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Some unexplained accidents or supposedly solved fires or gas explosions could have been terrorist attacks on property (though some are fatal) staged as simple arson or as in the case of the $130M damage Santana Row fire in San Jose never explained at all. None of these fires have even been speculated as possibly related to terrorism as a motive.

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    Average high school:
    2011 School Construction Report - Peter Li Education Group‎
    Feb 11, 2011 - 936, and the building size is 140,000 square feet. The cost is $30 million. The median high school costs $54.9 mil- lion and provides 260,000 ...
    • $14 M - elementary school
    • $30 M - middle school
    • $55 M - high school


    1 arrested for fire May 26, 2015 Man Dawud Abdulwali 56, arrested in connection with downtown Da Vinci arson, officials say faces life in prison for value of loss. Los Angeles Times‎ Twitchy  Anti-terror cops arrest Los Angeles man  Back in December, we reported on a huge fire — likened to a nuke going off — that destroyed an apartment building under construction in downtown Los Angeles. The fire was immediately ruled suspicious and the Los Angeles Police Department began an investigation.  what’s curious is that the unit that arrested Abdulwali was the LAPD’s anti-terror division: arrested Abdulwali during a traffic stop was detained Tuesday morning by the Los Angeles Police Department’s anti-terrorism division on a traffic violation and later booked on suspicion of arson of a structure and aggravated arson. held on more than $1-million bail  tight-lipped about what may have motivated the setting of the fire (terrorism?) investigators did not reveal what led them to Abdulwali or what allegedly tied him to the blaze. may have used the alias Timothy Roston.  about the time of the fire, he paid two months’ rent upfront and left, saying he was heading to San Francisco, Chavez said. Arson Suspect Arrested in $30 Million Downtown Inferno‎

    1 killed 400 evacuated January 21, 2015 For the second time (previous was August 2000) the Avalon at Edgewater apartments in Edgewater, New Jersey burn down. (CBS),( It is determined to be "accidentally" started by one of the workers. the gargantuan blaze stretched for three city blocks, schools were closed the next day.

    $16M 60 units April 27, 2015 Massive 3-alarm fire engulfs Baptist church senior center in Baltimore after day of violence Monday, April 27 AP - Tom Roussey A massive fire has broken out in a building that was under construction and the Baltimore mayor's spokesman says it's related to the riots. Spokesman Kevin Harris confirmed that the fire is related to the... Donte Hickman, pastor of a Baptist church that had been helping to develop the senior center, shed tears over the apparent arson fire that engulfed the building. CVS pharmacy was also set on fire earlier in the day, Senior Center Burns in Baltimore The Daily Beast A senior home and community center burned in a dramatic three-alarm ... The 60-unit affordable housing project reportedly cost $16 million and ... It was being sponsored by the SouthernBaptist Church, ...

    1 killed 1 fire 1 arrested March 31, 2015  Song Wang Accused Killing Kittaporn Saosawatsri, Arson Apartment in Bellevue WA Firefighters found 37 year old Kittaporn Saosawatsri after a fire alarm at a new upscale Avalon Meydenbauer Bellevue apartment house. She was a woman with a Thailand passport in her lingerie dead from stabbing about 20 times in her back, left arm, left rib area and neck. Investigators believe she was running prostitution services from the apartment when Wang allegedly stabbed her during a robbery attempt, ransacked the apartment, stealing a designer purse while leaving behind $1,200, and then set fire to the apartment, forcing evacuation of dozens, and fleeing the state to Oregon and California.

    20 mobile homes destroyed March 16, 2015 More than 20 abandoned mobile homes burn in Spanaway WA Firefighters respond to more than 20 abandoned mobile homes that burned Monday A fire that spread to more than 20 abandoned mobile homes Monday in Spanaway shut down state Route 7 for several hours. News Tribune “It’s where mobile homes go to die.” He said dozens of the homes are stacked together waiting to be scrapped,

    March 11, 2015 30 feared dead in Russian shopping center fire - Daily Mail  Five people are confirmed dead and 25 more are missing and presumed dead after a shopping center in the city of Kazan collapsed in a fire, ....

