Sunday, January 15, 2017

Drone Attack

January 14, 2017 8 wounded ISIS terrorists using deadly hobby drones to drop grenades on innocent civilians and troops in Mosul The Sun UK ISIS in Mosul, Iraq Terrorists are said to targeting civilians in crowded markets with the flying machines armed with explosives BY PAUL HARPER 14th January 2017 TERROR group The Islamic State (ISIS) has begun using deadly drones to drop explosives on Iraqi civilians. using large homemade fixed wing craft packed with 40 millimetre grenades. IS fighters are targeting civilians heading to the crowded market are an easy target for the lethal machines. The Telegraph reports that in one strike last week in eastern Mosul eight people were wounded in an attack on a market.  Rudaw: In the battle for Mosul, grenades rain down from ISIS drones ...  Jan 8, 2017 - Reportedly injured during al-Bab offensive. A car bomb exploded at the entrance of Jamila farmer market east Baghdad. no details on ... Islamic State using drones to drop explosives on civilians and troops ...    (Isil) has evolved the use of drones to release explosive devices which they are dropping on civilians in districts of Mosul... was for video pictures... but series of recent strikes has now confirmed that they have developed the capability to drop 40 millimetre grenades. . In one strike last week in eastern Mosul eight people were wounded in an attack on amarket. ... “I was shopping with my family when a small Isil plane dropped a grenade on us,” Hussein, 14, said as a ...Hand grenade drone adds to IS arsenal around Mosul - Times LIVE   Nov 14, 2016 - Hand grenade drone adds to IS arsenal around Mosul ... No one was injured, according to an Iraqi officer, but the incident nonetheless ..(40mm round is a US/NATO weapon) "The M203 grenade launcher uses several fixed-type, low-velocity 40-mmrounds." tags: Drone Attack

December 31, 2016 In Seattle, a drone crashed into the top of the Space Needle where workers were placing high explosive fireworks for the New Years Eve fireworks display. No one was injured but recovered video from the memory card showed it taking aim and then accelerating to crash onto the roof. The owner was tracked through the serial number and the unidentified person may face criminal charges. It was one of many crashes or suspected attacks on the Space Needle, giant wheel, a gay parade and a building by drones. Drones in recent months have been used to drop grenades by ISIS in Iraq.  Video shows drone hitting Space Needle | SEATTLE – Video was recovered from a drone that crashed into the Space Needle on the afternoon of New Year's Eve.  Someone Crashed A Drone Into the Space Needle - Popular Mechanics A drone operator in Seattle recently decided to deliberately crash their drone into the biggest, tallest thing they could find: the city's iconic Space Needle. Charges possible in Space Needle drone crash - - (CNN)The city of Seattle could file charges against a drone owner after the device crashed on top Seattle's iconic Space Needle. Seattle police continue to investigate the incident, but a source close to the investigation confirms authorities identified the owner through the ... Drone crashes into Seattle Space Needle tower - CNN Video -  A drone camera filmed itself crashing onto the roof of Seattle's Space Needletower, 575 feet above ground.