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Daily Misfortune Tuesday December 19, 2017

Daily Misfortune Tuesday December 19, 2017 --- ===
Date: December 19, 2017 Tuesday


crash: utility pole
  1. Car Crash Knocks Out Power To Several Tulsa Homes OK unknown reason
  2. Crash knocks out power, closes Jefferson Davis Highway  CHESTERFIELD Co unknown reason
crimes and attacks
  1. A Man Was Shot and Killed After Argument Blocks Away from Times Square NY TIME not an act of terrorism, caued by argument 
  2. Man in red pickup truck shot in the head on North Fwy feeder road KTRK-TV Houston TX
  3. Ohio teens charged with murder after sandbag thrown from bridge  NBC News Ohio, it's not terrorist. 
  4. Police investigating possible freeway shooting at car door on I-94 near I-275 in Romulus  clickondetroit 
  5. BREAKING: Male killed; female injured in Lantana-area shooting  Palm Beach FL
  6. arrest Fish and chip shop owner Andy Star appears in court on remote control car bomb terror plot Kurdish Iraqi arrested for apparent Islamist terror plot London England
  1. muslim: arrest Fish and chip shop owner Andy Star appears in court on remote control car bomb terror plot Kurdish Iraqi arrested for apparent Islamist terror plot London England


crash: head-on  3
  1. 12/19/2017  TU 2 hospitalized after Gladstone head-on collision    Http://  (WLUC) - Gladstone Public Safety officers responded to a head-on crash in the north bound lanes of US-2/41 near Michigan Ave around 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night. According to a press release from Gladstone Public Safety, the drivers of both vehicles were transported to different hospitals for their ...12/19 UPDATE: Names of the 2 hospitalized after head-on collision released The names of the two women injured in a head on crash in Gladstone Tuesday night have been released. The two drivers have been identified as 33-year-old Audrey Hutchinson of Garden and 19-year-old Hannah Delaire of Gladstone. Both women remain hospitalized at this time. Delaire is listed in ...
  2. 12/19 Orangeburg man, woman in 70s killed in illegal passing head-on crash; victims identified  The Tand  Two Orangeburg residents died Tuesday after a head-on collision on U.S. Highway 21. Willa Gibbemeyer, 74, of Willing Lake Ct., was pronounced dead at Palmetto Health Richland in Columbia driver of a 2016 Dodge Challenger attempted to pass five to six vehicles in a no-passing zone and struck a 2003 Chevrolet Impala head-on (??? deliberate attack?) 
  3. 12/19 Grandmother, two grandsons killed in head-on wreck near Glen Rose by cross center pickup Fort Worth Star Telegram Freda Williams, of Glen Rose, was driving west on 67 toward Glen Rose when her Toyota Camry collided head-on with a Ford F-150 pickup truck that had crossed the center line, said Sgt. Dub Gillum, Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman. Williams' husband, James Williams, 58, was riding in ...Jake Bomar, 22, of Cleburne, the driver of the Ford pickup truck, 
  4. 12/19/2017 8-year-old son of Texas AandM professors killed in head-on collision with at-fault pickup Bryan-College Station Eagle The 8-year-old son of Texas A&M professors died in a head-on traffic collision last week. Cooper Williams was riding with his ...riding with his grandparents, sister and cousins in Tarrant County Tuesday when a pickup truck crossed the center line and hit their vehicle. Cooper and his sister were transported to Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, where he died from his head injuries Wednesday morning. His sister has since been ...

crash: utility pole
  1. 12/19 Car Crash Knocks Out Power To Several Tulsa Homes News On 6 Officers say the 3 a.m. crash happened near 27th and Yale. They say the driver apparently lost control,[unknown reason] hit a curb, then crashed into a power pole and fence. EMSA treated and released the driver at the scene. The car ended up on its side. PSO was called out to restore power and fix the utility pole. 
  2. 12/19/2017  Crash knocks out power, closes Jefferson Davis Highway CHESTERFIELD Co.-- More than a thousand people lost power in Chesterfield and Richmond, after police say a woman crashed into a power pole on Jefferson Davis Highway, near Cogbill Road. Police confirm a single vehicle crash shut down Jefferson Davis right after 3:30 Tuesday morning.
crimes and attacks
  1. 12/19 tu A Man Was Shot and Killed Just Blocks Away from Times Square TIME A Man Was Shot and Killed Just Blocks Away from Times Square ... The fatal shooting comes less than two weeks before an estimated one million people are expected to converge on the area for the traditional New Year's Eve ball ... Nobody was killed, but the attacker and three others were injured. believe it was not an act of terrorism, caued by argument 
  2. 12/19 Man in red pickup truck shot in the head on North Fwy feeder road KTRK-TV Houston police are investigating after a man was shot along the North Freeway feeder road at Airline. (KTRK). KTRK. Tuesday, December 19, 2017 06:23PM. HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) --. Houston police are investigating after a man was shot along the North Freeway feeder road at Airline. Houston ...unclear whether the shooting was related to a road rage incident or whether the passenger of the truck actually shot the driver. 
  3. 12/19/2017 attack 12/26/2017 charges Ohio teens charged with murder after sandbag thrown ... - NBC News  Four Ohio teenagers were charged with murder Tuesday in the death of a man who was in the passenger seat of a car when it was struck by a sandbag thrown from a bridge onto the interstate below, authorities said. The victim, identified as Marquise Byrd, 22, of Warren, Michigan, died of his injuries on ... boys, whom NBC News isn't identifying because they are 13 and 14 years old and are being prosecuted in juvenile court, were charged with vehicular vandalism last week after Toledo police said they intentionally threw the sandbag and other items from the Indiana Avenue overpass onto Interstate 75 on Dec. 19. 
  4. 12/19 Man in red pickup truck shot in the head on North Fwy feeder road  KTRK-TV  Houston police are investigating after a man was shot along the North Freeway feeder road at Airline. (KTRK). KTRK. Tuesday, December 19, 2017 06:23PM. HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) --. Houston police are investigating after a man was shot along the North Freeway feeder road at Airline. Houston
  5. 12/19/2017  Police investigating possible freeway shooting at car on I-94 near I-275 in Romulus WDIV  ClickOnDetroit  Michigan State Police are investigating a possible freeway shooting on I-94 near I-275 in Romulus. Investigators said a female driver reported the incident around 11:50 p.m. Tuesday after her car was struck once in the driver-side door. She was not hurt. Eastbound I-94 was closed for an hour early ...  heard a popping sound and noticed a bullet hole in the door.
  6. 12/19/2017 BREAKING: Male killed; female injured in Lantana-area shooting  Palm Beach Post r one person was killed and another seriously injured in a shooting Tuesday morning, December 19, ... A male is dead and a female is seriously injured after a shooting Tuesday morning just south of the Lantana border
  7. 12/19/2017 arrest  12/29/2017 story Fish and chip shop owner Andy Star appears in court on remote control car bomb terror plot rap ... › News › UK & World › Terrorism23 hours ago - The 31-year old is jointly charged with Farhad Salah with both men appearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London. ... Fish and chip shop owner Andy Star, 31, and Farhad Salah, 22, were arrested when counter-terrorism police officers raided their homes in Derbyshire and South ...  Fish and chip shop boss and friend in Christmas bomb plot | Daily Mail ... day ago - The 'driverless terror plot': Fish and chip shop boss, 31, and his alleged accomplice, 22, 'planned a Christmas massacre by building a remote control car bomb to detonate from a laptop' ... A chip shop owner terror suspect and his friend appeared in court today accused of planning to ... UK: Iraqi Muslim settlers planned driverless car jihad…….by KGS  Chesterfield Fish and chip shop owner Andy Star Kurdish Iraqis in court on terror plot ...  Andy Star, 31, was arrested six days before Christmas during anti-terror raids in the Chesterfield and Sheffield areas. He made a brief appearance at London's Westminster magistrates court yesterday with 22-year-old Farhad Salah. The two men, both Kurdish Iraqis, 

