Jim’s Grill was located under the rooming house and its back door opened on to the bushes. Ray was jailed not due to evidence but because he pleaded guilty. He recanted 3 days later and spent the rest of his life trying to get a trial. Under Tennessee law Ray had the right to a trial but this was consistently denied. Ray claimed that his guilty plea was coerced by Percy Foreman, his lawyer at the time, who threatened him with the death penalty.

Ray was a petty criminal who had bungled almost every robbery he committed. In the King murder, he claimed to have been set up by a man named Raul (of Portuguese origin) who, he said, directed his movements after Ray escaped from prison in April 1967. Ray first met Raul in Montreal in August and agreed to work for him after he was promised travel papers. Raul was a gunrunner with links to Carlos Marcello, the Mafia boss of New Orleans. Raul had Ray smuggling contraband across the U.S.-Canadian border and going to different U.S. cities to make deliveries. On April 3, 1968, Raul met Ray in Memphis. Raul had already asked Ray to buy a Remington 30.06 rifle with a telescopic sight. Ray was then told to get accomodation at the rooming house next to the Lorraine Motel and leave the rifle there. On the afternoon of April 4, Raul asked Ray to “go to the movies” for three hours. After 6:01 pm, Ray heard on his car radio that King had been shot and the police were looking for a white man in a white Mustang (the make of his car). Ray escaped to Toronto and then flew to London (England) where he was caught. Sidney Carthew, a seaman, testified that he met Ray and Raul together in Montreal’s Neptune Bar in the summer of 1967.

Jowers also identified Raul. According to him, King’s assassination was planned by three Memphis Police Department (MPD) officers in Jim’s Grill over 2 days. The officers were Earl Clark, Johnny Barger and Marrell McCollough. Jowers was asked to help in the plot by Frank Liberto, a produce dealer with Mafia connections to whom he owed money. Liberto told Jowers to hold $100,000 for him. Minutes after the bullet hit King on April 4, Jowers was handed a smoking rifle at the back door of Jim’s Grill by Earl Clark, the MPD’s best marksman. Jowers believes Clark killed King. Raul picked up the rifle and the money the next day, according to Jowers.

William Pepper, the King family’s lawyer, actually found Raul living in Yonkers, New York. He was asked to appear in court but refused. Barbara Reis, journalist for “Publico”, the main newspaper in Portugal, testified that a source connected to Raul’s family told her that agents of the U.S. government had visited them three times. The source added that the government was “protecting” the family and monitoring their phone.

One of the main indicators of conspiracy was the removal of all security for King in Memphis during April 3- 4. A detail made up of black police officers assigned to King on previous visits to Memphis was not deployed this time. Similarly, two black firemen were removed from the fire station overlooking the Lorraine Motel on April 3, as was black detective Ed Redditt who was surveilling King from there. Police emergency tactical units were also pulled back from around the motel giving the assassin lots of room to escape. All police personnel disappeared from the motel an hour before the murder. After the shooting, no All Points Bulletin describing the suspect was issued nor was a “Signal Y” which would block off exits from the city. Both of these are standard police procedures. A door-to-door investigation in the Lorraine Motel area was never carried out by authorities and many witnesses were not questioned. By order of the police the bush area from where, according to six witnesses, the shot came, was cut down the next day. This destroyed the crime scene.

The state also claimed that Ray was driven by racism to kill King but there is no record of Ray displaying racist or violent behaviour. He had no motive to kill King. There is lots of evidence, however, to indicate that U.S. federal government agencies were out to get King. He was extensively surveilled by the FBI, CIA and Army Intelligence, as a dangerous radical who threatened national security. All three agencies believed that King had communist ties. J. Edgar Hoover, FBI director, hated King intensely and wanted him “neutralized” by almost any means. When King won the Nobel Peace Prize, Hoover publicly called him, “the most notorious liar in the country.” A Senate report stated in 1976 that the FBI tried “to destroy Dr. Martin Luther King.”

