Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Alleged Crashing To Save Animals

Alleged Crashing To Save Animals ---  ===

Do people or domestic terrorists ever make up stories of swerving to avoid animals to shift blame from drunk driving or deliberate crashes to harm people or property?


May 23, 2017 Police: Alcohol in car of teen who 'swerved to avoid 3 bunnies' - KOMO A 17-year-old boy will be likely be charged with minor in possession of alcohol after a crashthat wiped out a power pole in Mill Creek, police said. The driver was heading south on SR-527 when he swerved into a power pole in the 17400 block. ... The teen told police he had swerved ...

May 22, 2017 Black cat on Norwalk road causes driver to strikepower pole KABC-TV Lying cover story for deliberate crash?? A driver was trying to avoid striking a black cat on the road when his car took out a power pole during a violent crash near Norwalk. KABC. incident was being treated as an accident, and no arrests were made. Car Crashes Into Utility Pole In Santa Fe Springs, Knocking Out Power For Some -
Baby ducks attempt to cross I-5, cause crash in Lacey | KOMO
Apr 29, 2017 - LACEY, Wash. - A pair of baby ducks were scooped off the road Saturday after causing a minor crash.The ducks were waddling across ... car was rear-ended when the driver slowed to allow the ducklings to cross, Bova says. The vehicle behind the first car didn't stop in time and crashed into it.

Student died after his girlfriend swerved to avoid a rabbit and lost control  Sep 29, 2015 - A student was killed in a car crash after his girlfriend swerved to avoid a rabbit, an inquest heard. Inexperienced driver Rosie Stainforth, 20, was ...

Ducks Crossing Road Cause Crash In Shawnigan Lake, BC Jun 17, 2013 Car 4 slams into stopped cars, car 5 hit ducks and pylons suspected impaired driving   Shawnigan Lake RCMP say the incident followed a multi-vehicle collision on ... Five of six drivers on a Vancouver Island highway did their best to avoid a family of ducklings — but the sixth motorist failed to dodge the clan trying to cross the car slammed into three others that had stopped to let the birds cross .. A fifth car then swerved and hit the median, while the sixth vehicle, a grey Honda Accord, veered around the crumpled cars but struck the ducks and continued on. Officers eventually tracked the Honda after reports it was hitting pylons through a construction zone along the Malahat Highway, and the 47-year-old Saanich woman at the wheel is now being investigated for impaired driving.

Animals involved in separate Shawnigan crashes, police say By PETER RUSLAND  June 17, 2013 ·
saturday: Drunk driving is also suspected in Saturday's crash....  "The 21-year-old female driver from Shawnigan Lake advised police she was traveling eastbound, and swerved to miss a dog, causing the vehicle to go in to the south-side ditch — taking out some small trees, and part of a fence," Shawnigan RCMP's Cpl. Rob Webb said...Charges of impaired driving, and over .08 blood-alcohol level are being recommended against the driver, Webb said.

June 27, 2010 crash  Emma Czornobaj, who stopped for ducks causing 2 deaths, appeals ...
Jan 9, 2015 - Emma Czornobaj, the Quebec woman who stopped for ducks on a highway causing the deaths of two people in 2010, will appeal her sentence ...
Driver who stopped for ducks gets jail, 10-year driving ban - USA Today
Dec 17, 2014 - The woman who stopped her car in the left lane of a Montreal area highway to herd ducklings to safety, which led to the death of a motorcyclist and his teen daughter, will not spend the rest of her life in prison, Canadian media outlets report. Emma Czornobaj, 26, was sentenced ...  Czornobaj did not show remorse or apologize to them in a timely way when she had the opportunity. client "was stupid" but did not act under any ill will. June 27, 2010, Czornobaj was driving westbound along Highway 30 in Candiac, Quebec, a suburb of Montreal, when she came upon seven ducklings in the road. She stopped her Honda Civic in the left lane of the highway to make sure the ducklings were OK. While she was stopped, Roy's motorcycle crashed into the rear of her car.  Czornobaj initially told police she had her hazard lights on but witnesses say no.