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Misfortune Month June 2013

Misfortune Month June 2013 ---
  1. June 1, 2013 Lake Stevens Shooting of Molly Conley  Seattle catholic high school teen Molly Conley was killed in a random drive by shooting in Lake Stevens. On June 29, Erick Nathan Walker was arrested for the murder. He is a middle class technical college-trained African American Boeing worker from Everett suburb of Marysville. His facebook page shows off a large collection of guns. His interests indicate no affinities or connections to any terrorist movement, no record of criminal history or mental issues.
  2. explosion that ripped through an apartment in a busy, upscale district of Taguig city, east of Manila, Philippines, Saturday, June 1, 2013. Philippine officials said Saturday they still do not know what caused the powerful explosion that killed three people in a van

June 2, 2013 
  1. car bomb explodes near a police station in the Damascus suburb of Jobar, killing at least eight members of the security forces and injuring civilians. (CNN)
  2. Taliban insurgents attack two checkpoints in the Kamdesh District in eastern Afghanistan killing four Afghan police officers (ABC)Arts and culture
  3. It is announced that three professional storm chasers who were members of TWISTEX were among those killed by tornadoes inOklahoma, US, on May 31. 
June 3, 2013
  1. 2013 protests in Turkey:The Turkish Doctors' Union (TTB) says one person has been killed in Taksim Gezi Park. (Xinhua)
  2. A suicide bombing in eastern Afghanistan kills at least 20 people, including 10 children. (India Express)
  3. An unmarked mass grave containing around 200 bodies is found in the Israeli town of Jaffa. (Al Jazeera)
  4. Bollywood actress Jiah Khan dies of an apparent suicide at age 25. (India Today)Business and economics
  5. The Obama administration expands its sanctions against Iran, targeting its auto industry and, for the first time, its currency the Iranian rial. (Xinhua) (Al Jazeera)
  6. At least 119 people are killed in a fire at a poultry farm in Jilin Province in northeastern China. (Al Jazeera) (AP via Silicon Valley Mercury), (Xinhua)
  7. 2013 European floods: Flooding across Europe kills seven people and leaves others unaccounted for. (The Guardian) (Al Jazeera)
  8. A Cebu Pacific flight carrying 165 passengers inbound from Manila, overshoots the runway during heavy rain in Davao City, Philippines. There are no fatalities, however the plane is heavily damaged. (ABS-CBN News)International relations
  9. Park Geun-Hye, the President of South Korea, warns North Korea that it will be held responsible for the fate of nine young asylum seekers repatriated from Laos. (AFP via France 24)
  10. Police find the bodies of three activists who were supporting local farmers in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Five others remain missing.(BBC)
June 4, 2015 wikipedia
  1. War in Afghanistan (2001–present): Three corpses are dug up near a former U.S. military base in Narkh bringing the number of corpses whose deaths locals blame on the presence of United States personnel to 10; people flood the streets of Maidan Shar calling for the U.S. to leave. (The Guardian)
  2. Two British soldiers are court martialed for "sexually and racially abusing civilians" during their time in Afghanistan. (RTT)
  3. The United States expands its military presence in Jordan, sending a Patriot missile battery and an undeclared number of F-16 fightersto the area. (Al Jazeera) (RT) (BBC)
  4. Syrian Civil War: A United Nations human rights team says there are "reasonable grounds" to believe that chemical weapons have been used in Syria.(Reuters via ABC News Australia) French foreign minister Laurent Fabius claims that the nerve agent sarin has been used on several occasions. (Haaretz)
  5. Krystian Zimerman, one of the world's leading concert pianists, angrily exits a concert in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, over a dispute with YouTube which he says is "destroying music". (The Guardian) Krystian Zimerman, from Poland, was distracted by the concertgoer taking a video. he had clearly lost his concentration, and left the stage shortly afterwards, evidently agitated.he told the audience that he had lost many recording projects and contracts because music managers had told him: "We're sorry, that has already been on YouTube."
  6. An America tourist is allegedly gang raped and robbed by three men in Manali, India. (Times of India)Politics and elections
  7. A group of approximately 300 indigenous manifestants march toward the Brazilian capital of Brasilia to protest the death of Oziel Gabriel.(GloboNews) Oziel Gabriel - Indian Country Today Media Network Jun 7, 2013 One indigenous man was killed and others wounded during a confrontation with police last week over disputed land that had been promised...

