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Suspects on killing or crime spree, murder, arson, sabotage, across multiple crime scenes, killing multiple members or relatives or persons connected to a family or suspect

Killed family members first or as primary target. Killing a "loved" one is "domestic violence" cover story to make it look like the killer is an an insane rage, not on a mass killing mission.

Why do people kill their mothers or ex-wives or children first?


May 9, 2017 Corey Joe Hummel Charged Hit Mailboxes Wrong Way Crash Trashes Business at 2AM (ABC 6 News) "Rochester [MN] police say the man [Corey Joe Hummel, 30, of LeRoy] [apparently deliberately] hit a mailbox and a car [driving the wrong way], fled the scene and then burglarized a business [breaking glass door with metal sign, spraying fire extinguisher and pulling down ceiling] before being arrested early Tuesday morning." [for no apparent criminal motive other than causing maximum one night of damage]

6 shot: 3 killed, 3 wounded in 3 site cross-county mass shooting spree at school, mall, and grocery store.  May 5, 2016  Eulalio Tordil Allegedly Murders Estranged Wife Gladys Tordil At High School 
May 6, 2016  Eulalio Tordil Maryland Shooting Spree 11 a.m Friday,  a man believed to be the Eulalio Tordil who shot his estranged wife and a bystander outside a high school the day before shot three more people, killing one at the upscale Westfield  Montgomery Mall. Less than an hour later, a woman was shot and killed outside a Giant Food supermarket in Aspen Hill. About 3PM, witnesses saw a car boxed into a parking lot by police cruisers that rammed the vehicle yelling to "come out with his hands up” and he came out hands up with no fight. Police believe the last two shootings were just a bungled carjacking the original shooting was a domestic incident.

May 24, 2015 shooting June 2, 2015 update Suspect In Shooting Of Pastor Wanted for 2nd Shooting, Has Criminal History man shoots pastor planting flags and then another man nearby for no apparent reason.

1 injured 5 apparent attacks April 22, 2015 Colorado I-25 Cori Romero Shot in Neck Pull Alongside Drive By Shooting  Cori Romero was on her way home from a late night shift at work when a car pulled alongside her and shot into her car hitting her in the neck. She was rushed to the hospital, and is unable to work. Despite a rash 5 unexplained broken windows in a week,  authorities says there is no evidence of a pattern of shootings at motorists, the only confirmed shooting was the woman wounded in the neck. It was the third of a series of reported shootings or glass shatterings in the area, though police emphasized there was no proof a serial shooter. On May 18, 2015 the FBI became involved after a bicyclist was shot in the area bringing up new fears of a serial shooter.

9 dead 1 injured suspect suicide Friday February 27, 2015 Joseph Jesse Aldridge Missouri Mass Murder Suicide Rampage Gunman identified as Joseph Jesse Aldridge, 36, of Tyrone, Mo apparently killed himself after going on a door-to-door shooting rampage after finding his mother who he live with had died. Aldridge killed seven people, including at least two married couples, all adults including three women and four men, and injured another in series of six attack sites in southern Missouri before fatally shooting himself one county away. No motive is known

1 injured, 5 shootings, 2 vehicles, 2 buildings hit, suspect arrested February 24, 2015 Amok Korean Hong Young Arrested in NSA, Freeway Mall Movie Theater Shooting Spree Hong Young, 35, of Beltsville Md is believed to be responsible for five shootings in Maryland starting February. Mach 3, he was arrested near Arundel Mills mall, where shots were fired Feb. 24. Police believe it does not appear to be related to any potential domestic terrorism.

