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Misfortune Month September 2013

Misfortune Month September 2013 ---
Timeline Security Incidents 2013 ---

Monday September 30, 2013
  1. NYC Motorcycle Gang Assaults SUV Driver September 30, 2013 Alexian Lien was celebrating his first anniversary with his wife and baby girl in his Range Rover when he was stopped by a group of motorcycles who executed a "brake check" to Lien to slow him to a stop. As they damaged his tires, he stepped on the gas, driving over one rider. Chased across town, when he stopped the bikers smashed his windows and beat him, as other bikers were trying to pull out the wife and daughter. Lien was treated for stitches and treatment of injuries to his face, while the motorcyclists posted a video complaining they had been attacked by a "reckless" and a "maniac" driver, and asking for justice for a hospitalized biker.
  2. Sang Ho Kim Update: Body ID'd as suspect in deadly Long Island office shooting, officials say CBS News·52 minutes ago (CBS) STONY POINT, N.Y. - A body found Monday in the Hudson River near the Bear Mountain Bridge is that of Sang Ho Kim, the suspected gunman in a deadly office
  3. Baghdad hit by wave of deadly car bombsBBC News  A series of car bomb blasts in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has killed at least 47 people and injured many more, officials say. The blasts targeted markets and car parks in mainly Shia Muslim districts of the city.
  4. Ghost Train Crash in Chicago Needed 2 Keys To Start September 30, 2013 In Chicago, an out-of-service train somehow was set into motion and traveled without a driver for a half mile before it slammed into a full train which had stopped at a station, injuring 48 people were taken to about 10 area hospitals. It was thought to be a mechanical failure, but investigators also considered that someone could have deliberately set it in motion, as it requires a key to get into the driver booth, another key to start the train. A driver is required to release the brake, and a dead-man switch stops the train if there is no operator. There are switch safeguards to keep the train from entering the main track.
  5. 'Qaeda' gunmen seize army HQ in Yemen port city,

Sunday September 29, 2013

  1. Israel arrests Iranian for espionage; was photographing U.S. Embassy Sep 29, 2013 The spy on the Tel Aviv boardwalk, near the US Embassy “At a time when Iran is trying to get closer to the US, it sent an agent to try to gather intelligence in order to carry out a terror attack against the American Embassy in Israel. This is just...
  2. Pakistan: Islamic jihadists murder 33 people with car bomb in market
  3. At least 33 killed as car bomb hits market in Pakistan," by Fakhar ur Rehman for NBC News, September 28 (thanks to Kenneth): ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - A powerful car bomb blast killed at least 33 people, including women and children, in a busy...
  4. 29 Sep 2013 Nigeria students killed in college attack Nigeria: Muslim group storms college, sets fire to classrooms, murders 50 students while they sleep As the world reels from the Kenya mall jihad attack, the Nigerian jihad group Boko Haram launches yet another jihad mass murder attack. "Nigeria College Attacked: 'Up To 50 Killed,'" from Sky News, September 29  As many as 50 people have been killed after suspected Islamist gunmen...

Friday September 27, 2013

  1. Collapsed building in Mumbai, India, Friday, Sept. 27, 2013. A multi-story residential building collapsed in India's financial capital of Mumbai early Friday, killing at least three people 
  2. 1 killed 1 case dismissed Friday September 27, 2013 Assassination of Louisiana Pastor Ronald J. Harris At 8:20 p.m. at the Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center in Lake Charles, Louisiana, a black gunman Woodrow Karey walked up to black pastor Ronald J. Harris as he was singing and preaching before 60 people. Karey shot him once at close range, and hit him again when Harris fell to the floor. A 22 caliber pistol and shotgun were found nearby in the woods, and Karey called the police to turn himself in afterwards. No motive has been given, and the pastor's daughter has no idea why Karey stopped going to the church and then came back to murder. Karey later told police he had seen inappropriate text message sent by his wife to the pastor and Karey's wife had filed rape charges against Harris two days for his shocking murder
  3. September 27, 2031 this morning, armed men attacked a police station in the northeast district, Mandera,  killing two officers and injuring three.
  4. String of Fires Not Terrorism in Somerville MA September 27, 2013 Fire that destroyed a home in Somerville, Massachusetts was the 17th in the city since June 27. Four were proven to be arson, four were believed to be accidental, with the remaining nine including this one yet to be determined