June 7, 2013 6 dead, 4 injured  John Zawahri: Santa Monica College Massacre John Zawahri: Santa Monica College Massacre John Zawahri killed five people in a shooting rampage in Santa Monica, California, on June 7, 2013. He shot his father and brother and burned his house, then stopped one car, shot another driver then ordered her to drive him away. He shot at a bus and a police cruiser. At the college campus, he shot at a Ford explorer killing the driver and wounding the passenger, then shot at various locations dressed in combat commando gear with a duffel bag filled with weapons and ammo before he was shot by police. There were at least nine crime scenes in the 13 minute shooting spree. Authorities announced to the press they found no ties to terrorism.

June 9, 2013

Pakistan Motorbike Gunmen Kill ANP and PTI men In Karachi Pakistan, two men on a motorbike targeted and killed two ANP and one PTI party men in a gun attack. One of the attackers pulled out a 9mm pistol and fired a number of shots at the victims before riding away with his aide. The motive behind the attack is not yet clear. A police inspector was also shot by gunmen on a motorbike near Qasba Mor. DAWN Some blame MQM or Pakistan Taliban

June 12, 2013

Arson Destroys Columbia SC apartment complex
Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Columbia firefighters say a massive fire that destroyed an apartment complex in Columbia was arson... was intentionally set, because they've ruled out any accidental causes. Similar to massive fire on nearly completed $13M complex at Washington State University.

Oakland Rear-End Collision Shooting Kills New College Grad Emeryville man Aya Nakano who had just graduated from University of Oregon was fatally shot in North Oakland after getting into a confrontation with two suspects who had rear-ended his car. No motive, road rage is the apparent cover story.

June 13, 2013

  1. Everett Motorcycle Deputy Rammed By Wrong Way Driver June 13, 2013 Snohomish County Sherriff motorcycle in Everett was hit and dragged by an old Lexus ES which for no known reason crossed over into oncoming traffic on Evergreen Way. The Lexus driver was taken to the hospital. The deputy was knocked off the motorcycle expected to survive. A trooper on a motorcycle had been killed in nearby Skagit County on May 31 where traffic had been redirected around the fallen span over Interstate 5. The driver showed symptoms of a diabetic seizure, but later was shown to always show signs of diabetic problems, was ruled an accident and not an attack on a police officer.
  2. Train crash in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Thursday, June 13, 2013. A two-level train slammed into another that had stopped between stations during the morning commute
  3. June 13, 2013 Yousef Adhami Murders LA Bus Driver With Illegal Tow Truck At 5:00 a.m A Los Angeles Metro bus was struck by a tow truck that was speeding from a side street at 60 in a 30 zone through a red light. The crash killed bus driver Olivia Gamboa, and sent the tow truck into a 7-Eleven, injuring an employee, and sheared off a fire hydrant sending water into the air. The tow truck driver Yousef Adhami was hospitalized in critical condition. He lacked both a proper commercial driver's license and an operating permit for the business. Adhami’s Hermosa Beach Towing does not have a permit to legally operate in the state. In 2008 Adhami was living in Youngstown, Ohio when he led police on an eight-mile chase driving like a terrorist into Pennsylvania. When cornered he then claimed to be wearing explosives but eventually surrendered. He was convicted of fleeing officers and making terrorist threats. In California, Adhami had his licence suspended 4 times since 2009.

.June 15, 2013 Saturday

Casualties: 26 killed Summary: June 15, 2013 Terrorists Bomb Shia Quetta College Girls Bus and Hospital A combined arms team of Islamist terrorists targeted women from a Shia women's university in Quetta Pakistan. It started when a woman suicide bomber from the anti-Shi'a group Lashkar-i-Jhangvi blew herself up in a bus filled with college women from the Sardar Bahadur Khan Women's University, killing at least 14 students. Then the survivors were attacked in the nearby hospital where a male suicide bomber detonated his explosives vest in the building's emergency room, killing 8. Meanwhile, gunmen stormed the building as security officials engaged them in a firefight. A total of 26 were killed that day including an attack on a historic building nearby. Attackers: anti-shia Islamist terrorists

