Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bonnie and Clyde Team

Bonnie and Clyde Team ---
Terroristic Security Incidents by Category |Timeline


1 killed 1 injured 1 arrested May 25, 2015 Murder of Rio Rancho NM Officer Officer Gregg Benner On Memorial Day, Andrew Romero allegedly was paranoid when he forced his girlfriend Tabitha Littles who had just smoked a bowl of methamphetamines to drive a Dodge Durango to prowl for for stores to break into. She was scared that he would shoot her and swerved near the police car of officer Gregg Benner, which pulled them over at about 8 P.M.  Allegedly, Romero threw the vehicle into drive and demanded she step on the gas or he would shoot her. After a brief chase, Littles was tossed out after being shot in the foot, then she heard gun shots and saw Benner stagger towards her asking “What was his name?” before collapsing. Romero allegedly shot at the officer in a library parking lot because he was “scared.”  Judge maintained $5 million bond because Romero is a proven flight risk with a long violent criminal history being charged with voluntary manslaughter in 2005. Romero is charged murder, shooting at or from a motor vehicle, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated fleeing a peace officer, tampering with evidence and felon in possession of a firearm. Tabitha Littles (white female) was also charged with  accessory to homicide. Benner, 49,  was a military veteran who had been with the Rio Rancho Police Department for four years with five children

5 dead including 2 suspects, 2 police June 8, 2014 Las Vegas Suicide Couple Ambushes and Kills Two Officers, Walmart customerIn Las Vegas, a married couple Jerad and Amanda Miller who some say shouted “This is a revolution!” ambushed and shot two police officers eating at a pizza restaurant and shot a third Walmart shopper who confronted them before killing each other in a suicide pact. Police found swastikas in the suspects apartment and they were known to be anti-government white supremacists spouting conspiracy theories who often spoke of killing cops, and they draped a "don't tread on me flag" popular with the Tea Party and a swastika over their victims. They had been seen supporting the Bundy ranch.

6 killed 2 suspects guilty December 24, 2007 Joseph McEnroe and Michele Kristen Anderson Guilty 2007 Carnation WA Murders The Carnation murders were a mass murder of six of three generations of suspect's own family members, including two young children. Arrested and convicted were Michele Kristen Anderson and her boyfriend, Joseph Thomas McEnroe, both aged 29 who had jobs in the community. The victims were her parents, Wayne, 60, who worked at Boeing and Judith Anderson, 61 who was a mail carrier; her brother, Scott, and his wife, Erica, both 32; and the couple's two children, Olivia, 5, and Nathan, 3 all shot with a .357-caliber Magnum handgun. McEnroe had met Anderson online and moved to Washington to marry her. The couple were seen as distant, paranoid and unfriendly. The motive was unclear but police speculated Anderson could have been angry over money issues when her parents were asking her to pay rent on their trailer. McEnroe’s mother had been searching for her son, and called him a “good Christian”. He told the court that he felt some sort of acceptance with Jehovah's Witnesses, but when stopped studying for ministry when he felt he had filed and been rejected by God when the he told elders he didn't have a guilt-free conscience.