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DailyGeez July 17, 2013 Cracker Not Racist, Martin Not a Thug

DailyGeez July 17, 2013

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    14 hours ago - Washington state troopers are investigating stabbings in downtown Olympia that have left two men hospitalized.

  2. 02 Seattle police say woman driver ran down man - Kiro TV › AP › Crime

    27 mins ago - Police are looking for a driver who ran down a man with her car Wednesday morning in Seattle and fled.Vehicular homicide hit and run in White Center

    03. The Communists Were Behind Lee Harvey Oswald Killing Kennedy

    04. About Soviet Disinformation and JFK Conspiracy Theories
    Posted: 16 Jul 2013 07:44 PM PDT
    Millions of Americans have had their thinking shaped by armies of Soviet/Russian  disinformation agents.
    Moscow, for decades, has been pumping lies into the West, that have now become received truths, even to many conservatives.
    The CIA killed Kennedy (almost certainly the Cubans), American soldiers routinely committed atrocities in Vietnam (John Kerry helped spread these lies), the CIA trafficked crack cocaine into black communities, 9/11 was an “inside job”, Vladimir Putin is a Christian who will save Europe from the Muslims (he controls the Muslims)  and most recently,  the NSA is a danger to all Americans and should be stripped of its surveillance powers – all are examples of Moscow directed disinformation.
    All are designed to turn Americans against their own country, to effectively turn patriotic Americans into unwitting agents of America’s enemies.
    Now former Romanian intelligence chief, Ion Pacepa, the highest ranking ever East Bloc defector, has written a must read book for all thinking Westerners.
    Pacepa explains how the old Soviet Union and modern Russia  employ thousands of operatives whose job it is to spread anti-American lies and half truths around the world.
    The scope and sheer shameless evil of this program is breathtaking. Almost all of us have been influenced by Moscow’s disinformation themes. For many,  including some  who self identify as patriots and conservatives, Moscow is able to guide their actions, by corrupting the information they receive.
    This not a historical problem. This is happening, on a grand scale, right here, right now. You are almost certainly, at least a partial victim of this diabolic enterprise.
    From WND
    George Noory, host of the nation’s No. 1 nighttime radio talk show “Coast to Coast AM,” kicked off a marathon three-hour interview with WND Managing Editor David Kupelian and historian Ronald Rychlak on the wildly exotic subject of disinformation.
    Rychlak is the co-author, and Kupelian the editor, of the much-talked-about new book, “Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism,” published by WND Books. Both Kupelian and Rychlak are also featured in the companion WND Films documentary, “Disinformation: The Secret Strategy to Destroy the West,” for which Kupelian helped write the script. The two-hour movie shot to the top of the Amazon bestseller list for film documentaries within two days of its June 25 release.
    However, the main author of the “Disinformation” book – and the focal point of the movie – Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, could not appear on “Coast to Coast,” indeed, does not make any media appearances at any time, nor does he ever even appear in public as the highest ranking Soviet bloc spy chief ever to defect to America.
    That’s because, at 84, Pacepa lives in the U.S. under a CIA-protective identity due to ongoing assassination threats and multi-million-dollar bounties on his head. As Kupelian said on “C2C,” “there’s a price to pay for turning your back on evil.”
    Rychlak and Kupelian told Noory and his millions of loyal Coast to Coast AM listeners that Pacepa is a rare person – someone once involved with mass deception at the very highest levels of the vast Soviet bloc intelligence machine, and who, due to a crisis of conscience, “left the dark side” and defected to America. After doing so in 1978, Pacepa became a major asset to the America’s intelligence community. Indeed, the CIA has praised Pacepa’s cooperation for providing “an important and unique contribution to the United States,” and President Ronald Reagan (seen below holding Pacepa’s first book, “Red Horizons”) reportedly referred to it as “my bible for dealing with dictators.”

