YUCAIPA -- Two pit bulls were shot and killed Wednesday morning after charging at authorities responding to reports of a dog attack.The shooting occurred in the backyard of a home in the 12200 block of 11th Street after authorities began to investigate a report of three large pit bulls attacking a homeowner's goats at the residence.
Sheriff's deputies went to the rear of the home and found the three dogs attacking the animals inside a secured pen, authorities said.
San Bernardino County animal-control officers responding to the call tried to capture and subdue the dogs to no avail.

12.  The Rebel - Al-Manar - Iran - Al Qaeda - blames fall of Egypt's Morsi on Western Conspiracy

A website that appears to be siding with Al Manar, Iran and Al Qaeda.

13. Obama's Vacation Guest on Air Force One

14. JMM72 Blames Train crash, boat crash, bus crash, crazy shooter in Florida, crazy arsonist in China on CNN

Sounds like a disinformation agent who wants people to believe all these high impact attacks are absolutely not connected. Which means if he's lying then they ARE connected.

15. Police: Chinese man irate over debt sets nursing home ablaze, killing 11

  • jmm72  7 days ago
    CNN's staff at least got as far as freshman level at some Junior College where the Journalism Department has dumbed the topic down to "If it bleeds, it leads". Train crash, boat crash, bus crash, crazy shooter in Florida, crazy arsonist in China - cue "Dirty Laundry" one more time.

    jmm72  7 days ago

    I'm even more astonished by the number of Spanish officials, from the Interior Minister on down, who have focused all the blame on the engineer and deflected each and every suggestion that there could be any faults with the train, the track, the signal system, and the operating rules (all of which are the responsibility of the State). Accidents in complex systems are a chain of events - break the chain at any point and the accident is avoided. A rush to judgement, especially when done to improve public confidence in the underlying systems and avoid responsibility at higher levels, sets the stage for a repeat of the same chain of events
    • jmm72  5 days ago
      Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

      Discussion on CNN

      Indian headmistress tied to poisoned lunches arrested

      • jmm72  10 days ago
        Bihar's chief minister, Nitish Kumar, vowed that police would investigate the poisoning incident from all possible angles. "It does not appear to be mere coincidence or negligence," he told reporters after Kumari's arrest. "Police investigation will reveal everything."