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Mind control terrorist

Mind control terrorist --- ===

see Targeted Individual Electronic Harassment Conspiracy Theory

Is "mind control" just a cover story for a clandestine attack by a hostile nation-state?


October 22, 2018 George Odemns Fox TV Station Intruder Mind Control Lawsuits  George Odemns, 38, of no fixed address was charged with second-degree burglary after he broke through at least one set of glass doors locked by ID swipe. On October 1, 2014 George Lee Odemns filed a complaint against twelve corporate defendants—retailer Wal-Mart, media giants BET, Vivendi, Total, Sienens, Dreamworks, C.C. Media Holdings,  Lions Gate Entertainment, Goengergies Holdings, and Baker Hughes oil company Chevron Corp. airline Air China, alleging all of the Defendants illegally planted in him a nano-chip that records his “thoughts, dreams, words, concepts and behaviors of my emotions, mental ability and also physical,” and used the information for their financial benefit  He demanded nearly a trillion  $918,800,000,000 in damages. (7)

March 26, 2018  Thanh Cong Phan Suspicious Packages Sent To Military Bases Case  Everett, WA man Thanh Cong Phan (Vietnamese name) is arrested and charged with sending suspicious packages to FBI, Washington, D.C.-area military bases. Each box contained a letter “with ramblings about neuropsychology, mind control” and terrorism.

Feb 23, 2018 Parkland Question The Official Narrative Of The Florida School Shootings drill planned shooter claims he heard “demonic voices.”  [pro-russian part:] France and many other nations including the U.S. are preparing for war in Syria over another chemical weapons attack.U.S. has destroyed a Russian tank in “self-defense” as well as blaming Russia for the chemical weapons inching us closer to WW3 with Moscow.  was Nikolas Cruz a Manchurian candidate, a victim of mind control who was set up to be the fall guy in this situation, or at the very least just a shooter being used to eradicate our rights and distract us from an erupting dangerous situation in Syria.

Jan 17, 2017  Airport shooting suspect blamed 'mind control,' IS ties - WDRB 41 ... The man suspected of fatally shooting five people and wounding six others at a Florida airport told investigators initially he was under government mind control...

Nov. 8, 2010  Junior Tejeda just released from prison 24 hrs before walked into a San Bernardino store pointed the shotgun at the Indian American owner of the shop, 45-year-old Amarjit Singh, and asked him to open the register but  Tejeda shot him in the head and took no money. At his trial, he was his own lawyer and claimed that a a microchip implanted in his brain for a “Government Mind Control Project” made him kill Singh, and attempt both robberies.


  Man Who Blamed Government Mind Control Sentenced in Slaying ...
Oct 15, 2017 - SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) — A Southern California man who blamed a "government mind control project" for his actions in the point-blank shooting death of a store clerk has been sentenced to 93 years to life in prison. Junior Tejeda was convicted of murder in July after serving as his own attor ney during trial.Killer of San Bernardino Store Owner Sentenced to 93 Years in Prison ...
Oct 31, 2017 - A San Bernardino, Calif., man, who claimed that a “government mind control project” made him kill an Indian American store owner, received a sentence of 93 years in state prison Oct. 13. On Nov. 8, 2010, Junior Tejeda, wearing a mask and wielding a shot gun, walked into the Best Market in San ...

Ex-Cop Arrested with Guns Outside White House Alleges CIA Mind ... [russia media]
Sep 26, 2017 - Ex-Cop Arrested with Guns Outside White House Alleges CIA Mind Control Plot ... US police officer with nine guns stashed in his car, including a Colt AR-15 and a loaded Kalashnikov assault rifle, was arrested outside the White House Sunday after ... US Secret Service Car Parked Outside theWhite House.