    1 million documents destroyed  January 30, 2015 Fire Devastates Russia Academy Library More than 1 million historic documents were destroyed in a fire at the main library of the Institute for Research Information on Social Sciences in Moscow. It was one of Russia's largest public libraries. The cause of the fire was thought to be an electrical fault. Internet trolls pointed to anti-semitic conspiracy theories.

    2015  fire was third in a series of similar incidents in Kazan in recent months, local media reported. In October 2014  blazes at another shopping mall and a Vietnamese market took place in the city rt

    Year 2014

    $30M December 8, 2014  Massive DaVinci Apartment Construction Fire Shuts Down 110 Freeway Near Downtown LA nbclosangeles KNBC Dec 9, 2014 - Some office buildings will close, large cleanup effort underway aftermassive downtown LA fire. Toni Guinyard and Melissa Etezadi report for ... Huge Los Angeles blaze was arson, fire officials say cnn CNN Dec 18, 2014 . L.A. FireDepartment said a massive Decembe 8 fire was arson; Investigators recovered sufficient evidence to eliminate all known potential accidental causes and determine the fire was intentionally set. "The fire caused an estimated $20 million to $30 million in damage to the DaVinci Apartments. Total damage estimates to nearby businesses and Caltrans property remain undetermined at this time." see
     see arrest update May 26, 2015 Man Dawud Abdulwali 56, arrested in connection with downtown Da Vinci arson, officials say

    A large fire broke out at Ba Coi market in Kazan city in Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan, at approximately 3:55pm local time (8:55pm Vietnamese time) on October 13, 2014 destroying almost all the stores run by Overseas Vietnamese.

    $10 million 90 units destroyed June 20, 2014 Vancouver Fire Destroys 90 Unit Apartments Under Construction   In Vancouver, Washington, fire destroys a new 90 unit apartment building that was under construction that broke out at 3:30 a.m.

    $400,000 damage June 8, 2014 San Jose Steinbeck Elementary School Arson Fire  At 3 a.m. a fire burned electrical controls and the fence at San Jose Stenbeck Elementary School. firefighters found what appeared to be an improvised fire bomb with a glass bottle with an unknown liquid inside, and a cloth inserted in the opening of the bottle for a fuse. Damage was estimated at $400,000 which was repaired by July.

    3 buildings destroyed, 40 damaged April 25, 2014 North Bend WA Multiple Building Explosion In North Bend, Washington an explosion rocked a gas station and flattened or severely damaged 3 other buildings. Over 40 buildings nearby were damaged, some condemned. The cause under investigation might have been gas from a newly installed line. Since the blast was at 3 in the morning there were no injuries, even as a baby across the street was covered in shattered glass

    April 19, 2014 Fire causes brief evacuation at Macy's in the Apache Mall  someone or something started a large fire which originated between the trash compactor and a dumpster which could have spread to the natural-gas-fueled space heaters located above. Damage was estimated to be up to $25,000. Building Fires

    $50M 1 worker rescued March 25, 2014 Houston AIG College Campus Apartment Fire At Houston's AIG campus, a new wood construction $50m apartment complex burned and was destroyed in a five-alarm 200 person fire. One construction worker was caught on video on a fourth-floor balcony of the structure trapped by heavy flames  As he was waiting for a ladder truck to come to his aid, the worker dropped down, swinging onto a balcony below. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

    Minneapolis Apartment Building Explodes And Burns Injuring 13 January 1, 2013 An apartment building near a mosque in Minneapolis, Minnesota exploded into flames. 13 were hospitalized with injuries, 6 were injured critically. at least 3 were missing. One man with his legs evidently blown off evidently fell out of a window. The store owner reported some sort of an electrical shock or surge, which was followed by a later explosion and fire. The arson squad is asking for tips.

