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Month January 2011

terrorist-like 4 killed 1 guilty murder January 28, 2011 Omar Mohamed Kalmio Convicted of Murdering North Dakota Girlfriend and Family In Minot North Dakota Somali man Omar Mohamed Kalmio immigrant oil worker who had sought asylum in US was convicted of murder of his girlfriend Sabrina Zephier mother of his child and 3 of her family in another home across town. Targeted relatives were the her mother brother and mother's boyfriend in North Dakota who were members of the Yankton Sioux Tribe. The baby was spared. Co-workers were told he thought Zephier purposely became pregnant and that she had ruined his life. Kalmio and a group of other Somali men were accused of attacking a man in Minneapolis in January 2006, and Kalmio stabbed him three times in the back with a knife. tags: domestic violence terrorist, muslim-mideast suspect

terrorist-like 2011  Gabrielle Giffords Tucson shooting On January 8, 2011, U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen others were shot during a constituent meeting held in a supermarket parking lot in Tucson, Arizona, in the Tucson metropolitan area. Six people died, including federal District Court Chief Judge John Roll; Gabe Zimmerman, one of Rep. Giffords' staffers; and a nine-year-old girl, Christina-Taylor Green.

terrorist-like January 17, 2011 Kevin Harpham 2011 MLK Day Parade Spokane Backpack Bomb In Spokane, Washington, a backpack bomb is placed along a Martin Luther King Day parade route. It is aimed at a civil rights march, but is found and disabled before it can explode. White supremacist Kevin Harpham is convicted and sentenced to 32 years in federal prison. Harpham made over 1,000 posts on online forums at the extreme rightwing website Vanguard News Network, and Frazier Glenn Miller who killed 3 at 2 jewish centers in 2014 offered his support.

Month February 2011

4 killed 5 wounded February 11 to 12, 2011 Maksim Gelman stabbing spree 28-hour killing spree lasting from , in New York City, which involved the killing of four people and the wounding of five others.[2] Maksim Gelman was arrested and pleaded guilty to the crimes.Police reports state that on the morning of February 11, 2011, Gelman stabbed and killed his mother's companion Aleksandr Kuznetsov in Brooklyn after an argument with his mother about driving Kuznetsov's vehicle. According to the reports' timeline, Gelman then went to the house of a female acquaintance named Yelena Bulchenko, where he killed her mother Anna. He then allegedly left the crime scene

Month March 2011

2 killed 2 wounded Islamist terrorism The 2011 Frankfurt Airport shooting occurred on 2 March 2011 at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. The shooter, Arid Uka, was arrested and charged with killing two United States Airmen and seriously wounding two others. He was sentenced to life in prison on 10 February 2012. The shooting was the first deadly attack in Germany in which the perpetrator had an Islamist background.

March 15, 2011 convictionWilliam Francis Melchert-Dinkel of Faribault, Minnesota is a former LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) and convicted online predator. He was found guilty of encouraging people to commit suicide while he watched voyeuristically on a webcam. He allegedly told those contemplating suicide what methods worked best, that it was a decent choice to commit suicide, that they would be better in heaven, and/or falsely entered into suicide pacts with them, which he then abandoned. He is a married father of two. Melchert-Dinkel was convicted of two counts of assisting suicide, for encouraging the suicides of a person in Britain in 2005, and another person in Canada in 2008. Melchert-Dinkel was convicted on March 15, 2011, in a criminal complaint filed in Rice County, Minnesota. He was charged under a rarely used state law with advising, encouraging, or assisting Kajouji and Drybrough in taking their own lives using internet correspondence. He was sentenced on May 4, 2011, to 360 days in jail. tags: online predator, minnesota

Month April 2011

April 13, 2011. Holly Bobo Murder Case Holly Bobo vanished from her Parsons homeon April 13, 2011. Two men found her remains in the woods in Decatur County near Nashville in September 2014, authorities said. Adams, 33, who has a long criminal rap that includes assault and drug possession, Defendant found guilty of murder, kidnapping and rape verdict: Zachary Adams sentenced to life in prison

6 April 2011 2011 San Fernando Mexico massacre 193 killed The 2011 San Fernando massacre, which was the second large massacre of San Fernando ,was the mass murder of 193 people by Los Zetas drug cartel at La Joya ranch in the municipality of San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Authorities investigating the massacre reported numerous hijackings of passenger buses on Mexican Federal Highway 101 in San Fernando, and the kidnapped victims were later killed and buried in 47 clandestine mass graves. The investigations began immediately after several suitcases and baggage were unclaimed in Reynosa and Matamoros, Tamaulipas.On 6 April 2011, the Mexican authorities exhumed 59 corpses from eight mass graves. By 7 June 2011, after a series of multiple excavations, a total of 193 bodies were exhumed from mass graves in San Fernando.