Thursday September 26, 2013
  1. a Catholic church was targeted in Wajir, a small city in the northern part of the country not far from the border with Somalia. The attackers threw two grenades at the church and then shot at the police, before running away. In the past, the same area has been attacked in a similar way and all have been attributed to Al Shabaab.
  2. September 26, 2013 Fire destroys another home in Somerville, the 17th in a string of fires including arsons since June 27 in Somerville MA. Half with determined causes were arson, 9 were still under investigation. “Four of them were deemed incendiary fires, another four were accidental, the remaining nine [including last night’s blaze] are considered undetermined and under investigation.”
  3. 26 Sep 2013South Korean lawmaker charged with plot to overthrow government Lee Seok-ki discussed launching attacks on South Korean targets if war broke out with North, claims senior prosecutor.
  4. SKorea Lawmaker Indicted Over Pro-NKorea Charges ABC News‎ 
  5. 1 killed 1 arrested Sept. 26, 2013 May 29, 2015 update Rhode Island: Driver govt pickup with with epilepsy to be tried for death of Navy officer standing by building The Associated Press  May 29, 2015 man Alan Bradley with epilepsy will go on trial for striking and killing a Navy police detective with his truck, despite multiple warnings from his doctor not to drive.  ..pleaded not guilty to operating in reckless disregard of the safety of others, resulting in death. Bradley, a civilian Navy employee, driving government pickup hit and killed Navy Police Detective Frank Lema. standing outside of a building at Navy Station Newport. June 5, 2015 update Man with epilepsy found guilty in Navy policeman's death federal court jury in Providence found Alan Bradley guilty of operating a motor vehicle in reckless disregard of the safety of others, resulting in death. Defense attorney, Terence Livingston, had argued that at the time of the crash Bradley had a valid driver's license, was not prohibited from driving and was taking medication for his condition, a neurological disorder that can lead to unconsciousness and convulsions. 
Wednesday September 25, 2013
5 incidents
  1. Sang Ho Kim Terrorist Shooting Near Long Island Mall September 25, 2013 Long Island New York:  Sang Ho Kim, 63 walked into Savenergy which makes energy efficient light fixtures where he was once a vendor, (one report was that he had been fired) and shot at the company's owner and killed another employee before fleeing in a Honda Pilot. A SWAT team came to encircle the building while nearby schools and a shopping mall was locked down. Police believe it was a workplace incident targeting business associates, with no evidence it was a random shooting.
  2. Ventura Boulevard Trash Can FiresSeptember 25, 2013 On Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, a man was questioned and booked on parole violation in connection with a series of six trash can fires set at about 8:40 p.m. One building with a business and apartments caught fire, sending smoke out the roof and causing at least $20,000 in damage
  3. White Plains Woman Pushed Into Metro Train White Plains Metro North Station in New York: At 11 a.m. a 21 year old woman Hunter College student Maya Leggat was pushed in front of a Metro train, suffering leg trauma. The male suspect Howard Mickens was quickly recognized as a regular homeless panhandler with a long criminal history who lives in a White Plains shelter. The African American man , has 11 previous arrests, including several convictions and five violent felonies. He has several convictions, and will be charged with 2nd degree attempted murder. He pushed her after asking her for money, and was quickly arrested by transit police. Harlem Line train service was disrupted for about an hour. Four trains were affected until noon two northbound and two southbound. New York saw previous seemingly unconnected incidents where a white woman who claimed to hate Muslims pushed an Indian man, and a black man who claimed to be on drugs and angry about losing a shoe pushed a Korean man to his death.
  4. Massive HAZMAT Fire in Abandoned Detroit FactorySeptember 25, 2013 Detroit, Michigan: Firefighters extinguished a massive fire at an abandoned factory which involved hazardous materials. Police arson detectives were investigating who or what may have started the fire.
  5. Dodgers Fan Stabbed To Death Outside SF Ballpark September 25, 2013 Dodgers fan fatally stabbed Wednesday outside of San Francisco's AT&T baseball park following an argument after a Giants baseball game. Suspect, Michael Montgomery, 21, had made some incriminating statements, but was released from custody Friday night after District Attorney George Gascon said police had insufficient evidence to charge him in the death of Jonathan Denver, 24. Dodgers fan fatally stabbed Wednesday outside of San Francisco's AT and T baseball park following an argument after a Giants baseball game. Suspect, Michael Montgomery, 21, had made some incriminating statements, but was released from custody Friday night after District Attorney George Gascon said police had insufficient evidence to charge him in the death of Jonathan Denver, 24.

