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Baby Stroller Car Seat Road Rage Terrorist Attacks

Baby Stroller Car Seat Road Rage Terrorism
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People are running over baby strollers and some of them are quite bold about it, with no explainable motive, or are explained as accidents. When there is no motive or cause, who in the world would WANT to do such a thing? Because there are lots of people who want to attack American friends of Israel?  Could they be attacks staged to look like accidents or crimes to hit the headlines?

What political or radicalized religious group would target babies in strollers, their mothers, elementary, high school and college students, and brides?


2013 11 cases, 

two are connected to other terroristic crimes, which indicates the possibility of a deliberate attack
  1. Daquan Breland who shot a boy in a stroller had previously been hired by a white woman to fire into a crowd in Auburn New York in 2009
  2. The Muskegon minivan driver who backed over a stroller was arrested wounded in a mass shooting a the Elks lodge in the same city.

Year 2015
  1. September 29, 2015 1 killed, no charges filed against 2 drivers. Durango crashes Sentra onto sidewalk killing toddler in stroller of Starbucks IT worker in Bellevue, WA A 28-month-old girl Sraddha Panchakarla in a stroller was killed in Bellevue on Tuesday when a car jumped the curb during a collision. The mother Bhavya was injured. Dodge Durango, heading south on 140th Avenue Northeast, crossed Bel-Red Road and T-boned a Nissan Sentra that was making a left turn onto Bel-Red Road. Family had moved to Bellevue from India four months ago. Girl’s father was in information technology for Starbucks. girl was an only child and that her family would return immediately to India for the funeral and might not come back.   (Seattle Times) (Kiro TV)
  2. 1 killed, suspects at large  April 16, 2015 Malijah Grant 1 Yr Old Girl Murdered Drive By Shooting Near Seattle In Kent, Washington near Seattle, Malijah Grant, 1 year old African American girl was shot in her car seat. A black car pulled alongside and opened fire after an exchange of words with her parents. Police initially thought it was road rage, but later believed the shooting was not random.
  3. July 11, 2015 Baby in stroller dies after struck by car following South Side Chicago Shooting abc7chicago Jul 12, 2015 - A 13-month-old baby in a stroller was struck and killed Saturday by a car that had just allegedly left the scene of a shooting in the city's ...'I tried my best to save my baby' — mom of baby killed in ... chicago.suntimes  Jul 11, 2015 - A baby boy being pushed in a stroller died Saturday afternoon when he was run down by a vehicle fleeing a deadly gang shooting in ...
Year 2014
  1. Great-grandmother hit, killed pushing stroller - KOIN Dec 23, 2014 - A 66-year-old great-grandmother was killed as she pushed a stroller. Anneice B. Fich died at the scene. boy is in good condition. he 60-year-old driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating, authorities said. They added neither drugs nor alcohol was a factor in this crash. this is a dangerous stretch of road. Ruled accident.
  2. July 10, 2014 4-Year-Old in Stroller Killed, 2 cars smashed in Hit-and-Run Crash  KNBC 4-Year-Old in Stroller Killed in Hit-and-Run Crash. boy was being pushed across the street in a stroller when a driver struck the victim and a family member. Witnesses said the woman was pushing the boy  across the street in a plastic stroller when a man driving a red hatchback struck them. The child was then dragged to the next intersection before the driver turned and left the scene, witness Jeronimo Zaca said. The hit-and-run driver also hit a black pickup truck and a silver compact car that were stopped at the intersection. "It's Not Going to Bring My Baby Back": Man Surrenders in Hit-and-Run That Killed ToddlerThe child was struck and dragged to the next intersection before the driver turned and disappeared boy who was killed, Evan Butterfield, turned 4 years old last month. Witnesses saw the crash and chased after the driver, a man, and his female passenger after they ran away from the car. They caught the woman and held her until police arrived and took her into custody.7-month-old boy in stroller killed in Arlington crash Fort Worth Star‑Telegram Arlington. May 29, 2014. 7-month-old boy in stroller killed in Arlington crash. Police say they are ... The truck careened into the father and stroller, killing David. Baby in stroller hit by truck, killed; witnesses say car ... - KDFW May 29, 2014 - Arlington police are investigating the death of a baby boy who waskilled Thursday morning in a chain reaction crash. ... in a stroller who was killed Thursday morning in a two-car crash