April 7, 2011 Islam convert from Jehovah's Witness 2011 Rio de Janeiro School Shooting 12 children aged between 12 and 14 were killed[4] and 12 others seriously wounded after Wellington Menezes de Oliveira a 23-year-old former pupil entered Tasso da Silveira Municipal School an elementary school in Realengo in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was the first non-gang school mass shooting in Brazil. Olivera was a lifelong Jehovah's witness who had left the church 4 years before and had converted to Islam in the previous 2 years. Note: Striking similarity to Sandy Hook shooting in US

April 16, 2011 Hoang Nguyen Knockout Victim In St. Paul Minnesota elderly 74 year old Vietnamese Asian immigrant Hoang Nguyen died, and his 62 year old wife was injured after a brutal "knockout" attack by two men and two women youths in broad daylight. Elex Murphy, the so-called "knockout king" was convicted two years after the attack

Darnell Eutsay not guilty in the Elks Lodge murder April 23, 2011 Tallahassee Florida: Reshard Morrell was shot as he walked out a teen party at the Elks Lodge after being threatened by members of a gang who alleged it was a gang shooting and Morrell was only a bystander. Morrell was a model black student was in the I.B. program, on the football team, and a member of the Tallahassee Boys Choir. Suspect Darnell Eutsay was acquitted of murder charges in June 2012 but was later jailed on drug charges.

April 29, 2011 Suspect fled to Muslim country Murder of the Ding family Northhampton England Four members of the Ding family—Professor Jifeng "Jeff" Ding, his wife Helen Chui and their daughters Xing and Alice—were found murdered at their home, and were likely killed n Friday, 29 April 2011—the day of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Northamptonshire Police named Anxiang Du, a businessman from Coventry who had been involved in a legal dispute with the Ding family fled the murder scene through through France, Spain and finally to Morocco, After a a worldwide manhunt he was arrested and extradited to the UK, in November 2013 was found guilty of the murders and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 40 years. No proven links to terrorism.

Month May 2011

May 1, 2011 Joseph Hall convicted of murdering neo-Nazi father at 10 10-year-old Joseph Hall shot his father Jeff Hall, a regional leader of the National Socialist Movement at point-blank range with a .357 Magnum while he slept on the couch. The young man, in the past, gave into violent outbursts which had him removed from several schools, He was found guilty of murder by a California judge. His lawyer said he grew up in an abusive and violent environment where he learned it was acceptable to kill people who were a threat, and the boy thought if he shot his dad, the violence would end. He had a history that included He choking a teacher, stabbing his little sister and he hit his uncle in the head with a club, according to authorities. Child Protective Services had responded to the home 23 times before the incident. October 2013 a court hearing would determine whether the boy is sent to a state juvenile justice facility where his mother fears they will not be able to help his special needs.

May 22, 2011 Pakistan Naval Station Mehran attack destroys 2 P-3C Orion aircraft The PNS Mehran attack was a Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Al Qaeda attack/shooting at Pakistan Naval Station PNS Mehran, the headquarters of the Pakistan Navy's Naval Air Arm and the most populous Pakistani military installation. in Karachi, Sindh. 15 attackers killed 18 military personnel and wounded 16 in a sophisticated terrorist attack. They used rocket-propelled grenades to damage and destroy several warplanes and destroyed two of the premiere anti-submarine and marine surveillance aircraft – the US-made P-3C Orion. A month prior to the attack on PN Naval Base Mehran, the Pakistan Navy was twice targeted for bombings in various locations of Karachi by unknown perpetrators. The first of the bombings took place on 21 April 2011 on two naval buses and the second attack happened on 28 April 2011 on a naval coaster. An estimated 12 lives (all of them were medical staff and naval officers) including one lady naval officer, were lost since the start of the bombing. Jun 17, 2011 - US to replace two P3C Orion aircraft - PakistanThe US has decided to supply two P3C Orion aircraft to Pakistan to replace the aircraft that were destroyed in the PNS Mehran attack

