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Melbourne Terrorism Ruled Out Man Mental Drugs Domestic Violence Arabic Music Stabbing, Hostage, Chase, Car Rampage

Melbourne Terrorism Ruled Out Man Mental Drugs Domestic Violence Arabic Music Stabbing, Hostage, Chase, Car Rampage  --- ===

January 20, 2017  Melbourne Terrorism Ruled Out Man Mental Drugs Domestic Violence Arabic Music Stabbing, Hostage, Chase, Car Rampage  In Melbourne Australia, James 'Jimmy' Gargasoula stabbed his brother, took a woman hostage, led police on a chase and then deliberately crashed into a group of pedestrians killing 4 and injuring 20 before he was shot by police. Police have ruled out terrorism, even though witnesses heard Arabic music and "God is Great" in Arabic since he has a past history of mental illness, domestic violence assaults and drug problems. Counterjihad pundits suggest it is an obvious case of islamist terorism and authorities covering it up. The suspect claimed to be "Greek Islamic Kurdish" in his Facebook posts. According to The Daily Mail a close friend claimed that Gargasoulas had recently converted to Islam, but the Huffington Post has established that fake claims of an Islamic terrorist attack that circulated worldwide on right-wing and anti-Muslim blogs in many different countries. were completely unfounded.

How The Bourke Street Rampage Was Quickly Claimed To Be 'Islamic Terrorism'
One report the driver shouted 'allahu Akbar' sent the claims viral. Within hours, it was confirmed the alleged attacker was not Middle Eastern but of Greek and Tongan heritage, with "an extensive family violence history" and "mental health and drug-related issues" according to police.  Muslim terror angle, however, kept spreading.  "There are people out there looking for this stuff. Any time there's a crime incident when there are Muslims involved, they pick it up and say 'this is how Muslims operate'," Dr Andre Oboler, CEO of the Online Hate Prevention Institute, told The Huffington Post Australia. He watched the online discussion unfolding around the Bourke Street attack, and witnessed the "fake news" that quickly spread.

police were quick to assure that the incident was not terrorism-related, but despite -- or perhaps because of -- the journalist deleting the video, the claims were soon spread far and wide, mostly through a series of blogs and social media accounts researchers refer to as the "counter jihad movement".

Even Senator Pauline Hanson, who was holding a press conference around the time of the attack and was told of the incident by her adviser, immediately labelled it as a "terrorist attack".

r a report for the Online Hate Prevention Institute around how news of the Melbourne attack spread. He said the claims of an Islamic terrorist attack circulated worldwide, ending up on right-wing and anti-Muslim blogs in many different countries.

The information continued to spread even after it was revealed the alleged offender was James Gargasoulas, also known as Dimitrious, a 26-year-old with Greek heritage who was out on bail for multiple offences and who police quickly advised had "an extensive family violence history" and "mental health and drug-related issues".

"Some of them [the blogs], as soon as they heard of an attack with a car killing people, they started looking for an angle. The initial impression was it looked like a terrorist attack, like recent ones where cars were used to target the public,

ne of the profiles, which bore the name but no photos of Gargasoulas (and which now appears to have disappeared from Facebook), the owner of the page claimed he was an "Greek Islamic Kurdish ANGEL OF CULT". The same comment also makes reference to Yazdânism, a pre-Islamic religion whose Yazidi followers have actually been targeted by ISIS forces. He also mentions Freemasonry, Scientology and the Illuminati in his posts.

"There is exactly one reference with Islam in it, it mentions Islam but what he's saying is not that he is Muslim. He's talking about belonging to this older religion, nothing to do with Islam, and his posts after show he doesn't follow that religion either," Oboler said.

 police and journalists worked well to quickly dispel fears of an Islamic terrorism attack, but that the "counter jihad movement" seemed to latch onto the story even more after the denials and the tweet was deleted.

