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Suicide or Crash Attacks By and On Pilots and Drivers

Suicide Crash Attacks By and On Pilots and Drivers --- ===
or possible driver fault



List of declared or suspected pilot suicides[edit]
This list excludes World War II suicide attacks on ground targets (see section above).

By pilots in control of whole flight
Crash datePerpetratorFlight TypeFlightFatalitiesTheoriesAircraftRefs
September 26, 1976PilotGeneral aviationAeroflot12
(pilot, 11 on the ground)
The pilot flew an Antonov An-2from Novosibirsk-Severny Airportand crashed the aircraft into an apartment complex where his ex-wife lived. His ex-wife was not killed in the crash.[12]
January 5, 1977PilotGeneral aviationConnellan air disaster5
(pilot, 4 on the ground)
A disgruntled former employee ofConnellan Airways (Connair) flew a Beechcraft Baron into the Connair complex at the Alice Springs AirportNorthern TerritoryAustraliaBaron-g-bnun-bma-2.jpg[13]
August 22, 1979PilotGeneral aviationStolen aircraft4
(pilot, 3 on the ground)
A 23-year-old aircraft mechanic working at Bogota El Dorado Airport stole a Hawker-Siddeley HS-748 and crashed it into a Bogota suburb.[14]
February 9, 1982PilotCommercial flightJapan Airlines Flight 35024Pilot engaged number 2 and 3enginesthrust-reversers in flight. The first officer and flight engineer were able to partially regain control.JA8048 DC-8-61 Japan A-l HKG 27OCT81 (5580803444).jpg[15]
September 15, 1982PilotGeneral aviationBankstown Airport incident1The pilot of a light aircraft committed suicide by deliberately crashing into airport in the City of BankstownNew South Wales,Australia[16]
July 13, 1994PilotMilitaryStolen aircraft1A Russian air force engineer stole the airplane at Kubinka air base outside of Moscow. He circled the aircraft until it ran out of fuel and crashed.[17]
August 21, 1994PilotCommercial flightRoyal Air Maroc Flight 63044Crashed intentionally by pilot (disputed by flight union)[18]
September 12, 1994PilotGeneral aviationStolen aircraft1Crashed intentionally by Frank Eugene Corder on the White House south lawn.Cessna.fa150k.g-aycf.arp.jpg[20]
April 2, 1997PilotMilitaryCraig D. Buttonincident1While on a training mission, Button flew off course and ceased radio contact. The jet crashed into a mountain in Colorado.
December 19, 1997PilotCommercial flightSilkAir Flight 185104Crashed intentionally by pilot (disputed by Indonesian government)9V-TRD B737-3M8 Silk Air MAN MAY92 (6181415754).jpg[21]
October 11, 1999PilotStolen commercial aircraft1999 Air Botswana incident1Pilot commandeered and then crashed an Air Botswana aircraft into a group of aircraft at Sir Seretse Khama International Airport in Gaborone, BotswanaAir Botswana ATR42 A2-ABN.jpg[22]
October 31, 1999First officerCommercial flightEgyptAir Flight 990217After the captain left the cockpit, first officer crashed aircraft into ocean while repeatedly saying "I rely on God" in Arabic[23]
[24] (U.S. National Transportation Safety Board); mechanical failure (Egyptian air agency)
Egyptair Boeing 767-300 in 1992.jpg[25]
January 5, 2002PilotGeneral aviation2002 Tampa airplane crash1
(pilot, damaged an office)
Crashed into Bank of America Plaza. Teen Charles J. Bishop credited and praised Osama bin Laden for September 11, 2001 attacks in suicide noteTampa plane crash.jpg[27]
April 18, 2002PilotGeneral aviation2002 Pirelli Tower airplane crash3
(pilot, 2 inside the building)
The aircraft crashed in the tower in Milan. Suicide is a possibility.Commander112landing.jpg[28]
February 18, 2010PilotGeneral aviation2010 Austin suicide attack2Andrew Joseph Stack III deliberately crashed his single-engine Piper Dakota light aircraftinto Building I of the Echelon office complex in Austin, Texas, United States.[29]
November 29, 2013PilotCommercial flightLAM Mozambique Airlines Flight 47033Likely: The pilot intentionally crashed jet; the co-pilot was locked out of the cockpit, according to the voice recorder.LAM Mozambique Airlines Embraer 190 Volpati.jpg[18]
March 8, 2014Commercial flightMalaysia Airlines Flight 370239Pilot suicide is a possibility(wreckage and black boxes not yet found)Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia AL (MAS) 9M-MRO - MSN 28420 404 (9272090094).jpg[30]
March 24, 2015Co-pilotCommercial flightGermanwings Flight 9525150Proven: The co-pilot locked the captain out of cockpit before deliberately crashing the plane into a mountain near Prads-Haute-Bléone, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France.320 GERMANWINGS D-AIPX 147 10 05 14 BCN RIP (16730197959).jpg[32]