Month June 

May 27, 2011 Murder of Michelle Le Michelle Hoang Thi Le was a 26-year old nursing student who disappeared on May 27, 2011, from the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Hayward, California. Le's car was found the next morning around 9 am parked on Ponderosa Court, about half a mile from the medical center. Le grew up in San Diego County and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area for college and nursing school at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, California. Giselle Diwal Esteban (27) of Union City, California, a Filipino-American former friend of Le, was arrested on September 7 and charged with her murder Esteban allegedly blamed Le for ruining her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, with whom she had a child.  Esteban was indicted on a murder charge December 14, 2011. She entered a not-guilty plea. On October 29, 2012, a jury convicted Esteban of first-degree murder. and was given 25 years to life in prison. tags: Asian Suspects 

    Month June 2011

    June 4, 2011 David Mark Clark Mows Down Bicycles With SUV in San Francisco In San Francisco, a Nissan Rogue driven by David Mark Clark of Albany CA hit four bicycles an their riders before hitting a pole and leaving his wallet and phone and running away. He was seen driving on the wrong side of the road and appeared to be targeting the bicyclists. He claimed to be a "avid cyclist" and "spiritualist tennis pro"

    Month July 2011

    July 7, 2011 8 killed 2 injured, suspect suicide 2011 Grand Rapids, Michigan family mass murder suicide a gunman killed seven people and wounded two others in a spree killing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The deaths took place in two homes, with the two non-fatal gunshot injuries taking place on the road. The suspected gunman, african american Rodrick Shonte Dantzler, later killed himself after a wild police chase which left his vehicle disabled in a highway woodline. Those killed included Dantzler's estranged wife, their daughter, his former girlfriend, and members of the other victims' families. One of the non-fatal victims was also acquainted with Dantzler. Domestic Violence Killing Spree

    Murder of Leiby Kletzky On July 11, 2011, Leiby Kletzky, a Hasidic Jewish boy, was kidnapped as he walked home from his school day camp in the mainly Hasidic neighborhood of Boro Park, Brooklyn in New York City, New York. His dismembered body was found in the Kensington apartment of confessed murderer Levi Aron, aged 35, and in a dumpster in another Brooklyn neighborhood, Greenwood Heights, on Wednesday morning July 13.

    13 July 2011 The 2011 Mumbai bombings  series of three coordinated bomb explosions at different locations in Mumbai, India, on  between 18:54 and 19:06 IST. The blasts occurred at the Opera House, at Zaveri Bazaar and at Dadar West localities, leaving 26 killed and 130 injured.

    The 2011 Norway attacks were two sequential lone wolf terrorist attacks against the government, the civilian population and a Workers' Youth League (AUF)-run summer camp in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik on 22 July 2011, claiming a total of 77 lives.

    July 2011 Muckleshoot Casino Shooting. At the Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, patrons at the casino's Club Galaxy scramble to get away from the shooter who injured 7, two critically. Cesar Chapparo, 42 was the suspect who claimed he was jealous that his wife was there with another man. Kiro 7

    Month August 2011

    8 killed August 7, 2011 Copley Township shooting Mass murder conducted by Michael E. Hance, 51, in Copley Township, Summit County, Ohio on . Seven people were shot dead before the gunman was shot and killed by Copley Police Officer Ben Campbell. Using two handguns, including a Hi-Point .45 ACP, which he bought from a pawn shop five days before, and a .357 Magnum six-shot revolver he bought from the same location in 2005, Hance shot seven people before shooting his girlfriend Rebecca K. Dieter, who was the only survivor. Hance shot and killed Autumn Johnson, 16, and her grandparents, Russell Johnson, 67 and Gudrun Johnson, 64. Craig Dieter, 51 — Rebecca's brother — and Amelia Shambaugh, 16, were also killed. Hance then chased Bryan Johnson, 44 — the father of Autumn Johnson — northward, and shot him to death in a nearby driveway. Hance then followed victim Craig Dieter's son, 11-year-old Scott Dieter, into a neighboring house, where he was then shot and killed. As Hance was leaving the house, Officer Ben Campbell spotted him along with former Copley Township Policeman Keith Lavery and together they issued commands, which Hance ignored, raising his gun instead. In response, Campbell and Lavery shot at Hance with rounds from Campbells rifle ultimately killing Hance.