September 24, 2103 Tuesday

Long Island Horse Trainer and Partner Shot in Home Tuesday September 24, 2013 In suburban Setauket in Long Island: A shooter went into the yard of a home at 8:45 p.m, stalking them from the lawn and firing 6 shots and killing Ross Reisner, 50 through the window, while grazing his longtime male partner Kevin Murray in the arm. Reisner was a renowned horse trainer. Police were seeking his ex-roommate who had been angry enough to send the couple a dead bird. Police believe Reisner was targeted.

September 23, 2013 Monday

Monday September 23, 2013 from Agence France Presse ZAMBOANGA, Philippines: Muslim rebels clashed with troops and took hostages in a fresh outbreak of violence in the strife-torn southern Philippines, while a another standoff with another Muslim armed group elsewhere in Mindanao entered its third week. Members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) attacked pro-government volunteers and troops in Midsayap  Four soldiers were killed while residents reported seeing four BIFF were killed, 15 schoolteachers and farmers were taken but later released as human shields

Charity Coast-Coast Rider Emily Gagnon Killed in Ohio
September 23, 2013 In Ohio, a motorist who was adjusting her visor at sunset struck a Massachusetts woman bicycle rider Emilee Gagnon who had just graduated from Westfield State College. Gagnon was riding alone for a charity to California when she was struck by Lynn Smith in a Ford Escape.

Daily Misfortune Sunday September 22, 2013 ---
4 incidents, 2 with criminal records including national stroller dragging
  1. 1 truck destroyed by fire Parked Garbage Truck Catches Fire in Chapel Hill TXSunday September 22, 2013 I
  2. 1 injured suspect not charged  Man Saves Drunk Who Crashes His Parked Car Head On  September 22, 2013 
  3. 3 killed 1 arrested Muskegon Elks Lodge Shooting September 22, 2013 T
  4. 4. 2 killed (was missing) 2 arrested Shavelle Oscar Chavez-Nelson Arrested for Burnsville Murder  September 22, 2013 
  5. 8 crimes September 22, 2013 to October 8, 2013 crime spree Victims fight back tears recalling Raleigh man who robbed them at ATMs 
  6. 78 Christians killed  September 22, 2013  Pakistan church suicide bombing day after Kenya mall attack
September 21, 2013 Saturday
2 incidents

  1. Mall in Nairobi Kenya is stormed by gunmen including not only Somalis but white and Arab fighters tossing grenades who proclaim they are from Al Qaeda aligned Al Shabab from Somalia in retribution for Kenya sending troops into Somalia. They vowed to kill only non-Muslims, and release those who answered Koranic questions correctly, and killed others. Israel was asked to contribute advisors, and the army was called in. Dozens of citizens from many nations were killed and wounded along with security forces, and analysts suspect it is a much bigger operation than Al Shabab alone which has not conducted Mumbai-style commando attacks. The scene was still being mopped up by wednesday as floors collapsed onto bodies.
  2. Saturday september 21, 2013 20-year-old Darieann Hess of Seabrook, New Hampshire with no license crossed the center line and appeared to drive directly into a group of bicycle riders on a bridge in Hampton, N.H, killing two women and injuring two others. Police are conducting a criminal investigation, including confiscated her car, her phone, and they took a blood sample.