By hijackers[edit]

Crash dateMurdererFlight TypeFlightFatalitiesTheoriesAircraftRefs
February 22, 1974HijackerCommercial flightDelta Airlines Flight 5233
(hijacker, co-pilot, police officer)
Samuel Byck intended to crash into theWhite House in the hope of killing U.S. President Richard Nixon. He killed several people, hijacked the aircraft, but the aircraft never left the gate.[33]
December 7, 1987HijackerCommercial flightPacific Southwest Airlines flight 177143
(all, including 4 or 5 shot before impact)
Hijacked by one of the passengers, a disgruntled former employee of USAir, who shot the crew and two other people to death before crashing the plane near Cayucos, California, United States.PSA BAe 146-200; N356PS, July 1986 CBG (4848643600).jpg[34]
April 7, 1994HijackerCommercial flightFederal Express Flight 7050Hijacked by a deadheading Federal Express employee facing possible dismissalMcDonnell Douglas MD-10-30(F), FedEx JP7375978.jpg[35]
December 24, 1994HijackersCommercial flightAir France Flight 89697
(all 4 hijackers, 3 passengers)
After having killed three passengers, the hijackers had the intention to blow up the aircraft over the Eiffel Tower in Paris. When the aircraft reached Marseille a counterterror unit of the French National Gendarmerie(GIGN) killed all four hijackers.Airbus A300B2-1C, Air France AN1091113.jpg[36]
September 11, 2001HijackersCommercial flightAmerican Airlines Flight 111692
(87 passengers and crew, 5 hijackers, about 1600 on the ground)
Plane hijacked and crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center by hijackers as part of the September 11, 2001 attacks.N334AA B767-223ER American MAN 08APR01 (6839074488).jpg[37]
September 11, 2001HijackersCommercial flightUnited Airlines Flight 175965
(60 passengers and crew, 5 hijackers, about 900 on the ground)
Aircraft hijacked and crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center by hijackers as part of the September 11, 2001 attacks.Boeing 767-222, United Airlines AN0188143.jpg[37]
September 11, 2001HijackersCommercial flightAmerican Airlines Flight 77187
(57 passengers and crew, 5 hijackers, 125 on the ground)
Aircraft hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon by hijackers as part of the September 11, 2001 attacks.[37]
September 11, 2001HijackersCommercial flightUnited Airlines Flight 9344
(40 passengers and crew, 4 hijackers)
Aircraft hijacked as part of the September 11, 2001 attacks.
Passengers revolted against the hijackers, and the plane crashed in Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania. Although the plane crashed with the death of all aboard, the passengers prevented the hijackers from reaching their target for another attack (thought to be the White House or theCapitol Building).

*Other possible flights not noted:

Year 2016

Feras M. Freitekh Dies In Suspected Intentional Plane Crash Near CT Defense Jet Engine Factory  Oct 12, 2016 Got into a struggle with instructor who thinks the student was trying to crash the plane.

