Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Multiple Car Crash Incidents

Multiple Car Crash Incidents ---

When multiple cars hit each other and then "accidentally" hit bystander pedestrians, or buildings is it always an accident?

September 29, 2015 1 killed, no charges filed against 2 drivers. Durango crashes Sentra onto sidewalk killing toddler in stroller of Starbucks IT worker in Bellevue, WA A 28-month-old girl Sraddha Panchakarla in a stroller was killed in Bellevue on Tuesday when a car jumped the curb during a collision. The mother Bhavya was injured. Dodge Durango, heading south on 140th Avenue Northeast, crossed Bel-Red Road and T-boned a Nissan Sentra that was making a left turn onto Bel-Red Road. Family had moved to Bellevue from India four months ago. Girl’s father was in information technology for Starbucks. girl was an only child and that her family would return immediately to India for the funeral and might not come back.   (Seattle Times) (Kiro TV)

July 10, 2014 4-Year-Old in Stroller Killed, 2 cars smashed in Hit-and-Run Crash  KNBC 4-Year-Old in Stroller Killed in Hit-and-Run Crash. boy was being pushed across the street in a stroller when a driver struck the victim and a family member. Witnesses said the woman was pushing the boy  across the street in a plastic stroller when a man driving a red hatchback struck them. The child was then dragged to the next intersection before the driver turned and left the scene, witness Jeronimo Zaca said. The hit-and-run driver also hit a black pickup truck and a silver compact car that were stopped at the intersection. "It's Not Going to Bring My Baby Back": Man Surrenders in Hit-and-Run That Killed ToddlerThe child was struck and dragged to the next intersection before the driver turned and disappeared boy who was killed, Evan Butterfield, turned 4 years old last month. Witnesses saw the crash and chased after the driver, a man, and his female passenger after they ran away from the car. They caught the woman and held her until police arrived and took her into custody.7-month-old boy in stroller killed in Arlington crash Fort Worth Star‑Telegram Arlington. May 29, 2014. 7-month-old boy in stroller killed in Arlington crash. Police say they are ... The truck careened into the father and stroller, killing David. Baby in stroller hit by truck, killed; witnesses say car ... - KDFW May 29, 2014 - Arlington police are investigating the death of a baby boy who waskilled Thursday morning in a chain reaction crash. ... in a stroller who was killed Thursday morning in a two-car crash

May 6, 2014 University City 2 Car Accident Hits Wharton Student Off Bridge Two men seriously injured One car ran a red light, hitting another which swerved towards 27-year-old Zachary Woods who jumped onto a pole, but the car either uncontrollably or steered towards and crashed into the pole and sent the University of Pennsylvania Wharton graduate student falling 60 feet from the bridge. The student later died, while the driver was also hospitalized.

July 30, 2013 2 Cars Crash Into Christian Day Care Center in Kansas City In Kansas City, a Range Rover rear-ended a parked Cadillac Seville which smashed through the front wall of the 2 year old room at the Christian Academy day care center in the afternoon. 2 adults were hut and 3 children were seriously injured. It is highly unusual for an "accident" when the Range Rover made a left hand towards the front of the building in the middle of the block to hit a Cadillac with a driver who some said appeared to be backing up or parking so that it was ready to be rammed into the front of the building. Bystanders help pull out the two children who were trapped under the Cadillac. About 40 children were inside the center. Police say the SUV driver was "approximately 80" years old, while the the driver of the Cadillac fled, but was later found. Evidently it was ruled an accident and not a deliberate coordinated attack as neither of the drivers was identified or charged with any traffic violation.