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Daily Geez July 11, 2013 90 Second Crash Evacuation Delay

Daily Geez July 11, 2013

90 Second Evacuation Delay


01. Russia's Snowden Aeroflop

Foreign Policy One can only guess at what level a decision was taken in Moscow allowing Snowden to board the Aeroflot flight in Hong Kong bound for Sheremetyevo. It is certainly true that Russia's state-run media trumpeted the former CIA employee's revelations -- including the details of the PRISM program, the eavesdropping on conversations of G-20 leaders, and the snooping on EU delegations in Washington and New York -- as evidence of the "true nature" of U.S. foreign policy, confounding Washington's claim to the moral high ground. Like Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, in the Kremlin's eyes, has played a useful function in exposing what President Vladimir Putin calls U.S. government hypocrisy

This is, however, where Russia's collaboration stopped. Putin may have been sympathetic to helping Snowden reach some safe haven where the United States would not be able to get him, but he was adamant that Russian security services had never tried to "work with him." The Russian president also suggested -- unbelievably to many Americans -- that Moscow's price for granting Snowden asylum would be his agreement to stop any further leaks that damaged, as Putin put it, "our American partners."

02. Fox: 9/11 Calls From 777 Crash Released
  • "We don't know what to do"
  • Land gear clipped the edge of the runway first
  • The auto-throttle was set in the armed position, but it needed to be ENGAGED to operate properly
  • Flight attendents were instructed announce a safe landing. They waited 90 seconds to start evacuation after they reported seeing smoke and fire from outside.
  • Pilot mistake to not start evacuation immediately. Pilots radioed tower for assistance after they stopped, see audio of control tower conversations

03. Military dumps $34M into Afghanistan HQ that US forces won't use

04. Egypt Is Arena for Influence of Arab Rivals -

Exclusive: San Francisco jetliner crash caused by airlines turning pilots into 'computer geeks who can't fly' says commercial pilot
(disclaimer naturalnews is a conspiracy theory website that called Aurora a false flag, but much of what the pilot says appears to be valid)

How could a Boeing 777 -- the "Titanic" of commercial airliners -- be piloted so carelessly that the pilot seemingly flew it into the seawall and caused the accident?

But that's the problem, you see: There are no more pilots flying these planes. The real pilots have nearly all retired, leaving a bunch of "computer geeks" who have almost no flying skills and only know how to operate the computerized, automated flight equipment which is subject to catastrophic failure.

That's what "Pilot X" told me in a phone interview. His identity is being secret for his own protection, but he recently retired from over two decades of flying Boeing's largest aircraft for major U.S. airlines. He has received more actual flight time than 99% of today's active commercial pilots, and he's an expert in Boeing flight automation equipment. His testimony, below, reveals insider details that only a real commercial pilot would know..."The bigger the plane, the worse the pilot," he told me. "The airlines are trying to dumb down most of the entire fleet, and the pilots are losing all their flying skills. They don't want pilots; they want computer geeks instead of someone who can actually fly. The stick-and-rudder skills go to hell in a hand basket when you don't actually fly the plane." *snip*

likely caused by the pilot relying on the auto-throttle, Pilot X explained to me. "There's too much reliance on the auto-throttle. If you're a real pilot, you can do much better than the auto-throttle by running the power yourself to stay in line with whatever approach you're making."

"The non-flying pilot was not using CRM (crew resources management) where you call out the controls and altitude all the way down. They also had the glide slope switched off, and those two runways are too close together to be doing real close approaches."

(appears to be making a standard attack on the capitalist system) The most experienced pilots are rapidly leaving the industry and taking decades of experience with them. There are not enough younger pilots to replace them, so airline companies will increasingly have to hire inexperienced pilots to fly the largest planes. But who cares about safety when you can get extra miles by shopping with your "rewards" credit card!

Similar alarmist headlines from the same conspiracy theory folks: 
• NaturalNews exclusive: UNITED-Continental airline pilots forced to fly with as little as 3 hours' sleep, 'worked until we drop'

• Medicated in the cockpit: FAA says pilots on psych drugs can fly commercial airliners

• Studies show many over-worked airline pilots are not safe to fly

06. Broadcast networks ignore Obama's role in ongoing Egypt disaster

07. Fort Hood Traitor Says US Army Uniform is Enemy of Islam
6 dismissed in 1st day of Fort Hood murder trial CBSNews (Hidden Byline) — FORT HOOD, Texas The Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly 2009 Fort Hood shooting rampage declined to ask potential jurors..
At a hearing earlier Tuesday, Hasan said he wanted jurors to know that he was being forced to wear a uniform that he believes represents "an enemy of Islam." Hasan, an American-born Muslim, had said he didn't want to wear either military uniform.= HE'S NOT JUST A TERRORIST HE IS AN ENEMY COMBATANT THAT BELONGS IN GITMO

08. FLIGHT 214 PROBEFlight Attendants Thrown Onto Runway During Crash 

09. Was Pastor Jones working with Iran to make Christians look like crazies? 
Now there is a direct link to Iran as he is Interviewed by one of Iran's star journalists and featured on American-branded PressTV outlet Veterans Today: Kourosh Ziabari
I Don't Hate the Muslims: Pastor Terry Jones..
In order to learn more about Terry Jones' viewpoints, explore his logic for opposition to Islam and Muslims and find the roots of his conspicuous hostility toward the Muslims, Iran Review conducted a challenging interview with the American pastor.