1 suspect killed terrorism and suicide suspected, ruled out August 12, 2016 Canadian not-Terrorist Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary Steals and Crashes Plane Into Mall Canadian 20-year-old Markham man Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary with mental health issues “acting alone,” managed to sneak into Toronto Markham Airport, steal a Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk small plane undetected, fly it and crashed it just before 3 a.m. in what appeared to be an "emergency landing" near the Landsdowne Place mall apparently halfway on a journey to the national capital in Ottawa.

Pilot error: TransAsia Pilots Apparently Shut Off Wrong Engine After Idle Warning - ABC ... ABC News Feb 6, 2015 TransAsia Crash Plane 'Lost Engine Power' ... The data, however, showed it had not shut down, or "flamed out," as the pilot told the ... One of the engines on TransAsia Airways Flight 235 went idle soon after takeoff, and the pilots apparently shut off the other engine before the plane crashed, according to Taiwan’s top aviation official. Within a minute of takeoff, the plane's right engine triggered an alarm,  went into idle mode After that, the pilot apparently shut down the left engine, the only engine producing power, a maneuver that Wang said officials are continuing to investigate.

20 January 2015 AirAsia QZ8501: pilots 'turned off critical computer system ... The Week pilots had sought permission to climb from 32,000ft to 38,000ft because of stormclouds. Air traffic control gave them permission to climb to 34,000ft, but the plane ...The two flights vanished within nine months of one another, with no final ..  Wikipedia On 20 January 2015, it was reported that the aircraft had stalled during an abnormally steep climb and had been unable to recover. ​Frozen instruments, deliberate crash? AirAsia plane crash ... RT Dec 31, 2014 - Possible explanations range from misread instruments leading to a stall to a murder-suicide.

4 killed October 30, 2014 Engine failure crash at Wichita kills 3 in ground simulator. The Wichita Eagle Oct 30, 2014 - The crash of a Beechcraft King Air B200 shortly before 10 a.m. killedfour people ... “The next thing I knew, it hit the top of the roof of FlightSafety,” Metz said. ..... “The pilot did report that he had a left engine problem, so we're very interested in ... Three of the bodies were found in one flight simulator inside the ... reported losing the left engine shortly after takeoff [no problem was found with engines] 4 dead, 5 injured as small plane crashes into Kansas building Los Angeles Times Oct 30, 2014 - A twin-engine plane crashed into a building shortly after takeoff from ...Flight Safety Building, which houses flight simulators and serves as a training facility for pilots. ... Three people inside the building died and a fourth body was found accidents 2014

*Bus, Truck  Ground Vehicles - see Deliberate Accidents

(deliberate crash not ruled out) 10 injured in crash February 9, 2015 Public bus drive possible medical issue, overturns into Alabama ravine NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Published: Monday, February 9, 2015 A Max public bus has overturned in a Fairfield, Ala., ravine, and passengers are being rescued by firefighters. Some passengers suggested that he may have suffered a seizure just before the vehicle veered off Martin Luther King Drive

3 killed 9 injured October 27, 2015 Police suspect deliberate action Finlabnd mother 3 children ram father's bus fatal crash  Police say they now strongly suspect that the woman who died in a tragic road accident Sunday evening may have acted deliberately. The woman and three children were killed, theory that the woman who drove the car head-on into a bus may have done so deliberately. strongly suggest that the act was deliberate. Driving conditions did not play a role,” The woman apparently knew that her husband was on board the bus, The car was said to be in the oncoming lane at the time of the accident. Nine of the people on board the bus reportedly sustained non-life threatening injuries.  The accident claimed the lives of the 33-year old woman as well as her three children aged 1, 2 and 6. The two youngest were reportedly the children of the man said to be on the bus.

