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DailyGeez July 22, 2013 Chess Jihad / Honoring Disgraced Helen Thomas

DailyGeez July 22, 2013 Chess Jihad


01. Bellevue Chess Man Standoff Ends In Tear Gas Surrender

Thursday July 18, 2013. Man in Bellevue WA apartment invites a neighbor to a late night chess game which ends when he gets angry and starts waving a gun. This started an eight-hour standoff with police and SWAT negotiation team. The man surrendered after the police tossed in flash-bang grenades and tear gas. There is no obvious motive for the man's sudden outburst.

Alternative explanation: could it be a low-level non-lethal terrorist staged incident to create publicity and provoke police?

02.New Poll Shows The U.S. Is Better-Liked Than China Worldwide

Countries around the world have a higher opinion of the United States than they have of the People's Republic of China, according to a new global poll from the Pew Research Group. The research firm put together the following infographic to illustrate how the U.S.' "favorability" stacks up next to communist China. Unsurprisingly, the only place where China is more popular that the U.S. is the Middle East. Get all the stats on this poll HERE

03. Mark Levin: “Obama has been Lincoln, FDR, Ronald Reagan & now Trayvon Martin…”

04. Pro-Iran Disinformation Site
The Real Side

In the end, is nothing but a pro-Communistic/Marxist, French-adoring, anti-U.S., Bush-hating virtual gripe fest for U.S. traitors.  Those who visit are able to fuel their overt hatred for Bush and this country with anti-American propaganda.
its ultimate goal: to politically destroy the moral and ethical character of President Bush, while spitting on not only the graves of our brave soldiers, but also on American patriotism.  Its anti-U.S., anti-war message speaks volumes about the treasonous corruption of the Far Left, who seems to care more about protecting our enemies than protecting our borders. 

04. Is Iran Backing the Justice for Trayvon Movement?

Iran’s Mullahs Demand Justice for Trayvon | Washington Free Beacon

05. Progressive On the Death of anti-semite terrorist sympathizer Helen Thomas
By Lawrence Davidson, To The Point Analysis | News Analysis
She had a a glorious run besmirched only late in her career by opportunistic attacks by Zionist American ideologues

On the Death of Helen Thomas
Monday, 22 July 2013 11:40
By Lawrence Davidson, To The Point Analysis | News Analysis

Helen Thomas, the renowned journalist, died on 20 July 2013 at the age of 92. She was the first woman journalist to cover the White House and did so for an unprecedented 50 years. She lasted in that job despite always asking the tough questions. It was a glorious run besmirched only late in her career by opportunistic attacks by Zionist American ideologues. When that happened, as described below, I wrote a piece in her defense. It was originally put online in June 2010, but is here represented in an updated form.
Part I – Helen Thomas Gets Angry
Helen Thomas was the most respected journalist of the White House press corp. However, she made a mistake the other day of wearing her feelings on her sleeve, so to speak, on a topic of deadly political sensitivity. She said out loud that the Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and return to Europe. Palestine is “not German, its not Polish” she added. Unfortunately, the whole thing ended up on a YouTube video. Predictably, the American Zionists jumped all over her

Jewish point of view:

Helen Thomas (92)

Helen Thomas, who in this paper’s view, is most famous for her anti-Semitic statement that Jews “should get the hell out of Palestine” and “go home” to Germany, Poland and the United State, died on Saturday at age 92.

06. #1 News Site for Hate Media

Being considered the most quotable Jewish website by the worst haters must mean the website has arrived… By: Jewish Press News Briefs
Published: July 22nd, 2013

The staff of this excellent website is not sure they should be proud of the stats below, but since the numbers represent irrefutable facts, they felt obligated to share:

It turns out there’s no boycott of The by the writers and readers of the white supremacist website Stormfront, which include ex-KKK Wizard David Duke, White Power scum, and your garden variety neo-Nazis.

In fact, a quick Google search of that seriously disturbing website would reveal that is their most quoted Jewish website with more than 74,500 linked references back to

The editors of discovered this curious fact through their monitoring of the “talkback” comments on various Jewish Press articles. Some of the comments on specific articles were so strongly antisemitic, it was difficult to figure out why would people who feel such vehement hatred for Jews be spending so much time on a Jewish website?