  3. January 19, 2014 Cleveland Drive By Shooting of 5 Yr Old Girl In Cleveland a man in a green SUV pulled up at 11PM and shot a mother and her 5 year old girl sitting in a car, killing the girl. 
Year 2013 
  1. October 3, 2013 Miriam Carey. an unarmed woman in a black Infiniti coupe with CT plates was shot after she tried to breech barriers at the White house, then led police on a chase towards the Capitol campus. She rammed a squad care one block from the Capitol, then continued where she shot one block past the campus with a child in the back seat. Authorities have ruled out terrorism and believe it is an isolated incident, and definitely not a dry run for a real armed attack 
  2. NYC Stabber Attacks Toddler in Stroller and Dad October 1, 2013 A homeless man Julius Graham from Texas attacks 5 people in a Manhattan riverside jogging park with large gardening shears, including a father shielding his son in a baby stroller. None suffered life-threatening injuries 9 
  3. NYC Motorcycle Gang Assaults SUV Driver September 30, 2013 Affluent Asian American e-commerce executive 33 yr old Alexian Lien was driving in Manhattan wife his 28 yr old wife and 2 year old toddler in his Range Rover when he had phoned in erratic driving by a pack of motorcycles. He found himself surrounded, and bumped into the back of Christopher Cruz when Cruz slowed down unexpectedly, and they all stopped. Afraid of the safety of his family, he fled in panic in his vehicle, evidently driving over one motorcyclist. He was chased by the gang across town, had his door pulled out at one stop, and was stopped in traffic when the bikers smashed out his driver window with a helmet, pulled him out and beat him in sight of his wife and daughter. Lien was treated for stitches and treatment of injuries to his face. Christopher Cruz, 28 has been charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving and acting in a manner injurious to a child younger than 17 
  4. September 1, 2013 NeighborAkeem Bernard denies accusations he shot Brooklyn 3 yr old boy. The boy had just suffered mauling by a pit bull belonging to his mother’s boyfriend months before. Accused and victim are both African American 8 
  5. September 1, 2013 In Brooklyn NYC Boy Antiq Hennis Shot in Stroller September 1, 2013 In Brooklyn NYC Boy Shot in Stroller September 1, 2013 In Brooklyn NYC Boy Shot in Stroller In Brooklyn, 1 year old African American Antiq Hennis was shot and killed in his stroller as his parents were pushing across the street, and 3 or 4 shots were heard. The father was thought to be the target, no arrests have been made. With 3 or 4 shots and the parent not hit, it looks like the child was the target. It was compared with March 18 Georgia Infant Antonio Santiago who was also shot in a stroller. Triggerman, Daquan Wright, 19, and a second suspect, Daquan Breland, 23, were taken into custody . In June 2009, Breland would be convicted after he and two of his cousins were hired by a white woman Leslie Jo Peltier to shoot jump out of a car and fire shotguns randomly into a crowd in Auburn, New York. One man was injured in his back. 
  6. August 16, 2013 chinadaily A 9-month-old baby boy in a stroller was crushed to death by a woman driver coming out of an underground parking lot in Kunming, China. Video shows a woman stopped her car upon seeing two women with a baby stroller. She then immediately accelerated, driving right into them and pushing the trio two meters away. 
  7. July 23, 2013 Man Slams Girl in Stroller Onto Pavement Two men named Han and Li in Beijing asked a woman to move her stroller away from a parking spot. After she refused, Han got out of the car, knocked down the woman, grabbed the 2 year old out of the stroller and and threw her onto the ground. Li also hit the woman before both men escaped in the car. The girl died shortly after, the men were found and arrested. 
  8. July 21, 2013 Van in Lynn, Massachusetts backs up repeated over 60 yr old woman with baby stroller, killing her, but the baby was ok. No motive or suspect identified. 5 
  9. June 22, 2013 Antonio Keshawn Raglin, 20 is the suspect driving the minivan in Michigan caught on video broadcast on national TV backing up over woman and stroller, catching stroller under the bumper. He pauses long enough to allow mother to pull baby out of stroller. He is arrested after being wounded at a mass shooting outside the Muskegon Elks Lodge