The Kentucky “Mall Brawl” Was a Mind Control Experiment – Dave ... › United States [propornot russian media]
Dec 29, 2015 - St. Matthews Mall in Kentucky became the scene of a massive series of individual brawls involving an estimated 2,000 people. The mall was forced to shut down and an overwhelming police presence had to be set up around the perimeter of the mall and they were helpless in restoring order. It was almost ...

The Holocaust, Mind Control, and 9/11 | Dig Within
Mar 25, 2014 - In fact, the late journalist Alexander Cockburn described Rodin as a “Dr. Stangelove” type and a mentor of the CIA mind control scientist, Lewis West.

Hospital Shooter Thought Doc Implanted Chip - CBS News
Apr 20, 2010 - Gunman Abdo Ibssa Left Note in Apartment That Doctor Tracked Movements via Monitoring Device Implanted in 2001, Police Say.

Kin sought mental care for Parkwest shooter Abdo Ibssa, but he resisted
Apr 17, 2011 - He prayed every day and talked to angels before breakfast. He cursed strangers and thought he carried a government-issued computer chip that tracked his every step. He wouldn't see a doctor. He wouldn't take medicine. Abdo Ibssa still didn't qualify for commitment to a mental institution under Tennessee ...

Police: Suspected hospital shooter had mental health problems - CNN ...
Apr 20, 2010 - (CNN) -- A man suspected of opening fire at a Tennessee hospital Monday, killing one and wounding another before killing himself, had a history of mental health problems, police said Tuesday. Investigators searching suspected shooter Abdo Ibssa's home found medicine for psychotic problems and a ...

Hospital Shooting Update: Abdo Ibssa's neighbors describe nice, but ...
Apr 21, 2010 - Above: Al's Market, a business run by Abdo Ibssa, has been shut down. There is no word when it will reopen. ( Steve Butera Updated: 4/21/2010 7:31:33 PM. Neighbors near the business operated by Abdo Ibssa said he was a nice man who experienced mental health problems.

Suit: Accused Tenn hospital shooter violent b | The Daily Caller
Apr 20, 2010 - KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Almost a year before he was accused in a deadly shooting outside a hospital, Abdo Ibssa violently attacked a stranger he suspected was saying something bad about him in a store, according to a lawyer who filed a lawsuit in the case. On Monday, Ibssa fired a volley of bullets ...

For example, on Saturday 17 March 1984, The San Francisco Chronicle ran a story entitled "Incident nearWhite House: Gunman's bizarre claims", in which a ... claimed to be a victim of mind control, had been fitted with a crystalline implant, and that he knew of a CIA operation codenamed Operation Crystal Ball which was a ...

The New World Order: The Evil Exposed! - Google Books Result
Rafal Col Publishing - Social Sciencepresidential candidate with problems such as these to deal with obviously stands to lose the race to theWhite House. Girard's words ... For example, on Saturday 17 March 1984, The San Francisco Chronicle ran a story entitled "Incident near White House: Gunman's bizarre claims", in which a supposedly typical 'lone nut' ...

Mind Control, World Control - Page 169 - Google Books Result conspiracy theorist

Jim Keith - 1997 - ‎Body, Mind & SpiritA common thread links many of these cases: their belief that they are mind-controlled. — The San Francisco Chronicle for March 17, 1984, featured a story titled "Incident near White House: Gunman's bizarre claims," detailing the arrest of a man near the White House who claimed that he had been injected with a "crystalline implant telling him to kill the president emmanual Tsegaye bank teller killed 3 fellow employees at bank used to hear voices

Mind Control, World Control: Jim Keith: 9780932813459: ...
Mind Control, World Control [Jim Keith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Details the technology of mind control, discusses early C.I.A. experiments, and explores related topics including cults.

Sharon Rose Poet
5.0 out of 5 starsThe most important book I have ever bought Within this book Jim exposes the reality of technologies that have been being used on unaware families and individuals for far longer than other reports claim.  I am a witness and victim of microwave targeting since 1974. . .and this book helped me to bypass hoards of disinformation and pull many confusing puzzle pieces together. I can even go so far as to say that it has saved my life - saved my sanity. Had this validation not appeared, I'd have been convinced that I was "just mentally ill" by those who target us and those whom they use, in order to keep the criminal use of these technologies hidden from the general public. [...] Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness ...
For those that do not know, Jim Keith was a very astute, well grounded researcher that wasn't afraid to tackle issues most investigators wouldn't cover. Arguably Keith's best work was his continuous coverage of what has been called Mind Control. This is best exemplified in his book Mass Control: Engineering Human ...

Jim Keith - Wikipedia
Jim Keith (September 21, 1949 – September 7, 1999). American author best known for the books "Black Helicopters Over America" and "The Octopus", co-written with Kenn Thomas, which details conspiracy theories around the death of reporter Danny Casolaro. The book is based on the notes of Danny Casolaro, who reportedly killed himself, although Keith and Thomas examine the case for foul play in their book.
Keith authored popular books on conspiracy topics, including Mind Control/World ControlBlack Helicopters I and IIOK BombSaucers of the IlluminatiCasebook on Alternative 3Casebook on the Men In Black and many others and his views are considered unapologetically controversial.[1]
One of the underlying themes of Keith's works is that the UFO phenomenon is, in fact, of entirely earthly origin and has its roots within a parallel program of technological development. Keith maintained a steadfast commitment to the earthly-origin theory, and he believed that there was a concerted effort to put forth the extraterrestrial hypothesis into the public consciousness.
Keith began in publishing in the literary magazine scene of science-fiction fandom in the early 1960s. He published and edited many magazines over the years, including several semi-professional publications, particularly: Why?Skyline: Klamath Falls and Dharma Combat: The Magazine of Spirituality, Reality and Other Conspiracies.[2] Keith was also the author of numerous erotic novels, publishing several in the early nineties with Masquerade Books. His nonfiction books have been translated into several languages.
In 1970, after publishing an article on Dianetics in his sci-fi fanzine Untitled (co-edited with Jerry E. Smith and Larry Neilson) Keith became fascinated with Scientology. He later worked on the staff of local Scientology Missions in Riverside, California and Reno, Nevada. In the early 1990s he left Scientology.
In September 1999, Jim Keith fell from a stage and broke his knee at the 1999 Burning Man Arts Festival held from August 30 - September 7 at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada about 120 miles north of his hometown of Reno. On September 7, he entered the Washoe Medical hospital for knee surgery and died in the Intensive Care Unit shortly after surgery was completed when a blood clot released and entered his lung. The coroner's report listed cause of death as "blunt force trauma." Cryptically, Keith stated just before being put under anaesthetic, "I have this feeling that if they put me under I'm not coming back". He is survived by two daughters.[3]