But taking a look at their statistics pages, a pattern emerged. Many of the horrible comments were all traced back to Stormfront. Every time they posted a link to a story on their forum (sometimes a few times a day), their devoted ghouls would follow the link back to the Jewish website to get their fix of Jewish news.

Invariably, the linked articles represented the website’s staunch pro-Zionist, pro-Jewish, pro-halachic stand – provoking neo-Nazi wrath.

To prove this point, a Google search through Stormfront’s links to other highly popular Jewish, English language websites, revealed that Ha’aretz barely makes it past 10,000 neo-Nazi links, and the Jerusalem Post doesn’t even reach 5,000.

Undoubtedly, the Nazi scum found fewer objectionable ideas on Ha’aretz and the Jerusalem Post.

07. Furor Leads to Closing of National Socialist Cafe in Indonesia
Nazi-themed cafe in Indonesia closing amid outrage
CBS News
6 hours ago

Nazi-Themed Cafe In Indonesia Sparks Controversy
Jul 18, 2013 · BANDUNG, Indonesia — Authorities in central Indonesia plan to ask arestaurant owner to explain his reasons for opening a Nazi-themed cafe that has ...

08.  Church Pervert Attack in Seattle
Pervert terrorism

Jul 22, 2013 · SEATTLE -- A 37-year-old Level 2 sex offender has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in church Sunday morning. Police say
 Aaron Little ...KOMO News
3 hours ago

  • WKZO3 minutes ago
    Jul 22, 2013 · SEATTLE (Reuters) - A registered sex offender has been jailed on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman as she was in the midst of prayer during …
    Police said the assault began when congregants rose during the service, and the suspect, identified as Aaron Little, 37, reached over and lifted the woman's skirt to peer under it. The victim initially did not realize the intrusion, but several of her male relatives witnessed it and hustled the man out of the church through its front door, Witt said. But before the relatives could return to their pew, the man dashed back into the chapel through a side door and sexually assaulted the woman, Witt said. 
  • Woman sexually assaulted during Seattle church service

    • Reuters·9 minutes ago   
      Police said the assault began when congregants rose during the service, and the suspect, identified as Aaron Little, 37, reached over and lifted the woman's skirt to peer under it. The victim initially did not realize…

      09. El Al Cancels Package For Concert Of Pink Floyd Member And BDS Activist Roger Waters
    • Waters accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing,” “apartheid” and “international crimes” in a November 2012 address at the United Nations, and last fall was also at the forefront of efforts to boycott an Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performance at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

      10. Palestinean Salutes Helen Thomas on Anti-Semitic Veterans Today
      Helen Thomas, in Memoriam 

      by Sami Jamil Jadallah

      Helen Thomas Standing Outside
      I wrote this essay back in 2011 immediately after Helen Thomas left the AP as senior White House correspondence and after the entire Washington jumped on the bandwagon to destroy an illustrious career of a very brave woman, who dared to ask difficult questions of presidents

      This is exactly the conversation that took place between the Rabbi and Helen Thomas on June 7, 2010, (Wikipedia).
      “Nesenoff: Any comments on Israel? We’re asking everybody today, any comments on Israel?
      Thomas: Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine.
      Nesenoff: Oooh. Any better comments on Israel?
      Thomas: Remember, these people are occupied and it’s their land. It’s not German, it’s not Poland …
      Nesenoff: So where should they go, what should they do?
      Thomas: They go home.
      Nesenoff: Where’s the home?
      Thomas: Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else[55]
      Nesenoff: So you’re saying the Jews go back to Poland and Germany?
      Thomas: And America and everywhere else. Why push people out of there who have lived there for centuries? See?
      —May 27, 2010, [50]

      11.Stephen Lendman Honors Pro-Arab Helen Thomas

      Not hard to figure out what side Lendman is on. 

      In April 2012, PLO General Mission to America head Maen Areikat honored Thomas for her “long career in the field of journalism, during which she defended the Palestinian position every step of the way.”

      In 2010, she got the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) lifetime achievement award.
      The same year, her career prematurely end. She spoke truth to Israel. She said Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine (and) go home.”
      She meant Israeli occupiers. She expressed frustration and anger about 62 years of persecution. It’s over 65 now. It’s 46 under brutalizing militarized occupation. It’s horrific enough to enrage any justice defender.
      Thomas explained more. Her comments “reflect(ed her) heartfelt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon,” she stressed.
      She retired days later. In July 2011, she resumed writing for the Falls Church News-Press.

