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List of terrorist incidents, January–June 2011

 List of terrorist incidents, January–June 2011 ---

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    This is a timeline of individual violent attacks which took place from January - June2011, including attacks by state and non-state actors for political, criminal or ...


    DatesTypeDeadInjuredLocationDetailsPerpetrator[Note 1]StateNon-state
    1Suicide bombing2197EgyptAlexandria,EgyptA car bomb exploded outside a Coptic Orthodox church after worshippers had gathered for a prayer celebration on New Year's Eve.(later blame was assigned to the Egyptian Interior Ministry to form a rift between Coptic Christians and Muslims)[1]Al Qaeda in Iraq
    4Assassination10PakistanIslamabad,PakistanSalman Taseer, a high-ranking member of the Pakistani Prime Minister's party and governor of the Punjab province was shot and killed by his bodyguard as he stepped out of his car in Islamabad. It is believed he was assassinated for his opposition to Pakistan's blasphamy law.[2][3]Lone wolf[4][attribution needed]Symbol confirmed.svg
    4Bombing426Nigeria Abuja,NigeriaA bomb went off by a market near military barracks in the capital of the country.[5]Symbol confirmed.svg
    7, 8Kidnapping9Niger NigerTwo Frenchmen were kidnapped in Niamey. When the Niger army caught up with the kidnappers next day 4 suspected kidnappers and 3 Niger soldiers died in the shootout and the 2 Frenchmen were found dead. Al Qaida in Niger claimed responsibility. 5 other foreigners, kidnapped earlier, remain in the hands of kidnappers in Niger.[6]Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb/Government of Niger/Government of FranceSymbol confirmed.svgSymbol confirmed.svg
    7Suicide bombing1723Afghanistan Spin Boldak,AfghanistanA suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a crowded public bath house, killing his intended target, a police commander who was inside the building, in the Afghan town of Spin Boldak, which is located within the southern Kandahar Province, of southern Afghanistan.[7]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    78AttemptedAssassination614United States Tucson, ArizonaUnited StatesJared Lee Loughner attempted to assassinateDemocratic United States Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords at a constituent event in Tucson, Arizona. Giffords received a critical gunshot wound to the head but survived the attempt. After shooting Giffords, Loughner went on to kill 6 bystanders and wound 13 more. He was taken into custody immediately at the scene.Lone wolfSymbol confirmed.svg
    8Ambush1614Yemen Lawdar,Lahij YemenMembers of al-Qaida in Yemen killed 12 soldiers and wounded eight in an ambush in the town of Lawdar. The same day militants attacked a checkpoint in the city of Lahj killing four soldiers, six militants were also wounded.[8]Al-Qaeda in the Arabian PeninsulaSymbol confirmed.svg
    11Ambush1018Sudan South Kordofan,SudanMisseriya Arab tribesmen in several vehicles ambushed and attacked a convoy of civilian returnees coming from the north to the south of the country within South Kordofan, which is located between the border regions of northern and southern Sudan, during the Southern Sudan independence referendum, 2011.[9]Symbol confirmed.svg
    11–12Violence, fighting14Ivory Coast Abidjan,Ivory CoastFighting broke out between police and Alassane Ouattara's supporters, some of whom were using automatic weapons androcket-propelled grenades, after police attempted to conduct a raid in an opposition neighbourhood in Abidjan. 11 people were killed, among them: eight policemen, two RDR[clarification needed]members and a civilian security guard.[10][11]Symbol confirmed.svg
    11Shooting, riot14Egypt Samalut,EgyptAn off duty policeman opened fire on a group of CopticChristians in a train, killing one and injuring four. Teargas was later used to disperse hundreds of Copts protesting the shooting outside the hospital where the injured were being treated.[12]Symbol confirmed.svg
