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Entire Extended Family Victims

Entire Extended Family Victims ---

Rather than one victim, attacker targets extended family or friends or everyone in a town or house.

3 murdered 1 arrested September 22, 2015 Basil Borutski Arrested In Wilno Canada Shooting Of 3 Women He Loved and Befriended after Jail Release Gunman Basil Borutski was arrested with a gun after three women were shot dead in in Wilno, a hamlet in the Ottawa Valley about 180 km northwest of Ottawa in eastern Ontario Canada. Borutski was a millwright who had suffered an industrial accident requiring a reattached hand and been just released from 19 months in prison Dec. 27, 2014 with a lifetime weapons ban. First gunshots were reported at around 8:30 a.m. local time in the small Ontario Canada village of Wilno, Canada’s oldest Polish settlement which was soon locked down. .Anastasia Kuzyk was shot dead, a  Century 21 realtor with a passion for horses. On Tuesday she was found dead at her home She had dated Basil Borutski, who was convicted in 2014 of assaulting Kuzyk, and served jail time for the offence. He had only recently been released from custody. The shooter knew all 3 victims who were Anastasia Kuzyk, Natalie Warmardam, another former girlfriend, and Carol Culleton. Borutski had also befriended Culleton and had helped her work on her cottage. In July 2012, Borutski was convicted of uttering threats to kill an animal that belonged to Nathalie Warmerdam. In separation papers filed in 2011, former wige Mary Ann Borutski claimed that her husband Basil had assaulted her, although he “vehemently” denied those allegations. CBC Ottawa Sun Heavy

September 17, 2015 Officials: South Dakota man killed wife, 4 kids then himself  PLATTE, S.D. (AP) - Authorities believe a man fatally shot his wife and four children, set their rural South Dakota house on fire, then turned the shotgun on himself, the state's attorney general's office said Tuesday. Investigators believe Scott Westerhuis fired all the deadly shots. A passer-by reported the blaze at the home near Platte early Thursday morning, but the fire chief said it was all but destroyed by the time firefighters arrived.

Minnesota Mansion Family-of-5 Nurse Website Creator Killed in ' Apparent Murder-.Suicide.. People Sep 10, 2015 · Pictured: Family-of-5 Killed in 'Apparent Murder-Suicide' in $2 Million Minnesota Mansion.

4 killed 1 arrested May 14, 2015 Murder of Savvas Savopoulos Family in DC Mansion The bodies of Savvas Savopoulos, his wife Amy, their 10-year-old son Phillip, and the family’s housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa, were all discovered inside the burning $4.5m home Thursday. Their $120,000 family Porsche was later discovered, also on fire, in a church parking lot a few miles away. The killers brazenly ordered pizzas to be delivered from a nearby Domino’s while they were holding the four captive in upscale Woodlawn Drive, and a suspect was identified from DNA on uneaten pizza. Police quickly concluded there was a relationship between the killers and the family as there was no sign of a forced entry and that they believe the killers “had easy access.” It was not random, suspect Daron Wint named, Wint worked at American iron works where Savopoulos was president. The house on Embassy Row is a few minutes away from Joe Biden's residence and the Naval Observatory

Tulsa Family Killed In Apparent Murder- Suicide Apr 01, 2015 · ... Oklahoma on Wednesday in what appeared to be a murder-suicide, ...Family Killed In Apparent Murder-Suicide. ... 
7 killed including suspect, 3 crime scenes suspect killed  December 29, 2014  9 Vietnamese Killed by Amok Gunman in 3 location spree in Edmonton Canada  53-year-old Phu Lam (Vietnamese ethnic Canadian) went on a killing spree in Edmonton. Alberta,Canada. He shot to death eight people, including two children in two homes, all of whom were his relatives. He then committed suicide at his restaurant in Fort Saskatchewan where RCMP rammed the door with a vehicle. The hours long operation shut down the town and suburbs, and was the worst mass murder in the Edmonton area.

