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Kendrex White University Texas Austin Stabbing Spree Suspect

Kendrex White University Texas Austin Stabbing Spree Suspect --- ===

Monday May 1, 2017 Kendrex White University Texas Austin Stabbing Spree Suspect  Kendrex J. White, an African American man thought to be a student at the University, attacked an apparently random series of students with an illegal Bowie style knife while wearing a multi-colored bandana around his forehead  at the University of Texas at Austin, wounding three and killing one. He posted rambling posts on social media about Jesus, God, and Jewish stars of David. His parents said he was never the same and suffered seizures after a April 4 car crash in which he was charged with DWI, he said the crash was caused by a seizure and was not drunk. Police say suspect has a history of mental health issues

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2017 University of Texas stabbing attack - Wikipedia  On May 1, 2017 Kendrex J. White, a man thought to be a student at the University, attacked an apparently random series of students with a knife at the University of Texas at Austin, wounding three and killing one.[1]

Assailant was described as walking calmly from one student to the next, stabbing victims who appeared to have been chosen at random.[2][3]

Assailant used a weapon described as a "Bowie style" hunting knife by University police Chief David Carter.[4]

First-year student Harrison Brown of Graham, Texas was killed by the attacker.[5] Stuart Bayliss, a junior at UT from Katy, Texas, was identified as an injured victim in the stabbing.

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Christian terrorist? Muslim beard?  UT Austin stabbing suspect Kendrex White had recently been committed to psychiatric hospital crime online  suspect believed to be responsible for a fatal stabbing spree at the University of Texas Austin campus on Monday has a history of mental health issues, police say. May 3, 2017  

Accused UT stabber's family: We're doing everything to understand ... kvue May 3, 2017 - The attorney for the family of Kendrex White, 21, released the ... possible to understand the state of their son's mental health leading up to and ... pure speculation:

The Black Attack: Young Scholar of Color Stabs Three White, Three White, One Asian on U. Texas Austin Campus (fake news blog) May 1, 2017  his beard that the University of Texas stabber is Muslim. UT Austin perp was a black man stabbing white people. Cops used non-lethal force to detain. No gun angle, no dead minority = no MSM coverage

One dead, multiple injured in stabbing at University of Texas in Austin ...  the liberal media on the perp, it's either a black, a muslim, or both.

Ali on Twitter: "For everyone who thinks Kendrex White is Muslim. He's Actually Christian  For everyone who thinks Kendrex White is Muslim. He's actually a Christian. Here's his likes. His entire twitter is Jesus filled. This is a mental health issue NOT a race issue. Also for reference he NEVER spoke about BLM   People think this man literally is Muslim just based off being black even though he talks about Jesus/God as far back in 2011

Heavy: Korbin Springer Kendrex White claimed he was in car accident a few weeks ago due to a seizure.  [He's lying it was a terrorist attack, that is common cover story] He said the police thought he was intoxicated but he was not 1 May 2017 Tweeted ‘Human Selfishness Lives & Breathes’ Just Hours Before the Attack & Often Posted About Jesus, God & the Bible hushua. - christian cross, jewish star Yahushua is a name that some use for Jesus, - arrested with multi-color bandana, different color but otherwise resembles arab terrorist kafiya. April 28 he wrote, “I wonder Jesus is up to.” In December 2016, he tweeted about how 2017 would be “all about God.” white scarf or shawl he is wearing over his shoulders appears to have Hebrew writing on it.
Exclusive: UT stabbing suspect never the same after crash, parents say
5/10/2017 For Kendrex White's parents, April 4 marked a critical turning point in ... Kenneth and Shantina White say their son's behavior changed after a car crash in ... They said that before theaccident, their son appeared well-adjusted ...White was in a crash at Whitis Avenue and Dean Keeton Street, leading to his drunken driving arrest and major damage to his car. Kenneth and Shantina White don’t know if their son hit his head, but they do know he never acted the same afterward. Whites said they initially questioned their son’s symptoms. Then he had his first-ever seizure.Police have said they think Kendrex White’s mental health likely played a role... he doesn’t remember stabbing anyone, however. “I had a dream. It showed my face and I thought maybe it was possible I could have done it, but I didn’t remember doing it myself, if that makes any sense,” White told the station... lawyers condemned the interview, saying White lacked the mental capacity to understand that he was talking to the media. The court document said that he told officers that he had been prescribed “happy pills” and was lying on the ground when police showed up.

Police: UT stabber had mental health issues USA Today  , had previous mental health issues, including being committed to a mental health facility in another city, police said.  The suspect, Kendrex J. White, 21, appeared calm as he stabbed one student then another and another as he walked through central campus Monday afternoon and appeared to choose his victims at random, UT Austin Police Chief David Carter said Tuesday.  Police have not found any specific motive for what may have triggered White, he said. He had been "involuntarily committed" to a facility in another city and later released

TopBuzz [Black Runs Amok With Bowie Knife At University Of Texas, Stabs Whites And Asian. Hate Crime Yes/No?] vdare story Kendrex White: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know identifies White’s victims as three white males and one Asian male.  White was arrested recently for DWI. He claimed he was having a seizure, but the police wouldn’t believe him. There are some weird religious social media postings by him, not Muslim but a dissident Christian sect, indicating some kind of mental illness.  Like almost all young blacks these days, he attributed racism to the police, BLM-style. says he “gave a presentation in 2015 called “The controversy of racism and police brutality in America,” which he posted to Prezi.”  You can see the presentation by clicking here.