    “Disinformation” includes the following remarkable revelations:
    • How destroying the reputation of good leaders has been developed into a high art and science.
    • How Pope Pius XII – a generation ago the world’s most high-profile Christian leader, who personally saved countless Jews from Hitler’s Holocaust – was transformed, through the magic of disinformation, into a Nazi sympathizer.
    • How Christianity and Judaism have been targeted for constant denigration and defamation through an ongoing campaign of disinformation.
    • How the Soviet bloc planted 4,000 agents of influence in the Islamic world, armed with hundreds of thousands of copies of the most infamous anti-Semitic book in history, to fan the flames of ancient Arab resentments against the U.S. and Israel and sow the seeds of anti-Semitism that would later bloom in the form of violence and terror toward Jews and Christians.
    • How the defamatory attacks on American soldiers John Kerry made before Congress upon his return from Vietnam – charges later discredited and repudiated – were identical to a contemporaneous KGB disinformation campaign concocted to turn Americans against their own leaders.
    • How supposedly respectable institutions like the World Council of Churches have long been infiltrated and controlled by Russian intelligence.
    • How much of the world came to believe that the U.S. government itself masterminded the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
    • How the Soviet Union has been transformed into the first intelligence dictatorship in history.
    • How disinformation is still very much alive in the age of Obama, remaining a powerful engine in the ongoing socialist transformation of America.
    Former CIA director R. James Woolsey says this about “Disinformation”: “This remarkable book will change the way you look at intelligence, foreign affairs, the press, and much else besides.” And best-selling author and Cold War historian, Professor Paul Kengor, says simply: “Here is a work that many of us have been waiting for; a book that – dare I say – history has been waiting for.”
    “Disinformation”  is not for everyone. Most people cant handle having their assumptions challenged to this degree.
    If you think you can, order it today.