    August 16, 2011  October 7, 2014 sentence Timothy Raines Gets 8 Years For Slow-Speed Texas Forklift Chase CBS Local‎ In Texas, Timothy Raines, 43, gets 8 years in jail for evading police. He was arrested after leading police on a a slow-speed police chase up to 16 mph in August 16, 2011 which the apparently mentally ill man drove a stolen forklift shirtless down Interstate 30 while raising and lowering the arms, throwing beer bottles at authorities and nearly hit patrol cars.  Hearings were delayed several times because Raines pretended to be incompetent to stand trial, but was found competent this year. Texas Police Chase Shirtless Man on Forklift (video) He told officers he was just driving home after buying the forklift.

    1 killed 1 injured August 16, 2011 Kashif Parvaiz stages murder of wife as anti-Muslim hate crime   sentenced to life in prison May 21, 2105. He schemed with one of three girlfriends while married with two children to stage wife's murder and make it look like anti-Muslim hate crime. Strolling in the park with wife and son in stroller, they were suddenly attacked by a gunman who was actually his Massachusetts girlfriend, Antoinette Stephen who opened fire, shooting Nazush and killing her, but  Parvaiz was wounded lightly. Parvaiz told police a gang of men shouted anti-Muslim slurs at them and called them “terrorists” but the gun was found in before shooting them. But when the cops found the gun used inside Parvaiz’s own SUV.