    12Bombing27PakistanPeshawar,PakistanTwo roadside bombings struck a private school van, which was travelling upon a road on the suburbs of the north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar.[13]Symbol confirmed.svg
    12Car bomb1720+Pakistan Bannu,PakistanA suicide car-bomber rammed his explosive-laden vehicle into a heavily fortified police station, which is located within the Bannu district, of north-western Pakistan.[14]Symbol confirmed.svg
    12Suicide bombing430+Afghanistan Kabul,AfghanistanA suicide motorcycle bomber rammed his explosive-laden motorcycle into a bus carrying members of the Afghan intelligence agency, the NDS in the Afghan capital city of Kabul.[15]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    13Bombing49Pakistan Bannu,Bara,PakistanTwo bomb attacks struck both a military police vehicle and a Pakistani security forces checkpoint in the north-western Pakistani districts of both Bannu and Bara, which are located in north-western Pakistan.[16]Symbol confirmed.svg
    14Shooting63Pakistan Hangu,PakistanSuspected Taliban insurgents armed with various weapons attacked the home of a female police constable, killing her whilst also killing and injuring several of her own family members in the town of Tootkas, which is located within the Hangu district, of north-western Pakistan.[17]Symbol confirmed.svg
    14Car bomb48+RussiaKhasavyurt,Dagestan,RussiaA car bomb explosion ripped through a cafe, with the blast killing and injuring both cafe workers and customers within the city of Khasavyurt, which is located within the volatile, southern Russian republic of Dagestan.[18]Caucasus EmirateSymbol confirmed.svg
    15Shooting/Targeted killing3940+Pakistan Karachi,PakistanA series of targeted killings have swept across Karachi, with numerous people reportedly killed and injured, as a result of political, ethnic and sectarian violence across the past week in several different locations of Pakistan's biggest, southern city of Karachi, which is located in southern Pakistan.[19]Symbol confirmed.svg
    16Roadside bombings150Afghanistan Baghlan Province,Helmand Province,AfghanistanTwin roadside bombings struck two vehicle carrying civilians in Afghanistan's north-eastern Baghlan Province and in Afghanistan's southern Helmand Province, of north-eastern and southern Afghanistan.[20]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    17Bombing1811Pakistan Hangu,Kohat,PakistanA planted-bomb detonated inside a passenger van, as the vehicle was travelling between the districts of both Hangu and neighbouring Kohat, which are located in north-western Pakistan.[21]Symbol confirmed.svg
    18Shooting/Execution40Pakistan Hangu,PakistanSuspected Taliban insurgents shot dead alleged robbers who had supposedly confessed to their crimes, as their bodies were discovered along a road in the Hangu district, of north-western Pakistan.[22]Symbol confirmed.svg
    18Suicide bombing66100+Iraq Tikrit,IraqA suicide bomber detonated his explosive-laden vest in the middle of hundreds of potential volunteer army recruits who were waiting to be interviewed outside a police recruitment centre in the Iraqi town of Tikrit, which is located in northern Iraq.[23]Symbol confirmed.svg
    19Bombing215PakistanPeshawar,PakistanA bomb planted inside a parked horse cart was detonated near to a school within the north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[24]Symbol confirmed.svg
    19Car bombing1560+Iraq Baquba,DiyalaIraqA suicide bomber rammed an explosive-laden ambulance into a police recruitment centre, which is located in the Iraqi city of Baquba, of central-eastern Iraq.[25]Symbol confirmed.svg
    19Shooting/Raid46ThailandNarathiwat,Rangaedistrict,ThailandMuslim separatists were suspected to be behind an attack on an army camp after at least 40 armed men assaulted the Ror 15121 outpost in Ban Marue Botok at 20:00 during the camp’s evening meal.[26][27]Pattani United Liberation Organization(suspected)[not in citation given]Symbol confirmed.svg