June 16, 2013 Sunday

Dozens Killed in Attacks Targeting Iraqi Shiites NYT Car bombings and attacks across Iraq killed at least 33 people and wounded more than 100. No one claimed responsibility for the attacks, but Sunni extremists have stepped up their efforts to undermine the Shiite-led government

.June 17, 2013 Monday 3 US incidents
  1. 13 injured, 4 seriously June 17, 2013 Rick Allen Walker  S California Meth Wrong Way Driver Rick Allen Walker, age 54 was sentenced to 7 years for his wrong way run of 85 mpg on the 17 freeway in Southern California freeway. He caused a nine-vehicle pileup before colliding head-on, and was under the influence of methamphetamine. He pleaded no contest on Aug. 19 to four counts of D.U.I. causing injury. No one speculates it was a deliberate traffic terrorist attack. Thirteen people were injured, four of them seriously. 
  2. 1 killed, 1 arrested Al Qaeda inspired Terrorist Anthony E. Garver Arrested For Lake Stevens Stabbing June 17, 2013 Lake Stevens Police officers responded to a suspicious call from a gentleman that morning. Woman found mysteriously stabbed in Lake Stevens Wash. Lake Stevens Police officers responded to a suspicious call from a gentleman that morning. 20-year-old Phillipa Evans-Lopez was found stabbed to death at a home in Lake Stevens she had only recently moved into. Hers is the city's second homicide in less than a month after the drive-by shooting of a Seattle high school girl Molly Conley. See July 2 for arrest of suspect who is linked to domestic anti-government terrorists and Al Qaeda. 
  3. NYT: Large Truck Bomb Reported to Kill 60 Syrian Troops June 17..jihadist group affiliated with Al Qaeda .. vehicle “was filled with six tons of explosives.” Attackers: Al Qaeda affiliated Islamist terrorists 
  4. Sammie Lamont Wallace Takes 2 yr old Hostage From Walmart On June 17, 2013 in Midwest City, Oklahoma, Sammie Lamont Wallace, 37, walked into the Walmart in Midwest City, Oklahoma and snatched a 2-year-old girl from her mother’s shopping cart and took her hostage. After telling police "I will hurt this baby” he started counting down and moving a knife towards the girls' neck when a police officer shot the man once in the head and then rescued the girl from the man's arms. Conspiracy theorists promote this as an example of an Illuminati cult murder which may link the attack to an associated disinformation campaign on behalf of a nation-state intelligence agency. 

June 18, 2013 Tuesday

June 18, 2013 Fire at a military depot near Chapaevsk in the Samara region of southern Russia stops traffic Injuring 30, evacuation of 6,000 from nearby village.

· NYT: 4 Coalition Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan by rocket attack on Bagram airfield Attackers: Islamist Taliban

· Attack at Funeral in Pakistan Kills 28 PESHAWAR, Pakistan — A suicide bomber struck a funeral on Tuesday in the city of Mardan in northern Pakistan, killing 28 mourners, including a provincial legislator, and injuring more than 60, a senior police officer said. NYT

2013.06.18NigeriaBakin Rijiya10At least one resident is killed when Muslim terrorists attack a Christian village and burn four churches.
2013.06.18IraqBaghdad3757A double suicide bombing at a Shia mosque leaves over thirty worshippers dead.
2013.06.18EgyptAssiut216Fundamentalists are suspected of lobbing a shell at a group of local soldiers.
2013.06.18NigeriaAlau Dam130Thirteen fishermen and tea vendor's are gunned down in cold blood by Islamic extremists.
2013.06.18PakistanNorth Waziristan20Two local soldiers are machine-gunned at a checkpost by Islamic terrorists.
2013.06.18AfghanistanKabul324Religious extremists set off a bomb that leaves three civilians dead.
2013.06.18PakistanMardan3561A Holy Warrior self-detonates at a funeral, killing three dozen mourners.

June 19, 2013 Wednesday

East Village section of New York, Wednesday, June 19, 2013. Fire authorities say eight people have been hurt, several of them seriously, after a car jumped a curb and slammed into a 24-hour grocery around 7 a.m. Wednesday. A witness says the driver lost control 

Reporter Michael Hastings Dies In Mysterious Crash Surrounded by Conspiracy Theories A reporter who fearlessly covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan dies in a mysterious one-car crash. Mainstream press covers it as an accident, but PressTV suggests that he was assassinated.  He was remembered for his aggressive line of questioning which angered Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines in the aftermath of the Benghazi attacks. He was working on and worried about stories about the NSA leak and Florida socialiste Jill Kelley.