      According to Washington’s PLO office, its Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi “presented Thomas with the appreciation and blessing of the president and the Palestinian people, for all of her actions supporting Palestine in the West.”
      Ralph Nader called her “a pioneering, no-nonsense newswoman.” She’s a “hero of honest journalism and women’s rights.”
      She’s “the scourge of dissembling presidents and White House press secretaries.” In 2006, she challenged George Bush saying:
      “Your decision to invade Iraq has caused the deaths of Americans and Iraqis. Every reason given, publicly at least, has turned out not to be true.”
      In mid-2010, she asked Obama: “When are you going to get out of Afghanistan? Why are we continuing to kill and die there? What is the real excuse?”

      12. Paris Muslims Protest Religious Intolerance
      On the first night of unrest in Trappes, a 14-year-old boy and three police officers were injured and several people detained.
      On the second night, "The beginning of the night was calm, nothing happened. But in the second part of the night, a small group formed. About 50 assailants were involved, they started to fight against police and burned vehicles and garbage and public goods," David Callu of the SGP police union told reporters Sunday.
      He said some assailants were firing weapons and a gasoline bomb at police.

      13. A Message to Trayvon Martin Sympathizers
      When we signed on to do reality shows that fed into the media's stereotypes of black men, we ingrained an image of Trayvon Martin so overwhelming that who he actually may have been didn't matter anymore

      I believe we lost that trial for Trayvon long before he was killed. Trayvon was doomed the moment ignorance became synonymous with young black America . We lost that case by using media outlets (music, movies, social media, etc.) as vehicles to perpetuate the same negative images and social issues that destroyed the black community in the first place. When we went on record glorifying violent crime and when we voted for a president we never thought to hold accountable. When we signed on to do reality shows that fed into the media's stereotypes of black men, we ingrained an image of Trayvon Martin so overwhelming that who he actually may have been didn't matter anymore.

      Don't you find it peculiar that the same media outlets who have worked so diligently to galvanize the negative stigmas of black men in America are now airing open debates on improving the image of black males in American media? Do you honestly think CNN is using their competitive time slots for philanthropy?

      If we really wanted to ensure Trayvon Martin's killing was not in vain, we'd stop perpetuating negative images that are now synonymous with black men in America. We'd stop rapping about selling drugs and killing niggas. The next time we saw a man beating a woman, we'd call for help or break it up, but one thing we would not do is stand by with our cellphones out -- yelling WORLDSTAR! Instead of rewarding kids for memorization, we'd reward them for independent and critical thinking.

      We'd spend less time subconsciously repeating lyrics about death and murder and more time understanding why we are so willing to twerk to songs that bemean women and boast of having things we cannot afford.

14. Arrest in WSU Pullman Terrorist Fire Destroys 4 Apartment Buildings Worth $13 million

July 22, 2013 at 7:33 PM Arrest made in Pullman apartment fire
Pullman police arrested a construction worker Monday in connection with a fire that destroyed four apartment buildings and a clubhouse that were worth about $13 million. The Grove had beds for 584 residents in its eight buildings
By NICHOLAS K. GERANIOS. Fits pattern of a terrorist attack, no known motive.

15. Republican Security Council Remembers Helen Thomas and Hezbollah Point of View
Helen Thomas died on Saturday morning at 92, and worked at United Press International for 57 years. She was often described as the “Dean of the White House Press Corps,” and numerous liberal publications have been praising her for the past three days. Her funeral will be in Detroit and a Washington, D.C. "remembrance" is being planned. 
We will not be attending but we do remember Helen. Her major complaint about Obama was that he needed to be more liberal. In 2005 she said if Dick Cheney runs for president “I’ll kill myself.” 
In 2009, Accuracy in Media wrote "If one were to draw a cartoon-like character who embodies all the missteps and bias of the D.C. media, they would have to invent Helen Thomas." They described her as "the grand dame of the liberalism that pervades the mainstream media. . . 
"She poses questions at White House briefings that resembled partisan political speeches more than efforts to obtain facts. When briefings were televised, the nation saw her rant-filled 'questions.' Bush White House press secretary Tony Snow thanked her for representing 'the Hezbollah point of view.' 
"She was always the first to condemn Israel and to promote 'Palestinian rights.' She also accused American troops in Iraq of targeting civilians."