    20Car bombing/Suicide bombing50150+Iraq Karbala,IraqTwin bomb attacks, one of which reportedly involved a car bomb, struck two police checkpoints at two routes being used byShia pilgrims taking part in the Arbaeen festival in the central Iraqi city of Karbala, which is located in central Iraq.[28]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    20Piracy/Hijacking-24Oman/SomaliaIndian OceanSomali pirates hijacked a Mongolian-flagged MV Hoang Son Sun off the Omani coast. An EU Navfor statement read: "The 22,835-tonne bulk carrier, which is Mongolian flagged and Vietnamese-owned, has a crew of 24 Vietnamese nationals. No further details of the attack are known at this stage." Navfor said the ship had not been registered with the Maritime Security Centre for the Horn of Africa. Two rescue support ships were then in contact with a "flotilla of warships" that were patrolling the Indian Ocean waters in the area.[29]Somali piratesSymbol confirmed.svg
    20Bombs--January UkraineMakiyivka,UkraineTwo bombs went off at 6:00 at a local coal company and the city market. An unknown group threatened to carry out several more attacks in the town unless they received "a large amount of money," according to the deputy interior minister Vasyl Farynnyk. The blasts shattered several windows in one of the buildings, with police calling the incident an act of hooliganism.[30]Symbol confirmed.svg
    20Ambush62Pakistan Kohat,PakistanThe Taliban were suspected to have ambushed a convoy of oil workers and the paramilitary Frontier Corps, who were providing an escort to the team in the Kohat region.[31]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    20Raid/Piracy/Hijacking3 (arrests)Oman/SomaliaIndian OceanMalaysian Naval Special Forces rescued, during Operation Dawn 9 of Gulf of Aden, the Malaysian-flagged and Japanese-owned MT Bunga Laurel that had faced an attempted hijacked by pirates. The vessel, a "product tanker," was en route to Singapore from the Middle East with crew members from the Philippines.[32]Royal Malaysian Navy/Somali piratesSymbol confirmed.svgSymbol confirmed.svg
    15, 21Raid/Piracy/Hijacking821 (hostages), 5 (arrests)Oman/SomaliaIndian OceanSouth Korean Naval Special Forces rescued, during Operation Dawn of Gulf of Aden, the Maltese-flagged and Norwegian-owned Samho Jewelry that had been hijacked by pirates and held for 6 days. The vessel, a "product tanker," was en route to Sri Lanka from the United Arab Emirates with crew members from Myanmar, Korea and Indonesia.[33]Navy of South Korea/Somali piratesSymbol confirmed.svgSymbol confirmed.svg
    22IED37Pakistan Orakzai,PakistanA patrol of paramilitary soldiers struck a roadside bomb, killing and injuring both paramilitary soldiers as well as civilians inIbrahimzai, Orakzai.[34]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    23IED11PakistanPeshawar,PakistanA police van struck a roadside bomb, killing and injuring policemen on the outskirts of Peshawar.[35]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    23Car bombings1234Iraq Baghdad,IraqA series of car bomb attacks struck key strategic targets including police patrols, a bus of Iranian pilgrims, a school and close to a market across various locations as well as districts within and outside the Iraqi capital.[36]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    23Ambush34Pakistan Hangu,PakistanSuspected Taliban insurgents ambushed a vehicle carrying the former mayor of the town of Hangu, killing the mayor's relatives as well as injuring the mayor and passers-by in the Hangu district, of north-western Pakistan.[37]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    24Suicide bombing37180Russia NearDomodedovo,Russia
    For more details on this topic, see 2011 Domodedovo International Airport bombing.