2013.06.19IraqNinevah56A Shahid suicide bomber detonates inside the guesthouse of a local politician, killing him and four family members.
2013.06.19SomaliaMogadishu2220Suicide bombers storm a UN compound and massacre twenty-two innocents.
2013.06.19PakistanGreen Town10An Ahmadi father of two is gunned down in a targeted attack based on his religion.
2013.06.19YemenSaada211A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out two civilians.
2013.06.19PakistanKarachi10A Shia school bus driver is murdered by Sunnis.

June 20, 2013  Thursday

2013.06.20IraqTikrit20Suspected al-Qaeda gunmen shoot two civilians to death.
2013.06.20IraqRamadi77A suicide bomber dressed as a policeman walks into a vote counting center and slaughters seven people.
2013.06.20PakistanKarachi20The Tehreek-e-Taliban murder a father and son in cold blood.
·         Al Shabaab suicide attack on UN office in Somali capital Mogadishu leaves 16 dead Al Qaeda-linked group Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack, in which a suicide bomber first blew up a car at the entrance to the compound near the city's heavily fortified airport, with armed attackers then entering the compound. Seven Shabaab fighters took part, either detonating suicide vests or one was shot dead.

June 21, 2013 Friday 

2013.06.21IraqBaghdad29Two patrons are killed when a Sunni bomb rips through a market.
2013.06.21PakistanPeshawar1528A dedicated Sunni wades into a packed Shia mosque and detonates a suicide vest, while his friends fire automatic weapons into the crowd.
·         8 Injuredf In GREENVILLE, North Carolina. A man believed to be Lakim Anthony Faust used a pistol-gripped shotgun to shoot and wound four people. He shot a man in a car outside a law firm, then crossed five lanes of traffic and shot three more people outside the Wal-Mart  He was found with 100 rounds of ammunition. Faust had a short criminal record that included" property crimes but no signs of violence,"

June 22, 2013 Saturday 

Hizbul Mujahideen militants shot dead two policemen in Srinagar in Kashmir India.

2013.06.22IraqSab al-Bor1432A Shahid suicide bomber walks into a Shia mosque and sends fourteen worshippers straight to Allah.
2013.06.22PakistanChamarkand20Two tribal elders are sent to Allah by Taliban bombers.
2013.06.22IndiaSrinagar20Two traffic cops are gunned down by Islamic militants.
2013.06.22IraqTuz Khurmatu31al-Qaeda gunmen open up on a group of Iraqis at point-blank range, taking down three.
2013.06.22IraqMosul415Four people are ripped apart by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
2013.06.22PakistanToba Tek Singh50Three small children are among a family of five Shiites, tied up in their home and butchered by Sunnis with knives.
2013.06.22ThailandPattani22Muslim terrorists take out two local soldiers with a roadside bomb.
2013.06.22IraqTikrit44al-Qaeda militants incinerate four truck drivers with thermal grenades.
2013.06.22IraqAnbar50Five local cops are massacred by a coordinated car bomb and rocket attack.
2013.06.22AfghanistanKunduz20At least two police officers are murdered in separate Taliban attacks.

June 23, 2013 Sunday

Syria-linked clashes kill at least 12 in Lebanon At least 12 people were killed in fierce clashes in the Lebanese city of Sidon on Sunday between the army and followers of hardline cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Assir when he was arrested at a checkpoint. His supporters attacked security forces in retaliation Ten soldiers were killed and 40 wounded, a security source said. At least two Sunni gunmen were killed and 13 wounded