10. Blinded By the Light

  • [

11. Saudi wrongfully searched in Boston Bombing invited to White House for 4th July

12. Aviation week Hint At Auto Throttle Confusion 
pilots disconnected the aircraft’s autopilot at 1,600 ft., presumably to hand-fly the approach.
The instructor pilot told investigators that at 500 ft. altitude, he realized the aircraft was below the visual glideslope provided by the precision approach path indicator (PAPI) lights on the airport, since the system showed three red and one white light. When on the proper glideslope, pilots see two white and two red lights. All red indicates a position significantly below the glideslope while all white lights indicate being well above the reference glideslope. The electronic glideslope generally used as part of an instrument landing system was not operating due to runway construction at the airport this summer.
“He told [the left-seat] pilot to pull back [on the control wheel],” says Hersman of the interview. “He had set the speed at 137 kt. and assumed the autothrottles were maintaining the speed.” Autothrottles, if armed and turned on, will automatically increase or decrease engine thrust to maintain a preset speed, in this case 137 kt., the reference landing speed for the 777-200ER that day. The NTSB is investigating why the autothrottle did not work as the instructor had expected, an issue that could include mode confusion related to the interaction of various auto-flight modes.
Hersman says investigators documenting switch positions is the cockpit after the crash noted that the autothrottles were armed. In that state, the system will automatically activate when speeds are low regardless of whether pilots have the autothrottle system turned on or off.
Preliminary data from the aircraft’s flight data recorder shows that the speed had already decayed to 134 kt. as the aircraft passed through 500 ft., and would ultimately drop as low as 103 kt. at 3 sec. before impact.
The 777 continued to slow as the pilots attempted to “correct a lateral deviation” as it descended from 500 ft. to 200 ft. “At 200 ft., the four PAPIs were red and the airspeed was in the hatched area,” says Hersman. The “hatched” markings on an airspeed tape warn pilots of an impending stall. The instructor pilot at that point recognized that the autothrottle was not maintaining speed and established a nose-high go-around attitude. He attempted to push the throttles forward for more power, but says the pilot-flying had already done so.
Information from the flight data recorder showed that the pilots first increased engine power from flight idle at 125 ft. altitude, reaching 50% thrust 3 sec. before impact.
COMMENT: Captain Scully showed us the skills of the real pilots that just slide the seat up and say "I got it". Apparently there was no one in this cockpit who was capable of doing that. So the "box" crashed the airplane. Oh my

13. New York terror suspect did not grasp intent due to autism, lawyer says

BAY SHORE, N.Y. - An attorney for a young New York man caught boarding a plane to Yemen to fight with an Al Qaeda affiliate tells The Associated Press his client has autism and did not understand the gravity of what he was doing.
A young New York man caught boarding a plane on his way to Yemen to fight with an al-Qaida affiliate is a mixed-up teenager who was diagnosed with autism and did not understand the gravity of what he was doing, his attorney told The Associated Press.

Justin Kaliebe, 18, pleaded guilty in a secret federal court proceeding in February to a charge of attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization. He was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before he is sentenced Sept. 27, the outcome of which could prompt defense attorney Anthony LaPinta to seek to have the guilty plea withdrawn. His client faces up to 30 years in prison.

"Justin Kaliebe is a gentle, misguided, autistic teenager who does not have the ability to fully understand the magnitude and consequences of his actions

14. Watermelon and skittles, not so innocent after all by CaveTroll Okay, I read it all. Much of it sounds convincing, especially: 

When he saw Zimmerman he began the conversation by saying “hey man, what the f**k’s your problem, what the f**k you looking at”?
Zimmerman responded tennatively, somewhat fearful, somewhat like an “uh-oh” reaction, blew off the initial confrontation from Trayvon, and reached for his phone again to call the police.
Frustrated and feeling profiled for no-good-reason, (mindset “what you wanna call the cops on me for”?… this busy body Zimmerman is bringing grief for nothing. He should mind his own damn businesss.) In his mind, and in actuality, Trayvon was no threat to anyone. This dude calling the cops on him just pissed him off. Part anger mixed with a high dose of frustration.
It went downhill from there.

This theoretical description sounds close. 
Still, if Zimmerman was NOT following him, nothing would have happened. 
If Zimmerman WAS NOT ARMED, he would have suffered cuts & bruises that he could have sued over later. 

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