May 5, 1991 Carl Campbell went to bus stop Pentagon shot Edward J. Higgins
Nov 17, 1994 - Carl E. Campbell, the longtime mental patient who shot and killed a Navy commander three years ago outside the Pentagon, was found not guilty of murder by ... The sudden, brazen killing of Cmdr. Edward J. Higgins, 42, which took place in broad daylight on a bright spring day, stunned Pentagon workers.

May 31, 1991 - Federal law enforcement officials charged Carl E. Campbell, 27, of Manchester, Ga., with murder in the shooting. Campbell, who was captured minutes after the shooting by a Department of Defense police officer, later said in a statement to police that he had shot Higgins, according to a criminal complaint ...

'VOICES' LED TO TRAGEDY FOR 2 MEN - The Washington Post 1, 1991 - Carl Campbell, 27, is being held without bond in the Alexandria jail. He said in a statement to police that he had shot Higgins, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria. Police recovered a Jennings .22 caliber semi-automatic handgun when they arrestedCampbell minutes ...

Gunman Kills Navy Officer In Parking Lot At Pentagon - tribunedigital ... › Collections › Navy
May 31, 1991 - Pentagon police officials charged Carl E. Campbell, 27, of Manchester, Ga., in connection with the shootings. Campbell, who Georgia police said ... According to sources, Campbell told investigators one of the reasons he shot Higgins was because he was ''wearing a white shirt.'' Navy officers at this time of ...

Gunman Shoots 2 Officers Outside Pentagon Metro Station - Pilots ... › Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum › General › Latest News
Mar 6, 2010 - 1 post - ‎1 authorThe victim was identified as Comdr. Edward Higgins of Alexandria, Va., a staff officer with the Defense Department's On-Site Inspection Agency. The authorities said the gunman, whom they identified as CarlE. Campbell, 27, of Manchester, Ga., had walked up to three people sitting on a bench at the bus ...

Social Justice Mathematics

Social Justice Mathematics --- ===

Social Justice - Radical Math
There are at least two related ideas behind "Social Justice Math". The first is that you can use mathematics to teach and learn about issues of social and economic justice. The second is that you can learn math through the study of social justice issues - the development of mathematical literacy itself being an incredibly ...

Social Justice Math: “Dehumanizing Tool” | National Review
May 17, 2017 - A new online course instructs math teachers how to incorporate social-justice ideology into their lessons by discussing how mathematics has historically been used to oppress people. The class — titled “Teaching Social Justice Through Secondary Mathematics” — was developed by Teach for America and ...

New 'Social Justice' Math Class Teaches Kids That Math Is Evil ...
May 16, 2017 - Math Lucélia RibeiroMillions of K-12 students across the country believe thatmathematics is a sadistic discipline—(I should know, I was one of them)—but a new "social justice" training module aims to persuade teachers that maybe the kids are on to something. The course was designed by Teach for ...

Teachers learn to use math as Trojan horse for social justice
May 16, 2017 - This summer, middle school math teachers can learn how to incorporate social justiceissues like racism and privilege into their classrooms. “Teaching Social Justice through SecondaryMathematics” is a six-week online course designed by Teach for America and offered through EdX, which provides free ...

Equity and Social Justice in Mathematics Education - National Council ...
NCTM, in collaboration and cooperation with a collection of Affiliates listed below, invite you to participate in A Call for a Collective Action to Develop Awareness: Equity and Social Justice inMathematics Education.

Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice: Conversations with Educators
Mar 30, 2012 - Edited by Anita A. Wager and David W. Stinson This collection of original articles is the start of a compelling conversation among some of the leading figures in critical and social justice mathematics, a number of teachers and educators who have been inspired by them and who have inspiring stories of their ...

Rochelle Gutierrez Mathematics Whiteness

Rochelle Gutierrez Mathematics Whiteness --- ===

How to cripple minorities in mathematics education and keep the gap in math test scores for Asians and Whites versus other minorities.

she approved this dissertation: 
Mathematics is a primary means of maintaining White privilege in schools through its
gatekeeping role in determining who has access to high status fields (science, medicine,
engineering, mathematics, physics, etc.) and higher education in general (Stinson, 2004).
The maintenance of these privileges reinforces existing power structures with Whites in
positions of power and with increased opportunities for wealth accumulation for White
people. Further, mathematics may prove to be a powerful tool in the promotion of social
justice (Gutstein 2006) by critiquing current inequities and exploring other ways of
understanding and viewing the world. Mathematics as a subject area has been particularly
resistant to efforts to promote social justice (de Freitas, 2008; Gutstein, 2006).

Rochelle Gutiérrez | College of Education | U of I
Rochelle Gutiérrez. Dr. Gutierrez' scholarship focuses on equity issues in mathematics education, paying particular attention to how race, class, and language affect teaching and learning. Through in-depth analyses of effective teaching/learning communities and longitudinal studies of developing and practicing teachers, ...

Prof. Rochelle Gutierrez - Latina/Latino Studies | University of Illinois at ...
ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR ROCHELLE GUTIERREZ. Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction. Gutierrez's research focuses on the structural and pedagogical factors involved in equity for marginalized students, especially African American and Latina/Latino students. In the past, she has focused upon ...