5 killed 2 injured February 7, 2015  Cedric G. Prather kills ex-wife, man, his children, self in Douglasville GA  Cedric G. Prather, 33 shot and killed himself  after shooting his ex-wife, her lover, and his own two children Saturday afternoon in Douglasville, Ga., about 20 miles west of Atlanta,

6 killed 1 wounded suspect arrested January 12, 2015 A serviceman stationed at the Russian 102nd Military Base, Valeri Permyakov, kills six members of an Armenian family, including a two-year-old child, and, in addition, wounds a six-month-old child, in Gyumri, Armenia, initiating a manhunt by the Armenian security services until his capture. (ArmeniaNow),(News.Armenia)

3 killed 1 injured 1 arrested January 10, 2015  John Lee Moscow Idaho Shooting Spree John Lee, 29, was arrested with several guns in his car following a high-speed chase in nearby Pullman in Washington state after shooting his adopted mother, then the suspect's landlord David Trail and business visitor Michael Chin, and the manager of the Arby's after asking for her by name. No motive has been given.

9 killed December 30, 2014 Nine dead in 3 connected Edmonton, Canada shooting incidents  CBC TV said seven people were killed in a home in the Albertan city while two others were killed in two other separate homes. The Edmonton Journal newspaper said some of the victims are believed to be children. Resembles killing sprees of relatives of ex-girlfriends in United States.

3 killed including suspect suicide December 20, 2014  Radicalized Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley Ambush Shoots NYPD cops in car After shooting and wounding his ex-girlfriend in Baltimore, Ismaaiyl Brinsley later shoots and kills two police officers in ambush sitting in marked car execution style in Brooklyn, New York.

4 killed September 27, 2014  Aeman Presley Alleged 4 Victim Atlanta Serial Killer Homeless man 53-year-old Calvin Gholston was shot while sleeping at a shopping center in Altanta suburb of Decatur, and 2 other  homeless men Dorian Jenkins, Tommy Mims were killed Nov. 23 and Nov. 26 during Thanksgiving week. On December 6 Aeman Lovel Presley later confessed he killed Karen Pearce, 44, a Smyrna resident who worked as a stylist on Marietta GA, believed to be botched robbery. On December 11, Presley, an aspiring actor who had been in a couple of movies was arrested with a loaded gun and the same distinctive "cowboy bullet" ammunition used in the murders when a transit police officer spotted him trying to fare jump a MARTA train without paying. No motive established.

4 killed September 11, 2014 James Nicholas and  Kimberly Cormier Quad Murder Spree  James Nicholas, 48 was shot and Kimberly Cormier, 40 was captured after a gunfight and high speed police chase that ended in a crash. Nicholas was tied to the September 2 murder of 26-year-old Kathrine Gingrich and Johnny Holcomb, 33 in two units of a duplex home, and the September 8 murder of Jose Bonilla in his home, as well as a fourth Houston area murder.

7 shot 4 killed 3 critically injured 2 dogs killed August 20, 2014, August 21, 2014 August 24, 2014 Alexander Hernandez LA Dog Killer 7 Shooting Spree 34-year-old Alexander Hernandez, a resident of the city's Sylmar neighborhood was Hernandez was charged with murder in the shooting of 48-year-old Gildardo Morales as he drove his pickup truck to work on Aug. 21 in Pacoima. He's accused of firing at a couple in their vehicle in West Hollywood on Aug. 20, and shooting three dogs, killing two, on Aug. 20. Police called him a serial killer  suspected of randomly shooting seven people - killing four - over five days in the Los Angeles area, authorities said Tuesday. SWAT police arrested him with the shotgun likely used in the attacks.

4 killed 1 arrested September 1, 2014 Bucyrus Ohio Quad Beating Murder Spree Authorities in a small Ohio city of Bucyrus are trying to find connections into who beat four men from 55 to 67 years in age to death in four separate homes. An "uncharged suspect"  claiming he was responsible for killing the the men turned himself in to police. Donald Hoffman, 41, of Bucyrus was charged him with aggravated murder and aggravated burglary. The victims were identified Billy Jack Chatman, Freelin Hensley, , Darrell E. Lewis, and Gerald Lee Smith.  Police say the suspect knew the victims, but the victims didn't know each other. The has a criminal record that includes felonies, but no indication of violent crimes, and police have not established any evident motive.

