Everything Is Terrorism

Unifying Theory of Terror --- ===

The ultimate conspiracy theory

Why does a person who is obviously not an Arab or Irish terrorist act like a terrorist? Could it because they are random people recruited to secretly attack for a political purpose but mask their intentions by pretending to be mentally ill or mad over being spurned by a girl or fired?

What if almost every school, military base and mall mass shooting and fake bomb threats are actually "active measures" sponsored by hostile nation states of carefully staged terrorism staged to look like a series of unfortunate events or the acts of mentally ill or people angry over road rage or domestic violence?

What if it was Homeland Security's job was not to identify terrorist attacks but like the office of M.I.B to insure a complete cover up that everything that could possibly be motivated as clandestine warfare or terrorism is immediately ruled out from Fort Hood to people "accidentally" driving 7 miles onto an airbase and committing suicide by crashing into a jet fighter.

What if...
  • All acts and accidents of violence were actually connected in one coordinated war against the world?
  • Why it that every person shot or stabbed or killed with a bomb or deliberately run over by a car or airline passenger goes amok in Israel is a terrorist attack, but every time the same thing happens in the US or Canada several times every day, it is caused by mental illness or personal anger or drugs/alcohol, or financial desperation of being an illegal immigrant or homelessness  and the FBI only officially classifies one or two attacks each year as motivated by terrorism? 
  • Every crime or accident with no apparent motive or cause has to be considered for one possible motive that is nearly always excluded - terrorism?
  • Every mass shooting or stabbing at a school or mall that looks like it was done with military strategy and tactics by a lone wolf with mental issues was really a terrorist attack planned by terrorists or nation-state intelligence agencies which hid any evidence to the planners and sponsors of the attack?
  • Most crimes and accidents with no apparent motive, or motives that don't make sense or accidents with no apparent cause are actually staged terrorist attacks?
  • Most bias crimes and many domestic crimes against parents or children are actually just a cover story for a staged terrorist attack?
  • Black on black, black on white, white on black, Asian on everybody crime are simply people of all races and religions recruited as terrorists to kill fellow citizens and noncitizens and set races and groups against each other, and only a few groups like White nationalists, Nazis and Muslims openly blame it on radicalized religion or politics? 
  • What if here was a war going on with dozens of attacks across the US and western allies, killing dozens of people every day, 2 or 3 a day in in Chicago alone, and not a single one was recognized as a terrorist attack or covert sabotage or warfare?
  • A "bungled" robbery resulting in a death was just a cover story for assassination, and "bystander"killings were actually targeted. How can gangs fire 24 shots at each other but only the "bystanders" get hurt? 
  • Why is it that when a driver "loses control" they hit a tour bus full of international students, or a bus in Stockton full of high school students touring a college, or a group of school children waiting for a bus, they hit a police car or ambulance head-on, drive wrong way for miles to hit a minibus, or crash into a propane tank, day care center, hit the gas meter of an apartment building or hotel, or  house or the bedroom to kill a sleeping child, or accidentally drive 7 miles onto a naval air station and accidentally kill themselves crashing into a F-18 Hornet jet fighter? 
  • Why is it that when a driver claims to be drunk or under influence of Xanax they drive like a homicidal mass murder driving for miles the wrong way or speed through stop signs and lights, or swerve into parked police cars or pastors, or pass into the path of an oncoming car?
  • Why is it that multiple editors on Wikipedia use any excuse to remove any mention of unexplained murders or shootings or bomb threat (sometimes one editor will remove 10 such unrelated incidents in a single day) if they have "no lasting effect" or the victim or suspect are "not notable" when every shooting, stabbing, or car driving into people in Israel is automatically recognized as a terrorist attack? 
Keeping track of terrorism-grade crimes and accidents that look like terrorism, whether or not the rare event that authorities rule or even speculate on the possibility of a terrorist motive or cause. Sometimes accidents aren't accidents.

Anything that looks like a random unfortunate event could have been staged to look like mere misfortune, or the result of fogged judgement from drinking, drugs or mental illness. Attacks can be staged to suggest that the motive is a personal beef or hatred against groups such as race, sexual identity, religion or politics could actually be false flag attacks against all humanity to hide a terrorist motive. Government authorities go out of the way to exclude terrorism by groups that fit a profile, but they are only the tip the iceberg when people of all races and religions suddenly declare a suicidal war on their police, co-workers, fellow students, neighbors or family for no apparent reason, some with no prior criminal record

What if?

Michael Brown deliberately sacrificed his life to create an angry revolution against police?

People deliberately get drunk and high to hide deliberate "accidents" and "rage" incidents?

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