Monday, May 1, 2017

Peter Selis Killed By Police At San Diego Pool Party Mass Shooting

Peter Selis Killed By Police At San Diego Pool Party Mass Shooting --- ===

    April 30, 2017 Peter Selis Killed By Police At San Diego Pool Party Mass Shooting At a birthday party at the swimming pool in a luxury San Diego apartment complex, resident Peter Selis (described as white car mechanic) shot the host who walked up to greet him and then started shooting into the crowd. He shot four black women (one who later died), two black men and one Latino man . He was said to be calmly holding a beer and a gun waiting for police to arrive who killed him after he  he pointed his gun at responding police. Police initially declined to give motive, later ruled out racism and believe he was distraught over bankruptcy and breakup with his ex-girlfriend who he called during the attack. No media or pundits have speculated on the possibility of a clandestine terrorism connection using racism and domestic anger as dual cover stories. He filed for bankruptcy in 2015 although he made $75,000 a year as a mechanic at a car dealer and had 3 teen age children.

    Alternative theory: When there is no apparent motive, clanestine terrorism is always a possible motive, especially when it is a white gunman who shoots black and hispanic victims as possible racism cover story motive, but man had lived in peace with his neighbors before going amok. He called his ex-girlfriend, so police are calling the motive anger over girlfriend rather than racism or terrorism. Fits pattern of the Domestic Violence Killing Spree where men claiming to be suffering domestic issue rage go on a killing spree of bystanders and sometimes standoff or gunfight with police.


    1. Heavy Peter Selis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | A car mechanic casually held a beer in one hand while shooting seven people – all non-whites – at a San Diego-area apartment complex pool. ... The mass shooter, who was shot to death by police, was identified as Peter Selis, 49, a white man who lived in the luxury apartment ...
    2. Hollywood Who Is Peter Selis? — 5 Things To Know About San Diego Shooter ... Hollywood Life Peter Selis: 5 Things To Know About Gunman Who Opened Fire At San Diego Pool Party. ... One woman is dead and seven more innocent people are left injured after Peter Selis opened fire at a pool party in San Diego on April 30. ... Peter reportedly worked for Mossy Ford, Inc. in San Diego as ..shooter’s victims included four African-American women, three African-American men and 1 Latino man. However, Peter’s motive is still under investigation, and police are not yet ruling this a hate crime.shooter’s legal problems, he made about $75,000 a year in 2014.  Peter had three children as of 2015 — a daughter, 12, a son, 16, and a stepson, 19. He was invited to the birthday party he opened fire at  When Peter walked up to the pool party, he was approached by the person who was celebrating their 50th birthday at the bash, according to a witness. “When he invited the suspect to join the celebration, the suspect lifted up his shirt, took out the gun and shot him in the stomach,” the witness tells NBC 7. “He continued shooting people until he was out of bullets.”. Arriving helicopter saw him loading his gun
    3. Nodisinfo (Conspiracy disinformation)  arch fake hoax most inane hoax the arch-phony so-called shooting up of a black people gathering at a pool party, San Diego, is easy proven to be a fake to the extreme. There is all manner of fabrication, here. Nothing about it is real. It’s merely a Mayday ritualistic shooting hoax, a fake of the most immensely sophomoric degree conceivable: not even worthy of a thorough analysis.
    4. Wikipedia  armed attacks One person is killed and seven are injured in a shooting at a pool party in San DiegoCalifornia. The suspect is killed by police. (The San Diego Union-Tribune)


    San Diego shooting victim sues, saying family should have known gunman was 'walking time bomb' Los Angeles Times A woman injured when a gunman opened fire on a poolside birthday party at a ... one of seven adults shot by 49-year-old Peter Selis, Selis, who lived at the complex, was shot and killed by San Diego police ... Crossroads LLC, which owns the complex where the shooting occurred. Selis’ family members were negligent because they knew or should have known Selis was a danger to himself and others because he was obviously struggling. The lawsuit said those closest to him should have noticed the warning signs, including a recent breakup and crippling debt. security guard company in charge of watching over the property was negligent in failing to prevent the shooting and for failing to protect victims once the shooting started.