September 20, 2013 Friday

2 incidents

  1. Boko Haram College Dormitory Massacre in Nigeria September 29, 2013 Suspected Boko Haram terrorists killed over 40 agricultural college students at night in their dormitory in Potiskum, Nigeria. 
  2. AQAP video details suicide assaults against Yemeni bases in Shabwa Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has released a video showing the attacks on three Yemeni military bases in Shabwa province that took place on Sept. 20. A copy of the video, which was published on YouTube yesterday and is embedded above, contains English subtitles. More than 50 Yemeni policemen and soldiers were killed in the attacks, which targeted a military camp that was responsible for security at oilfields in Shabwa; a military checkpoint in the Al Nushaima area; and special forces encampment. Additionally, AQAP fighters failed in their attempt to attack the Balhaf liquid natural gas terminal on the coast [see LWJ report, AQAP launches multiple suicide assaults in southern Yemen].

September 19, 2013 Thursday
3 incident
  • September 19, 2013 Woman Arrested Twice For DUI After Hitting Black Diamond Gift Store 58-year-old Laura Kelsch,is arrested twice for DUI in one day after first driving into the side of the Black Bear Outpost gift shop which was days from opening without even hitting the brakes. She was given a ride home as there was no space at the jail, then she drove back to the same liquor store next door and was arrested again.
  • Samaritan Jered Harvey Pushed Onto Subway Tracks September 19, 2013 Jered Harvey, a 135-pound economics student at PACE Brooklyn called out to Rayfield Grant punching a woman on the subway platform at 10 p.m. Grant punched the teen in the face, then grabbed the teen by the neck and pushed him to the tracks. He was able to get off the tracks despite a woman on a bench who refused to help. Grant, 29, is homeless and has a history of drug-related arrests was arrested and charges with second-degree attempted murder and first-degree attempted assault.
  • Chicago Basketball Court Shooting Wounds 13, 3 Critical September 19, 2013 On a Chicago basketball court in a park, 2 men in a grey sedan shot 13 people including a 3 yr old. 3 were in critical condition. Officials believe it was gang related. Wikipedia: Thirteen people, including a three-year-old, are shot and wounded in the Back of the Yards neighborhood of the American city of ChicagoIllinois(Chicago Tribune) (Yahoo News) (The New York Times)

Daily Misfortune Wednesday September 18, 2013   ---
11 killed in 3 incidents

  1. 1 killed Teen Graciela Martinez Dies Trapped in Locked BMW 
  2. 4 killed Antonio Feliu Kills 4 shooting head-on crash murder suicide Florida Gun Driving Rampage 
  3. 6 killed Train Hits Kamikaze Canada Bus Crashing Through Crossing Barrier 
Daily Misfortune Tuesday September 17, 2013 ---

Daily Misfortune Monday September 16, 2013 ---
  1. The Armed Forces of the Philippines launch a helicopter strike against Moro National Liberation Front rebels holed up in parts of the city of Zamboanga. (AFP)
  2. 1 killed South Korean troops kill man trying to swim to North 
  3. police chase September 16, 2013 Driver leads multi-county Austin TX chase SWAT standoff 
  4. 12 killed 3 injured September 16, 2013 DC Navy Yard Shooting rampage at military facility is not a terrorist attack.
September 15, 2013 Sunday
2 incidents: 

  1. September 15 Queen City Yacht Club Boat Rampage Man naked from waist down commandeered a yacht at the Queen City Yacht Club in Seattle. He went on a rampage ramming other boats and docks causing nearly $500,000 in damage before a citizen with a shotgun shot him. He was hospitalized, claiming he was drunk and on drugs trying to knock an Asian woman ninja off the boat who was trying to kill him.
  2. September 15, 2013 Glenn Broadnax Times Square Standoff Two police officers fired shots at an agitated man Glenn Broadnax, 35, of Brooklyn but instead hit two women bystanders. Broadnex appeared to be throwing himself in the path of traffic in Times Square.