June 25, 2014 August 4, 2014 Radicalized Convert Ali Muhammad Brown Charged Murder of Gay Man, College Student, Robbery  Ali Muhammad Brown is wanted for the shooting of two gay men in Seattle on June 1, 2014 Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young. . Later Brown and two other suspects were charged in connection with killing college student Brendan Tevlin who was surrounded by thugs at a stoplight, then shot and driven to an apartment in West Orange, New Jersey

2 killed, 1 arrest June 3, 2014 bodies found Steven Zelich Accidental Strangulation Suitcase Murders Former policeman and security guard Steven Zelich is accused in the deaths of Laura Simonson, 37, and Jenny Gamez, 19 whose bodies were found in suitcases left by the side of the road in Walworth County, Wisconsin on June 3, 2014

May 12, 2014  RITE AID AND EAST LANSING SHOOTING CASE  in Michigan two connected shootings, a Rite Aid pharmacist 35-year-old Michael Addo was killed, while  the second victim was 27-year-old Jordan Daniel Rogers, who was shot at his home on Coolidge Road by Ricard Taylor who also lived at the home. Police are investigating the possible motive behind the shootings, but said neither shooting was a robbery attempt "for guns or drugs, or for money."

1 killed connected to 2 other home killings  February 6, 2014 Piano Teacher Ruthanne Lodato Killed in One of 3 Front Door Alexandria Murders  In Alexandria, Virginia, an older white man with a beard knocked on piano teacher Ruthanne Lodato's door, and shot her, killing her and also shot injuring the woman caring for her mother. The surviving caregiver was shot in the arm. A man was arrested in connection with the killing as well as killing of transportation official Ronald Kirby in his home and wife of Sheriff Nancy Dunning who was gunned down in her home

6 dead, 4 injured June 7, 2013 John Zawahri: Santa Monica College Massacre John Zawahri: Santa Monica College Massacre John Zawahri killed five people in a shooting rampage in Santa Monica, California, on June 7, 2013. He shot his father and brother and burned his house, then stopped one car, shot another driver then ordered her to drive him away. He shot at a bus and a police cruiser. At the college campus, he shot at a Ford explorer killing the driver and wounding the passenger, then shot at various locations dressed in combat commando gear with a duffel bag filled with weapons and ammo before he was shot by police. There were at least nine crime scenes in the 13 minute shooting spree. Authorities announced to the press they found no ties to terrorism. His christian arab family immigrated from Lebanon, a terrorist haven dominated by Hezbollah, and his mother was away in Lebanon at the time of the attack

1 killed 1 convicted June 1, 2013 Lake Stevens Shooting of Molly Conley  Seattle high school teen Molly Conley was killed in a random drive by shooting in Lake Stevens during a drive-by shooting spree "indiscriminately" hitting several homes

September 2, 2008 Isaac Zamora 2008 Shooting Spree Isaac Zamora killed a sheriff's deputy and five civilians as part of a shooting rampage in Skagit County, Washington, while wounding two others. Zamora then led police on a high speed chase, still shooting and killing one motorist. He drove to a sheriff's office and surrendered, where he was subsequently arrested. Deputy Anne Jackson responded to a call made by Zamora's mother, Dennise. When Jackson did not check in with dispatch, police responded to the home and found her dead along with another victim Chester Rose 58. Three more bodies were later discovered. Zamora also shot and wounded a motorcyclist and grazed the arm of a state trooper who was chasing him. Prior to the killings, Zamora had been struggling with mental illness since the family's home burned down a decade earlier. Zamora had been on supervised release for theft and felony drug possession and made contact with his parole officer a few months prior. Zamora was regarded as a nonviolent offender, but was supervised as a high risk offender because of his mental heath issues. His state had deteriorated in recent months, and his family had compelled
5 people and a dog killed 1 injured December 18, 2000 The Wichita Massacre, also known as The Wichita Horror,[1] was a murder, assault, rape, and robbery spree perpetrated by brothers Reginald and Jonathan Carr against several people in the city of Wichita, Kansas in December 2000. The Carrs killed five people and a dog. A sixth victim, a woman known as HG, survived a gunshot wound to the head. The crimes shocked Wichitans, and purchases of guns, locks, and home security systems subsequently skyrocketed in the city.[2] The brothers were tried, convicted and sentenced to death in October 2002.[3] Although it appeared that a 2004 decision by the Kansas Supreme Court overturning the state death penalty law was going to spare the Carrs, the decision was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, which upheld the death penalty law and returned the Carrs and other condemned killers to death row.

