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DailyGeez July 27, 2013

DailyGeez July 27, 2013

01. Bay Bridge Shut Down After Bomb Scare   Friday July 26, 2013 Authorities were notified around 1 p.m. about the device on the Treasure Island on-ramp, California Highway Patrol Officer Sam Morgan said. .. officials decided to close lanes and cleared all vehicles from the bridge nearly an hour later...reopened the westbound lanes, then the eastbound side, around 3:30 p.m. when San Francisco police neutralized the threat. No further details on the device were released. Television news reports showed a bomb squad robot removing what appeared to be a small cylindrical object from the ground. (Looks like a terrorist threat)

02. Terrorist Attack on Baby Stroller Kills Woman in Massachusetts July 21, 2013 Eighteen-year-old Moises Baez and 17-year-old Amanda Arsenault tell The Daily Item ( ) they watched the van go back and forth over the woman several times and helped pull the baby to safety. Baez says he yelled at the driver to stop but the van's music was playing loudly.
The death remains under investigation. No names were released... repeatedly struck a 60-year-old woman pushing a baby in a carriage, killing the woman... the baby was taken to a hospital but did not appear to be seriously hurt.

Baby Stroller Road Rage or Terrorist Attacks? 

People are running over baby strollers and some of them are quite bold about it, with no explainable motive, or are explained as accidents. When there is no motive or cause, who in the world would WANT to do such a thing? What political or radicalized religious group would target babies in strollers, their mothers, elementary, high school and college students, and brides?
  • July 21, 2013 Van in Lynn, Massachusetts backs up repeated over 60 yr old woman with baby stroller, killing her, but the baby was ok. No motive or suspect identified.
  • June 22, 2013 Minvan in Michigan is caught on video backing up over woman and stroller, catching stroller under the bumper. He pauses long enough to allow mother to pull baby out of stroller, broadcast on national TV. 
  • May 22, 2011 Scottsdale Arizona. The mother was pushing her four-year-old daughter in a stroller on a crosswalk as the light began to change. As the mother hurried across, a large SUV ran them over. No arrest was made because the driver said the view was obstructed.
  • June 2008 Seattle Washington. Jeifer Pisano scolds a driver who nearly ran over her and her baby in a stroller, but the young male driver in a white Honda CRX revved up the engine and ran over the stroller several times, dragging it under the car 10 feet, but the stroller was strong enough to protect the child. Police were seeking the driver.
03. Hudson River Boat Crash Is Another Attack on Bridal Party?
Remember the fire on the limousine bridal party? The driver is charge with vehicular homicide, but does anybody suspect he could have deliberately crashed the boat into the barge? 

  • Next month, the 30-year-old human resources manager at an insurance company in Nyack, and her 36-year-old beau were to marry at Good Shepherd Church in Pearl…
    Boat operator charged in Hudson River crash
    The four who were not thrown from the boat suffered head injuries and were taken to area hospitals.
    One of them, boat operator Jojo K. John, 35, was arrested.
    "We have probable cause to believe that he operated the boat while intoxicated," said Van Cura.
    John was arraigned at an area hospital on one count of first-degree vehicular manslaughter and three counts of second-degree vehicular assault, Van Cura said.

    -disinformation? condolences to the victims, but some people blame this on alcohol and no lighting on the barges as if to emphsize this was an accident, not a case of a terrorist deliberately crashing the boat.
  • Body Found Adrift After Boat Slams Into Hudson River Barge
    ABC News·13 hours ago

04. 7 Killed in Planned Terrorist Attack as Florida Gunman Pedro Vargas Sets Apartments on Fire
  • Apartment fire
  • Shooting rampage
Florida apartment resident with no record of problems suffers an attack of sudden jihad terrorist gunman syndrome. Nobody suspects this could be an act of terrorism. No explanation or motive usually means the only explanation left is terrorism.
July 27, 2013

July 27, 2013  A man living with his mother in a South Florida apartment complex set their unit on fire and went on a shooting rampage throughout the building, killing six people before being shot to death by police. As the eight-hour standoff unfolded, horrified residents hunkered down in their homes, at times so close to the action they could feel the gunfire or hear negotiations between the gunman and police, authorities and witnesses said Saturday. In the final hours, Pedro Vargas, 42, held two people hostage at gunpoint for up to three hours in their apartment until a SWAT team entered and killed him, police said. The hostages were not hurt. The fellow acts as if here were trained as a professional terrorist, but has a completely clean record -a common pattern in people who suffer from sudden jihad syndrome.
No explanation for Florida shooting rampage

05. Thousands of bees attack Texas couple, kill horses - CBS News
Probably a natural occurence but people have been known to use bees as weapons.

06. Paul Rand Hires White Supremacist Neo-Confederate
Like father, like son...

Senator Rand Paul Hopes His Hiring of a White Supremacist Won’t Damage GOP Brand