    Year 2013

    27 needed medical treatment,  2 convicted, L800,000 cost  December 28, 2013  Two men were arrested after one man admitted to setting fire to his cabin while being drunk and smoking marijuana, and fought with the crew on the  passenger ferry MS King Seaways, en route from Newcastle, England, to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The fire could not be put out with fire extinguishers, but sprinklers controlled it in 15 minutes, and the ship turned back, ruining new years vacation plans and cancelling the next day service  Boden George Hughes, 27 was detained by crew and  arrested on suspicion of an  arson attack and his friend James Curry, 29 was arrested for affray (fighting) on the ferry. 6 persons were winched up by helicopter for smoke, while traumatised passengers and crying children had to gather on the upper deck in readiness to abandon ship. Hughes got nine years for the fire plus two years for another conspiracy of  stealing copper cable from the rail network, assaulting a crew member and threatening behaviour. Curry admitted assaulting a crew member  threatening behaviour and the copper cable theft got three years and three months prison.

    December 24, 2013 Flames shot through the roof of the abandoned building in Seattle's International District that was the site of the 1983 Wah Mee massacre. KIROTV

    December 3, 2013 Fire destroys 160-year-old Maryland church LINEBORO, Md. (AP) - A fire that destroyed a 160-year-old church in a small town in northern Maryland is under investigation. The two-alarm blaze at Lazarus Church in Lineboro was reported early Tuesday by neighbors. Damage is estimated at $1 million

    Macy's Ridgedale Mall Construction Fire Tuesday November 26, 2013 A fire started on the roof of the Macy's at Ridgedale Mall in Minnetonka at 10:45 a.m. The fire was in a new construction area, no one was hurt and no merchandise was damaged.

    Roofers Fled After Chicago Strip Mall Fire November 15, 2013  In Chicago police bomb and arson investigators never found the roofers they believe used torches which started a massive fire which destroyed 3 stores at a Chicago strip mall. There was a "catastrophic collapse of the roof and walls. There have been previous incidents in Chicago where roofers have fled after starting fires.

    Arson investigation underway after fire erupts at church ... 10News - Oct 8, 2013 - Fire crews from Cal Fire and the San Miguel Fire District arriving on scene saw smoke coming from the church and knocked the fire down within  ...

    Newly Repaired New Jersey Shore Boardwalk Fire Sept 13, 2013 A raging fire spread rapidly through several blocks of a New Jersey shore boardwalk that was just repaired after sustaining heavy damage in Superstorm Sandy

    Arsonist Destroys School Playgrounds Sep 4, 2013 Arsonists Torch 2 Elementary Schools' Playgrounds; What's Next? ... Officials: Arsonists Burned Down Snack Shack Vital to Little League.

    September 1, 2013 Leyland school fire: 5 boys arrested after fire destroys UK Catholic Technology College in Leyland, also Infant School fire. dailymail Essex blaze: Police said the John Ray County Infant School firewas not ... in Leyland, Lancashire, burned down in a suspectedarson attack at five boys – one aged 11, two 12-year-olds, one aged 13 and one 15 – arrested on suspicion of starting the fire had been released on bail until later this month. Leyland St Mary’s Catholic Technology College  School's out! Five boys arrested after 'arson' attack destroys Lancashire college on eve of first day of term - as firefighters probe huge blaze at Essex infants' school Leyland St Mary’s Catholic Technology College devastated by blaze Lancashire fire saw 100ft flames and was tackled by 125 firefighters Five boys aged 11 to 15 arrested and bailed over fire at 1957 building Separately another fire hit John Ray Infant School in Braintree, Essex Five children arrested over school destroyed by blaze | The Times  Sep 3, 2013 - Five children have been bailed after a fire devastated a school in Lancashire, just days before pupils were expected to return.

    Fire Starts in Winona MN Islamic Center September 13, 2013 A fire which started at 2AM destroyed Winona's Islamic center spread to much of a downtown block of historic buildings. It is not known if it was accidental or arson, but retired professor Winona State University Ahmed El-Afandi who founded the center in 1993 noted “Nobody [in the community] has given us any trouble.”