  10. June 17, 2013 Man and woman shot in Dorchester, baby in car seat unharmed “I was washing my truck and then my niece pulled up. So I went to the car and I started talking to [the niece’s boyfriend] and he kept, like, trying to look around me. Then the shots rang out.” As soon as the shots were fired, Jasey said, he opened the car’s back door and pulled his niece’s five-month-old baby out of the car. 3 
  11. May 22, 2013 Pittsburgh PA: Marcus White was a happy 19-month-old baby, who was loved by everyone. Three gunmen opened fire at the picnic he was at and he was killed. Two young women, ages 19 and 20, were also wounded. Police said they were not the intended targets and the search for the gunmen continues. 
  12. Mark Mullan Plows Truck Into Family March 25, 2013 In Seattle a drunk driver plowed his pickup into a Seattle family earlier this year, killing two grandparents and badly hurting a mother and her newborn son who was in a front sling carrier Mullan stated the sun was in his eyes. His license was suspended at the time of the crash 
  13. Infant Murdered Over Stolen Video Game March 13, 2013 In Chicago, Koman Willis approached father Jonathan Watkins as he was changing diapers of 6-month old infant daughter Jonylah from behind, and fired 10 shots. Half of the shots critically wounded the baby, who later died. Willis later admitted to police that the shooting was in retaliation for stealing a video game console from his mother's house. It was just weeks after Hadiyah Pendelton, a 15-year-old drum majorette was shot a mile from President Barack Obama's house and had performed at the president's inauguration. 2 
  14. March 18, 2013 Georgia Infant Antonio Santiago Shot In Stroller 17 yr old Kareem Elkins (African American) was arrested with 15-year-old Dominique Lang on murder charges who mostly hid behind Elkins. Elkins threatened (white) mother Sherry West.After telling him she didn't have any money, the gunman then asked, "Do you want me to kill your baby?" Elkins shot her in the left ear leg, then the 3-month-old son, Antonio Santiago infant boy sitting in the stroller in the face, killing him. 1 
  15. Feb 26, 2013 Pennsylvania Man Killed Baby in Drunken Rage - Hatboro PA Man Kills Baby Drunk. The Montgomery County district attorney is now calling the death of a two-month old baby in Hatboro a case of murder. District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said 28-year-old Edward Doyle killed his baby, 2-month-old Makayla Doyle, in a "drunken rage," and "maliciously and recklessly" killed his daughter. 
  16. Nhan Lap Tran Shoots At Random Cars in Oakdale MN February 11, 2013 Near St Paul Vietnamese immigrant Nhan Lap Tran fires at and hits passing cars. He killed 9 year old fourth grader Devin Aryal, who was in his car seat in his mother's minivan. His stated motive was "noisy cars made him shoot randomly".
Year 2013
  • 2012 only one case: December 8, 2012 A man's handgun went off while he was holding it as he got into his truck killing his 7-year-old son, authorities said. Joseph V. Loughrey, 44, was getting into the truck when the 9 mm handgun discharged, wounding the boy, Craig Allen Loughrey, in the chest, according to state police.
  • 2011 only one case: May 22, 2011 Scottsdale Arizona. The mother was pushing her four-year-old daughter in a stroller on a crosswalk as the light began to change. As the mother hurried across, a large SUV ran them over. No arrest was made because the driver said the view was obstructed.
  • June 2008 Seattle Washington. Jeifer Pisano scolds a driver who nearly ran over her and her baby in a stroller, but the young male driver in a white Honda CRX revved up the engine and ran over the stroller several times, dragging it under the car 10 feet, but the stroller was strong enough to protect the child. Police were seeking the driver.
  • July 16, 2003 George Russell Weller's Santa Monica Farmer's Market Massacre left 10 dead and 63 hurt as the then 86-year-old driver claims he lost control of his car and roared through a busy farmer's market. The Iranian jewish community mourned the death of grandmother who was pushing a 7 year old baby, and the oldest victim was a 78-year-old Lithuanian Jewish immigrant.
  • June 5, 2001 Stones thrown at a car near an Israeli settlement in the West Bank killed a five-month old American-Israeli baby when it broke through the car windshield.
  • March 26, 2001 In Hebron Israel, a 10 month old Israeli baby girl Shalhevet Pass was shot in the head in her stroller by a Palestinian terrorist sniper from a nearby hill, while her father was wounded. 
    July 21, 2013 - van