Sunday June 23, 2013

2013.06.23DagestanKohabrosso03Islamic militants try to kill a moderate imam in his home, wounding him, his wife and son.
2013.06.23EgyptZawiyat40Sunni hardliners throw petrol bombs into a house with Shia residents, burning and then stabbing and beating at least four to death.
2013.06.23PakistanNanga Parbat110Religious extremists shoot ten foreign tourists and one guard to death at a mountain climbing camp.
2013.06.23IraqRiyadh314Three Iraqis are taken out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2013.06.23SyriaDamascus310Three people are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2013.06.23IraqTuz Khurmatu1931Car bombs targeting Shiites in a residential neighborhood leave at least nineteen dead.
2013.06.23SyriaIdlib10A Catholic monk is beheaded Islamists for defending nuns.
2013.06.23IraqBaghdad39Three civilians are killed when terrorists send a rocket shell into a hotel.
2013.06.23PakistanGilgit30Two girls and their mother are honor killed by conservative family members over a video of them enjoying rain.
2013.06.23LebanonSidon60Six local soldiers are murdered 'in cold blood' on orders of a Sunni cleric.
2013.06.23PakistanKarachi20A lawyer and his son are shot to death in their car by sectarian Jihadis

Disasters and accidents

 Al Qaeda Attacks Pakistan Mountain Tourists Over a dozen gunman attacked the base camp of Nanga Parbat, a popular high mountain in Pakistan. 10 foreigners were killed included two Chinese, one Chinese-American and one Nepalese, with another report including five Ukrainians and one Russian. One Chinese tourist was wounded in the attack and was rescued. The Jundul Hafsa group of the Taliban announced the attack was retaliation for the death their leader Waliur Rehman, in a U.S. drone attack on May 29. "By killing foreigners, we wanted to give a message to the world to play their role in bringing an end to the drone attacks. But other extremists in the area say it was actually planned by Alam Sher Afridi, a commander of the Lashkar-i-Jhangvi the same al-Qaida-associated group that a

ttacked a a bus with Shia college women in Quetta and the hospital that treated the survivors.

Hizbul Mujahideen Attacks Indian Convoy in Srinagar Kashmir On the outskirts of Srinagar India in disputed Kashmir. Islamic militants from Hizbul Mujahideen claimed responsibility for an attack on Indian soldiers which killed 8 and injured 6. Two militants stole a motorcycle and flagged down a passing military convoy seeking help. They then opened fire with guns from underneath traditional shawls. They fled to a waiting getaway car in Barzulla where they fired on guards and tossed a grenade at a checkpoint and made their escape.

Egyptian authorities on Tuesday arrested eight people in connection with the killing of five Shiite Muslims in a Cairo suburb over the weekend.

Ten car bombs rocked the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Monday, killing at least 39 people. ..."Insurgents, including al Qaeda's Iraqi affiliate, have been recruiting from the country's Sunni minority, which feels sidelined following the U.S.-led invasion that toppled former dictator Saddam Hussein and empowered majority Shi'ites"

Gunmen killed six Libyan soldiers at a checkpoint south of the coastal city of Sirte, once a stronghold of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi.
Afghan Taliban attack in Kabul killing 2 guards and attackers throws peace talks into further doubt Taliban militants attacked key buildings near Afghanistan's presidential palace and the U.S. CIA headquarters in Kabul just after they offer to meet in peace talks. They used fake identify papers to get through security gates in a tightly guarded area, but when the second car was stopped they started shooting and grenades were thrown, with a plume of smoke rising from the firefight. One of the attackers detonated a suicide bomb, three or four were killed by security forces. At least two Afghan security guards were killed..

June 24, 2013 Monday

Syrian civil war spillover in Lebanon:
Clashes between the Lebanese Army and supporters of the Salafist cleric Ahmed Al-Assir continue for a second day around the Ain el-Hilweh camp near Sidon. The government reports at least 15 soldiers killed and 38 others injured in the violence, as it promises crackdown on ethnic strife across the country. (Al Jazeera)

