Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Vote Trump Church Fire

Vote Trump Church Fire --- ===

crime: arson November 1, 2016 Vote Trump Church Fire  After a black church was set on fire and tagged "Vote Trump", the man accused of setting fire was a black church member Andrew McClinton who may have staged the fire to look like a hate crime, but police have not announced a motive.


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Black congregation member tagged Mississippi church with 'Vote Trump' graffiti and then set it on fire to 'make it look like a hate crime' Andrew McClinton, 45, was arrested for the vandalism, which occurred Nov 1 Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church was completely gutted by the fire At the time it was believed that the attack might have been a hate crime Now it's said that McClinton, who is black, may have staged it to look that way However, police have not yet announced a confirmed motive for the crime The 200-member church was founded 111 years ago in Greenville

By Associated Press PUBLISHED: 21:09 EST, 21 December 2016 | UPDATED: 07:40 EST, 22 December 2016 A historically black Mississippi church that had 'Vote Trump' sprayed on it prior to being torched was attacked by a black member of its own congregation, police have said. ...fire hit 9.15pm on November  1, a week before the presidential election. Commentators were quick to point out the possible political ad racial implications. Officials say that they don't believe suspect Andrew McClinton, 45, was politically motivated - but suggest that he might have staged the attack to make it look like a hate crime.

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