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Drunk Army Soldier Christopher Hodges Shoots Cars, Motorcycle Officer Himself After Girlfriend argument

Drunk Army Soldier Christopher Hodges Shoots Cars, Motorcycle Officer, Himself After Girlfriend Argument  ---
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2 killed 1 police officer killed, suspect suicide  October 23, 2011 Drunk Army Soldier Christopher Hodges Shoots Cars, Motorcycle Officer, Himself After Girlfriend Argument  Spc. Christopher Michael Hodges, a National Guardsman who appeared to be drunk and firing gunshots at passing cars shot, but in undrunk-like marksmanship hit a sheriff's deputy 9 times as he shot back twice on his motorcycle before committing suicide. Hodges girlfriend was taken in for questioning, she told authorities he got drunk at a friend's house, and after an argument he veered off the road, she got out and called 911 saying he was drunk which caused him to think he was back in Iraq combat. She saw him pull a gun out a trunk and started shooting randomly at cars, then she saw him  fire at the police officer. Hodges, 26,  emptied a 30-round magazine, slammed in another, only three bullets left when he shot himself in mouth.  Hodges was at Fort Gordon in Georgia for training. Paugh was off duty and on his way home in his motorcycle.  Family and friends were certain he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder are 15 months in Iraq, fantasized  about suicide, bought an assault rifle. Hodges was in weekly therapy at Fort Gordon, but in 2015 former base psychiatrist Patrick Lillard said he needed hospitalization and close scrutiny.

girlfriend: "he's like very intoxicated and I don't know what his next move is," she told the dispatcher. "He has been overseas a couple of times and I just think that when he becomes like under the influence ... he's just back there."

remarks - he was an excellent shot for being drunk.

Multiple cover stories for terrorist-like attack:

  • addiction treatment
  • drinking problem
  • Iraq veteran
  • PTSD
  • argument
  • girlfriend
Similar script: girlfriend in trouble is kicked out of car before man kills police officer: 1 killed 1 injured 1 arrested May 25, 2015 Murder of Rio Rancho NM Officer Officer Gregg Benner On Memorial Day, Andrew Romero allegedly was paranoid when he forced his girlfriend Tabitha Littles who had just smoked a bowl of methamphetamines to drive a Dodge Durango to prowl for for stores to break into. She was scared that he would shoot her and swerved near the police car of officer Gregg Benner, which pulled them over at about 8 P.M.  Allegedly, Romero threw the vehicle into drive and demanded she step on the gas or he would shoot her. After a brief chase, Littles was tossed out after being shot in the foot, then she heard gun shots and saw Benner stagger towards her asking “What was his name?” before collapsing. Romero allegedly shot at the officer in a library parking lot because he was “scared.”  Judge maintained $5 million bond because Romero is a proven flight risk with a long violent criminal history being charged with voluntary manslaughter in 2005. Romero is charged murder, shooting at or from a motor vehicle, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated fleeing a peace officer, tampering with evidence and felon in possession of a firearm. Tabitha Littles (white female) was also charged with  accessory to homicide. Benner, 49,  was a military veteran who had been with the Rio Rancho Police Department for four years with five children


Military doctor blames Army addiction program for 2 deaths USA TodayThe Army Substance Abuse Program fell short for Army Specialist Christopher Hodges who later ended up on an expressway shooting at cars. FORT GORDON, Ga. — Army psychiatrist Patrick Lillard... extraordinary decision to speak out about the case: If only the Army had listened to him, Spc. Christopher Hodges would have been in a hospital for alcohol addiction and two lives could have been saved. Twice before the shootings, Lillard urged that Hodges, 26, an Iraq War veteran, receive at least a month of intensive treatment. Twice his recommendations were ignored by an Army substance abuse program that allows officers without a medical background to overrule a doctor.

He'd been drinking malt liquor, Jägermeister and Red Bull all night, and was bickering with his girlfriend, Raven Harper, about his intoxication — and the volume on the radio. Hodges swerved off the expressway onto the grass, where the violence escalated, according to a report, based on what Harper told police and a recording of Harper's 911 call. girfriend scrambled out of the car shoeless, a white, diamond-shaped earring flying into the grass. He circled the car slowly, bumping her before stopping perpendicular to the freeway. She called 911. He yelled for her to get back in the car. "All I know is that he's like very intoxicated and I don't know what his next move is," she told the dispatcher. "He has been overseas a couple of times and I just think that when he becomes like under the influence ... he's just back there." As vehicles sped by, Hodges retrieved a rifle from the trunk. Harper thought she heard him praying, then fired two or three rounds at a time in the direction of passing cars, as she grew frantic.

Before J.D. Paugh could drop the kickstand on his police Harley-Davidson Road King, Hodges opened fire. Rounds struck the motorcycle windshield, grazed Paugh's helmet, shot away his microphone and drilled into the motor cylinder. The deputy was struck again and again. He somehow managed to pull his pistol and get off two or three shots, one bullet passing through Hodges' right forearm. At one point, Harper saw the officer crawling on the ground. Hodges emptied a 30-round magazine, slammed in another, and nearly emptied that one. He had three bullets left when he turned the rifle around, placed the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger. In all, Paugh was struck nine times, including through the heart. He was dead by the time officers arrived.

Soldier killed Richmond County deputy, then self  The Augusta Chronicle Oct 23, 2011 - In the seat next to him, a woman scrambled out of the car in a panic and... the Bobby Jones Expressway near the Fort Gordon exit early Sunday. ... Pennington said the woman came up to his car screaming, “My boyfriend just shot a cop! ..... Over 99% are mild, end peacefully, and are handled by one officer.

Girlfriend of man who killed Augusta deputy says he had ... WRDW‑TVOct 25, 2011 - Christopher Hodges shot and killed Deputy James D. Paugh before turning the gun on himself. (WRDW-TV / Oct. 25, 2011). ATLANTA (AP) ...

WJBF News Channel 6 Obtains Christopher Hodges ...  WJBFNov 7, 2011 - We have new information in the shooting death of Richmond County ...vehicle--Christopher Hodges--shot Paugh 9 times...before shooting and ...

Christopher Michael Hodges, Fort Gordon Soldier, Kills ...The Huffington PostOct 23, 2011 - He was shot several times when he stopped to check on the car and apparently fired two shots ... No one else was injured in the shooting, Gay said. ... Fort Gordon Solider Suicide Fort Gordon Solider Kills Christopher Hodges ...

Ga. Deputy's Killer Christopher Hodges killing blamed on drinking problem. Why he shot cop we don't know The Huffington Post Oct 25, 2011 - ATLANTA -- The girlfriend of an Army National Guard soldier who fatallyshot a sheriff's deputy and himself told investigators the gunman ... "definitely had a drinking problem" and grabbed an assault rifle from his trunk after she made him pull over while he was driving drunk, a Georgia sheriff said Monday. "She said he had been drinking and he was drunk and that when he gets drunk, he gets violent," Richmond County Sheriff Ronald Strength said. "Why shoot a law enforcement officer? We don't have that answer."

Deputy's killer was Evans High grad | The Augusta Chronicle The Augusta ChronicleOct 24, 2011 - The Tennessee National Guardsman who shot a Richmond County deputy dead ... surprise when a reporter told them the news of the shooting.

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