Thursday, January 5, 2017

Killing of Mohammed Yassar Yaqub By Police in UK

Killing of Mohammed Yassar Yaqub By Police in UK --- ===

January 2,  2017 crime: 1 killed by police  Killing of Mohammed Yassar Yaqub By Police in UK In the UK, police acting on  information about criminal possession of a firearm not related to terrorism stopped and shot Mohammed Yassar Yaqub on the M62 highway. His father and friends said he was a kind hearted young man who was not a threat to police, and a community role model. His supporters reacted with violent protests trashing a police car and with a candlelight vigil as twitter cited Islamophobia for his name trending on twitter.

  1. crime: 1 killed by police Shooting: Man with gun Yassar Yaqub dies in Huddersfield non-terrorist police operation traffic stop BBC News A man who died in a police shooting during an operation on a motorway slip road has been named as Yassar Yaqub. operation was not terrorism-related  car that was stopped, which is still there this morning, was boxed in. Shortly after this a shot was fired and a man died. ..appears to be three bullets in the Audi's windscreen and a side window that has been smashed... Man shot dead by police during 'pre-planned' operation on M62 slip road - M62 police shooting: First picture of man shot dead on motorway during 'pre-planned' operation - M62 police shooting: Investigators find gun inside car where man was shot dead by police on ... - police shooting 'was an assassination' Sky News Mohammed Yassar Yaqub's father  "He was a very kind hearted young man. He would do anything for anybody and given the chance I would have the same son time, after time, after time." When asked asked why the police would have opened fire unless they felt he presented a threat he said: "I don't feel like he was a risk at all. I believe he was a target and it was a pre-planned assassination."  planned operation near the M62  on Monday followed information about criminal possession of a firearm but was not related to terrorism. M62 police shooting: Balloons at candlelit vigil for Mohammed Yassar Yaqub who protesters 
  2. who protesters describe as 'role model' 
  3. The 28-year-old was shot and killed by police marksmen on Monday in a "pre-planned operation" which saw cops recover a gun from his car  
  4.  - Police have declined to confirm whether Mr Yaqub was a known drug dealer. There was violence in Bradford on Tuesday night following a street protest over the death of Mr Yaqub. demonstration on Leeds Road, Bradford, in which police vehicles and others were damaged . A video posted on social media shows young men with their faces covered causing damage to a marked police car. M62 shooting: Mohammed Yassar Yaqub was fourth person shot dead .person shot dead by police in Huddersfield since 1992 ..  Others were Alistair Bell, Robert Dixon and Ian Bennett.  Alistair Bell, 42, was shot dead after firing several shots at police officers using an unlawfully held handgun.  The incident unfolded outside Bell’s home in Cockley Hill, Kirkheaton, on the evening of December 27, 2010. The Islamaphobia visible as "Mohammed Yassar Yaqub" trends, is unreal.  I'm glad he's dead. That's one less gun toting criminal on the streets of Britain. Don't expect sympathy.  We should be more concerned that he was apparently a drug dealer involved in 3 previous firearms incidents. Not his religion

Man shot dead by police during 'pre-planned' operation on M62 had been cleared of attempted murder  Patrick Sawer, senior reporter  Sophie Jamieson 4 JANUARY 2017 • 3:16PM Afather-of-two shot dead by police on the M62 because he was suspected of being armed was once cleared of attempted murder, it has emerged.  Mohammed Yassar Yaqub, 27, was killed as he was driving in a fleet of expensive cars near junction 24 of the M62 in Huddersfield at around 6pm on Monday.  Five other people were arrested as armed officers closed in on a number of suspects during a pre-planned operation across the region. 'Stud badboy' shot on M62 by police used drones drug delivery, fast cars to launder profits from his drugs empire shot dead by police after a tip-off suggested he had a firearm  Nicola Harley 4 JANUARY 2017 • 12:44PM A self-proclaimed "stud badboy", drugs kingpin Mohammed Yassar Yaqub enjoyed fast cars and lived life on the edge. Previously acquitted of attempted murder and having survived being shot last year, ... killed by police marksmen..  Described as a "major drugs baron", he laundered the profits from his drugs empire through his sale of high-performance cars after running an illegal smuggling ring by using drones to send Class A drugs into HMP Armley in Leeds.  Tuesday Jan 3 after more than 100 people blocked roads in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in protest against his death.