6 killed 7 injured December 22, 2015 Glasgow killer garbage truck crash accident or attack? UK The Star Six people were killed and several others injured when a garbage truck crashed into a group of pedestrians in downtown Glasgow Scotland... hit a number of pedestrians as it veered "out of control". “does not look to be a criminal or deliberate act" that has taken place here this afternoon, but we need to have time to investigate it,”  Onlookers suggested the driver became ill and lost control of the vehicle, but officials did not confirm this. (Not confirmed, not ruled out) No charges for unidentified driver of killer garbage truck Fox News Channel Feb 25, 2015 - Scottish prosecutors say they will not charge the driver of a garbage truck... "despite its catastrophic consequences there is no evidence to suggest that the driver's conduct at the time amounted to a breach of the criminal law." UK JIHAD COVER UP: Glasgow Garbage Truck Incident Possible Jihad Attack? Shoebat Foundation on January 6, 2015  we can take an informed guess as “car Jihad” incidents were happening around the same time all across Europe... name withheld... driver appears to be seated in a normal, upright posture...not reports from witness accounts have popped up online (disinformation operation) and even passed as fact.. detractive comments are that the driver had either a heart attack or he was able to steer around the corner into Queen Street and keep a straight line down the pavement over such a long distance without smashing into shop...  names of the driver and two other men in the lorry have been put on a D-notice ,a D notice restricts reporting ,issued by the uk secatary of state for defence in the interest of " national security! not normanally applied to three low paid menial garbage collectors after a simple road accident ?????? Sounds like the witness accounts might be similar to the, "hands up, don't shoot" fairy tales.

(Clockwise from top left) Jack Sweeney, Lorraine Sweeney, Erin McQuade,, Jacqueline Morton, Stephenie Tait and Gillian Ewing

Victims (Clockwise from top left) Jack Sweeney, Lorraine Sweeney, Erin McQuade, Jacqueline Morton, Stephenie Tait and Gillian Ewing were killed in the crash

2014 Glasgow bin lorry crash - Wikipedia On 22 December 2014, at around 14:30 GMT, a bin lorry (a recycling truck) collided with pedestrians in Queen Street, Glasgow. The lorry came to rest part way ...

October 2010-January 2012 Audi deliberately crashed into side of bus as part of UK fraud conspiracy Daily Mail Apr 1, 2015 - These dramatic images show the moment an Audi pulled out of a road and deliberately crashed into the side of a bus as part of a £1million ...Moment Audi deliberately crashed into side of bus as part of £1million no win no fee scam which led to hundreds of fake whiplash claims 'Crash for cash' fraud involved cars being deliberately driven into buses Convicted yesterday of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud after trial  The crashes took place between October 2010 and January 2012 and earned ringleader John Smith 45, from Connah's Quay, North Wales, £159,000.. a car would collide with the side of a bus, causing both minimal impact and damage... driver of the car would admit full liability, allowing all of the passengers from the bus to submit personal injury claims.

Nov 11, 2006 Gardai investigate 'deliberate' bus crash - The Irish Times The Irish Times  Gardaí in Dublin are investigating the hi-jacking of a bus in Dublin city which was then crashed into parked cars.

6 July 1989 Tel Aviv–Jerusalem bus 405 suicide attack (July 6) - Wikipedia  (confirmed intentional terrorist attack) Tel Aviv–Jerusalem bus 405 attack was a suicide attack on 6 July 1989 carried out by Abed al-Hadi Ghaneim of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.[1] On a crowded Egged commuter bus line No. 405 en route from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem (Israel), Ghanim seized the steering wheel of the bus, running it off a steep cliff into a ravine in the area of Qiryat Ye'arim. 16 civilians died in the attack—including two Canadians and one American, and 27 were wounded.  The incident is described as the first Palestinian suicide attack despite the fact that the attacker survived.  perpetrator was a 25-year-old Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant named Abd al-Hadi Rafa Ghanim who originated from the Nusseirat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. Ghanim was convicted and given 16 life sentences for murder, hijacking and terrorism. On 18 October 2011, Ghanim was released to Gaza as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange between Israel and Hamas.