    Month September 2011
    1. not-terrorist 2011 Carson City IHOP Shooting occurred on September 6, 2011, when a gunman, identified as 32-year-old Eduardo Sencion,[3] opened fire in a branch of the International House of Pancakes restaurant in Carson City, Nevada, killing four people, including three members of the National Guard, and wounding seven others.
    2. not-terrorist  1 killed 3 wounded botched robbery September 12, 2011 Say Keodara Convicted Shooting Four Homeless People at Seattle Bus Shelter  Police believe that then-17 year old teen Say Keodara from Renton drove by 4 homeless people who were hanging out at a bus shelter with 2 friends in a car, asking they wanted to buy drugs. They came back on foot, demanding money. Keodara started shooting at the 4 when Victor Parker started to run away. When Parker fell, Keodara walked up and shot him on the ground execution style, and wounded three of this friends. The attackers fled but Keodara was soon arrested for another burglary, and he had a history of gun violations. An informant told police he received a frantic call from Keodara, who allegedly said he’d shot a man over a drug deal, and video and phone records placed Keodara near the shooting. In June 2013, he was convicted and sentenced nearly 70 years, but defiantly proclaimed  "I'm sorry for my 2-year-old daughter that's not going to see me over something I didn't do."
    3. September 11, 2011 Gothenburg assassination attempt was an alleged Islamism inspired plan to murder Danish cartoonist Lars Vilks at a party celebrating the opening of the 2011 Gothenburg International Art Biennial in the Röda Sten Contemporary Art Space on September 11, 2011.[1] Swedish artist Lars Vilks was expected to attend the event and was reported to be the target.[2][3][4][5][6] Police evacuated 400 party-goers from the art gallery and initially arrested four men suspected of plotting a terror attack nearby.[7][8][9] Suspicions of Islamist motivation were aroused by the fact that the alleged attack was said to have been planned of the 10th anniversary of the 2001 September 11 attacks.[1] This alleged plot came to renewed international attention three years after the trial and acquittal because Vilks was the target of the 2015 Copenhagen shootings.[5] n carrying knives and to have inquired about Vilks presence at the Art Biennial event at the Röda Sten Contemporary Art Space.[10][11] Unknown to the three was the fact that they were being shadowed by an undercover police officer as they approached the venue. The three were described as Tareq, is chairman of the Göteborg Multicultural Youth Center, Samir, a sports director at the Multicultural Youth Center, and Abdul, who frequented the Bellevue Mosque, located next door to the Youth Center.[12]The suspects were of Somali and Iraqi origin.[13] The three asserted that they were carrying the knives to defend themselves
    4. terrorist attack staged as crime? September 11, 2011 2011 Waltham triple murder A triple homicide was committed in Waltham, in the U.S. state of Massachusetts, on the evening of .[1][2] Brendan Mess, Erik Weissman, and Raphael Teken were murdered in Mess' apartment. All had their throats slit from ear to ear, with such great force that they were nearly decapitated. Thousands of dollars' worth of marijuana and money were left covering their mutilated bodies, and $5,000 was left at the scene. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the deceased suspect in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, had previously described murder victim Brendan Mess as his best friend, though before Mess was murdered there had been animosity between Tsarnaev and Mess over Mess' "lifestyle". After the bombings and subsequent revelations of Tsarnaev's personal life, the Waltham murders case was reexamined in April 2013 with Tsarnaev as a new suspect.[1] ABC reported that authorities believe Tsarnaev and his younger brother may have been responsible for the triple homicide, All three victims were Jewish according to a number of sources.
    5. not-terrorist September 17, 2011 Youth pastor Todd Annis of First Assembly of God in Macclenny was ejected from his car and killed when he and his wife sideswiped by car racing at excessive speed by Holly King who was 22 driving with a suspended license. King had nearly a dozen citations over the last two and half years which include speeding, careless driving and not having a valid driver's license. On September 17, 2013 two years later, King was sentenced to a year in jail, pay $500 in restitution and recommended her license be suspended for 10. Judge Moran told King that he believes she is responsible for killing Annis and that she needs to take the blame for it. 
    6. not-terrorist  Michigan Car Bomb Injures Lawyer and Sons Sep 21, 2011 - ATF confirms car bomb caused explosion that injured lawyer lawyer, Erik Chappell, and his two sons in southeastern Michigan. They were driving to football practice for Catholic Youth Organization where is is a coach. Chappell was able to drag his sons from the burning car. The bomb was believed to be placed under the passenger seat, causing serious injuries to one of the boy’s lower legs
    7. 29 September 2011 (arrests) 2011 alleged Iran assassination plot - Wikipedia United States officials alleged there was a plot tied to the Iranian government to assassinate Saudi ambassador Adel al-Jubeir in the United States. The plot was referred to as the "Iran assassination plot" or the "Iran terror plot" in the media, while the Federal Bureau of Investigation named the case "Operation Red Coalition".[1][2] Iranian nationals Manssor Arbabsiar and Gholam Shakuri were charged on 11 October 2011 in federal court in New York with plotting to assassinate Al-Jubeir.[3][4][5] According to U.S. officials, the two planned to kill Al-Jubeir at a restaurant with a bomb and subsequently bomb the Saudi embassy and the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C.[6][7] Bombings in Buenos Aires were also discussed. Arbabsiar was arrested on 29 September 2011 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York while Shakuri remained at large.[8] On 24 October 2011, Arbabsiar pleaded not guilty.[9] In May 2013, after pleading guilty, Arbabsiar was sentenced to 25-years imprisonment.[10]
    8. Convicted‎: ‎30 May 2013 Sentence‎: ‎25 years imprisonment
    Month October 2011

