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DailyGeez July 2, 2013

DailyGeez July 2, 2013 |Daily Geez History


01. No Motive: 10-year-old boy and pregnant woman thought dead in Texas triple shooting , but a motive for the shootings was not immediately clear and no arrests had been made. [staged crime-as-terrorism?]

02. Investigator testifies Ga. soldier who led anti-govt militia got $500,000 after pregnant wife was choked or smothered 
prosecutors say Isaac Aguigui led an anti-government militia and have charged him in two other killings. [staged terror? Anti-government militia tied to 9-11 truth jihad apologists and terror]

03. Afpak: July 2, 2013 At least four Nepalese security guards and two Afghan civilians were killed in Kabul on Tuesdaywhen Taliban suicide attackers detonated a truck bomb outside the gates of a foreign-owned supply company compound and gunmen opened fire on responding personnel (AFPPajhwokPost).  The company provided logistical support to coalition forces .. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the assault.

04. Fukushima Farmer Defies Radiation To Care for His Animals

05. Orlando Road Rage Shooting Mistaken Identity Terror  Authorities said at the news conference they believe the mix-up came when Turner walked out of the Tres Equis adult book store and video arcade at the same time Hayes and his friend were booted from the Gold Club, the Orlando Sentinel said. The book store and the club share the same parking lot and once outside Hayes thought Turner was the man he was fighting with inside the strip club. [sounds like a cover story for a deliberate terrorist attack staged as a crime] newsmax

06. Lake Stevens Drive-by Shooter Erick Nathaniel Walker Matched Guns To Bullets Everett Herald: State forensic scientists have matched five bullets recovered in a string of shootings in Snohomish County with two handguns seized from the home of a Marysville man suspected of the June 1 killing of a Seattle girl, a judge was told Tuesday. There is "fairly overwhelming circumstantial evidence" that the killing of Molly Conley, 15, and the drive-by shootings a short time later in Lake Stevens and Marysville were committed by the same person [looks like like terrorist attack staged as random crime]

07. Man awarded $58 million after skull is bashed in by guard Emerson Quintanilla  April 20, 2010 House painter Chaj was attacked at a mid-Wilshire bar..an unlicensed, untrained security guard beat Chaj with a baton, kicked him in the head eight times and smashed his skull against pavement four times...The security guard, Emerson Quintanilla, and the bartender-manager who sparked the attack have disappeared without a trace..."I think the man went crazy, lost his mind," he said of Quintanilla. "It was a species of road rage." Chaj, his brother and two nephews went to Barra Latina, a neighborhood bar.One of the relatives got into a dispute with the bartender-manager who came after him with brass knuckles, Sayre said. Quintanilla, who was working for DGSP Security and Patrol Services, began kicking and beating members of the group...the guard beat Chaj into unconsciousness. Part of his skull was gone when he reached the hospital.

08. Larry Kelley The Syrian, Iranian, Russian Axis North Korean Axis: If world-wide Muslim jihadism is a snake, then the regime in Tehran is it’s head. Almost all Muslim terrorist activity in the world can be traced back to, or will have some connection with, the radical Mullahs running Iran

09. Exclusive Documents: Was Anwar al-Awlaki a government asset?
13. 2 face terror charges after al Qaeda-inspired pressure cooker bombs found before Canada Day celebrations SURREY, British Columbia — Police in Canada have arrested and charged a man and woman with terrorism for attempting to leave pressure cooker bombs at British Columbia's provincial legislature on Canada Day, when thousands of people were expected to be there. John Stewart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody were inspired by al Qaeda ideology but were self-radicalized...called it a domestic threat without international connections.

14. President Mohamed Morsi from Egypt has been overthrown.

15. Cyber-Attackers Constantly Hitting Gas Utilities in 2013 eweek
Unknown attackers have targeted the Internet-connected systems of natural-gas companies, using brute-force attacks to attempt to access the companies' business and process-control networks, according to a report published last week by the Internet Control System Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT). ...occurred in January and February, were first reported to the ICS-CERT, a component of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security...Following the initial report and a subsequent warning from the ICS-CERT, more critical infrastructure companies came forward with news of other incidents."The companies reporting this activity operate gas compressor stations across the Midwest and Plains states within the U.S.,[which have suffered mysterious explosions in 2013] ...The last attack occurred on Feb. 23, according to the report.. the attacks detected by Trend Micro have come from Internet addresses in 14 different nations. IP addresses in China accounted for about one-third of the attacks, while Laos and the United States came in second and third
16 South Korean Universities Targeted by PinkStats Malware  Destructive cyber-attacks against a Saudi Arabian oil conglomerate and massive denial-of-service attacks against U.S. financial institutions have been blamed on Iran. Meanwhile, North Korea has allegedly mounted its own campaign of destructive attacks against South Korea. PinkStats may be related to the latter campaign..."While it was speculated that the Chinese are behind the recent DDoS [distributed denial-of-service] attack against South Korea's critical infrastructure, PinkStats seems to be the first real proof that Chinese-speaking adversaries are indeed targeting South Koreans," he stated.

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