    Terrorist Attack on Baby Stroller Kills Woman in Massachusetts July 21, 2013 Eighteen-year-old Moises Baez and 17-year-old Amanda Arsenault tell The Daily Item ( ) they watched the van go back and forth over the woman several times and helped pull the baby to safety. Baez says he yelled at the driver to stop but the van's music was playing loudly.
    The death remains under investigation. No names were released... repeatedly struck a 60-year-old woman pushing a baby in a carriage, killing the woman... the baby was taken to a hospital but did not appear to be seriously hurt.

    1. Witnesses say van backs over Mass. woman ... - Washington Post

      5 days ago - Eighteen-year-old Moises Baez and 17-year-old Amanda Arsenault tell The Daily Item ( ) they watched the van run over ...

    2. Woman killed by minivan in Lynn - News

      5 days ago - Moises Baez, 18, and Amanda Arsenault, 17, say they were on a date when they witnessed the horrific accident. Posted: Monday, July 22, 2013 ...

    3. Local Weather - The Daily Item: Your Independent North Shore ...

      6 days ago - Moises Baez, 18, and Amanda Arsenault, 17, say they were on a date when they witnessed the horrific accident. (Item Photo / Cyrus Moulton).

    4. Horror of two teenagers on a date as they watch grandmother ...

      4 days ago - Eighteen-year-old Moises Baez and 17-year-old Amanda Arsenault said the driver claimed he didn't even realize he had hit the woman.

    5. Van backs over Mass. woman repeatedly, killing her - News & Extras ...

      Eighteen-year-old Moises Baez and 17-year-old Amanda Arsenault tell The Daily Item ( they watched the van run over the woman several ...

    6. Van backs over Mass. woman repeatedly, killing her | Boston Herald

      6 days ago - Eighteen-year-old Moises Baez and 17-year-old Amanda Arsenault tell The Daily Item ( ) they watched the van run over ...

    7. Witnesses say van backs over Mass. woman repeatedly ... - Fox News

      5 days ago - Eighteen-year-old Moises Baez and 17-year-old Amanda Arsenault tell The Daily Item ( ) they watched the van go back ...

    8. Van backs over Mass. woman repeatedly, killing her - Quixnet

      5 days ago - Eighteen-year-old Moises Baez and 17-year-old Amanda Arsenault tell The Daily Item ( ) they watched the van run over ...

    9. Van backs over Massachusetts woman repeatedly ... - American Press

      5 days ago - Eighteen-year-old Moises Baez and 17-year-old Amanda Arsenault tell The Daily Item they watched the van run over the woman several times ...

    10. Van backs over Massachusetts woman repeatedly, killing her | The ...

      5 days ago - Eighteen-year-old Moises Baez and 17-year-old Amanda Arsenault tell the Daily Item they watched the van run over the woman several times ...
    1. Lynn woman pushing baby carriage dies after being run over ...

      6 days ago - Moises Baez ran to alert the driver, who kept trying to get over the body.Amanda Arsenault ran to assist the crying baby, who didn't appear to ...

    June 22, 2013

    Baby Stroller Accident / Attack in Michigan
    Woman pushes stroller out of path of vehicle
    posted: June 22, 2013
    A woman pushing a stroller was struck by a vehicle.  vehicle was W/B on S. McClellan St stopped at the 3-way stop.  The pedestrian was S/B in the crosswalk at Lake Park Dr. pushing a stroller with a 1-year- old infant.  The driver did not see the pedestrian and accelerated through the intersection. The pedestrian saw the vehicle approaching and attempted to push the stroller out of the way.  The pedestrian was struck by the vehicle and thrown onto the hood of the vehicle, breaking the windshield, before falling to the ground.