Monday, June 24th, 2013 Six Shot Three Killed in Indianapolis Six people were shot, three of those were killed in gun violence across Indianapolis fox59
2013.06.24IraqBaghdad1137Eleven Iraqis are torn to shreds by five al-Qaeda car bomb blasts.
2013.06.24PakistanKarachi10Sunnis kidnap and brutally torture a Shiite to death.
2013.06.24IndiaSrinagar811Hizbul-Mujahideen ambush a group of local soldiers, killing eight.
2013.06.24IraqHusseiniya1030Two bombs placed at a Shiite market send eight patrons to Allah.
2013.06.24IraqJihad921al-Qaeda bombers take out nine residents of a Shia neighborhood.
2013.06.24IraqNahrawan415Four people are ripped apart by al-Qaeda bombers.
2013.06.24IraqMosul27Two people are obliterated by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2013.06.24IraqTikrit35Students are among the casualties when a Shahid suicide bomber detonates inside a university parking garage.
2013.06.24PakistanKhyber Pakhtunkhwa20Two people are brutally murdered by Islamic militants.
2013.06.24AfghanistanDeh-Sabz73Seven civilians are shot to death at a market by suspected Taliban.
2013.06.24IraqBaghdad12Jihadis bomb a Christian-owned store, killing a father of three.
2013.06.24PakistanKarachi10A Shiite shopkeeper is picked off by Sipah-e-Sahaba snipers.
2013.06.24IraqBaghdad516Jihadis bomb a supermarket, killing at leave five Iraqis.

June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013 Mercedes S-Class Slams Into Michel Richard’s Central DC restaurant A Mercedes Benz S-class jumped a curb onto the the sidewalk and crashed into the front of Michel Richard's restaurant in downtown Washington D.C. during peak rush hour traffic. Three women, including the drive and a 2 year old child were injured. The cause of the crash was unknown, but no press account noted that Inspire magazine had suggested attacks on a DC restaurant might hurt government workers.

Minneapolis:  4-year-old boy was shot along with two adults as they sat in a car.
Deontray Vershon Tate has been charged with three felony counts. Motive believed to be retaliation over the boy's mother beating up Tate's wife earlier that day. He allegedly shot a man standing on the sidewalk and another man and 4-year-old in the leg sitting in a parked car.

2013.06.25AfghanistanKabul34A suicide attack on a government building leaves three guards dead.
2013.06.25AfghanistanKandahar103Two children and eight women are shredded by a bomb planted by Sunni fundamentalists.
2013.06.25PakistanPeshawar10A bomb planted at a mosque kill a villager.
2013.06.25IraqBaghdad02Two guards are wounded when Muslims open fire on a Catholic church.
2013.06.25LebanonSirte60Six local soldiers are killed in an ambush by Islamic militia.
2013.06.25IraqBaqubah818Eight young people are tragically killed when Islamists set off a bomb near a soccer field.
2013.06.25PakistanKarachi10Sunnis fire on a Shia funeral, killing one mourner.
2013.06.25IraqTuz Khurmato2780Twenty-seven demonstrators calling for better security are massacred by two Religion of Peace suicide bombers.
2013.06.25IraqIskandariya513Five Shiite pilgrims are sent straight to Alla

June 26, 2013

2013.06.26PakistanHayatabad14Islamic extremists murder a man at a market.
2013.06.26ChinaLukqun2421At least two-dozen people are stabbed or beaten to death by rioting Muslim extremists.
2013.06.26PakistanKarachi1214Tehreek-e-Taliban bombers target a judge, killing a dozen people in the street.
2013.06.26PakistanJanaikhel30Three family members are obliterated by an Islamist bomb.
2013.06.26ThailandPattani15Children are among the casualties of a roadside bombing by Muslim 'separatists'.
2013.06.26IraqMosul43Fundamentalists bomb a liquor store, killing four patrons.
2013.06.26LebanonBeirut020Twenty people on a bus are stabbed in a suspected sectarian attack.
2013.06.26AfghanistanHerat50Five local cops are exterminated by Sunni radicals.
2013.06.26IraqKirkuk11Two brothers are shot by al-Qaeda.
2013.06.26LibyaBenghazi10Suspected Islamists kill one person with a car bomb in a residential neighborhood.
2013.06.26IraqBaghdad1016Religious radicals bomb a coffee shop showing a soccer game, taking out ten fans.
2013.06.26IndiaSopore10A local politician is assassinated by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.
2013.06.26NigeriaLangtang330Thirty-three students and elderly villagers are massacred in a coordinated attack by Muslim militia.
2013.06.26IraqKirkuk30Three family members, including two women are sent to Allah by Mujahideen bombers.