Daily Misfortune Saturday September 14, 2013 ---
  1. Driver Punches Ole Miss Student Causing Brain Injury in Austin 
  2. Car Accident Survivor Unarmed Black Former Football Player Shot When He Charges Police in Charlotte NC 
  3. Random Stabbing Kills Professor after Seattle Sounders soccer game 
  4. Non-terrorist Near Beheading of Firefighter in Toronto Lebanese Cafe
September 13, 2013 Friday
7 incidents.
  1. SF Parks Truck Runs Over Sunbather Christine Svanemyr September 13, 2013 At 2:30 p.m. Christine Svanemyr was run over at Holly Park in San Francisco's Bernal Heights Neighborhood by 57-year-old Thomas Burnoski. Mrs. Svanemyr was sunbathing on the grass with her 11-month-old daughter and dog, when a maintenance vehicle from San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department struck her before fleeing the scene. Mr. Burnoski was arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and felony hit and run, but prosecutors have not yet decided to file charges. 
  2. September 13, 2013 Attack on U.S. Consulate in Afghanistan kills two Afghan security guards after suicide bombers exploded an SUV and a van packed with explosives outside the U.S. Consulate in western Afghanistan. (CBS News) 
  3. Trash Bin Fire Sends USC Dorm Students Into Street September 13, 2013 At University of Southern California in Los Angeles, the 15-story Webb Hall dormitory was evacuated sending students into the strerets because of a late night fire in a nearby trash bin. kabc
  4. Stabbing Kills Firefighter in Toronto Cafe September 13, 2013 Nabil Huruy, 23, of Toronto stabbed and nearly beheaded a firefighter at a Lebanese cafe in an "unprovoked" attack. Pam Geller and a few blogs believe the attackers ethnicity and religion may help explain a possible motive. 
  5. Cars Crashing Into Motorcycles Friday September 13, 2013 Saint Paul MN Autumn Brenae Mason was charged in a fatal hit and run collision which her SUV hit and left a 92 year old motorcyclist dead. Witnesses saw a 2000 Dodge Durango let the motorcycle go first at a two way stop sign, then accelerate rapidly and strike a motorcycle in the middle of the intersection so hard that it knocked his helmet off, The motorcyclist died of head injuries later. Then she stopped to check on the rider and fled. A licence plate which fell off led police to her house. She admitted she was in the accident, and told police she did not see a motorcycle, just a reflection from the sun, and she just blacked out and does not remember anything before she was near Lake Phalen. She has an extensive criminal history, so it was probably an honest accident. 
  6. Fire Starts in Winona MN Islamic Center A fire which started at 2AM destroyed Winona's Islamic center spread to much of a downtown block of historic buildings. It is not known if it was accidental or arson, but retired professor Winona State University Ahmed El-Afandi who founded the center in 1993 noted “Nobody [in the community] has given us any trouble.” Fire believed to be started by electrical problem. 
  7. Newly Repaired New Jersey Shore Boardwalk Fire (fox) A raging fire spread rapidly through several blocks of a New Jersey shore boardwalk that was just repaired after sustaining heavy damage in Superstorm Sandy. Cause is ruled to be electrical cables damaged by storm.
September 12, 2013 Thursday

  1. Bellevue Audi on Meth Rams and Kills BMW Driver Bellevue, Washington: At 10 p.m. 911 was getting calls of an Audi with a passenger weaving through traffic at over 100 miles per hour. The driver who was found to be high on meth slammed into the rear of a BMW which swerved and rolled over several times before bursting into flames, trapping and killing the driver. Two other vehicles were hit, injuring three, and blocking all lanes of I 405 for hours. The Audi driver survived and is expected to be charged with vehicular homicide. [this was murder, not an accident]