    05. Cuba's Military Links And Missle Shipments to North Korea

    New evidence of North Korea/Cuba military cooperation should be of huge concern to the US.
    From the Cuba Transition Project
    Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies
    University of Miami
    In light of the
    seizure by Panama of a North Korean-flagged ship that had set sail from Cuba in July carrying military cargo and what appears as ballistic missiles, we are reproducing a report we published in 2004 highlighting the growing military cooperation between Cuba and North Korea. Hugh Griffiths, an arms trafficking expert at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, said that the institute earlier this year reported to the U.N. a discovery it made of a suspicious flight from Cuba to North Korea that traveled via central Africa.
    In the 2004 ICCAS report, we urged U.S. policy makers to focus on the Cuban-North Korean link.
    Focus on Cuba, Issue 61
    December 20, 2004
    The recent, unprecedented mobilization of the Cuban military has little to do with an imminent U.S. invasion. The reason the Castro regime is spending an estimated US$1.2 billion a year of Cuba’s scarce resources on its armed forces has to do with reasserting the dominant institutional role of the military in Cuba’s totalitarian society, instilling anti-American sentiments in the Cuban people, and assuring an orderly succession after Fidel Castro’s death under the martial rule of Defense Minister Raúl Castro.
    However, what may be of genuine concern for Cuba’s neighbors is Castro’s new campaign to upgrade his armed forces’ capabilities and reach. With the Cuban military involved in virtually every sector of the Cuban economy and managing the island’s lucrative US$2 billion a year tourism industry , Defense Minister Raúl Castro certainly has the means at his disposal to pursue his big brother’s rearmament ambitions.
    That Cuba is seeking to rearm has not been kept a state secret. In September, Gen. Leopoldo Cintra Frías, head of Cuba’s Western Army and directly responsible for protecting the senior leadership in Havana, journeyed to Beijing to confer with Chinese Defense Minister Cao Gangchuan. On the top of the Cuban general’s agenda was “further cooperation between the Chinese and Cuban armies under the fast-changing international situation.” More to the point, Cintra Frías laid on the table the Cuban military’s “needs” to “[modernize]…as soon as possible.”
    With the island’s tourism earnings in the hands of Cuba’s Defense Ministry and Havana’s urgency to rearm, the question remains, what is Castro seeking to acquire? Beyond spare parts to keep a few dozen operational MiG jets flying and aging tanks and armed vehicles running, one disturbing possibility arises from the findings of U.S. inspectors during their search for weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. In October 2003, Dr. David Kay, then leading the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s WMD investigations in Iraq, disclosed on the ABC News program This Week that his team had found evidence of “North Korean missiles going to Cuba.”
    Although it may seem irrational for the Cuban government to incite a crisis with Washington by importing North Korean Scuds capable of hitting targets within the continental United States, the precedent of the October 1962 missile crisis — when Castro beseeched Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev to use the island as a launch pad for a preemptive nuclear strike against the U.S.  — cannot be forgotten. Moreover, neither Kim Jong Il nor Fidel Castro is averse to the politics of brinkmanship.
    Recent visits to Cuba by high-ranking emissaries of Kim Jong Il should be enough to warrant a further inquiry into Kay’s remarks. In June, North Korea’s vice minister of foreign affairs, Choi Su Hon, traveled to Havana to “strengthen bilateral relations.” As reported by Cuba’s state-run press, the North Korean minister arrived in the island with instructions from Kim Jong Il to “develop mutual ties in various spheres.”And in late November, Vice Marshal Kim Yong Chun, chief of staff of the Korean People’s Army, led a delegation of senior generals that spent five days evaluating Cuba’s military infrastructure. While the weather in November may be more agreeable in Havana than Pyongyang, it is doubtful that the North Korean delegation was on vacation. In addition to meeting with Defense Minister Raúl Castro and the heads of all branches of Cuba’s military establishment, Vice Marshal Kim Yong Chun and his staff toured manufacturing and assembly facilities of the Unión de Industrias Militares, the island’s defense industry conglomerate.
    Culminating his visit, Vice Marshal Kim met with Fidel Castro to discuss “the international situation, the relationship between the DPRK [North Korea] and Cuba, and Cuba’s steps to cope with the U.S. blockade [i.e., embargo].” After indulging in anti-American rhetoric, the North Korean delegation and their Cuban hosts also conducted more serious business. With “consensus on all the issues,” Castro’s and Kim Jong Il’s armed forces “exchanged views on strengthening cooperation in military fields” and declared that “the Cuban army and people will fight shoulder to shoulder with the Korean army and people in [an] anti-US joint front.”
    Vice Marshal Kim Yong Chun’s stay in the island also coincided with the visit of China’s president Hu Jintao to Cuba. (11) Hu extended an economic lifeline to Castro’s regime with the commitment of as much as US$1.5 billion in Chinese government-backed investments to exploit Cuba’s strategic nickel and cobalt ores.(12) It is doubtful that the presence of Chinese and North Korean leaders in Havana was due to a scheduling coincidence. Are the Chinese and North Koreans cooperating to support the Cuban military?
    Given Pyongyang’s efforts to develop nuclear weapons and the missile technology to put them within reach of the United States, it is disconcerting that Kay’s suggestion of an arms trade between North Korea and Cuba — and perhaps involving China — has been largely ignored. Particularly worrisome is the apparent failure of policymakers in Washington to demand further inquiries in order to either substantiate or debunk such an alarming assertion. If Iraqi documents or other evidence encountered by American inspectors were to indeed reveal that Cuba has acquired, or is looking to acquire, ballistic missiles from North Korea, the geopolitical challenges and security threats facing the United States may be even greater, and closer to home, than heretofore thought.
    06. Piers Morgan Conducts Riveting Interview With Trayvon Martin’s Friend, Witness Rachel Jeantel She described her reaction to Zimmerman’s acquittal as “disappointed, upset and angry” and called the jury’s assessment of what happened “just B.S.”
    Asked about what Trayvon Martin was like as a friend, Jeantel described him as a “calm, chill, loving person” and said she never saw him get “aggressive” or “lose his temper.” She said that the defense’s attempts to portray Martin as a “thug” were unfounded and defended his relatively mild drug use. “Weed don’t make him go crazy,” she said, “it just makes him go hungry.”...  turned to the “creepy-ass cracker” commentshe made and the major impact it had on the tenor of the case. She explained that the term is actually spelled “cracka” and defined it as “people who are acting like they’re police.” She said that if Zimmerman had calmly approached Martin and introduced himself, her friend would have politely said what he was doing there and nothing more would have happened.