26 June 2013, Shanshan riots: terrorists in Lukqun TownshipShanshan County in Xinjiang killed 2 policemen and 22 civilians. 11 of the attackers were also killed. The attack began when a group of people with knives attacked a Chinese police station and a local government building. This attack was one of the bloodiest attacks in Xinjiang since 2009

Armed conflicts and attacks

June 27, 2013

2013.06.27SyriaDamascus48A suicide bomber detonates outside a church, killing four innocents.
2013.06.27IraqBaqubah1035A coffee shop packed with soccer fans is the target of an al-Qaeda bomb blast that leaves at least ten dead.
2013.06.27IraqMadaen16A 3-year-old girl is disassembled by an al-Qaeda bomb planted at her home.
2013.06.27IraqMeseib612Religion of Peace bombers target an auto show, taking out seven patrons.
2013.06.27IraqBaghdad10Islamic fundamentalists shoot a barber to death.
2013.06.27IraqBaghdad840Eight soccer fans are either blown up or shot to death by religious extremists.
2013.06.27SyriaQatana10A Greek Orthodox priest is kidnapped and tortured to death by Religion of Peace proponents.
2013.06.27PakistanKarachi10A man is murdered by Sipah-e-Sahaba.
2013.06.27SyriaIdlib20Two Christians, including a priest, are reportedly kidnapped, bound and beheaded on video by Islamists.

June 28, 2013

2013.06.28ThailandSongkhla27Muslim terrorists kill two people with a bomb outside a tea shop.
2013.06.28ThailandNarathiwat10Muslim 'separatists' shoot a 50-year-old man to death inside a mosque.
2013.06.28AfghanistanLaghman51Five villagers are shredded by fundamentalist bombers.
2013.06.28ThailandYala11Muslim 'insurgents' fire on a mother and her two young sons, killing her and injuring the 2-year-old.
2013.06.28IraqMadain415Religious extremists set off a bomb at a soccer field that leave four dead.
2013.06.28IraqBaghdad30Mujahideen bomb a bakery, laying out at least three innocents.
2013.06.28IraqDujail412A suicide bomber at a funeral sends four more souls to Allah.
2013.06.28IraqZangoura1119al-Qaeda bombers take out eleven Iraqis.
2013.06.28AfghanistanFarah22A Fedayeen suicide bomber ends the lives of two civilians.

June 29, 2013

2013.06.29ChechnyaShatoi114Islamic militia kill a local police officer and injure fourteen others.
2013.06.29ThailandYala84A massive roadside bomb set off by Muslim 'rebels' leaves eight local soldiers dead.
2013.06.29EgyptSinai10Islamists shoot a local cop six times in the head.
2013.06.29IraqQayara35Three Iraqis are taken out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2013.06.29IraqAbu Ghraib412Sunnis set off a bomb at a marketplace, killing three patrons.
2013.06.29NigeriaBorno1510Islamists sack several small villages, killing about fifteen people.
2013.06.29IraqGarma30Three Iraqis are shot to death by suspected al-Qaeda.
2013.06.29NigeriaPotiskum13Boko Haram terrorists murder a local soldier.
2013.06.29NigeriaMugunu100Ten traders on a business trip are massacred by Sharia proponents.
2013.06.29AfghanistanZabul32Religious extremists kill three civilians with a roadside bomb.

June 30, 2013

2013.06.30IraqDawr10A 17-year-old Muslim girl's life is snuffed out by Mujahid bombers.
2013.06.30PakistanQuetta3060Nine women and five children are among thirty Muslim innocents slain outside a Shia mosque by a Lashkar-i-Jhangvi suicide bomber.
2013.06.30PakistanPeshawar1747A Religion of Peace car bomb leaves seventeen people dead.
2013.06.30IraqHillah22Mujahideen kill two bus passengers with a planted bomb.
2013.06.30ChinaAtush10A Muslim extremist stabs a policeman.
2013.06.30PakistanDera Islmail Khan415Four people are killed when Islamic militants send rockets into a residential Muslim neighborhood.
2013.06.30PakistanKarachi10A secular political activist is murdered by suspected Tehreek-e-Taliban.
2013.06.30IraqBaghdad1225A dozen young Muslim boys at a soccer field are ripped apart by an al-Qaeda bomb blast.
2013.06.30PakistanMiranshah716The Taliban murder seven Muslim Pakistanis with an IED.
2013.06.30ThailandPattani10A 24-year-old civilian is gunned down by Muslim militants.