27 killed Florida Highway Patrol says fatal Bus Crash Turn was Deliberate May 23, 1963
St. Petersburg Times Belle Glade bus crash that killed 27 was triggered when a truck
driver apparently deliberately cut into the bus the florida Highway Patrol said yesterday

*Deliberate Railway Crashes

Criminal investigations

DidAmtrak Engineer Deliberately Crash Train? May 15, 2015 The Amtrak engineer who is under investigation in Tuesday night’s train crash that killed 8, ranted online for improvements in rail safety, the reports. In the hours after the crash, Bostian told investigators he did not recall the crash, then he lawyered up and refused to speak to investigators. activist also campaigned against California’s Prop 8 that banned the rights of gays to get married. He was very vocal about his support of gay marriage and actively sought out media attention. users reacted angrily to Bostian’s  lifestyle.  Some observers believe Bostian deliberately crashed the train in a narcissistic bid to bring attention to the need for rail safety improvement.

1 killed May 10, 2015 Louisiana Tow Truck Driver Killed by Amtrak Train at Dangerous, Unguarded and Humped Canadian National Crossing  Amite, Louisiana 35-year-old Louisiana flatbed tow truck driver briefly got his vehicle hung up on a dangerous, unguarded and elevated Canadian National railroad crossing in Amite, LA Sunday afternoon at about 1:35 P.M., CDT, and died when his vehicle was struck by an Amtrak streamliner, one of a dozen trains that pass through Amite daily at a top allowable speed of 79 mph.  fifth accident to occur at the Pope Lane It is virtually certain that if equipped with lights and gates this accident would not have happened.(why was truck accidentally stopped in path of train?)

1 killed March 29, 2015 Van drives into side of passing train in Butler County Mar 30, 2015 KAKE New deadly collision between a van and train Sunday at 1:09 a.m. Sheriff Kelly Herzet said the Toyota Minivan ran into the side of a northbound freight train at a marked crossing. The train crew was not aware of the collision. A southbound train spotted the burning van thirty minutes later and called 911.

3 killed June 22, 2014 crash Two Amtrak trains hit vehicles driving on tracks, one killing 3 near Boston June 23, 2014 AP  Amtrak train hit a vehicle that was apparently driving on train tracks in Massachusetts, killing three people in the vehicle and derailing the train. Crash also disrupted  train service along the busy Northeast corridor. crash just before midnight in a remote area southwest of Boston No injuries on train SUV or a truck, was headed north on the tracks toward Boston. Train speed limit in the crash area is 125 mph.  Another train struck a wood chipper being towed by a truck in  Connecticut  Monday morning, injuring five people. Conductor hailed as hero warning passengers after train collides with truck in Berlin WTNH Amtrak train #490, the New Haven-Springfield shuttle, hit a truck pulling a wood chipper.the truck was on the tracks when the train came through,” driver of the truck – the other individuals, the workers of the truck, fled prior to the train — he was still trying to move that truck off of the tracks when the accident happened.”engineer was able to apply the brakes and run into the train to warn passengers by evacuating the first coach. “The engineer saw what was going to happen, apparently raced through the two cars, inform people to be ready and moved everyone to the second car  MassliveThree people were killed late Sunday when an Amtrak train struck a car at a crossing in Mansfield, Mass. truck, registered to a company called Trees Incorporated, was involved in tree clearing around the tracks. A worker tried to move the truck as they saw the train approaching but was unable to move it in time to avoid the crash, caused the locomotive to train to derail,

Train crash 2014.  A few minor injuries, waiting for fire dept.  apparently we hit a work truck. #amtrak

2 killed including child, apparent suicide Fatal crash Canada car parked on tracks with train was likely deliberate QMI Agency June 2, 2014 A car collided with a Via Rail train east of Montreal on June 2, 2014 SAINT-LIBOIRE, Quebec Authorities believe that a car was purposely stopped on rail tracks at crossing before it was hit by a train, killing both occupants of the vehicle. A man in his 40s and a young child were killed collision occurred Monday morning. Canada Via train crash into SUV parked on tracks kills father and son, may have been deliberate Thierry Patenaude-Turcotte, 42, and Nicolas Patenaude, 21 months, killed in collision with passenger train CBC News Jun 02, 2014  The Quebec provincial police homicide squad is investigating the crash of a train and an SUV this morning east of Montreal that killed Thierry Patenaude-Turcotte, 42, and 21-month-old Nicolas Patenaude. 'It is possible that this was a voluntary act.' — Sgt. Joyce Kemp, Sûreté du Québec.  SUV had passed a number of vehicles using the shoulder of the road before stopping on the tracks. "So far, the investigation that has been done at the scene and the meetings that the investigators have had with several people lead us to believe that it is possible that this was a voluntary act," said Sgt. Joyce Kemp of the Sûreté du Québec. This afternoon, police spokesman Sgt. Claude Denis told CBC News that the vehicle was parked on the tracks at the time of the crash, but he later said he could not confirm that detail

