Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pro-Palestine Youtube channels

Good guys or bad guys, you decide.

heretic productions

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    Phony Kony 2012 Warning!

    17,422 views 6 days ago
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    Japan, Quake, Lies!

    21,920 views 1 week ago
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    Choose Life!

    6,446 views 1 week ago
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    Kennedy Was Right! in '61

    10,906 views 2 weeks ago
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    Silver is the Achilles Heel!

    15,917 views 2 weeks ago
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    The Panic Room

    24,655 views 2 weeks ago
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    Epitaph: The Late, Great United S...

    26,319 views 3 weeks ago
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    Israeli Apartheid Week: Call it a...

    5,792 views 4 weeks ago
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    Global War and Hunger Porn on the...

    6,865 views 1 month ago
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    Easter Bunny, Jesus Jerky on a Go...

    4,186 views 1 month ago
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    4,939 views 1 month ago
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    Your Children Will

    7,043 views 1 month ago
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    Imagine 2012 (HD)

    13,296 views 1 month ago
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    Masnavi VI 233

    1,791 views 1 month ago
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    How Comes This Monkey on My Back?

    10,065 views 1 month ago
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    Remember Me...

    15,190 views 1 month ago
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    USS Enterprise False Flag!!

    117,474 views 1 month ago
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    Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half!

    23,923 views 2 months ago
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    Iran Threatens US Carriers!

    10,937 views 2 months ago
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    The Terrible Spectre of the Dread...

    12,606 views 2 months ago
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    Dance With Your Chi!

    6,236 views 2 months ago
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    Fubar and Rebar of the Spine and ...

    10,663 views 2 months ago
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    Let's Get Drunk!

    2,374 views 2 months ago
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    Lessons From Nature

    3,627 views 2 months ago
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    If I Were Inside You..

    4,499 views 2 months ago
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    You Are The Battlefield!

    23,712 views 2 months ago
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    Does Human 'Civilization' Deserve...

    4,993 views 3 months ago
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    Help Nando's Kill More People!

    3,367 views 3 months ago
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    Suck On This, Honourable Member

    3,596 views 3 months ago
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    A Place Called Gratitude

    12,533 views 3 months ago


  • 2 days ago

    Memo to all Christians - The Heretic/Michael Rivero - Reposted by Ken O'Keefe

    This is so worthwhile for every Christian to consider. Especially supposedly patriotic American Christians; think about what this short video is s...
    zeeab zeeab commented:
    @rosswoof It's obvious your nothing but an infiltrator against Palestine. This vid makes a good point that might make it easier for Christians in the West to understand. The point here is totally missed by you, guess it just goes way over your head, so maybe you should sit back and think for a wh...
  • 2 weeks ago

    Ken O'Keefe on what the NDAA will do to America

    Khader Adnan had been arrested by Israeli authorities eight times before, but this time it'd gone too far. He was suspected of being an active part...
    zeeab zeeab commented:
    God bless Ken for speaking out, even though speaking like this can get you killed!!! He comes out hard with the truth, the way we need to hear it, not sugar coated bullshit.
  • 3 months ago

    The Fox News/Google Debate (Full Length)

    You asked the questions. The Republican candidates answered in the Fox News/Google Debate on September 22, 2012.
    zeeab zeeab commented:
    I think what would help solve things is to get rid of all of them, lol, they all work for the Corporations, almost every Congress person is a millionaire, so how the hell do they know what we need? They cant even identify with anyone not a millionaire. You have to be a millionaire to even run for...
  • 4 months ago

    Tahrir Square : a dead protester's body has been grabbed on the garbage by police forces

    egyptian police forces are grabbing a dead protesters body on the garbage and leave him to complete their killing ...
    zeeab zeeab commented:
    He's dead and they drag him like a piece of trash and lay him on the trash. This is what the police think of us here in Egypt, trash!!!!!
  • 4 months ago

    7 Home-Grown Terrorists Arrested in North Carolina by the FBI.

    On July 27, 2009, FBI agents arrested a group of homegrown 'violent jihad' terrorists in North Carolina who were heavily armed, organized, and maki...
    zeeab zeeab commented:
    @skeetereze Where is the proof, can you tell me what he did that was hard core proof? Lots of people play with guns in the woods in America, lots of people go on vacation. Where is the proof buddy before you go screaming terrorist!!!
  • 4 months ago

    Revolution Hijacked - Egypt

    Clashes across Egypt against military rulers
    To see more go to http://www.youtube.com/user...
    Follow us on Facebook (http://goo.g...
    zeeab zeeab commented:
    @Territomauvais Yes you are so right, freedom seems to be something Allah planted in us, it's a life long struggle. There will be another big protest here in Egypt on the 17 or 18 of this month, people are talking more revolution and they dont want the military.
  • 4 months ago

    Judge William Adams beats daughter for using the internet (update)

    January 10, 2012: Please, someone help me. He thinks he's a hero, he thinks he has done nothing wrong and he is some kind of martyr. He is activ...
    zeeab zeeab commented:
    There is no excuse for this type of behavior, sick and bizarre treatment of a child; what is more scary is he is a judge, hopefully was!!!!