6 dead, 1 injured, 1 gunman arrested  July 9, 2014  Ronald Lee Haskell FedEx Home Invasion Shoots Family Ronald Lee Haskel entered a home dressed as a FedEx delivery man, and waited for adults until he tied them up and placed them face down on the floor and shot four children and two adults execution style because they refused to say where he could find his ex-wife, Katie Stay's sister. Two boys, 4 and 14, two girls, 7 and 9, a 39-year- old man and a 33-year-old-woman were shot dead. Police surrounded his car and captured him after a three-hour standoff when he pointed a gun at his head before he could kill his estranged wife’s parents Haskell is charged with six counts of capital murder. A 15-year-old girl was shot but survived after pretending she was dead. Haskell had been jailed in 2008 on charges of assault and domestic violence in Logan, Utah. Haskell was an employee of FedEx up until January 2014. Haskell and the family were Mormons

January 15, 2014  Successful SC black Jehovah Witness family of 4 found dead in apparent murder-suicide ... the family of four was found dead in their South Carolina home in an apparent murder-suicide at the suspected ...  Wednesday, the family of four was found dead in their South Carolina home in an apparent murder-suicide at the suspected hands of the devout Jehovah Witness husband and father. The bodies of Sheddrick Byron Miller, 38, and his wife Kia Von Miller, 28, were discovered with their two young children, age 3 and 1, in the family's Riverwalk home after Sheddrick Miller's mother hadn't heard from them for a few days, the Charlotte Observer reported.Jehovah's Witnesses Sheddrick and Kia Miller and... Jehovah's Witness couple and their young children found shot dead in two-story home after grim 'murder suicide' Sheddrick and Kia Miller and their two young children tags: Entire Extended Family, murder suicide, south carolina, black victims, jehovah witness

4 killed including suspect May 14, 2014 In Avila, Florida Darrin Campbell Slays Family Blows Up Tennis Star Home With Fireworks Executive and father Darrin Campbell purchased $650 in fireworks and gasoline, and set fire to the 6000 sf rented tennis star's mansion after killing his family with a gun in an apparent carefully planned and staged murder suicide.
Soldier’s Family Found Dead in Apparent Murder- ...
Jan 22, 2014 · KILLEEN, Tex. — An apparent murder-suicide involving the husband and the two children of a soldier who had recently returned from a deployment to ...

Year 2013

Chinese Mother and 4 Children 1-9 Killed in Brooklyn Home October 26, 2013 In Brooklyn New York, 37-year-old Chinese mother Qiao Zhen Li and her children, 9-year-old Linda Zhuo, 7-year-old Amy Zhuo, 5-year-old Kevin Zhuo, and 1-year-old William Zhuo were stabbed to death in a 11 p.m. in late night rampage in their home. Her husband's cousin 25 year old transient Mingdong Chen was arrested. Mingdong Chen who speaks no English told police through a translator he was unemployed and unhappy with his life. He became angry and killed the family with a meat cleaver when the mother told him he had to leave the apartment after staying for a little over a week. He was staying illegally previously in Chicago and had been fired from a restaurant job, and was frustrated and jealous that everyone else was doing better than him. The mother could not contact her husband, so complained to relative that Mingdon was acting suspiciously. They rushed over and banged on the door, but the door was opened, they saw Mingdong as eerily calm as he answered police questions, barefoot and covered in blood. One of 4 mass murders in 4 days
Year 2011

4 killed 1 guilty murder January 28, 2011 Omar Mohamed Kalmio Convicted of Murdering North Dakota Girlfriend and Family In Minot North Dakota Somali man Omar Mohamed Kalmio immigrant oil worker who had sought asylum in US was convicted of murder of his  girlfriend Sabrina Zephier mother of his child and 3 of her family in another home across town. Targeted relatives were the  her mother brother and mother's boyfriend in North Dakota who were  members of the Yankton Sioux Tribe. The baby was spared.  Co-workers were told he thought Zephier purposely became pregnant and that she had ruined his life. Kalmio and a group of other Somali men were accused of attacking a man in Minneapolis in January 2006, and Kalmio stabbed him three times in the back with a knife.

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