    School and Playground Fires September 8, 2013 5th Minneapolis public school playground is burned to arson since the summer, with total damage of $200,000 and no arrests. There was a fire the previous Sunday, Sept. 1, at Jordan Park School (Hmong International Academy and Pierre Bottineau French Immersion), while the most extensive blaze was on at Cleveland Park Community School which damaged the playground, exterior masonry, windows and doors. Two fires were set at the Mona Moede early childhood and pre-K school on Aug. 5 and Aug. 21.

    Arsonist Burns Sacramento School Playgrounds | KTXL FOX40 Sep 3, 2013 - Fundraising Effort Begins for Playgrounds Burned by Arsonist ... the iconic public playground that was burned down by an arsonist last year.

    Fire at Old Grayville High School Ruled Arson - Tristatehomepage  Aug 25, 2013 - The fire happened at the old Grayville High School in Southern Illinois "There was multiple fires set at the same time. So, it wasn't one fire and debris carrying over and starting another fire," says Little Wabash Fire District Chief Rob Spencer. "The burn patters, where they were at, some of the debris tells us it was an arson." Witnesses told fire investigators they saw juveniles running out of the building a half hour before the call came in.

    Australia: Hundreds affected by fire at private university Australia: Hundreds affected by fire at private university accommodation By a reporting team 26 June 2013 Almost 400 residents of the Uni Lodge apartment  world socialist web site Almost 400 residents of the Uni Lodge apartment building in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Broadway were evacuated at around 4.30 a.m. on Sunday, after a fire broke out. It reportedly originated in an electrical switchbox on the second floor. No one was seriously injured or killed, but three people were treated for smoke inhalation at the scene.

    July 14, 2013 Arrest In Massive $13M WSU Dorm Fire. Voices told him to do bad thjings In Pullman Washington, Bryan Lee Kitchen, 31 arrested July 22 in connection with a massive July 14th fire at Washington State University which destroyed four buildings at the nearly finished Grove $13M apartment / dormitory complex and clubhouse and several vehicles. . Kitchen was a a sub-contractor who had been working on plumbing. Online information shows he had only been licensed 2 weeks before as a trainee.

    July 10, 2013 July 10, 2013 Fire destroys $4.5 million yacht in Roche Harbor $4.5 million in damage, apparent accident.  At Roche Harbor Marina in Washington State's San Juan Islands, a mysterious fire broke out and destroyed a $4.5 million 85 ft luxury yacht. Calls came in around 10 a.m. as fire was shooting out of the windshield and galley.

    July 06, 2013 Kansas students to be sentenced in arson death By ROXANA HEGEMANThe Associated Press WICHITA Prosecutors are seeking a lengthy prison sentence for a Kansas State University student who pleaded guilty to setting an apartment fire that killed a researcher.February fire that killed Vasanta Pallem, a 34-year-old postdoctoral researcher in chemical engineering. Authorities say Scahill and co-defendant Virginia Amanda Griese set the fire to divert the attention of law enforcement officials serving a search warrant.

    June 12, 2013

    Attack on college dorm similar to 2006 Gonzaga University and 2013 WSU Pullman.

    Arson Destroys Columbia SC apartment complex Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Columbia firefighters say a massive fire that destroyed an apartment complex in Columbia was arson... was intentionally set, because they've ruled out any accidental causes. The chief would elaborate on the information... happened around 11:55 p.m. back on June 12th The fire destroyed 24 units, causing $400,000 in damage. Columbia apartment fire ruled arson Source: Greenville Online  Columbia Fire Department officials.. displaced 21 people  caused $400,000  act of arson.  started in a vacant ground floor apartment about midnight June 12, burning up to the roof  building eight of the Club at Carolina Stadium, which houses many University of South Carolina students.  Twenty-four apartments were damaged.  fire was arson through ``a combination of process of elimination and evidence.''

