Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Liuzhou China Parcel Bombings

Liuzhou China Parcel Bombings ---
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September 29, 2015  Liuzhou China Parcel Bombings  7 killed 51 injured 2 missing building collapsed, vehicles damaged by 17+ bomb blasts. Suspect arrested. Terrorism ruled out At least six people are killed and dozens injured in explosions at 15 locations in Liucheng County in China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The explosives were reportedly concealed inside express delivery packages. Chinese officials have identified a suspect, but the motive is not yet known. (South China Morning Post)  

Police arrest male suspect linked to the blasts that killed at least seven people and left buildings damaged across county in Guangxi. police said they had launched a criminal investigation and identified a 33-year-old male suspect, surnamed Wei, from Dapu township. The blasts were triggered by explosive devices hidden in express delivery packages, police said.  targets of attack including the Dapu township government office, supermarkets, malls, a hospital, prison, bus terminal, an animal husbandry staff dormitory and a centre for infectious disease and prevention. authorities had ruled out a terrorist attack (???)  Half of a 4 level building collapsed. Nearby vehicles were also damaged. "We were all very shocked and thought it might be an act of terrorism"  (UPI) Series of Explosions in Southern China Kill at Least 7 New York Times‎ succession of explosions in Shijiazhuang, a city in northern China, ...51 injured, two people were missing. Photographs on Chinese news websites showed a five- or six-story apartment building that had collapsed, apparently from the force of one of the explosions Residents reported over 60 packages that aroused suspicions, and the authorities planned to check them,  2001, the authorities in northwestern China executed a man who was found guilty of killing 47 people by detonating a pile of explosives after long-running disputes with neighbors. Also that year, over 100 people were killed in a succession of explosions in Shijiazhuang, a city in northern China, that the police said was the work of a resident who said he was taking revenge on his ex-wife and other relatives. And in 2011, a man in eastern China who was unhappy with compensation for a demolished home set off three explosions in or near government offices, killing himself and two others. Related in 2001: Shijiazhuang bombings  were a series of bomb blasts that rocked the city of Shijiazhuang, China on March 16, 2001. A total of 108 people were killed, and 38 others injured when within a short period of time several bombs exploded near four apartment buildings. Many doubted the official explanation that it was motivated by the accused's hatred for his ex-wife, ex-mother-in-law and a lover.Explosives killer executed in China - BBC News British Broadcasting Corporation Sep 25, 2001 - The Chinese authorities execute a man convicted of detonating a stockpile of illegal explosives, killing at least 47 people. Ma Hongqing, 51, was shot immediately after being sentenced at a public rally in Shaanxi province in central China, where the blast happened in July. Reports in the Chinese media say Mr Ma blew up the explosives, belonging to a rival illegal producer, after failing in an attempt to steal them. 16 July, after failing to steal explosives belonging to one of his neighbours, Ma Shiping, he threw a detonator into the house where they stored. List of rampage killers - Wikipedia 80-89 killed Ma Hongqing, 50 (马宏清), 07.16 July  Ma Hongqing age 50 July 16 2001 Mafang  China Sentenced to death and executed [120]