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2017 Melbourne car attack - Wikipedia
Dimitrious Gargasoulas. Flinders Street railway station, site of the initial sighting of the driver. On 20 January 2017, around 1:30 pm AEDT (02:30 UTC), a red sedan was driven into ...
On 20 January 2017, around 1:30 pm AEDT (02:30 UTC), a red sedan was driven into pedestrians in the CBD of MelbourneAustralia, wounding more than twenty people and killing five. Pedestrians witnessed the man driving and behaving erratically at the intersection of Flinders StreetSt Kilda Road and Swanston Street, outside the entrance of Flinders Street railway station, before the driver continued north-bound up Swanston St western-side footpath at speed towards the Bourke Street Mall, turned left onto Bourke Street southern-side footpath and struck more than 20 pedestrians. The car was brought to a halt and the driver was shot in the arm by a police critical response team and arrested in front of 555 Bourke Street.[2] A child and two adults died at the scene,[3] while another man died in hospital before the end of the day, followed by a three-month-old baby boy the evening after the attack. [4] Five pedestrians were critically wounded, together with another 15 hospitalised with non-critical injuries.[5][6][7]
Police reported that the perpetrator was "not on our books as having any connection with terrorism ... He has been coming to our attention more recently, over recent days, in relation to assaults, family violence related assaults".[8][9]However, the suspect claimed to be "Greek Islamic Kurdish" in his Facebook posts. According to The Daily Mail a close friend claimed that Gargasoulas had recently converted to Islam.[10]

Arrest of perpetrator[edit]

At 5:20 pm AEDT, Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Graham Ashton confirmed that Dimitrious "Jimmy" Gargasoulas,[9] had been remanded into custody, and was known to police having a history of illicit drug use and domestic violence.[11]
In the days before the attack, Gargasoulas began to post religious messages on Facebook about "God, Satan, heaven and hell", which writers for The Age described as "rambling and often nonsensical".[12]
The Holden Commodore (VS) car used in the attack was stolen from a man who lives in the same block of flats as Gargasoulas. Upon being interviewed, car owner alleged that on the night of 18 January, Gargasoulas entered his flat with a Bible, sat down, started burning it and threw it into his face. After this, he said that he flicked it on the floor and was then punched by Gargasoulas.[12]
It is alleged that Gargasoulas stabbed his brother in a flat in Windsor in the early hours of 20 January, leaving the brother in a critical condition. He then took a bystander hostage, who later escaped on the Bolte Bridge.[12]
The driver was shot by police before his arrest. After police contained the man, he was wearing nothing except red underwear and white shoes.[2]

Timeline of events[edit]

14 January 2017
  • Police charge Gargasoulas at Prahran police station with violence-related offences.[13]
18 January 2017
  • Gargasoulas attacked Gavin Wilson, his mother's ex-partner, by thrusting a burning Bible in his face and stealing his vehicle.
19 January 2017
  • 9:26 pm: Gargasoulas 'checks in' at Dogs Bar, St Kilda, on Facebook, posting: "Thinking. About what to do with them lol."[14]
  • 10:00 pm: Gargasoulas is refused entry to the Dog's Bar as he is suspected to be under the influence.
20 January 2017
  • 12:30 am: Gargasoulas returns to Dogs Bar, in a maroon coloured car believed to be the same car he stole from Wilson, later to be used in the attack. Patrons report that he smashes glasses and plates.[14]
  • 2:15 am: Police are called to an address in Raleigh Street, Windsor, after reports are lodged of two men fighting. Both victim and Gargasoulas are gone by the time police arrive.
  • 8.04 am: Gargasoulas is spotted driving in the background of a Today "live cross" which was reporting on the Windsor stabbing. The man rolls down the car window and waves his hat at the news camera.[15]
  • 11:30 am: Police follow the car along tram tracks in Clarendon Street in South Melbourne and unsuccessfully attempt to arrest Gargasoulas at a South Wharf intersection.
  • 11:45 am: Police spot the car weaving through traffic on Williamstown Road in Yarraville, west of Melbourne. Police pull back due to safety concerns as the vehicle is being driven "erratically and dangerously." The police air wing track the car as it moves toward the city.[16]
  • 1:30 pm: Emergency services are flooded with calls with reports of a car doing burnouts outside Flinders Street Station. According to witnesses, the driver was screaming, “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar!”
  • 1:33 pm: The vehicle in question was chased by police north up Swanston Street.[17]
  • 1:35 pm: The Holden Commodore then allegedly struck a number of pedestrians in the vicinity of Bourke and Queens Streets, then into Bourke Street Mall.
  • 1:37 pm: Reports of multiple shots fired, then Gargasoulas was pulled from the vehicle on William Street.
  • 2:30 pm: Ambulance Victoria stated that they are treating 20 people in Bourke Street, many of them sustaining serious injuries.
  • 2:30 pm: Victoria Police released a statement confirming that the situation had been “contained”, one person was arrested and another dead.
  • 3:20 pm: Police confirmed at a press conference that three people have died and the incident wasn't terror related.
  • 9:00 pm: Police confirmed that a fourth person had died in hospital.
21 January 2017
  • 10:53 pm: Police confirmed that a fifth person (a three month old child) had died in hospital. [18]