    September 2011

    [This one sounds like an insurance case since it was for sale for a long time. Police seem to suspect some kind of crime or arson] Fire destroys yacht, sinks second boat at Haverstraw Marina; cause under scrutiny

    Sep. 1, 2011  Fire destroys yacht lohud The four-deck, 90-foot fiberglass Vitech Motor Yacht.. been for sale for $3.7 million for several years, according to authorities and a Florida boat seller's website. "It's 5:30 in the morning and supposedly no one is on the boat, so what causes the fire?" Haverstraw police Lt. Martin Lund said. "You got to look into that. We're investigating all aspects of the case."

    April 2011

    This fire looks like somebody trying to target American and foreign students in a French dorm.
    Spokane woman hurt in Paris fire Spokane woman was at University of Washington studying abroad.  fire at Sciences Po in Paris, an elite international university. killed five people in Paris. fire Thursday that began in a stairwell.blaze broke out about 3 a.m. in a northeast Paris apartment block. Five people were killed, including women from the U.S., Australia and Sweden were killed. Dozens were injured. Four of the dead had jumped from upper-story windows Sciences Po described the school as an “innovative and proactive teaching and research institution.”At least five dead, dozens injured in Paris apartment fire ... france24 FRANCE - A massive overnight fire in the 20th district of Paris has left at least five people dead and dozens more injured, rescue services said on Thursday. ..injured 42 people, six of them critically... "It is up to a judicial probe to explain the fire's origin," he said. Fires are common in northern Paris, where many of the buildings are more than 100 years old, poorly maintained and often have several families living in one apartment. Eight people were injured last month when a fire struck another building in the same neighbourhood.

    Nov 9, 2010 Girls' school burned down in Afghanistan, Qurans destroyed - CNN ...  - Armed men burned down a girls' primary school in eastern ... have attacked girls' schools in the past, but Seddiqui said that the fire was ..."This is not the first time," Nang said. "In the past, armed men have burned schools in Logar and Helmand provinces, burning holy books of Quran in these schools as well." Nangyalai Seddiqi, the district governor, told CNN that the school was built by an American provincial reconstruction team. Taliban militants have attacked girls' schools in the past, but Seddiqui said that the fire was apparently set by "addicts and thieves" in a failed robbery attempt.

    $14M July 5, 2010 fire May 29, 2012 sentence Teen arsonist gets eight years for burning down San Jose school ... mercury news- Second defendant remains under mental health evaluation.  Nearly two years after Trace Elementary School went up in flames, a San Jose judge on Tuesday sentenced a teen who torched it to eight years in prison for arson while his suspected accomplice remains under evaluation as doctors decide whether he is competent to stand trial. Lazarus Reavallez and Kliefert Guiang, both now 18, reportedly confessed to police that they started two simultaneous fires at separate sides of one of San Jose's largest elementary schools early July 5, 2010, sparking a six-alarm conflagration that destroyed the campus and did about $14 million in damages.

    Jul 27, 2010 Teen dressed as the Joker burns down his high school in Ireland for dressed up as the Joker and set fire to his school for its "hypocrisy"

    Year 2008

    $104M April 4, 2008 Historic Building in Quebec City Nearly Destroyed, terrorism not suspected  · One of Quebec's most historic buildings was caught up in a massive fire and collapsed late Friday. No injuries were reported, police said. BBC City Armoury, built in 1884, was the home of Canada's oldest French infantry regiment. It also housed a museum and was being renovated. The cause of the fire is not known, but police do not suspect terrorism. Reconstruction of the Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury in Québec   reconstruction of the Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury represents an investment of approximately $104M under Canada's Economic Action Plan, 

    March 13, 2006 Fire official confirms Gonzaga apartment fire was arson Fire official confirms Gonzaga apartment fire was arson - SPOKANE, Wash. - A fire that destroyed a nearly complete Gonzaga University apartment complex was intentionally set.  fire that destroyed the 11 (m) million dollar Kennedy Apartment complex  evidence showed "multiple areas of fire origin". No motive and no suspects a sprinkler system had not yet been connected, leaving the site "vulnerable" to fire. Not connected to later WSU fire also in Eastern Washington. tags: attack on a college, attack on a Catholic,/ Christian target