    not-terrorist attack:  October 12, 2011 The 2011 Seal Beach shooting occurred at the Salon Meritage hair salon in Seal Beach, California. Eight people inside the salon and one person in the parking lot were shot, and only one victim survived. It was the deadliest mass killing in Orange County history.[2] The alleged shooter was armed with three handguns, and reloaded at least once during the attack, which lasted two minutes. The alleged shooter's former wife, Michelle Fournier, one of the employees at the salon, was also one of the victims.[10] The suspect in the shooting, named by police as 41-year-old[11] Scott Evans Dekraai. "For almost two minutes, Dekraai shot victim after victim, executing eight people by shooting them in the head and chest. He was not done. He then walked out of the salon and shot a ninth victim, a male, who was sitting nearby in a parked Range Rover."[1] In an affidavit submitted to police, Dekraai said that he first shot his ex-wife multiple times on entering the salon, contradicting the view of eyewitnesses that salon owner Randy Fannin was the first victim. Dekraai said that on the morning of the shooting, he had argued with his ex-wife over the telephone, causing him to consider killing her Seal Beach shooting   mass shooting occurred on October 12, 2011, at the Salon Meritage hair salon in Seal Beach, California. Eight people inside the salon and one person in the parking lot were shot, and only one victim survived. It was the deadliest mass killing in Orange County history. Scott Evans Dekraai, who was involved in a custody dispute with his ex-wife who was one of the victims, pleaded guilty to the shooting on May 2, 2014. On September 22, 2017, Dekraai was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the massacre.  Conspiracy theory: Mass Shootings Have Skyrocketed 700% Under Obama stateofthenation2012 False flag describes covert operations Mass Shootings in America: A Historical Review | Global Research Scott Evans Dekraai, 42, opened fire inside a hair salon
    BIG PHARMA'S 'TABOO' TRUTH | FED UP in RI Nov 12, 2017 - False flag operations are a separate category. .... Scott Evans Dekraai, 42 , on Trazodone and Topamax. killed 8 people, including his ex-wife...  signal largest common factor in all of these incidents is the fact that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past before they committed their crimes.’

    Casualties: 569 deaths of civilians, 1,027 prisoners released in exchange for 1 soldier October 18, 2011 Prisoners Released In Exchange for Gilad Shalit   On 25 June 2006, Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was abducted by Hamas militants in a cross-border raid via underground tunnels near the Israeli border. Hamas held him captive for over five years, until his release on 18 October 2011 as part of a prisoner exchange deal. The 1,027 prisoners released were mainly Palestinians and Arab-Israelis, though among the prisoners released there was also a Syrian, Ukrainian and a Jordanian. 280 of these were sentenced to life in prison for planning and perpetrating various terror attacks against Israeli targets. The military Hamas leader Ahmed Jabari was quoted in the Saudi Arabian newspaper Al-Hayat as confirming that the prisoners released as part of the deal were collectively responsible for the killing of 569 Israeli civilians. On 25 June 2006, Shalit was abducted by Hamas militants in a cross-border raid via underground tunnels near the Israeli border. Hamas held him captive for over five years, until his release on 18 October 2011 as part of a prisoner exchange deal.

    Two Silverdale 10 Year Old Boys Bring Handgun to School October 18, 2011 In Silverdale, Washington, two 10 year old were arrested for bringing a .40-caliber semi-automatic handgun to school intending to assault certain members one boy's own family. The second boy found the key to the gun safe and put the handgun into his backpack. Students heard about the gun and a teacher found it, and it was loaded with 10 rounds.

    2 killed 1 police officer killed, suspect suicide  October 23, 2011 Drunk Army Soldier Christopher Hodges Shoots Cars, Motorcycle Officer, Himself After Girlfriend Argument  Spc. Christopher Michael Hodges, a National Guardsman who appeared to be drunk and firing gunshots at passing cars shot, but in undrunk-like marksmanship hit a sheriff's deputy 9 times as he shot back twice on his motorcycle before committing suicide. Hodges girlfriend was taken in for questioning, she told authorities he got drunk at a friend's house, and after an argument he veered off the road, she got out and called 911 as he pulled a gun out a trunk and started shooting randomly at cars, then she saw him  fired at the police officer. Hodges, 26,  emptied a 30-round magazine, slammed in another, only three bullets left when he shot himself in mouth.  Hodges was at Fort Gordon in Georgia for training. Paugh was off duty and on his way home in his motorcycle.  Family and friends were certain he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder are 15 months in Iraq, he fantasized in journals about suicide, and kept close at hand an assault rifle.

    October 24, 2011 An attacker threw a grenade into a small bar in Nairobi. It came after warnings to residents to expect an attack on a mall or bar, and threats from Al-Shabab militants from Somali in retaliation for sending Kenyan troops the previous week. Officials did not place blame on the Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist, but many speculated they were responsible. This is perhaps the first small attack in what would lead up to the spectacular September 21, 2013 attack on the mall in Nairobi by an Al Shabab terrorist squad with AK-47 rifles and grenades.