Emergency workers[edit]

The Royal Children's Hospital treated many children injured in the attack
In an interview the day after the attack, Andrew Crisp, Deputy Police Commissioner, stated that police were hoping to interview and charge the suspect later in the day. He said that the fact that the suspect had been out on bail would be looked into by police. He congratulated everyone who dealt with the situation, stating "We saw the best of people yesterday. The support they gave to people on the street, it was amazing."[19]
At 5:15 pm, the Royal Children's Hospital provided details on the children that it was treating, which included a three-month-old child. They stated that they would not release any further details before the families were fully informed.[19]


Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews stated that "this was a terrible crime – a senseless, evil act" and promised that "justice will be done".[20]
Adam Bandt, Federal MP for Melbourne, gave thanks to emergency workers and said that his "heart goes out to everyone suffering today".[21]
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull offered his prayers and deepest sympathies to the victims of the attack and their families.[22]

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Melbourne CBD rampage: Driver Dimitrious Gargasoulas allegedly ... hours ago - SIX days before Dimitrious Gargasoulas is alleged to have launched his Bourke St massacre, a post on his Facebook site warned: “I'LL TAKE ...

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Chilling Facebook posts of driver with a history of drugs and violence who mowed down dozens in deadly Melbourne rampage,” by Nic White, Daily Mail Australia, January 20, 2017:
Dimitrious Gargasoulas, 26, ranted about the Illuminati, called unbelievers ‘dogs’, and vowed to ‘have god’s laws re-instated’ in the weeks before the attack that killed four people....‘I declare war on tyranny today, claimed to be ‘Greek Islamic Kurdish’ and a follower of Yazdanism, the native religion of the Kurds before the arrival of Islam, also know as the ‘cult of Angels’.

lose friend told said Gargasoulas’ rantings were driven by heavy use of the drug ice, and that he had recently converted to Islam.

‘He was a great guy but ice destroyed him. Then he converted to Muslim and changed very quickly. For over a month he’s been on edge,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘He stabbed his brother in the face and beat up his poor mother I knew this bloke really well… I’m not sticking up for him whatsoever and he deserves to be punished for what he’s done, but that evil drug ice was the cause of this.

Australia: Melbourne car attacker identifies himself as Muslim - Jihad Watch
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3 hours ago - (Updated) Muslim 'Car Jihad' killing 4, injuring 31 in Melbourne, Australia .

Pauline Hanson wrongly links Melbourne to Islamic terror | Daily Mail ... hours ago - Pauline Hanson prematurely declared Friday's Melbourne carnage a terrorist act ... to have heard Gargasoulas shouting 'Allahu Akbar,' an Arabic phrase that means 'God is the greatest' and that has been frequently used by Jihadist terrorists.  All terrorist attacks in this country have been by Muslims': Pauline Hanson links Melbourne car rampage that killed four people to Islamic extremists
Pauline Hanson prematurely declared Friday's Melbourne carnage a terrorist act
She went on to wrongly link deadly incident to migrants, refugees and Muslims 
Victoria police have said the 'incident is not related to terror-related activity'
By Anton Nilsson For Daily Mail Australia
PUBLISHED: 20:35 EST, 20 January 2017 | UPDATED: 21:36 EST, 20 January 2017
View comments
Senator Pauline Hanson prematurely declared Friday's rampage in Melbourne a terrorist act and went on to wrongly claim that all such acts in Australia 'have been by Muslims'.

