Thursday, May 25, 2017

Daily Misfortune Thursday, May 25, 2017

Daily Misfortune Thursday, May 25, 2017 --- ===
Monthly Misfortune May 2017 ---

List of incidents of terror which could be accidents, crimes, or mental illness rampage or terrorist attacks.


    1. Thursday May 25, 2017   Brian Brandt  Fired Trucker Accused Driving While Terrorist Stolen Truck To Destroy Nevada Bunny Brothel 40-year-old Brian Brandt is accused of wearing a mask, helmet, and full body armor to steal a truck with Amazon Prime packages and crash it into the Moonlight Bunny Ranch Brothel in Nevada. The trucker from Reno who was fired in Feb stole a truck from the company backed it through the gate of the famed brothel and crashed it into the entrance at around 4 a.m, causing $400,000 in damage but no injuries. The owner tweeted "Footage of horrid terrorist attack against my @bunnyranch..." The truck was stolen reported stolen from his former place of work at Central Transport Trucking in northern Nevada, company spokesman Mickey Blashfield confirmed. Earlier in May Brandt assaulted a fellow employee he did not know with a four-foot steel bar left a bone sticking out of his arm.  fox news: "motivations for targeting the Bunny Ranch remain unclear, but Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof theorized that Brandt wanted his 15 minutes of fame."
    2. Former Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos is injured when a booby-trapped package explodes inside his vehicle in Athens. Authorities report his injuries are not life threatening. (BBC) (Reuters)
    3. Battle of MosulThe United States military reports that their investigation found 105 civilians were killed and 36 people are still missing from the bombing of a Mosul building on March 17. (NBC News and AP)
    4. Territorial disputes in the South China Sea
    5. The USS Dewey sails within 12 nautical miles of the disputed Mischief Reef in the South China Sea. (BBC)Law and crimes
    6. Immigration policy of Donald Trump
    7. The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit refuses to reinstate Executive Order 13780 on the basis of religious discrimination, upholding the District Court for Maryland's March 7 ruling. (The New York Times) (Reuters)Politics and elections
    8. Montana's at-large congressional district special election, 2017
    9. Voters in Montana pick between Republican Greg Gianforte and Democrat Rob Quist in the special congressional election to replace Ryan Zinke, who is now President Trump's Secretary of the Interior. (NPR)
    10. Gianforte is officially charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly body slamming reporter Ben Jacobs from The Guardian; the Missoulian, Billings Gazette, and Independent Record newspapers rescind their endorsements of Gianforte. (Fox News) (CNN via KTLA) (Billings Gazette)
    11. Gianforte wins the election with over 50% of the vote to Quist's 44%. The political fallout if any is unknown as many voters cast unchangable absentee ballots before the incident took place. (The New York Times)(Bloomberg)
    12. Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections
    13. Jared Kushner, son-in-law of and Senior Advisor to the President of the United States, is identified as a main focus of investigations into Russian ties by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (The Washington Post)Science and technology
    14. 2017 Atlantic hurricane season
    15. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says warm ocean waters could fuel an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season. The forecast calls for 11 to 17 named storms with five to nine hurricanes, warmer-than-average waters across the tropical Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, and a weak or nonexistent El Niño. (CBS News)
    16. Results of the Juno mission are announced by NASA researchers, revealing new and unexpected information concerning Jupiter's poles, meteorology, and magnetic and gravitational fields. (CNN)
    17. Rocket Lab launches its 3D-printed Electron rocket on a test flight from Māhia Peninsula in New Zealand. This is the first launch from New Zealand and the first from a private facility. Electron is 17 meters high, is intended for frequent launches of small payloads, and costs $5 million per liftoff. SpaceX's Falcon 9 stands at 70 meters, carries up to 22,800 kilograms to the ISS, and costs $62 million per launch. (BBC) (Smithsonian)


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