Rochelle Gutiérrez - Wikiérrez
Oct 29, 2017 - Gutiérrez, R. (2018). Political conocimiento for teaching mathematics: Why teachers need it and how to develop it. In S. E. Kastberg, A. M. Tyminski, A. E. Lischka, & W. B. Sanchez (Eds.), Building support for scholarly practices in mathematics methods (pp. 11–37). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Rochelle Gutierrez | University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC ...
Rochelle Gutierrez of University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign | UIUC is on ResearchGate. Read 33 publications and contact Rochelle Gutierrez on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.
White privilege bolstered by teaching math, university professor says ... 24, 2017 - Rochelle Gutierrez laid out her views on the subject in an article for a newly published anthology for math educators titled, “Building Support for ... Further, she says mathematics operates with unearned privilege in society, “just like whiteness.” Mathematics itself operates as Whiteness. -Rochelle Gutierrez.

Professor: 'Mathematics Itself Operates as Whiteness' - National Review
Oct 25, 2017 - ... arguing that “mathematics itself operates as Whiteness.” “Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics, and who is seen as part of themathematical community is generally viewed as White,” Rochelle Gutierrez wrote, according to an article in Campus Reform.

Professor: Geometry perpetuates white privilege because it was ...
Oct 25, 2017 - Geometry, developed by ancient Greeks, promotes ‘white privilege,’ U of Illinois prof claims. ... Teaching the Pythagorean Theorem or pi in geometry class perpetuates white privilege by giving the “perception that mathematics was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans ...

Teaching maths perpetuates white privilege, says university professor ... › News › World › Americas
Oct 25, 2017 - Rochelle Gutierrez, from the University of Illinois, urged her colleagues to be aware of the "politics that mathematics brings" in a new anthology directed at teachers. Titled “Building Support for Scholarly Practices in ... "On many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness. Who gets credit for doing and ...

All Mathematics is Political: Post Session with Rochelle Gutierrez
Oct 27, 2017 - An interview at the NCTM Conference with Rochelle Gutierrez on how mathematics is political. ... So, just like, there's not a lot of incentive for Whites to interrogate Whiteness as the norm and as the right way to have society set up, there's not a lot of incentive for mathematicians and mathteachers to ...

It's not just a joke anymore: They're actually claiming math is racist
Oct 24, 2017 - Math actually is racist, according to Rochelle Gutierrez, an education professor at the University of Illinois. The following excerpt from a Campus Reform write-up is not a joke unless this professor is putting on an admirably epic long-term hoax: "On many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness.

Prof: Algebra, geometry perpetuate white privilege - Campus Reform
Oct 23, 2017 - “On many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness. Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics, and who is seen as part of themathematical community is generally viewed as White,” Gutierrez argued. Gutierrez also worries that algebra and geometry ...

[PDF]SOLVING FOR IRRATIONAL ZEROS: WHITENESS IN MATHEMATICS ... The University of Utah Graduate School. STATEMENT OF DISSERTATION APPROVAL. The dissertation of. Trevor Thayne Warburton has been approved by the following supervisory committee members: Audrey Thompson. , Chair. 6/12/2015. Date Disserttion PHSD Approved by . Rochelle Gutiérrez. , Member. 6/8/2015. Date Approved.

For many, mathematics and social justice are perceived as incompatible. Several
mathematics education researchers have noted resistance to social justice among
mathematics teachers. However, mathematics education has a consistently negative
impact on the education of students of color. This study seeks to better understand the
nature of this resistance by studying how preservice secondary mathematics teachers
grapple with understanding social justice mathematics education. For this study I draw on
discursive understandings of the operation of power and Whiteness Theory in order to
understand the ways in which the discourses of mathematics serve to exclude the
discourses of social justice. The participants in this study were seven preservice
secondary mathematics teachers in a master’s degree program in mathematics with
teaching certification. Class discussions were recorded and transcribed then analyzed
using Critical Discourse Analysis and a Whiteness Theory lens to interpret the analysis.
The findings are organized around three main themes. These themes include discourses
of the abstract nature of school mathematics, teacher and student subject positions, and
our struggle to engage with the concepts of social justice mathematics. At times we
disrupted these discourses through playfulness, repositioning students, and embracing the
struggle of incorporating social justice into mathematics. There are important
implications for mathematics education, mathematics teacher education, and teacher
education generally

 CHALLENGES IN TEACHING MATHEMATICS FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE.............. 1 Problem Statement.......................................................................................................... 2 Research Questions......................................................................................................... 9 2 LITERATURE REVIEW .............................................................................................. 11 Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice ..................................................................... 11 Understanding Dominant Mathematics ........................................................................ 19 An Historical Perspective of Mathematics as Political and Practical........................... 27 Conclusion .................................................................................................................... 31 3 DISCOURSES OF WHITENESS IN MATHEMATICS TEACHER PREPARATION............................................................................................................... 33 Discourses..................................................................................................................... 33 Social Justice Mathematics........................................................................................... 56 Conclusion .................................................................................................................... 61

Recent research suggests that secondary mathematics teachers have difficulty
teaching mathematics for social justice and that when the attempt is made teachers tend to
focus either on mathematics or social justice. Mathematics teachers, in particular, have
difficulty integrating mathematics and social justice to achieve both mathematical and
social justice goals simultaneously (Bartell, 2013; Brantlinger, 2013). Social justice and
mathematics, for these teachers, seem to be like oil and water. Even when teachers bring
the two together they simply will not stay mixed in the moment of teaching. This kind of
divided thinking has led some teachers to give up on or delay efforts to teach
mathematics for social justice (Brantlinger, 2013). As a mathematics teacher I have faced
some of these same difficulties and felt that the mathematics would not allow me to teach
in ways that would meet the needs of my students. I watched my students struggle with
the mathematics, especially those learning English, and how disconnected the
mathematics was from the things they really cared about. Despite my ability to
understand the mathematics well, to teach clearly, and to make connections with my
students, the mathematics, at times, seemed to get in the way.