13 killed 6 injured February 4, 2014 Ukraine bus ignores signals and drives into path of train "The shuttle bus ignored the traffic lights and the sound signals and headed to the crossing. The train ripped it in two and dragged it for a long distance, 2014 Ukraine train bus collision  the bus driver survived.

Canada train crash: authorities open criminal investigation. Telegraph UK  Jul 09, 2013 · Canadian authorities have opened a criminal investigation into a deadly oil train derailment that killed at least 15 people over the weekend. How / who started the fire in the engine that started the whole thing?

April 26, 2013 crash Driver Sentenced In Deadly Butler Co. Bus-Train Crash March 13, 2014 Sentencing,Train Crash BUTLER (KDKA) – A judge sentenced a bus driver today in connection with a deadly crash involving a freight train in Butler County. Frank Schaffner was given house arrest and community service for his role in the accident in in Evans City in April 26, 2013 Schaffner, 60, of Butler Township, pled guilty to two counts of involuntary manslaughter and eight counts of reckless endangerment over what happened at a railroad crossing in Evans City. On April 26, Schaffner was driving a 12-seat bus for Butler Area Rural Transit; he did not stop at the railroad crossing and a freight train hit the bus, killing 2 injuring 8  the passengers yelled to him that the train was coming, but says a radio was on, and when he heard him, it was too late. Evans City police charge bus driver with homicide in deadly ...Pittsburgh Tribune‑ReviewMay 9, 2013 - Evans City police Chief Joseph McCombs charged Frank Schaffner, 59, of Butler Township with multiple counts of involuntary manslaughter, ...

1 killed 11 injured Train enters curve at twice legal speed like Philadelphia Amtrak: 28 June 2010 – Czech Republic – A CityElefant passenger train from Prague to Ústí nad Labem derails while entering the Ústí nad Labemstation, killing the driver and injuring 11 passengers. The cause of the derailment is unknown; the train's 108 km/h (67 mph) speed exceeded the local 50 km/h (31 mph) speed limit and may have been a factor.[36]

11 killed 177 injured ruled intentional but not terrorism 2005 Glendale train crash - Wikipedia The 2005 Glendale train crash is the second-deadliest incident in the history of Metrolink The root cause of the accident was attributed to the driver of the automobile, Juan Manuel Álvarez of Compton, California, who deliberately drove and left his vehicle onto the tracks. After he  left his Jeep Cherokee Sport vehicle parked on the tracks, he was arrested and charged with 11 counts of murder with "special circumstances." Authorities and Álvarez's legal defense claimed Álvarez was planning to commit suicide, but changed his mind at the last minute. Álvarez was convicted in June 2008 of the eleven counts plus one count of arson, and though prosecutors sought a death sentence, was sentenced in August 2008 to 11 consecutive life sentences in prison with no possibility of parole. The next day, police intervened in a similar "copycat" incident in Irvine, California where a suicidal man parked his car on Metrolink tracks. The man drove away from the tracks when police arrived and was later arrested. The root cause of the accident was attributed to the driver of the automobile, Juan Manuel Álvarez of Compton, California, who deliberately drove and left his vehicle onto the tracks while allegedly attempting to commit suicide. Having slashed his wrists and stabbed himself repeatedly in the chest, he parked his car on the tracks to finish the attempt. However, Álvarez changed his mind and attempted to leave the railroad tracks. Because he was unable to dislodge his vehicle from the rain-soaked gravel and slick rails, he abandoned the vehicle moments before the crowded southbound train approached. However, there has been some speculation that Álvarez may have inflicted the wounds on himself after the crash, based on some early reports by witnesses. Both this causation and the end result have many similarities to that of the Ufton Nervet rail crash in theUnited Kingdom, which occurred only three months previously, although in that case the driver of the car stayed in the vehicle and was killed. Early rumors of the incident being a terrorist attack were dismissed, as no connections to any terrorist organization existed with the suspect.