Year 2000

Joseph Palcynski Born November 11, 1968  Died March 21, 2000 (aged 31) Other names "Joby"
Occupation Electrician and bodybuilder Date March 7-8, 2000 Location(s) Baltimore, Maryland, USA Killed 4 Weapons Gun  Joseph C. "Joe" Palczynski (November 11, 1968 - March 21, 2000) was a spree killer in the suburbs of Baltimore who in March 2000 terrorized residents in the region by killing four people and taking a family of three as hostages in one of the longest one-man standoffs ever known.[1] The saga ended with two of the hostages escaping and a third being rescued, Palczynski being shot to death by Baltimore County Police, and a woman being sentenced to prison for purchasing the weapons for him. electrician and bodybuilder who was unemployed at the time of the shootings, had a lengthy record of domestic violence and related crimes. He had been in and out of prison, mental institutions, and on parole or probation on many occasions.  Palczynski was already wanted for violating his parole at the time of the shootings. Some of his earlier crimes included assault and battery, which one time caused one of his ex-girlfriends to miscarry a child the two had conceived, and a standoff in 1992 in Idaho that lasted 16 hours.[2] The story came to the public's attention on March 7, 2000, when a triple homicide occurred in the quiet community of Bowley's Quarters near Middle River (a suburb to the east of Baltimore), an area not accustomed to violent crime. George and Gloria Shenk, ages 49 and 50, and their neighbor David Meyers, 42, were shot to death as Palczynski kidnapped his estranged girlfriend, Tracy Whitehead, then 22, and made off in his mother's car.[3]

Year 1966

Monster Mock Terrorist Richard Speck Kills 8 Nurses in 1966 July 14, 1966 Richard Benjamin Speck  committed one of the most horrifying mass murders in American history. The 24 year old sailor broke into a Chicago townhouse dormitory where systematically tortured, raped, and murdered eight women nurses, Gloria Davy, Patricia Matusek, Nina Jo Schmale, Pamela Wilkening, Suzanne Farris, Mary Ann Jordan, Merlita Gargullo, and Valentina Pasion. (Two appear to be Asian the rest white) Speck later claimed he was not responsible for deliberate mass murder because he was high on both alcohol and drugs, and had a false cover story that he originally only planned to commit a burglary. Speck held the women in a room for hours, leading them out one by one, stabbing or strangling each to death, then finally raping and strangling his last victim, One woman, Cora (Corazon) Amurao, escaped. Fingerprints found at the scene were matched to Speck.  In prison he claimed he had turned transgender and was “actually” a female.

University of Texas massacre  Charles Joseph Whitman (June 24, 1941 – August 1, 1966) was an American engineering student at the University of Texas, former U.S. Marine and mass murderer who gunned down 49 people, killing 16. In the early morning hours of August 1, 1966, Whitman murdered his wife and mother in their homes. Later that day, he brought a number of guns, including rifles, a shotgun, and handguns, to the campus of the University of Texas at Austin where, over an approximate 90- to 95-minute period, he killed 14 people and wounded 32 others in a mass shooting in and around the Tower. Whitman shot and killed three people inside the university's tower and eleven others after firing at random from the 28th-floor observation deck of the Main Building. Whitman was shot and killed by Austin police officer Houston McCoy.

Year 1915

Apparent deranged lone wolf is actually a German government spy sent on a state-sponsored terrorist mission. US government supresses the story in fear that it could spark war with Germany. That kind of attack never happens in the modern United States, at least no suspects it. German Agent Erich Muenter bombs US Capitol then shoots J.P. Morgan in home invasion Library of Congress July 2, 1915 Frank Holt sets off a bomb in the reception room of the Capitol and then fled ... July 3, 1915 Holt shoots J.P. Morgan twice before being subdued. Wikipedia While teaching German at Harvard University in 1906 he poisoned his pregnant wife.