September 11, 2013
  1. Car bomb hits a former site of US Consulate in Libya’s Benghazi onSept. 11 attack anniversary TRIPOLI, Libya — A car bomb tore through a Libyan Foreign Ministry building in the eastern city of Benghazi
September 10, 2013

2013.09.10 (Yala, Thailand) - Two people are killed when Muslim 'rebels' set off a bomb at a school. ropeace

September 9, 2013 

  1. Two Japanese Stabbed, One Killed in Turkey In Turkey two Japanese college student tourists were attacked by assailants with knives who stabbed them, killing Mai Kurihara, 22 and sending the other to the hospital. No motive was given. The US embassy had been attacked in February, and another American woman was beaten to death in January by a man who later fought with Islamist Syrian rebels.
  2. Yia Her Kills Brody A. Sotona In St Paul ChasePolice stopped Yia Her 34 of St Paul for suspected drunk driving. He had a suspended licence, and took off on a 3 minute high speed chase through Minneapolis before he t-boned a car killing 20 year old Brody A. Sotona and injuring his passenger. [murder, not an accident]
  3. China school explosion kills two Initially reported as an accident, a suicide bomber detonated a 3 wheel motorized bicycle with a A homemade bomb in front of a primary school in a Guilin, a southern resort Chinese. It killed at least two people including the driver and injured 17 including 10 school children. One boy lost a leg. The explosion set other vehicles ablaze and shattered seventh-floor windows. This looks more like a definite suicide bombing compared to the 2010 series of seemingly unrelated school attacks by people armed with knives, including a man who attacked children with a hammer and then set fire to himself, and the later tiananmen square SUV rampage blamed on muslim extremists.
  4. San Antonio Motel Standoff After Policeman Shooting Standoff is under way between Texas authorities and a man suspected of shooting a veteran police officer through the door in the head. The gunman has barricaded himself inside a motel  rooms
  5. September 9, 2013 (Zamboanga, Philippines) - Moro Islamists invade a coastal village, killing six people and taking hostages. ropeace
September 8, 2013

  1. 2013.09.08 (Basra, Iraq) - Four women are among six family members slain in their home by Muslim terrorists. ropeace
  2. 2013.09.08 (Wardak, Afghanistan) - Four employees are killed during a sustained Taliban suicide assault on a government building. ropeace
  3. 2013.09.08 (Jalula, Iraq) - Two suicide bombers murder three Iraqis. 
  4. Racist Mob Targets Toddler and Father in Sweden Malmo Sweden. A mob of attackers approached an African father 32-year-old Yusupha Sallah from Gambia and his 18-month old son Yunus on a footbridge bridge over a river. In what is believed to be a racially driven assault. Four people approached as one kicked a toy from the boy's hand, and then the boy was thrown to the ground. The father was beaten as several more men joined the attack and called him a "black bastard" as they threatened to kill him and his child. Then they tried to throw him off the bridge as he held on for life to the handrailing, then they fled. There were no arrests. Unverified comments on stories assert the assailants were mideastern or Kurds.
September 7, 2013
  1. September 7, 2013 (Hamarweyne, Somalia) - Eighteen people are pulled into pieces by a suicide bomber outside a restaurant. ropeace
  2. Black Samaritan Saves Man At East St Paul Bus Stop September 7, 2013 In East St. Paul A 26 year old man was accosted at a bus stop by 10 to 15 men. One cried out "Let’s get this white fool.” A black motorist driving by honked his horn and flashed his lights, driving the men away and offered a ride. He was called a "good samaritan" by newspaper reports. This follows an August 4 beating of a 26 year old Ray Widstrand which caused fatal brain swelling, and now recovering. Four teenagers and one young adult were arrested and charged. See Ray Widstrand Aug 4
September 6, 2013
  1. A cargo ship crashes into the Beykoz pier while crossing the Bosphorus in Istanbul on No one was hurt in the accident that damaged over ten boats docked by the pier.
  2. Charlie Christopher Bates USF Terrorist Killed in Police Shootout 24-year-old Charlie Christopher Bates sexually assaulted four University of South Florida students. He terrorized a large group of partygoers, forcing them into a bedroom at gunpoint and threatening to shoot them. He fled one woman after she started reading bible passages, and also fled a another woman after she started praying. During the final police chase, Bates shot at the officers through the rear and driver’s side window of the stolen car. He died in a shootout at 12:30 p.m. ending a massive, 14-hour manhunt.