Professor Claims Math Promotes Whiteness | The Daily Caller
Oct 23, 2017 - Rochelle Gutierrez argues in a newly published math education book for teachers that they must be aware of the identity politics surrounding the subject of mathematics. “On many levels,mathematics itself operates as Whiteness,” she argues with complete sincerity, according to Campus Reform. “Who gets ...

“Mathematics Itself Operates As Whiteness”: University of Illinois ...
Oct 26, 2017 - University of Illinois math professor Rochelle Gutierrez has triggered a national controversy over her recent anthology for math educators entitled, “Building Support for Scholarly Practices in Mathematics Methods.” Gutierrez suggests that mathematic tends to perpetuate white privilege that must be actively ...

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Murder of Buckley Kuhn Fricker and Scott Fricker

Murder of  Buckley Kuhn Fricker and Scott Fricker --- ===

December 22, 2017 Murder of  Buckley Kuhn Fricker and Scott Fricker  At about 5:00 a.m., Kuhn-Fricker and her husband were shot to death by their daughter's boyfriend, Nicholas Giampa​ at their home in Reston, Virginia.  The gunman snuck into her bedroom days after they reported his racist tweets and convinced her to split with him' The boy shot himself after allegedly killing the parents but survived and is now in hospital


  • Daily Mail Teen 'neo-Nazi' charged with girlfriend's parents murders  Neo-Nazi boy, 17, 'shot dead his girlfriend's parents as he snuck into her bedroom days after they reported his racist tweets and convinced her to split with him' ... Buckley Kuhn Fricker, 43, and her husband Scott Fricker, 48, were shot dead on Sunday at 5am after allegedly ... Sunday, Ms. Kuhn Fricker wrote an email to the school both teenagers attended to outline her concerns She cited Twitter messages she found on her daughter's phone which she believed he wrote   The teenage girl, 16, took her advice and dumped the boy on Wednesday, according to friends  The boy shot himself after allegedly killing the parents but survived and is now in hospital 
  • Everipedia Buckley Kuhn-Fricker | Wiki & Bio |    Buckley Kuhn-Fricker's wiki: Buckley Kuhn Fricker was a resident of Reston, Virginia​. [2]​ [1]​ Buckley FrickerPersonal LifeKuhn-Fricker was married to Scott Fricker and was the mother of Amelia Fricker​. [4]​[1]​CareerShe law practice and specialized in estate planning and el.
  • Huffington Post 'Neo-Nazi' Teen Charged With Killing Girlfriend's Parents  Scott Fricker and Buckley Kuhn-Fricker were shot and killed after reportedly separating their daughter from the boy. ... Scott Fricker and Buckley Kuhn-Fricker were shot and killed after trying to separate their daughter from her boyfriend. ... A 17-year-old Virginia teen was charged with ...
  • New York Times Parents Killed After Warning Daughter About Boyfriend's Racist Views . fatally shot in their home in Reston, Va., on Friday. A husband and wife were shot dead in their Virginia home three days before Christmas by a 17-year-old boy they had warned their daughter not to date because of his racist views, ...
  • Wikipedia: nothing


17-year-old boy charged with killing Virginia couple - USA Today
RESTON, VA. — A 17-year-old is charged with murdering his girlfriend's parents, according to family members and police. Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43, and Scott Fricker, 48, died of gunshot wounds after being shot in their home by the unnamed teenager early Friday morning, according to Fairfax County ...

Virginia parents murdered after warning daughter about teen ...
According to the Washington Post reported, Kuhn-Fricker discovered private tweets on her daughter's phone that was connected to her boyfriend. One included a photo of a candy shop featuring aJewish dreidel with the comment “ima run in there with my swastika armband right now,” the paper reported.

VA - Scott Fricker, 48, & Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43, slain, Reston ...
Teen charged in Virginia with killing girlfriend's parents, who worried he was a neo-Nazi December 23rd, 2017 Buckley Kuhn-Fricker was so disturbed by ... What i he did something like shoot at school or do something less violent like posting a Nazi flag in his locker and waving it Jewish students - perhaps ...

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Shane Todd Singapore Huawei Project Death

Shane Todd Singapore Huawei Project Death --- ===

parents have said he was murdered because of his involvement in the project, which they say involved exporting sensitive military technology to China.


Death of Shane Todd - Wikipedia The article carried the Todd family's claim that Singapore police had not properly investigated Dr. Todd'sdeath, and also contained their allegations that the IME was collaborating on a project with potential military implication with Huawei, a major Chinese electronics and telecommunications company. BothHuawei and ...
Cause of death‎: ‎Asphyxia officially suicide others believe murder connected to China
Nationality‎: ‎American
Parent(s)‎: ‎Mr and Mrs Mary and Rick Todd


Hard Drive: A Family's Fight Against Three Countries: Mary Todd ...
“Hard Drive: A Family's Fight against Three Countries” is the captivating, true story of the mysterious death of young American engineer, Dr. Shane Todd, in Singapore and his family's grueling battle againstpowerful forces that have sought to conceal, destroy, or discredit evidence indicating homicide.

Hard Drive: A Family's Fight Against Three Countries by Mary Todd
Rating: 4.6 - ‎45 votesHard Drive has 45 ratings and 14 reviews. Clare said: A Shocking story, very well told-I'll start out by stating two things about myself- I don't gener...

Hard Drive: A Family's Fight Against Three Countries by Mary Todd ...
Sep 2, 2014 - The Paperback of the Hard Drive: A Family's Fight Against Three Countries by Mary Todd, Christina Villegas | at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $25.