William Sullivan, FBI assistant director, considered King “the most dangerous and effective negro leader in the country.” King’s phones were tapped, his movements watched, his rooms bugged and his entourage infiltrated. The FBI threatened him, blackmailed him, launched a media disinformation campaign to discredit him, and sent him a letter suggesting that he commit suicide. A main goal of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) which was aimed at eliminating black nationalist groups, was to prevent the rise of a black “messiah.” FBI memoes also discussed finding a black leader to replace King. The final obscenity of U.S. “justice” was that the FBI which clearly wanted King dead was given the task of investigating his murder. Hence the official devotion to the baseless lone assassin theory for the last thirty two years. Judge Joe Brown who presided over one of Ray’s appeals, called the FBI’s investigation into King’s killing, “inept and incapable if not downright incompetent.”

In its surveillance of King, the FBI collaborated with Army Intelligence which had been spying on the King family for three generations, since 1917. There were seven U.S. Army Military Intelligence Groups (MIGs) spread out over the U.S., and six of them surveilled King as he toured the country. The Army maintained a massive domestic spy system which included 304 intelligence offices in the U.S. and national security dossiers on 7 million Americans. In a series of articles in the “Memphis Commercial Appeal” in March 1993, reporter Steve Tompkins detailed the “increasing hysteria”of Army intelligence chiefs over the national security threat they thought King posed. Tompkins stated that army intelligence was “…desperately searching for a way to stop him…” Particularly alarming was King’s opposition to the Vietnam War which he denounced as On April 4, 1967, as an “imperialist assault on Third World peasants.”

He equated the use of new weapons against the Vietnamese to the testing of “new tortures in the concentration camps of Europe” by the Nazis. King’s condemnation of the Vietnam War made him the leader who could merge the anti-war and civil rights movements. He announced his intention to lead a Poor Peoples’ March (of all races) to Washington D.C. in the spring of 1968 and shut down the government if it did not stop the war in Vietnam and take steps to end poverty in the U.S. The Army received reports stating that “King will create massive civil disobedience in [Washington] and in ten to fifteen major cities in the U.S. in the spring of 1968.” The Army was not prepared for such upheaval. According to Major General William Yarborough, assistant chief of staff for army intelligence, there were “too few reliable troops to fight in Vietnam and hold the line at home.”

Army surveillance of King continued until his assassination. Carthel Weeden, a former captain with the Memphis Fire Department, testified at the Jowers trial that on the afternoon of April 4, 1968, two men approached him at the fire station across from the Lorraine Motel, and showed the identification of U.S. Army officers. The men carried photographic equipment and positioned themselves on the rooftop of the fire station which gave them a clear view of King and the assassin. Any photographs could be in Pentagon archives. According to former National Security Council operative, Jack Terrell, the army went beyond surveillance. Terrell testified that his close friend J.D. Hill who was part of the 20th Special Forces Group confessed to him that he had been a member of an Army sniper team in Memphis ordered to shoot an “unknown” target on April 4. The snipers were being transported to Memphis when their mission was suddenly cancelled. Hill stated that upon learning of King’s murder the next day, he realized that the team must have been part of a backup operation to kill King if another sniper failed.

The U.S. government’s murder of arguably “the greatest American who ever lived” signified that in violently propping up vicious right-wing dictatorships all over the Third World (as in Vietnam), the U.S. itself had become one of the biggest banana republics with no possibility for peaceful social change. Martin Luther King was a leader of international stature who spoke for the poor of the world and militantly confronted a system based on their slaughter. This pitted him against the most genocidal establishment on Earth. The state murder of such a great man only increased the power of his example.

Asad Ismi is a writer on international politics who specializes in detailing the destructive impact of U.S. and Canadian imperialism on the Global South and the resistance of the Southern people to this. He is a regular contributor to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Monitor, Canada’s biggest left-wing magazine by circulation.  Asad is winner of a Project Censored Award for his article The Ravaging of Africa which was released in 2007 as a radio documentary. He holds a Ph.D. in War Studies from the University of London (England) and taught for two years in (the communist nation of ) Vietnam. He is a regular guest on community radio stations across Canada and the U.S.

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