September 5, 2013  Thursday

2 Month Baby Held By Father Shot in North Minneapolis a man was holding his 2 month old baby at 9 p.m. when he heard a loud bang and saw the baby was hit. The baby was in critical condition no arrests were made. On August 20 at 5:30 P.M. in the same area people were gathered in a front yard when five shots rang out. A 14 month old baby was shot in the shoulder, along with a 19 year old pregnant woman and a 17 year old boy, the culprit escaped.

Daily Misfortune Wednesday September 4, 2013 ---
  1. Spring High School stabbing
  2. Steven Emmanuel Lewis was sentenced to 24 years for the August 10, 2012 Murder of Aung Thu Bo over Craiglist iphone 
  3. September 4, 2013 killing  aug 5 pleading  Asian Man Edwin Lee Sentenced to 20 Years for San Mateo Robbery Turned Deadly
  4. Jeffrey Babbitt Was The Next White Person For Marten Attack After Nobody Wants To Play chess with him 
  5. The Russian government releases a report that claims to show a makeshift weapon used in a chemical attack near the Syrian city of Aleppo in March was similar to ones made by rebels.(Reuters)

    September 3, 2013 Tuesday
    1. Baluchistan Suicide Car Bomb Kills 19 on Shiite Buses to Iran A remotely detonated pickup truck bomb blew up as a a convoy of buses carrying 180 Shiite Muslims to Iran drove by. One bus was destroyed and two were damaged, one set afire. 19 people were killed including 4 women and injured 25 in Pakistan's insurgency-plauged southwestern Baluchistan province. No group claimed credit, but the area is a stronghold for extremist Sunni militants belonging to Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which has links to Pakistani Taliban militants . Ethnic Hazaras, a Persian-speaking Shiite minority have been a frequent target as over 300 Shiites, many of them Hazaras, have been killed in Baluchistan since 2008, according to Human Rights Watch. In 2011, terrorists dragged 26 Hazara men and boys from another bus on its way to Iran and executed them.
    2. St. Paul: Former gang member Aloeng Kelley Vang (Asian American) became angry after he almost ran down Jeffrey Thomas Elling (described by Vang as a “Caucasian dude”) and his girlfriend and they complained about his driving. Shortly after, he went to his house and complained to his wife that that he had been insulted. She tried to calm him and warned that he was married with a child. He returned with a gun, and rang the doorbell and there were two shots when Elling answered the door at 3AM, and he was found dead shot in the neck. He returned to his house where his wife asked if he had shot anybody, then returned to the crime scene and turned himself in.
    3. Sinai insurgency:An Egyptian army helicopter kills 15 militants in the Sinai Peninsula. (Reuters)
      September 1, 2013 Sunday
      1. In Brooklyn NYC Boy Shot in Stroller In Brooklyn, 1 year old African American Antiq Hennis was shot and killed in his stroller as his parents were pushing across the street, and 3 or 4 shots were heard. The father was thought to be the target, no arrests have been made. Compared to March 18 Georgia Infant Antonio Santiago who was also shot in a stroller
      2. Camp Ashraf September 1, 2013 Massacre Washington Times Iraqi security forces massacred 52, about half of the community of unarmed Iranian dissidents early Sunday at Camp Ashraf from 5 a.m. until late afternoon. Iraqi troops tied the dissidents’ hands behind their backs and shot them in the head according to a camp witness. Iraqi officials whose policies are often allied with Iran acknowledged the deaths but blamed them on infighting among the camp’s 100 residents.