    07. Rachel Jeantel Explains The Difference Between ‘N*gga’ And ‘N*gger’ To Piers Morgan t if there was anything she wished she’d said on the stand. Jeantel answered with one word: “Nigga.”
    Jeantel explained to Morgan that “the whole world say it’s a racist word” but the version of the word that she testified Martin had used in reference to Zimmerman, spelled “n-i-g-g-a” doesn’t mean what most people think it means. It doesn’t mean a “black male” as Morgan assumed, she said, but rather any kind of man, including “Chinese” for example. Morgan helpfully pointed out that that’s the version rappers use in their music. “But xxxxer,” Jeantel said, stressing the “-er.,” is a “racist word.” She said “I’d advise you not to be by black people” when you say that word, Jeantel explained, “because they’re not going to have it like that.” And this is not just in her community as Morgan posited but in the entire “generation.”

    08. Mark Levin Angela Corey's checkered past
     Harvard Law School’s dean’s office received a phone call. When the dean refused to pick up, Angela Corey spent a half hour demanding of an office-of-communications employee that Dershowitz be fired. According to Dershowitz, Corey threatened to sue Harvard, to try to get him disbarred, and also to sue him for slander and libel. Corey also told the communications employee that she had assigned a state investigator — an employee of the State of Florida, that is — to investigate Dershowitz. “That’s an abuse of office right there,” Dershowitz says.... flooded with correspondence from people telling him that this is Corey’s well-known M.O. He says numerous sources — lawyers who had sparred with Corey in the courtroom, lawyers who had worked with and for her, and even multiple judges — informed him that Corey has a history of vigorously attacking any and all who criticize her. But it’s worse than that: Correspondents told him that Corey has a history of overcharging and withholding evidence.
    ...  Second-degree murder is the madman who fires indiscriminately into a crowd or unlocks the lions’ cage at the zoo. “Nothing in the facts of this case approaches that.” Which Angela Corey, a veteran prosecutor, should have known, and a grand jury would have told her. In fact, both the initial police investigation and the original state attorney in charge of the case had determined exactly that: There was no evidence of any crime, much less second-degree murder
    .. it was clear that the jury was unlikely to convict Zimmerman of second-degree murder; hence the prosecution’s addition of a manslaughter charge — as well as its attempt to add a charge for third-degree murder by way of child abuse — after the trial had closed. “In 50 years of practice I’ve never seen anything like it,” says Dershowitz. It’s a permissible maneuver, but as a matter of professional ethics it’s a low blow.
    Asked in a prime-time interview with HLN how she would describe George Zimmerman, Corey responded, “Murderer.” Attorneys who spoke with me called her refusal to acknowledge the validity of the jury’s verdict everything from “disgusting” to “disgraceful.”
    Ben Kruidbos (pronounced CRIED-boss), the IT director at Corey’s state-attorney office, was fired last week .... — revealed that Corey used $235,000 in taxpayer money to upgrade her pension and that of her co-prosecutor in the Zimmerman case, Bernie de la Rionda. The upgrade was legal, but Harry Shorstein, Corey’s predecessor, had said previously that using taxpayer funds to upgrade pensions was not “proper.”

    09, Treyvon's Innocent Phone Contents

    Kruidbos testified last month in a pre-trial hearing that he found photos on Martin's phone that included pictures of a pile of jewelry on a bed, underage nude females, marijuana plants and a hand holding a semi-automatic pistol.

    Kruidbos had emailed de la Rionda in late January and attached a report containing the text messages and images he had retrieved from Martin's cell phone, his lawyer said.

    ... Judge Debra Nelson ruled that pictures and texts from Martin's cell phone were inadmissible, after prosecutors argued that it couldn't be proven Martin actually took the pictures and wrote the texts on his phone

    10. Ben Carson Black Man Not Quick To Reject Verdict"We need to be saying what can we learn from this rather than allowing ourselves to be whipped into a frenzy with no evidence from what I can see that this was preplanned or that there was malicious intent," said Carson, who became well known politically after challenging President Barack Obama's economic policies at a prayer breakfast earlier this year. Carson added, "None of us knows what we would do if somebody is getting the best of us in a fight and we have a gun. Carson, who is black, also addressed use of the term white Hispanic – which some media outlets are calling Zimmerman -- saying it was "hilarious" and said, "Why don't we call Obama a white African-American?