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09. Character of Zimmerman Vs. Martin

Its amazing that there are so many people commenting that have done little or no research on their own about the case. I read the comments and realize that we are / were unduly and shamefully influenced by the media and to some extent our own biases. Politics also played a big role in the way the story unfolded. Race card playing activists of all stripes, agitated and inflamed the public for their own gain and / or aggrandizement. I took the time to search and verify information that was presented in the media and the trial . I discovered useful information that never made its way into either source . What I discovered was surprising and to some extent shocking . I won't go into what I discovered , but I will highlight the various topics that came up in my search for information. Google them and then draw your own conclusions:
1) The best place to start is the 911 transcript. Read the entire official 911 transcript. Determine what was said and by whom. Why did Zimmerman call 911 ? Who first brought up the question of race? Was Zimmerman specifically ordered not to follow Martin or was it a suggestion: consider the circumstances at the time of the call? Why do you think Zimmerman followed Martin after speaking with the 911 dispatcher? Who made the first statement between Zimmerman and Martin, and what was said by each of them? There's more that you will glean from the 911 transcript that may be useful.
2) Check out the physical differences between the parties.
3) Find out where Martin lived, with whom he was living with and for how long. Find out when he last lived with either parent and what their involvement in his life was. Were they family ? Who was Martin's family?
4) Look into the character of young Martin. Its important to know who he was ! Check out at his school records ( attendance, any suspensions and reasons for such suspensions) . Look at Martin's latest Facebook picture and the tweet(s) he sent to a friend(s) a few days before he was killed. This will tell you something about this young man and his potential state of mind.
5) Look into why Sanford police chief Bill Lee was fired and what he had to say about his firing and the case. He was involved at the very start of the incident.
6) Look into why the Martin family contacted Benjamin Crump to be their lawyer and the subsequent law suit against the Sanford , Fla. housing development's homeowner association for $1 million. What type of cases does he specialize in? Are there other monetary suits in the planning?
7 ) Was Martin a racist? How did he describe Zimmerman ? Does he have a history of making racial slurs?
8) Was Zimmerman a racist? How did he describe Martin? Does he have a history of making racial slurs?
9) Could Martin's tragic death be manipulated to be more about money than about justice? Look into it and you decide !

These questions may appear to be in favor of Zimmerman, but they are not intended to be so! The media played fast and loose with the facts of the case and they played it for all it was worth. They did it for ratings and financial gain. The politicians weighed in without knowing much about what happened. They followed the media's presentations about the tragic incident. The race card was played by those who sought to benefit by playing it. People, black and white were emotionally stimulated with echo's of past racial repression and inequality. Sadly, that's the conclusion I came to when my research was concluded. What I learned is that we cannot rely on the media or special interests to form our opinions. We must be open minded and seek out , verify information on our own. Maybe you will reach the same conclusions I did, maybe not! Regardless, you owe it to yourself to be informed and make decisions accordingly.

The number of posts here are astounding. Not sure I have seen so many on any article. I think this speaks to how polarized this country has become under the Obama Presidency ( " he could have been my son") and the constant bias of the press ( NBC and the editing of the tape) , and the racial make money on it folks, Holder, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson et al has tied us all up in knots , on both sides. I feel very sad and at the same time very angry that the Progressive movement , brought to a crescendo by Obama and his almost blind supporters, has done this. Six very brave Ladies has shown it still takes a court of law and a jury to convict even if the press., Obama, and now Holder decided to convict out side of court.

Trayvon Martin was judged by his behavior, not his skin color. We have been judging young black men by the content of their character for decades now, but it doesn't give us much to work with. 

How did this jury of six smart, brave ladies stand down the will of Barack Obama and the TV tabloids?