    Month November 2011

    1 government home shot November 11, 2011, Man fires rifle into White House President's home Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez fired a Romanian Cugir semiautomatic rifle from his car parked on Constitution Avenue. Nine rounds were fired, one of which was found lodged in a window of the first family's living quarters. He was arrested five days later in a hotel in PA Wikipedia:   Mr Ortega-Hernandez was charged with attempting to assassinate US President Barack Obama or a member of his staff. believed God had given him a personal mission to attack the White House, law enforcement sources say. A US Park Police bulletin said he was "unstable with violent tendencies". Mr Ortega was reported missing by his family in Idaho on 31 October... has history of arrests in Texas, Utah and Idaho but police say he has not been linked with any radical organisations. bbc 2011 White House shooting - Wikipedia Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, an unemployed 21-year-old man, fired a semi-automatic rifle at the White House, ... seven bullets hit the second floor.  No one was injured.  In September 2013, Ortega-Hernandez pleaded guilty to one count of property destruction and one count of discharging a firearm during a crime of violence, thereby avoiding the charge of attempting to assassinate the President. In March 2014, he was sentenced to 25 years' imprisonment.  Ortega-Hernandez had become increasingly paranoid before leaving, saying that the United States government was controlling citizens and that President Barack Obama "had to be stopped".[2] Ortega-Hernandez arrived in Washington on November 9 with 180 rounds of ammunition and a Romanian-made Cugir semiautomatic rifle that he had purchased from a gun shop in Idaho.[2] On the morning of the shooting, he was reported for suspicious behavior in a local park. Police questioned him, but he refused to let police search his car.[4] Secret Service agents initially rushed to respond. Snipers scanned the South Lawn, looking for an assailant. A supervisor then decided that the noises were backfires from a nearby construction site and told the agents, "No shots have been fired ... stand down", to the surprise of several officers.[5]

    3 killed 1 injured 1 arrested November 26, 2011 Canada drunk man convicted manslaughter killing 3 rear-ending car with Dodge Ram pickup Canada man found guilty of killing three young people in drunk-driving crash ctvnews.ca. Jonathan Pratt had a blood alchohol nearly three times the legal limit when rescue crews found him underneath his mangled Dodge Ram in November 2011. The only other 3 were the victims he crushed in a Pontiac Grand Am. Manslaughter is a rare conviction, less than a dozen convictions involving deadly crashes across the country of Canada  Pratt denied he was the driver but there was no one else. Showed "wanton and reckless disregard" Truck gas pedal was found floored, he did not swerve or brake. Found guilty in May, 2014  tags: deliberate accident.BradleyKoleThaddeus Memorial  Bradley Arsenault, Kole Novak and Thaddeus Lake are driving home when a pickup truck driven by Johnathan Pratt strikes their vehicle from  behind. Bradley Arsenault, Kole Novak and Thaddeus Lake are driving home when a pickup truck driven by Johnathan Pratt strikes their vehicle from behind. Related stories: 3 dead, 1 injured in Alberta highway crash Alcohol and speed believed to be factors in fatal collision Three dead in suspected impaired driving collision Two AB communities grieving deaths of 3 young men killed in crash Beaumont mourns tragic lossBeaumont mourns victims of highway crash Candlelight vigil held at Beaumont skatepark for crash victims Investigators believe alcohol and speed factors in fatal crashCrash victims remembered

    Month December 2011

    Two terrorist style attacks on same day, neither meets definition of terrorist attack

    1. 3 December 2011, Nordine Amrani Not Muslim Not Arabic Speaking Moroccan Arab Not Terrorist  A non-terrorist motivated murder–suicide attack took place in the city of Liège in the Wallonia region of Belgium by a French-speaking Belgian of Arab islamic nation of Moroccan origin who could not speak Arabic nor was he Muslim.  Investigators said repeatedly that the motive was not terrorism. According to his lawyers, he launched his attack on Christmas shopping crowds because knew that he was going to be sent back to prison and had a "grudge against society", not because he was some kind of a secret Islamist terrorist.  
    2. 3 December 2011 2011 Florence shootings  where two market traders from Senegal  were killed by Gianluca Casseri, who wounded three other Senegalese traders in another market. According to Florentine prosecutor Giuseppe Quattrocchi, the killer shot himself dead as he was approached by police in a car park. The attack was racially motivated but not a terrorist attack according to authorities.  The 50-year-old accountant from Pistoia had a history of involvement in far-right politics

    1 killed December 9, 2011Record Executive Dies After Tyler Brehm Hollywood Shooting Rampage  Tyler Brehm (Hispanc) is shot dead by police in Hollywood after he fired randomly at passing cars leaving music executive John Atterberry in critical condition who died  and two injured.