Shane Todd update: U.S. engineer found dead in Singapore didn't ...
Sep 2, 2014 - A U.S. engineer found dead in Singapore, whose family maintains was murdered over espionage, didn't write the suicide notes found near his body, ... In a new book on the case - Hard Drive: A Family's Fight Against Three Countries - Mary Todd and co-author Christina Villegas provide the findings of two ...

Hard Drive | A Family's Fight Against Three Countries

View Site. JUSTICE 4 SHANE TODD. On June 24, 2012, the body of Shane Todd, a young US electrical engineer was found hanging in his Singapore apartment. The Singapore Police say it is suicide, but the Todd family believe he was murdered.

Hard Drive | About the Book
Death in Singapore - - Financial Times › Life&Arts › FT Magazine
Feb 15, 2013 - That last-minute find has altered the story of Shane Todd's death. The card-sized plastic case was not a speaker but an external hard drive with a back-up of his computer files, including his work at IME, and a timetable and plan for a project that apparently involved IME and HuaweiTechnologies, the ...

Shane Todd update: U.S. engineer found dead in Singapore didn't ...
Sep 2, 2014 - Was death of an American computer engineer in Singapore a suicide -- or, as his parents contend, murder? ... "My son did not write those suicide notes," Mary Todd has repeated to anyone who would listen. ... A Singapore coroner concluded after a lengthy inquest and investigation that Shane ...

Shane Todd Murder
Upon returning to Singapore, Dr. Todd felt increasingly uncomfortable with the work he was doing with the Chinese company Huawei, to the point Shane told his family that he was being asked to compromise US security and he feared for his life. Shane refused to do what he was being asked to do and turned in his sixty ...

Investigation into mysterious death of Shane Todd begins in Singapore › Technology › Singapore
May 13, 2013 - His parents traveled from their home in the U.S. state of Montana to Singapore days after his death last June and found his belongings packed as if he ... After having it analyzed by a computer forensics expert, they found a draft of a project outline between IME and the Chinese telecom giant Huawei on the ...

Huawei denies work in field linked to U.S. death in Singapore | Reuters
Feb 18, 2013 - Chinese telecommunications company Huawei said on Monday it had not worked with an institute in Singapore on any projects in the specialist field of an American engineer who died mysteriously last year shortly after leaving the institute.

Colleagues said that he was increasingly depressed in his last few months, but said that his concerns appeared to centre on a sense of failure about his work, and an ambivalence about returning to the United State

heart of the family’s theory is that Todd was concerned for his safety because of a project with a Chinese company. They believed, through information from his colleagues and from his computer files, that the company was Huawei.

Death inquiry linked to Huawei starts in Singapore › WorldMay 14, 2013 - “We believe our son was murdered. We know our son was murdered,” says Mary Todd, a 57 year-old US pastor who has arrived in Singapore for a coronial inquiry that centres on claims about Huawei, the Chinese communications company likely to emerge with all or part of a $2 billion-plus contract to ...

Montana family disputes Singapore police probe into son's death - CNN

Mar 3, 2013 - The death of American engineer Shane Todd in Singapore has become an international controversy involving local police, FBI and a family that ... After his death, Todd's parents found that his hard drive contained a proposal between the Singapore outfit and a prominent Chinese telecom firm,Huawei, ...

Sudden death of American engineer in Singapore raises questions ...

Feb 15, 2013 - Todd had just put in his last day as an employee of IME, a Singaporean government research institute, where he had been working on a high-powered amplifier with commercial and "huge" military uses. The amplifier was being co-developed with the Chinese telecom giant Huawei. Todd's parents say their ...

INTERVIEW: White House Helps China Cover Up American Murder ... › Archive (truther propaganda site)
Dec 8, 2014 - Realizing its importance, Huawei, which has direct ties to the Chinese military, wanted Todd to engage in political espionage by divulging IME's ... During the Singapore government's inquest into Shane's death, U.S. State Department officials wouldn't let one of their employees, Tracy Gowens, testify. She'd ...

 June 24, 2012, Dr. Shane Truman Todd, a 31-year-old American electrical engineer employed in Singapore, was found dead in his apartment from an alleged suicide. In the five months before his death, he had been telling his parents, siblings and girlfriend that he believed his life was in danger. Two days prior to leaving Singapore, with pre-purchased airline tickets lying on a living room table, Todd was discovered hanging from his bathroom door.

Todd’s parents, Rick and Mary Todd, are convinced their son’s demise resulted from murder, not suicide.

 Huawei, which has direct ties to the Chinese military, wanted Todd to engage in political espionage by divulging IME’s secrets to them. Doing so would have certainly placed U.S. Navy ships at great risk.

Because their son wasn’t willing to betray America by committing such a treasonous act, the Todds are certain that Shane was killed for the secrets he knew. 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty PA Police Shooter

Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty PA Police Shooter --- ===

fr 12/22/2017   51-year-oldAhmed Aminamin El-Mofty allegedly opened fire on police officers in three different locations in the Pennsylvania capital in Harrisburg before being shot and killed in the Allison Hill section of the city. Initially motive for the attack wasn't known but DHS later said the shootings were 'a terror attack. The terrorist was a U.S. citizen with ties to Egypt in the Middle East and recently traveled there. woman who said she is El-Mofty's estranged wife is a native of Egypt He  came to the U.S. on a family-based immigrant visa, the Department of Homeland Security said.
Tyler Q. Houlton, the acting press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, sent out a Tweet on Saturday, saying Ahmed Amin El-Mofty, 51, was a naturalized U.S. citizen, who was admitted to the country from Egypt on a family-based immigrant visa. "The long chain of migration that led to the suspect's admission into the United States was initiated years ago by a distant relative of the suspect," Houlton said in a release. "One of the most recent links in that chain was an extended family member admitted into the United States from Egypt on an F24 visa."