    Auto Mechanic Who Was $400K In Debt Was Behind San Diego Pool Shooting Video  Inside Edition May 2  Seven people have been shot, one fatally, in California after a gunman opened fire at pool party Sunday. One witness said the ...  Moustafa El-Moghazi  what a sad terror attack Iron Batman but but but according to ignorant americans, only muslims commit acts of terror. fake news! Mattman Ruban Terrorist - a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.  Didn't do it for political reasons, wasn't a terrorist.
    San Diego shooting survivors say race may have played role Star Tribine Associated Press  MAY 3, 2017 SAN DIEGO — Some survivors say racism may have played a role in a white gunman's shooting rampage at a weekend pool party attended mostly by black guests, but San Diego police said Wednesday they still have found no evidence to support those suspicions.... searched his apartment, social media accounts and email while determining he opened fire because he was despondent about a recent breakup with his girlfriend. "He made no statements, gestures, and showed no behavior toward the group that were racially tinged that would then classify this as a hate crime," ... gunman avoided shooting at least one white woman. Two white women sitting much closer to the gunman than those who were shot also escaped unharmed... Selis briefly called his ex-girlfriend during the Sunday night shooting and said he was "shooting it out."   others who knew Selis told police they did not believe he was a racist, and investigators found no racist propaganda, emails or other materials, Selis' family said they could not explain the "senseless acts" of violence. "We cannot understand what would have caused Pete to do this," the family said in a statement sent to KFMB-TV ( )

    Multiple people wounded in shooter killed by police at San Diego apartment pool birthday party Los Angeles Times Multiple people were wounded in a shooting at a San Diego apartment complex, authorities said. Eight people were wounded, several critically, after an armed man opened fire Sunday at a San Diego apartment complex swimming pool, where a number of adults were apparently attending a birthday party. Police rushed to the apartment building in the University City area and fatally shot the gunman after he pointed his gun at officers, San Diego police Chief Shelley Zimmerman said. Police kills man who shot at 8 people in San Diego CBS News First responders at the scene of a shooting in San Diego on Sun., April 30, 2017. A man was shot dead by police after he opened fire in a pool area of an apartment … Eight wounded in San Diego pool shooting, gunman dead New York Daily News A beer-guzzling gunman opened fire at a San Diego apartment pool on Sunday night, striking at least eight people, witnesses and cops said. Some of the victims were … San Diego pool shooting: Motive unclear after gunman kills 1, wounds ... mins ago - Investigators were working Monday to determine why a gunman suddenly opened fire at a birthday pool party in a luxury San Diego apartment complex, killing a woman and wounding six other people, before police ultimately shot and killed him. San Diego police identified the gunman as ... San Diego pool shooting: Woman and gunman killed - CNN Detectives have not determined the motive for the shooting. Police still don't know motive behind deadly pool shooting | New York Post  Witness says gunman sat at pool with beer in hand ... - Fox 5 San Diego witness told FOX 5 he and his fiance heard arguing, then several gunshots at the complex. ooked at the pool area where the shooter was sitting there with a beer in one hand and a gun in the other," a witness told FOX 5. "The suspect looked pretty relaxed, pretty relaxed." The witness said he saw police officers approach the pool area. He said the gunman started shooting at the officers, but they shot back at him. "Three officers moved in and took out the suspect," Seven shot, gunman dead at University City apartment complex - The San Diego Union “He was just laying there, and just the look in his eyes — sheer terror,” Phillips said. ... San Diego, Calif. after reports of a gunman shooting eight victims at ...San Diego pool shooting: Motive unclear after [white] gunman [shoots blacks] kills 1, wounds ... Fox News San Diego police identified the gunman as Peter Selis, 49, who was described as a white male. He shot four black women, two black men and ... shot four black women, two black men and one Latino man Sunday, police said, adding that another man broke his arm while running from the chaos. One of the women later died Selis had filed for bankruptcy in 2015, the newspaper reported. The filing showed he was a car mechanic and a father. He and at least one of the partygoers apparently lived at the complex.. pointed gun at police...