7 killed 6 November 2004 suicidal car driver Ufton Nervet rail crash was a collision between a train and car near Ufton Nervet, Berkshire, England in 2004. Seven people, including the drivers of the train and the car, were killed.  at 18:12 GMT, the First Great Western 17:35 service from London Paddington to Plymouth, an InterCity 125 (HST) led by a Class 43 power car (43019) collided with a stationary car at an automatic level crossing close to the rural West Berkshire village of Ufton Nervet. The inquest concluded that the crash was caused by Brian Drysdale, a chef at the nearby Wokefield Park Hotel, committing suicide by parking his car on the crossing. similar: 2005 Glendale train crash crash in January 2005 on the Los Angeles commuter rail system in similar circumstances.
7 killed  August 11, 2004  Suicide cause for 2004 UK train hits car stopped at crossing completely derailed crash The high-speed train crash that killed seven and injured scores of passengers may have been as a result of the car driver’s attempt to commit suicide.... 300 passengers... completely derailed,,  hit a car at a level crossing had been stopped at the crossing prior to the crash and in an interview for BBC Radio said that the action may have been deliberate.. or mechanical failure could not be ruled out,,, Six people, including the train driver and the car driver, are known to have died at the scene, a seventh died later in hospital...  Four of the 18 people in hospital following the incident are said to be in a “serious” condition...reports that the driver of the vehicle had informed the off-duty police officer that he wanted to die have subsequently been denied.

10 killed 82 injured 28 February 2001 Great Heck rail crash, Ruled accident due to sleep deprivation, driver claimed mechanical fault or collision caused loss of control, sentenced 5 years of causing death by dangerous driving. High-speed train accident that occurred at Great Heck near Selby, North Yorkshire, England on the morning of 28 February 2001. Ten people died, including the drivers of both trains involved, and 82 people suffered serious injuries. It remains the worst rail disaster in the 21st century in the United Kingdom. Land Rover Defender towing a loaded trailer (carrying a Renault Savanna estate car) swerved off the M62 motorway just before a bridge over the East Coast Main Line. The vehicle ran down an embankment and onto the southbound railway track. The Land Rover's driver, Gary Neil Hart, tried to reverse it off the track, but he could not. While he was using a mobile telephone to call the emergency services after exiting the vehicle, the Land Rover was hit by a southbound train .Hart escaped the collision unscathed. He claimed that his car had suffered a mechanical fault, or had collided with an object on the road. An investigation, including reconstruction of the Land Rover to demonstrate that it was not mechanically defective, concluded that Hart had been driving in a sleep-deprived condition, and had not applied the brakes as it went down the embankment. It later transpired that Hart had stayed up the previous night talking on the telephone to a woman he had met via an Internet dating agency.[5] Hart was tried on ten counts of causing death by dangerous driving. On 13 December 2001 he was found guilty, and sentenced to five years' imprisonment.

7 killed ruled accident: 1995 Fox River Grove bus–train collision was a grade crossing accident that killed seven students riding aboard a school bus in Fox River Grove, Illinois, on the morning of October 25, 1995. The school bus, driven by a substitute driver, was stopped at a traffic light with the rearmost portion extending onto a portion of the railroad tracks when it was struck by a Metra commuter train en route to Chicago.[1]

One unlikely but possible explanation: Valhalla train crash On the evening of February 3, 2015, a commuter train on Metro-North Railroad's Harlem Line struck a passenger car at a grade crossing near Valhalla, New York, United States, between the Valhalla andMount Pleasant stations, killing six people and injuring fifteen others, including seven in "very serious condition".[1][2]