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*Everipedia:  Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty | Wiki & Bio | Everipedia

Mofty was a naturalized​ U.S. citizen who was admitted to the country from Egypt​ on a family-based immigrant visa. [2][1][4]
Personal Life
El-Mofty was a father of two children. [4][2][1]

In the Media
On Friday December 22, 2017, after 4:00 p.m. local time, El-Mofty opened fire on a Capitol Police officer in his cruiser, striking the vehicle several times, but missing the officer. About a half hour later, he fired at a female officer who was struck once. [4][2][1]

Authorities pursued El-Mofty to a residential area, who then opened fire on them with two handguns​. The officers fired back, striking and killing El-Mofty. None of the officers was struck. [4][2][1]

Department of Homeland Security Acting Press Secretary Tyler Houlton referred to the shooting as a terror attack. [4][2][1]
Image & Video GalleryAfter he was shot

Reference Links For This BiographyAll information for Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty's wiki comes from the below links. Any source is valid, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Pictures, videos, biodata, and files relating to Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty are also acceptable encyclopedic sources.

1 cop shooting suspect's 'a chicken, not a terrorist': Ex-brother-in-law
12/24/2017 07:10:10 AM UTC • (0)
1 we know, what we don't know about Harrisburg shooting spree, suspect Ahmed El-Mofty
12/24/2017 07:10:27 AM UTC • (0)
1 Latest: Feds: Gunman came to US via family-based visa
12/24/2017 09:18:39 AM UTC • (0)
1after-he-was-shot.pngAfter he was shot
12/24/2017 09:36:28 AM UTC


12/23/2017 Who is Ahmed El-Mofty? 'He was really under the radar' before ...  Marsico said he wasn't sure regarding El-Mofty's country of origin. The woman who said she is El-Mofty's estranged wife is a native of Egypt. Authorities have said El-Mofty had ties to the East and West shores. El-Mofty was in the Middle East "as recently as October," Marsico said. He said he could not ...

12/24/2017 Harrisburg Terror Suspect Came to U.S. on Family Visa, Homeland ... hours ago - HARRISBURG, Pa.—A gunman who shot at police in a terror attack last week came to the U.S. on a family-based immigrant visa, the Department of Homeland Security said, highlighting a program President Donald Trump has criticized. Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty fired at a Harrisburg police officer

12/23/2017 Who is Ahmed El-Mofty? 'He was really under the radar' before ... - Marsico said tips are coming in from the public in response to a police request for information on the gunman, 51-year-old Ahmed El-Mofty. ... "He was really under the radar," Marsico said. ... A Camp Hill-area woman told PennLive Saturday that she is El-Mofty's estranged wife.

12/23/2017 What we know, what we don't know about Harrisburg shooting spree ...  Authorities identified the suspect as 51-year-old Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty at a news conference late Friday night. As the investigation into the shooting the suspect continues, here's what we know and what we don't know. ... El-Mofty then fired several shots at a Pennsylvania State ...

12/24/2017 Pennsylvania cop shooting suspect's 'a chicken, not a terrorist': Ex ... day ago - Marsico said there was "no doubt" the man was targeting police officers. Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty, 51, allegedly shot at police officers in Harrisburg, Dauphin County District Attorneys Office.Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty, 51, allegedly shot at police officers in Harrisburg, Pa., three times before being killed on ... "is not a terrorist," a family member told ABC News on Saturday.  A day after Ahmed El-Mofty allegedly opened fire in what officials said was a deliberate attack on multiple police officers Friday, Ahmed Soweilam told ABC News that El-Mofty was a timid family man. "He is a chicken," Soweilam, who described himself as El-Mofty's ex-brother-in-law, said. "He is not a terrorist."

Prosecutor: 'No doubt' gunman was targeting police officers - The ... days ago - HARRISBURG, Pa. — There's “no doubt” a gunman who fired at police in several locations in the state capital, wounding one of them before they shot and killed him, was targeting police officers, a prosecutor said. Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty fired at a Harrisburg police officer on Friday afternoon and later at ...

12/24/2017 Pennsylvania police shootings were 'a terror attack,' DHS says - CNN   - (CNN) The Department of Homeland Security is calling a series of shootings targeting law enforcement in Pennsylvania a "terror attack." Authorities said Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty, 51, was shot and killed by police Friday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, after he fired several times at law enforcement officers ...

Harrisburg shooter recently returned from Middle East: What we know ...
51-year-old Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty opened fire on officers Friday in three separate shootings in Harrisburg before being shot and killed in the Allison Hill section of the city.

Man Targets PA Officers in Shooting Spree, 1 Wounded - News ...
Police identified the alleged shooter as Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty, 51, and Marsico said he recently returned from a trip to the Middle East.

FBI probing Pennsylvania shootings targeting police | TheHill
ABC News reported Saturday that federal authorities are investigating after 51-year-oldAhmed Aminamin El-Mofty allegedly opened fire on police officers in three different locations in the Pennsylvania capital on ... Marsico said that El-Mofty had recently returned to the U.S. from a trip to the Middle East.

Prosecutor: 'No doubt' gunman was targeting police officers - The ... hours ago - Authorities say Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty fired at a Harrisburg police officer on Friday afternoon and later at a state trooper, wounding her. They say he later ... El-Mofty had ties to the Middle East and recently traveled there, but the motive for the attack was unknown, Marsico said. Marsico asked for ...

Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty; jihad in Harrisburg : This ain't Hell, but you ...

When troopers returned fire, El-Mofty was dead. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has joined the investigation. Marsico said EL-Mofty has ties to the East and West shore. El-Mofty also has ties to the Middle East, and traveled there recently, according to [Dauphin County District Attorney Ed] Marsico.

Gunman Targeted Police in Pa. Shooting Spree: Official - NBC4 ...

The district attorney said there is "no doubt" Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty targeted local, state and Capitol police during a shooting spree that put Harrisburg on edge. By NBC10 ... Marsico saidEl-Mofty has ties to the Middle East and recently traveled there, but the motive for the attack isn't yet known. Marsico ...