Sunday, January 29, 2017

Truck Driver Crashes Into Indiana Church Blames Cough Drops

Truck Driver Crashes Into Indiana Church Blames Cough Drops --- ===

Could cough drop choking merely be an unbelievable cover story for deliberate crashing into a christian church? The probability of randomly hitting the only large building in sight squarely in the corner with an out of control vehicle are nearly zero, but quite likely it the truck was carefully aimed. See Cough Medicine Choking Hazard Terrorists for a list of similar incidents when people blame cough drops, food or cough syrup for deadly or damaging crashes or murders. This might not have been an accident as the truck driver alleges.



12/9/2016 crash: truck hits church  Truck Driver Crashes Into Indiana Church Blames Cough Drops Truck driver 44-year-old Daniel Castel told police the last thing he remembers was choking on a cough drop before his truck left the highway and drove his semi truck with a flatbed trailer though the Living Hope Church which is next to the freeway in Delaware County in Indiana. No one was seriously hurt but there was another 4 car crash as people slowed down to see the crash. There was nothing to indicate it could have been a deliberate attack on a church because it was next to a freeway

12/9/2016 crash: truck hits church Semi crashes into Delaware Co. church after driver chokes on cough drop driver, 44-year-old Daniel Castel sustained non-life threatening injuries... remembered was choking on a cough drop. The semi drove through the entire church. nother crash, involving four cars happened a couple minutes later as people slowed to look at the semi. A semi crashed into a church in northwestern Delaware County on Dec. 9, 2016. Truck driver chokes on cough drop, "accidentally" crashes into Indiana church ... Dec 9, 2016 - Indiana State Police said a semi pulling a flatbed trailer crashed through the Living Hope Church in Delaware County after the driver choked on ...(who believes this blatant lie?)  Semi driver injured after rig drives through Delaware County Church ... Dec 9, 2016 - ... before crashing through a church was choking on a cough drop. ... No one was inside the church at the time of the crash and there are no ... A truck leaving I-69 runs through a church in Indiana - Truckers News  Dec 12, 2016 - The driver of truck Friday said he was chocking on a cough drop just before leaving I-69 and crashing through a church in rural Indiana south of ...

Semi Crash destroys the Living Hope Church - The Indianapolis Star
Dec 9, 2016 - Emergency personnel look over the scene of a semi crash Friday afternoon at the Living Hope Church when the driver apparently lost consciousness and drove in one side and out  the other side of the church.

A semi crashed into a church in northwestern Delaware County on Dec. 9, 2016.
Only a carefully aimed truck not one out of control would make a direct hit on the chuch corner