Sunday, January 29, 2017

Vehicle Hits Church House of Worship

Vehicle Hits Church House of Worship --- ===

January 2, 2017  New Haven Carjacking Kills 2 Crash Into Synagogue Two men suspected of carjacking an SUV were killed when after a police car chase they crashed into and damaged the Jewish Congregation Beth El Keser Synagogue synagogue.

12/9/2016 crash: truck hits church  Truck Driver Crashes Into Indiana Church Blames Cough Drops Truck driver 44-year-old Daniel Castel told police the last thing he remembers was choking on a cough drop before his truck left the highway and drove his semi truck with a flatbed trailer though the Living Hope Church which is next to the freeway in Delaware County in Indiana. No one was seriously hurt but there was another 4 car crash as people slowed down to see the crash. There was nothing to indicate it could have been a deliberate attack on a church because it was next to a freeway

crash: hit church and 2 other objects accidentally March 22, 2016  Dump Truck Accidentally Drives Wrong Way Unknown Reason, Hits Vehicle, Fire Hydrant and Mormon Church  WGRZ   BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A dump truck hit a church doing considerable damage to the back of the building on Tuesday morning... Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day..  heading the wrong way on Goodell when it struck another vehicle. The dump truck then proceeded to hit a fire hydrant and then the church. (There is no way he accidentally hit 3 objects in a row without noticing and stopping)  Officials say there was extensive damage to the building. ...taken to hospital treated and released. He has been issued a summons for driving the wrong way down a one way street.

crash: into parked cars and church, medical issue 20 April 2016 Driver recovering in hospital after falling ill and Iceland lorry crashes into church  Wales UK An historic church was badly damaged when an Iceland truck smashed into it early on Wednesday... The giant lorry ploughed into the 150-year-old landmark church in Morriston, Swansea, after hitting a series of parked cars. spokesperson for Iceland said the driver was "taken ill at the wheel"... St John's Church is known locally as "the church in the middle of the road" because of its position on an island at a busy crossroads.

Two Tesla Crashes in Los Angeles, one hits synagogue  Jul 6, 2014 - Kol Ami executive director Sadie Rose-Stern discovered damage on the exterior wall of theshul. The car flew into the into the front entrance of ...