Less than an hour after news broke of driver Dimitrious 'Jimmy' Gargasoulas's alleged deadly rampage in Melbourne, Senator Hanson declared the incident a 'terrorist attack' and went on to voice her opposition to the acceptance of migrants and refugees.

ssessment was made as social media footage circulated of a witness claiming to have heard Gargasoulas shouting 'Allahu Akbar,' an Arabic phrase that means 'God is the greatest' and that has been frequently used by Jihadist terrorists.
Officials and witnesses have pointed to the alleged killer's history of drug abuse, violence and mental issues as clues to his motives for Friday's attack. 

3 Dead, at least 20 Injured in Horrific Muslim Terrorist Attack at Melbourne Mall
  None of the press reports that I’ve seen mention that the Melbourne killer yelled “Allahu Ackbar” as he went about his business of running over people. You have to go to Twitter to get the truth. After a press report, some Tweets that peel back the Aussie government’s blackout of the Muslim allegation are presented. any denying any link to Islam or terrorism, preferring a mental illness/domestic violence explanation for the mass murder.

crash, crime: hostage, stabbing, car rampage killed: 4 injured: 20  At least four people have been killed and twenty injured after a man drives a car into the Bourke Street Mall in the CBD of the Australian city Melbourne. A man has been arrested and Victoria Police say the incident is not terror related. (Nine Network) (AAP via Yahoo! Driver in Melbourne, Fleeing Police After Mental Drug Stabbing, Not Terrorist Car Rampage Kills 4 Pedestrians New York Times MELBOURNE, Australia - A man who was fleeing the police after stabbing his brother ran down a group of people with his car in a busy pedestrian mall in Melbourne, Australia, on Friday, killing four and injuring at least 20 others before he was shot ...driver, a 26-year-old man whose--- name was not released ---, had taken a woman hostage in his car after stabbing his brother, officials said. The woman managed to break free before the car reached the pedestrian mall, with the police in pursuit. Video showed the suspect’s car spinning around in circles near Melbourne’s busiest train station as people tried to stop it. The man then drove another block to the pedestrian mall. police said the incident Friday was not related to terrorism, quelling speculation that had arisen in light of the recent terrorist vehicular attacks on pedestrians in Berlin and in Nice, France. Victoria’s premier, Daniel Andrews, called the driver’s actions “evil.”offender, we know a fair bit about his background,” Commissioner Ashton said, noting that the man had been charged with assaulting a family member last weekend. “There is an extensive family violence history involved — he has come to our attention on many occasions in the past. We also have mental health and drug related issues in the background. Australia: 4 dead as car deliberately plows into crowd in MelbourneCNN Four killed, including a child, after car mows down pedestrians in MelbourneThe Guardian Local Source:Bourke Street tragedy: Driver appeared on TV hours before pedestrians killedThe Age From Australia:Accused driver out on Armed conflicts and attacks spoke live to the Today show at 8.04am, a maroon Holden Commodore pulled up behind her. The driver wound down the window and gestured out, waving his hat and looking at the camera. Bourke Street driver identified as James 'Jimmy' Gargasoulas Four dead, 31 injured, suspect in custody after CBD car chase

DELIBERATE BUT 'NOT TERROR': 3 dead, at least 20 injured after car ... fox news 26-year-old driver of the maroon-colored car was described by witnesses as appearing Middle Eastern. One tourist told Melbourne’s Herald-Sun newspaper that Arabic music was blaring from the car. Reuters reported that authorities had hit the vehicle, shooting the driver in the arm before pulling the man out of the car and making the arrest. Officials reportedly said that prior to the incident the suspect was wanted for a stabbing that occurred earlier on Friday.   BREAKING! (Updated) Muslim ‘Car Jihad’ killing 4, injuring 31 in Melbourne, Australia Victoria’s Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton has confirmed the driver of the vehicle that “intentionally” ploughed into pedestrians in Melbourne’s CBD is a 26-year-old known to police. Eyewitness claims he was yelling “Allahu Akbar.“
UPDATE 1: Four people – including a young child – are dead and 31 have been hospitalized. Among the four people killed were a man in his 30s, a woman in her 30s, and a young child. Police confirmed the death of the fourth person on Friday night....  Police still insisting this had nothing to do with Islamic terror.

Australia: Muslim screaming “Allahu akb