    1. [African American] in a minivan runs over baby in stroller and mom, flees from ... › Forum › Education Facilities ›They've been

    2. Van Backs Over Stroller, Driver Takes Off | Corpus Christi, TX ...
      2 days ago - Van Backs Over Stroller, Driver Takes Off ... driver whose minivan hit a woman pushing a stroller with her child inside, and dragged the stroller ...
       Van Backs Over Stroller, Driver Takes Off
    4. Caught on tape: Van runs over baby stroller | St. Louis

      6 hours ago - Caught on tape: Van runs over baby stroller ... Police released video of the stroller being hit and dragged by a minivan in the parking lot of a .

      Muskegon, MI (AP) -- Police in Michigan are trying to identify a driver who backed into a woman pushing a stroller with her child inside and dragged the stroller a short distance before fleeing.

      Police released video of the stroller being hit and dragged by a minivan in the parking lot of a Muskegon store. Police are working to identify the driver and also released images of him in the store

      1. March 18, 2013

        March 18, 2013 17 yr old Kareem Elkins (African American) arrested with another juvenile who threatened and shot the (white) mother after asking for money and then shot the infant boy in the stroller in the face, killing him.

        2 teens arrested in slaying of Ga. infant in stroller
        Seventeen-year-old De'Marquise Kareem Elkins, the suspected gunman, was charged as an adult with first-degree murder, said Brunswick Police Chief Tobe Green. A 14-year-old companion was also charged with murder but was not identified because he is a juvenile. They were arrested early Friday.
        Sherry West said she and her 13-month-old son, Antonio Santiago, were on a walk about 9 a.m. Thursday when they were approached by two young men. The older teen brandished a handgun and demanded money.
        After telling him she didn't have any money, the gunman then asked, "Do you want me to kill your baby?" West told the Associated Press.

        West said he fired the first shot into the ground, then shot her in the left ear and upper left leg. The gunman then walked around the stroller and shot her child once in the face, killing him instantly.
        [Looks like a terrorist attack staged as a robbery]

        (Photo: Glynn County Sheriff's Office)

      WATCH: Mother pushing stroller gets run over by SUV and …
      May 22, 2011 
      The mother, Regina Aldan, was pushing her four-year-old daughter in a stroller across the road just as the light began to change. Aldan then began running to get out of the busy road and in a flash, the SUV took off, barreling over themother and child.Mother and child get run over in Scottsdale
    According to reports, after a review of the video, police did not charge the driver of the SUV, because her view was obstructed by a very large camper that was in the turn lane.
    SNELLVILLE, Ga. (AP) -- Police are investigating how an SUV ran over and killed a 14-month-old girl who was strapped into her stroller. The accident happened Saturday .Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Brian Kelly tells WSB-TV that the child's mother was wheeling the stroller across the parking lot when the SUV backed into the child. She was rushed to a hospital and later died of her injuries.

    Police seek driver who ran over baby girl

    It all began a few days ago when Jenifer Pisano was walking her baby, Sofia, in the stroller along a Ballard street. As they were in a crosswalk, a young male driver in a white Honda CRX nearly ran them down as he drove past. Pisano saw the driver pull off and head into a nearby McDonald's restaurant drive-through, and she says the "mother bear" in her came out. She walked over to the McDonald's to confront the driver about nearly hitting her, pushing the stroller ahead of her. As she stood in front of his car in the narrow drive-through lane, Pisano spotted an open beer can in the vehicle and threatened to call 911. That's when the driver seemed to lose it. "He just put his car into neutral and revved the engine, and then bumped her stroller a couple of times," Pisano says.The stroller was pushed ahead along the drive-through, with the baby girl inside, then the driver gunned it and ran over the stroller, spinning his tires.
     saw the stroller being pushed under the car for maybe 10 feet, then under the tires. Heard the plastic crunching," says one of the mechanics, Bradyn Lyon, describing the incident.
    Another mechanic, Collin Baroh, describes what happened next.
    "His tires spun. It pretty much spit the stroller out and grinded up on the rail," he said.
    The Jeep stroller's steel tubing snapped, and the frame collapsed. But the stroller's heavy-duty construction likely saved the baby girl's life.