    Gonzaga University  News Article - Gonzaga University Dateline: 3/13/2006 GONZAGA UNIVERSITY NEWS RELEASE Dale Goodwin, Director Peter Tormey, Associate Director Fire at Kennedy Apartments Likely Arson-Caused 9/12/2007  GONZAGA UNIVERSITY NEWS RELEASE  GU Dedicates Kennedy Apartments Friday, Sept. 28  A ceremony to dedicate Gonzaga University’s Kennedy Apartment complex will begin at 4 p.m., Friday, Sept. 28. An arson fire on March 13, 2006 destroyed the nearly finished three-building complex. That complex, which had been scheduled to open in fall 2006, was rebuilt from its foundations. Investigators for the Spokane Fire Department and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms determined the blaze was intentionally set. The case remains unsolved. Fire destroys Gonzaga construction - SPOKANE -- A 225-bed apartment complex being built at Gonzaga University was destroyed in a spectacular fire early Monday that stretched firefighting resources and ... Fire official confirms Gonzaga apartment fire was arson | News . - SPOKANE, Wash. - A fire that destroyed a nearly complete Gonzaga University apartment complex was intentionally set. That's the word from Spokane Fire Chief …

     August 2002

    Massive $130M Santana Row Fire in San Jose On Monday August 19, 2002, the City of San Jose, California, experienced the worst fire loss in its history at the huge nearly completed Santa Row shopping center and apartment development. 11 alarms brought in 221 firefighters and 65 pieces of apparatus. After ten years, investigators have still not found any evidence of construction work that could have started the blaze, or any proof that it was intentionally set. It was about a year after the 9/11 attacks, but no media ever speculated that terrorism could have been a motive for an arson attack.

    Year 2000

    $75 loss August 30, 2000 Edgewater New Jersey Apartment Fires 2000 Edgewater New Jersey Near Completion Apartments Fire 408-unit building was nearing completion on Aug. 30, 2000 when a fast-moving fire ripped through the property and destroyed a dozen surrounding homes before eventually fizzling out. the $75 million apartment complex was wholly destroyed within a half hour.

    Year 1999

    Workers Flee Fire on Roof of Staples Center - Los Angeles Times  Los Angeles Times Mar 9, 1999 - Workers Flee Fire on Roof of Staples Center. March 09 ... Then we saw the guy running away with his welding tank," Guinney said. "But the ...

    Man charged with arson following Heywood apartment fire A 35-year-old man has been charged with arson following a fire at an apartment block in Greater Manchester. Daniel Byrom, of High Street, Heywood, was charged with arson...

    BBC NEWS 2012-01-16 Suffolk man charged with arson after apartment fire Officers arrested a 27-year-old Suffolk man charged in an apartment fire on Wednesday, according to a news release. Suffolk firefighters extinguished a fire at a vacant...

    DAILY PRESS 2013-03-07 Lexington man faces arson, burglary charges in apartment fire A Lexington man has been charged with a Nov. 10 arson and burglary at an apartment building on Hill Rise Court. Tambani Masunungure, 37, of Lexington was charged with...


    Lower Paxton Township man charged with arson in connection to fire at Pennswood Apartments

    An 18-year-old Lower Paxton Township man has been charged with felony arson after police said he set a fire Tuesday at the Pennswood Apartment complex. Timothy Henry White...

    PENN LIVE 2014-04-16

  • UCSB Police Seek Arsonist After Campus Fire

    Insurance Journal
    Jan 31, 2012 - ... say they are looking for an arsonist after a fire that badly damaged a trailer, ... a water tender and other heavy equipment at a campus construction site. ....AIG Responds to Supreme Court 'Fraud on the Market' Ruling with  ...

  • Four Charged in 1999 Arson Fire at Michigan State University

    Insurance Journal
    Mar 24, 2008 - It was the second major Michigan State campus fire in less than a decade. ... All four face arson charges in connection with the damage to equipment ....AIG Responds to Supreme Court 'Fraud on the Market' Ruling with D&O  

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