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Jason Berman Anti-Government Propagandist

Jason Berman Anti-Government Propagandist --- ===

First big hit loose change 9/11 conspiracy documentary. Nothing links him to Russian disinformation influence networks, but every media outlet that promotes him is associated with proRussians.

Jason Bermas - IMDb
Jason Bermas is a producer and writer, known for Fabled Enemies (2008), Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined (2010) and Loose Change: Second Edition (2005). ... 2007 Loose Change: Final Cut (Video documentary) (executive producer) / (producer) 2005 Loose Change: Second Edition ...

Jason Bermas - YouTube
My name is Jason Bermas, You may know me as "The Infowarrior". I am also a documentary filmmaker who worked on the Loose Change Series as well as Fabled Enem...

Loose Change - Wikipedia
Loose Change is a series of films released between 2005 and 2009 that argue in favor of certain theories relating to the September 11th attacks. The films were written and directed by Dylan Avery and produced by Korey Rowe, Jason Bermas, and Matthew Brown. The original 2005 film was edited and re-released as Loose ...

Encyclopedia of American Loons: #496: Jason Bermas Bermas is a filmmaker most famous for his involvement in films such as Fabled Enemies, Loose Change, and Invisible Empire. Loose Change is, of course, the famous documentary asserting that 9/11 was an inside job (directed by Dylan Avery, whom we unfortunately missed even on this second round, and produced by Bermas, Matthew Brown, and Korey Rowe, with none other than Alex Jones as the executive producer). The movie argues that 9/11 was a set-up in order for the US to justify a war in Iraq, but unfortunately offers no explanation for why the government would carry out this ruse and subsequently not incorporate any connection to Iraq in their elaborate scheme (e.g. by making the hijackers have some connection to Iraq). See also this. For a viewer’s guide to Loose Change, you can go here. It is worth noting that Bermas said of Mark Roberts (who constructed the viewer’s guide) “[h]e's betraying this country and humanity,” and Alex Jones called him “[a]n absolute demon”. This site offers helpful guidance as well.

“Fabled Enemies” was another attempt from Bermas at the 9/11 conspiracy. “Invisible Empire” is, as you guessed, about the New World Order.

Bermas used to host The Infowarrior, a political, caller-based and widely distributed t Alex Jones spinoff talkshow. He is currently alternate host of The Alex Jones show itself.

Diagnosis: A rising star in the insanity movement, Bermas efficiently applies his lack of critical thinking skills to a variety of (interlinked) areas in you typical crank magnet manner. One to watch

What happened to Jason Bermas? - Prison Planet Forum › ... › Questions
Nov 17, 2014 - interesting llll My name is Jason Bermas, You may know me as "The Infowarrior". I am also a documentary filmmaker who worked on the Loose Change Series as well as Fabled Enemies. My latest film is entitled "Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined.

Alex Jones & Jason Bermas – Gate Keepers | Subverted Nation
May 14, 2009 - Do jew puppets like Jason Bermas and Alex Jones have foot in mouth syndrome? It seems they like to continually stick their foot in their mouth, when it comes to the jewish question. It turns out that the jew wise fella that called in to Bermas' InfoWarrior show which I talked about here, called in again, and this ...

Video Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined FULL VERSION
For the first time ever, the secret agenda of the planet's ruthless Super-class is exposed in stark detail. This documentary film chronicles how men of power and influence have worked in stealth for centuries to establish an oppressive world government. Learn how this global oligarchy controls the populace through drug trafficking, money laundering, staged terror attacks, media propaganda and debt. The criminal controllers have successfully dominated the globe and are now in the final phase of consolidating power. Invisible Empire is a damning indictment of the globalists through their own words and documents. Worldwide tyranny isn't coming, it's here. This isn't conspiracy theory, it's conspiracy fact. The New World Order is out in the open- all documented in stunning living color. Unelected bureaucrats are establishing regional unions under one superstate. Witness their plan for a global tax and a cashless surveillance society in which every man, woman and child is micro-chipped at birth. Invisible Empire will be more than just a film-- it is the culmination of years of research by Jason Bermas into the inner-workings and most revealing public statements by the New World Order and the most trusted stewards of their dark vision. 'Invisible Empire' promises to unveil the long-term agenda for world control, just as Fabled Enemies and Loose Change Final Cut forever stripped away the facade of the official story of 9/11 and exposed the dark truth that lies behind.

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