    June 5, 1001 Stones thrown at a car near an Israeli settlement in the West Bank killed a five-month old American-Israeli baby when it broke through the car windshield.

    The Death of Yehuda Shoham occurred after on 5 June 2001 Palestinian threw stonesat a civilian vehicle, near the Israeli settlement of Eli in the West Bank, in which the five-month-old American-Israeli Yehuda Shoham was seated. The stones entered through the car's windscreen and crushed the infant's skull. Shoham eventually died of severe brain damage on 11 July 2001.

    March 26, 2001

    March 26, 2001 In Hebron Israel, a 10 month old Israeli baby girl was shot in the head in her stroller by a Palestinian terrorist sniper from a nearby hill, while her father was wounded.
    10-month-old Israeli baby deliberately murdered by Palestinian terroristsVictims
    Faces of the Victims has published the story of Shalhevet Pass, a 10-month-old Israeli baby who was deliberately murdered by a Palestinian terrorist on March 26, 2001.
     Shalhevet Pass, 10 months Deliberately murdered by a
    Palestinian terrorist
    On March 26, 2001, Shalhevet Pass, age 10 months, was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist at the entrance to the Avraham Avinu neighborhood in Hebron.Shalhevet, seated in her stroller, was going with her parents to visit her grandparents in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood in Hebron. A Palestinian sniper opened fire from the Abu Sneneh neighborhood on the hill opposite. Shalhevet was fatally wounded by a shot to the head. Her father, Yitzhak, was moderately wounded in both legs.
    The family has known terrorist attacks in the past. In November 1993, Oriya's father was attacked and seriously injured by two axe-wielding Palestinians on his way to morning prayers near the Machpela Cave. In January 1996, Oriya's sister, Orital, then 14, was stabbed in the back by a Palestinian near the Hebron market. This past March 10, Yitzhak's brother was shot in the leg while visiting the family in Hebron.

    Murder of Shalhevet Pass

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Murder of Shalhevet Pass
    Part of the Second Intifada militancy campaign
    Israel outline south wb.png
    Red pog.svg
    The attack site
    LocationAvraham Avinu neighborhood inHebronWest Bank
    DateMarch 26, 2001
    4:00 pm (GMT+2)
    Attack typeShooting attack
    Weapon(s)Sniper rifle
    Deathsa ten-month-old Israeli infant (Shalhevet Pass)
    PerpetratorsLone Palestinian assailant (Mahmud Amru), member of the Tanzimmilitant group[1]

    Shalhevet Pass with her mother.
    The murder of Shalhevet Pass was a shooting attack which was carried out on March 26, 2001 in Hebron, West Bank, in which a Palestinian sniper killed the ten-month-oldIsraeli infant Shalhevet Pass. The event shocked the Israeli public, partly because an investigation ruled that the sniper had deliberately aimed for the baby.[2] The murder became a "potent Israeli symbol as an innocent victim of the raging violence".[3]



    The murder[edit]

    On March 26, 2001, at 4:00 pm, Shalhevet was shot in her stroller while her parents were accompanying her from a parking lot by the Avraham Avinu neighborhood in Hebron, where she and her family lived.[2][4][5] A Palestinian sniper resumed firing, after a ten minute lull, from the Abu Sneinah neighborhood on the hill opposite.[2][5] Shalhevet was killed instantly.[6] The baby's mother grabbed her and ran with her, only to find that blood was running down her hands.[7] One of the sniper's bullets penetrated the baby's head, passing through her skull, and hit her father as well.[8][9] Shalhevet's young father Yitzchak Pass, a student, who had been pushing the stroller, was also seriously wounded minutes later by two bullets.[2][4][10][11][12]


    Racist disinformation:
    word comes out of Brunswick, Georgia, that two black teen punks where nabbed for shooting to death a defenseless little 13 month-old White toddler in a baby stroller. They had demanded money from the mother or else they would kill her child. When the woman truthfully told them she had nothing, the black bastards went ahead and fired a bullet into the babe’s face — right in front of the mother...

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