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Daily Geez July 10, 2013 Rebels Used Sarin / 777 Auto-Throttle Not Working /

Daily Geez July 10, 2013 Rebels Used Sarin / 777 Auto-Throttle Not Working 

Daily Geez History | Daily Geez July 11, 2013

01. Trayvon Marton photo at age 17 great article in the UK Mail

Trayvon Stats:

  • Over 6' tall  (4 inches on Zimmerman)
  • 17 years old
  • Tatted up
  • Gold teeth
  • Twitter handle @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA,
  • Suspended three times and was currently suspended for marijuana residue on his person
  • Eyewitness told local news Trayvon pinned Zimmerman down and Zimmerman called to him, "Help me!"
02. How much do gold teeth cost? Gold crown around here is $1300, i assume capping is the same thing.
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    Apr 18, 2012 · How much does one gold tooth cost? Q: Rate This Answer. ... but additional dental work can add to the price. A gold cap for your tooth is around $125.


    Syria and weapons of mass destruction

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    On 19 March 2013, new unconfirmed reports surfaced that SCUD missiles armed with chemical agents may have been fired into theKhan al-Asal district in Aleppo and the Al Atebeh suburbs of Damascus, with both sides accusing each other of carrying out the attack.[38] According to a spokesman for the Free Syrian Army, the attack occurred in rebel territory,[39] though Reuters photographs showed images of Syrian government soldiers injured in the attack.[40] An unnamed Reuters photographer described the gas as having a "chlorine-like smell" and claimed to have witnessed victims suffocating.[41] Officials from within the United States government disputed this claim and stated that there had been no substantive evidence of chemical warfare in Syria,[40] although President Obama reiterated the American stance that such a move coming from either side would be a "game changer" and might prompt international intervention in the war-torn Middle Eastern nation.[42] Meanwhile, the Russian government sided with the Syrian government and blamed the rebels for the attack.[40] Within weeks, the Assad government accused the UN of attempting to extend an investigation in Khan al-Asal to the rest of the country and declared that it would not tolerate such a move.[43]

    First Published Jun 14 2013 09:05 pm •  Chemical weapons experts voiced skepticism Friday about U.S. claims that the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad had used the nerve agent sarin against rebels on at least four occasions this spring, saying that while the use of such a weapons is always possible, they’ve yet to see the telltale signs of a sarin gas attack, despite months of scrutiny.
    "It’s not unlike Sherlock Holmes and the dog that didn’t bark," said Jean Pascal Zanders, a leading expert on chemical weapons who until recently was a senior research fellow at the European Union’s Institute for Security Studies. "It’s not just that we can’t prove a sarin attack; it’s that we’re not seeing what we would expect to see from a sarin attack."
    ... we don’t see videos, that we don’t see photos, showing bodies of the dead, and the reddened faces and the bluish extremities of the affected," he said. ... the Obama administration has yet to offer details of what evidence it has and how it obtained it.
    05. Russia sides with Syria Iran / Against US claims Assad used Sarin
Washington Post1 day ago
Russian UN ambassador says Syrian rebels made sarin nerve gas for attack nearAleppo. By Associated Press,

05.  Trainer Pilot Realized Auto-Throttle Was Not Engaged Just Before Crash
AP the training captain who was instructing the pilot flying the aircraft has told investigators he thought the auto-throttle was programmed for a speed of 137 knots — the target speed the pilots had selected for how fast they wanted the plane to be flying as it crossed the runway threshold. Instead, investigators said it reached speeds as low as 103 knots and was in danger of stalling because it was losing lift before it hit the seawall. The pilot told investigators he realized the auto-throttle, similar to cruise control, was not engaged just seconds before they hit. ....“Some people, if they believe the auto-throttles are engaged and if they are used to flying with the auto-throttle engaged, will not realize that the auto-throttles are not engaged and will let the plane get pretty slow. That has come up before,”
unknown whether a mistake was made in programming the “auto-throttle” or if the equipment malfunctioned.
the co-pilot was on his first trip as a flight instructor.

06. Roadside bomb kills 17 villagers in Afghanistan
Jul 09, 2013 · A roadside bomb struck a motorcycle-drawn cart carrying women and children between two villages Tuesday in western Afghanistan in an attempt to hit a military vehicle. !@#$% terrorists....

07. Ex-Con Joseph Strange Driver answers murder charge in nurse's death Joseph Strange just out of jail is found with stolen plates, rams police cruiser, takes cops on a chase and crashes into a nurse SUV killing her. Traffic jihad?

08. Woman pleads guilty to murder in fatal Lynnwood car chase ...woman who led Lynnwood police on a wild, drug-fueled chase that ended in a deadly crash faces up to 22 years in prison after pleading..She already had four felony convictions and 31 misdemeanor convictions, court papers show. Most of her rap sheet is for drug or driving offenses... Prosecutors alleged that Collins was high on crack cocaine and driving 75 mph two seconds before she smashed into Bennett's van in a busy intersection. Police were chasing after Collins after discovering that she and her passenger were both wanted on warrants... She was sentenced in 2004 to nearly a year in jail for a crash in Clark County. She was drunk when she crossed the center line and struck an oncoming car. She was convicted of vehicular assault. Less than a year later, she was convicted of felony possession of cocaine...

09. Sunday July 7, 2013 Afghanistan's Defense Ministry said on Sunday that 14 Afghan soldiers and 64 Taliban militants had been killed in battles and roadside bomb blasts over the previous 24 hours (AP, RFE/RL, ET). The most significant operation took place in Wardak Province, west of Kabul, where 16 Taliban militants were killed and a large cache of weapons was seized in a 24-hour mission that ended on Monday. Meanwhile, a prominent member of Afghanistan's High Peace Council was in critical condition on Sunday after the vehicle he was riding in hit a roadside bomb in nearby Ghazni Province, just south of Wardak.

10. Friday July 5, 2013 A suicide bomber reportedly wearing a police uniform killed a dozen policemen who were sitting down to lunch in the central province of Oruzgan on Friday (NYTPajhwok). Hours earlier, another suicide bomber killed a border policeman and a civilian at the Spin Boldak border crossing with Pakistan on the edge of Kandahar Province.

11. Thursday July 4, 2013, a top female police officer was shot and killed in Helmand Province (BBC). Lt. Islam Bibi was the commander of 32 female police officers, and was widely regarded as a role model for other women in the province.

12. Terrorists Kill Innocent Children in Afghanistan:.
Absolutely no connection to killing of children in mass shootings in the US ... or are they working for the same Islamist terrorists?
six Afghan children were killed in two separate bombing incidents, according to government officials (NYTPost).  In Helmand province, four girls aged 5 to 8 were killed when they left a wedding party to fetch buckets of water and one of them stepped on a hidden bomb. Two boys, aged 10 and 12, were killed in Paktika province when they also tripped a roadside bomb as they headed home from school.

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