    December 15, 2011 Murder-suicide 4 killed 1 injured Derek Jensen Alberta Canada Girlfriend Quad Murder Suicide  In Claresholm, Alberta, Canada  shooter Derek Jensen became enraged when he saw his ex-girlfriend at a bar with 2 new men, and targeted her on the highway in Alberta, killing her and two of her male friends from Prince Edward Island, and injuring one other woman, before killing himself. The act was so violent and suspect brought 3 guns that it has been categorized in lists of terrorist acts of 2011. One speculated that  Fay suggested that Jensen might have been feeling some stress from growing up in a strict Mormon family.

    Southern California Edison shooting (workplace violence) On December 16, 2011, a gunman opened fire inside a Southern California Edison office building in Irwindale, California. The gunman, Andre Turner, killed two employees, and wounded two others, and committed suicide. The motive is uncertain in the shooting. Records indicated that Turner had a civil judgement against him and was being sued. Turner had also been verbally reprimanded by his boss for a minor incident.

    Michael Phillips Erratic Meth Truck Driver Kills 2 in Head-On Crash Oct 13, 2017 sentence  Dec. 30, 2011 crash  Michael Phillips who was drugged on meth when he was driving his truck erratically crossed over the center line and slammed into a small car killing 2 women inside. He was free on bail and kept his license after the crash but refused a drug test. and then fled delaying the case months while authorities searched for him.. He was convicted in August  2017 of two counts of DUI manslaughter and other charges.   He had a 30 year history of drug arrests. 


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    • 2011 Grand Rapids, Michigan mass murder On July 7, 2011, a gunman killed seven people and wounded two others in a spree killing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The deaths took place in two homes, with the two non-fatal gunshot injuries taking place on the road. The suspected gunman, Rodrick Shonte Dantzler, later killed himself after a wild police chase which left his vehicle disabled in a highway woodline. Those killed included Dantzler's estranged wife, their daughter, his former girlfriend, and members of the other victims' families. One of the non-fatal victims was also acquainted with Dantzler.


    • 2011 IHOP shooting The 2011 IHOP shooting occurred on September 6, 2011, when a gunman, identified as 32-year-old Eduardo Sencion,[3] opened fire in a branch of the International House of Pancakes restaurant in Carson City, Nevada, killing four people, including three members of the National Guard, and wounding seven others.









    • Domodedovo International Airport bombing
    • 2011 Durango Mexico massacres The 2011 Durango massacres were a series of mass murders that occurred in 2011.[1][2] According to El Universal and Yahoo! News, at least 340 bodies have been found in mass graves around the city of Durango as of February 2012;[3][4] These mass graves are the first of their kind in the state of Durango and third of their kind in Mexico. These mass graves had more bodies than the 2011 Tamaulipas massacre of 189 bus passengers.[5] Since April 2011, there have been 7 mass graves found around Durango. One of these mass graves was found in a vacant auto repair lot in Durango with 89 bodies.[6] One of the bodies identified was Alfonso Peña, the former mayor of the municipality of Tepehuanes, Durango.[7]






    • December 2011 Jabal al-Zawiya massacres The Jabal al-Zawiya massacres took place on 19–20 December 2011, in the Idlib province of Syria during the 2011-2012 Idlib Governorate clashes between the Syrian Army and opposition forces, within the larger scope of the 2011-2012 Syrian uprising. Human rights and opposition activists said that some 200 people were killed by Syrian security forces in the hills and villages of the north-western province of Idlib on 19 and 20 December 2011.[1][2] The state Syrian news agency claimed that 1 terrorist was killed and several more wounded.[1] The event occurred following a large scale defection of hundreds of Syrian soldiers on 19 December, while some 70 of them were gunned down by loyalists. On 20 December, government forces backed by tanks reportedly launched an operation to hunt down the defectors who managed to escape