Thursday, May 25, 2017

Corey Joe Hummel Charged Hit Mailboxes Wrong Way Crash Trashes Rochester MN Business at 2AM

Corey Joe Hummel Charged Hit Mailboxes Wrong Way Crash Trashes Rochester MN Business at 2AM --- ===

Why does a random white loser commit what looks like a domestic terrorist attack spree running over mailboxes, crashing head-on into random motorist and then trashing business with fire extinguisher and pulling down ceiling for no apparent poltical o motive?

May 9, 2017 Corey Joe Hummel Charged Hit Mailboxes Wrong Way Crash Trashes Business at 2AM (ABC 6 News) "Rochester [MN] police say the man [Corey Joe Hummel, 30, of LeRoy] [apparently deliberately] hit a mailbox and a car [driving the wrong way], fled the scene and then burglarized a business [breaking glass door with metal sign, spraying fire extinguisher and pulling down ceiling] before being arrested early Tuesday morning." [for no apparent gain motive]

Alternative theory: Only covered in local media even though it looks like a non-lethal attack spree, crash might have been attempted assault or murder. Police did not release a motive to what otherwise looks a lot like a white criminal domestic terrorist attack spree with no apparent goal other than to inflict as much damage as possible with his van in one night. Vandals often attack schools and churches with fire extinguishers



Suspect in crash allegedly broke into building | Crime & Courts ...   Corey Joe Hummel, 30, of LeRoy, has been charged with third-degree ... as well as misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree criminal damage to ...

  • charged with third-degree burglary, a felony; three gross misdemeanor counts of criminal vehicular operation; gross misdemeanor counts of hit and run and fourth-degree operating while under the influence of alcohol, as well as misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree criminal damage to property, reckless driving and failure to display registration plates.crash with injuries.
  • crash into 65-year-old woman with leg injuries...erratic driver strike a mailbox..cross over wrong way...cross over back to deliberately hit her...hit and run left the scene.. 
  • van damage: mailbox post and two mailboxes were lodged in the windshield of the van, the front passenger tire was completely broken away from the frame, fluid was flooding the roadway and its engine was smoking...sold the week before to Hummel
  • trashed businesses: 2:19 a.m alarm glass door had been broken with a metal sign.. fire extinguisher had just been sprayed inside the building. (similar to school and church vandalism) ..he'd torn down a portion of the ceiling.
LeRoy Man Arrested after Car Crash and Burglary in Rochester - KAAL
May 9, 2017 - Inside, police say 30-year-old Corey Hummel of LeRoy was laying on ... After being taken to the hospital, Hummel was arrested and is facing a ...

[PDF]Active Warrant Listing - City of Austin, Mn   Misdemeanor. FTA DISORDERLY - NIGHTCAP. BOSER, BECKY JO .... THORP, COREYALAN. 05/01/2017. Felony (2 warrants). PROB VIOL ...

Adult Detention Center (Jail) In Custody List - Olmsted County
Damage to Private Property. Misdemeanor. 2 ....
Hummel, Corey Joe
Booking Date:05/23/2017Incarceration Reason:Pre-TrialDetainee Description:Electronic Home/Alcohol Monitoring
Charge Description
Charge Level
3 Deg Burglary
CVO - BH Grossly Negligent
Gross Misdemeanor
CVO - BH Negligent UI Alcohol
Gross Misdemeanor
CVO - BH Driver Leaves Scene
Gross Misdemeanor
H&R Fail to Stop Cause Injury/Death
4 Deg DWI
4 Deg Damage to Property $1 - $500
Reckless Driving