    Caucasus EmirateSymbol confirmed.svg
    24Car bombing2570Iraq Karbala,IraqTwo car bombings targeting Shia pilgrims, struck a bus terminal and another detonated in an undisclosed location on the outskirts of the central Iraqi city of Karbala, which is located in central Iraq.[38]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    25Suicide bombings1750+Pakistan Lahore,Karachi,PakistanTwo suicide blasts targeted Shia processions in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore as well as the major southern port city of Karachi, in both eastern and southern Pakistan.[39]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    25IED92Thailand Yala Province,ThailandA roadside bombing struck a group of Buddhists returning home from work in a Thai village that was located within the Yala Province, of southern Thailand.[40]Pattani United Liberation Organization(suspected)[not in citation given]Symbol confirmed.svg
    25Bombing514Philippines Manila,PhilippinesA bomb placed under a bus seat detonated on a passenger bus, which was carrying commuters on a busy city avenue, within the Philippine's capital city of Manila.[41]Jemaah Islamiyah (suspected)[not in citation given]Symbol confirmed.svg
    26Car bomb46RussiaKhasavyurt,RussiaA car bomb explosion ripped through a cafe, with the blast killing and injuring both cafe workers and customers within the Russian city of Khasavyurt.[42]Caucasus EmirateSymbol confirmed.svg
    27Killing1Uganda Kampala,UgandaUgandan gay rights campaigner David Kato was murdered after Uganda's Rolling Stone magazine published an article calling for him to be hanged.[43]
    27Car Bomb4878Iraq Baghdad,IraqA car bomb exploded near a funeral tent in a predominantly Shia neighborhood in Baghdad.[44]Symbol confirmed.svg
    28Suicide bombing1420+Afghanistan Kabul,AfghanistanA suicide attacker opened fire at customers in the Finest store supermarket before detonating his explosives within the centre of the Afghan capital city of Kabul.[45]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    28Suicide bombing817Pakistan Kohat,PakistanA suicide bomber detonated his explosives near to the Kohat tunnel, killing passers-by and damaging the tunnel on the main road between the Kohat region and the north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[46]Pakistan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    29Ambush26Pakistan Khyber,PakistanSuspected Taliban insurgents ambushed a Pakistani security forces convoy using small-arms fire, rockets and mortars in the Shalobar area, of the Khyber tribal region, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[47]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    31Suicide bombing614PakistanPeshawar,PakistanTwo bomb attacks, one which involved a suicide bomber and the other a roadside bombing, targeted Pakistani security forces in the north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[48]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    31Shooting1656SomaliaMogadishu,SomaliaSomali governmental troops and local police exchanged fire in a shoot-out, with many civilians getting caught in the crossfire, within the Somali capital city of Mogadishu.[49]Transitional Federal GovernmentSymbol confirmed.svg


    DateTypeDeadInjuredLocationDetailsPerpetrator[Note 1]StateNon-state
    February 2Car bombing1020+Pakistan Peshawar,PakistanA car bombing struck near to a police station in a commercial area located within a suburb of the north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[50]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    6Riots36Indonesia Banten,IndonesiaAhmadi Muslims in Indonesia were struck with violence where a large mob of other Muslim sects armed with machetes, sticks and rocks attacked the home of a minority Ahmadiyya sect leader in Banten province, central Indonesia, killing at least three Ahmadis and wounding six others.[51]Sectarian rivalrySymbol confirmed.svg
    7Ambush17Pakistan Hangu,PakistanSuspected Pakistani Taliban insurgents ambushed and opened fire upon a police vehicle in a remote village of Pakistan's north-western Hangu district, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[52]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    8IED23Pakistan Peshawar,PakistanA remote-controlled explosive device targeted a police vehicle, some 10 km north of the north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[53]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    9Car bombings778Iraq KirkukIraqThree car bombings simultaneously struck near to the Kurdish security headquarters for the northern Iraqi oil city of Kirkuk, which is located in northern Iraq.[54]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    10Suicide bombing3240+Pakistan Mardan,PakistanA young suicide bomber in a school uniform attacked soldiers during morning exercises at a Pakistani army training camp Thursday, killing 32 troops and wounding more than 40 others.[55]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    10Car bombing939Iraq DujailIraqA car bombing struck an aid tent hosting a procession of Shia pilgrims, near to the northern Iraqi city of Dujail, which is located in northern Iraq.[56]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    11Violence100+0Sudan Prospective Southern SudanClashes between rebels and governmental forces, which were initiated after rebels attacked the army, have killed scores of people, including many civilians in Southern Sudan.[57]Sudan People's Armed ForcesSymbol confirmed.svg
    12Suicide bombing4880Iraq SamarraIraqA suicide bomber targeted a bus carrying Shia pilgrims on the outskirts of the major northern Iraqi city of Samarra, which is located in northern Iraq.[58]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    12Armed assault1949Afghanistan Kandahar,AfghanistanTaliban insurgents armed with suicide bombs, guns and rocket-propelled grenades struck the police headquarters in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, which is located in southern Afghanistan.[59]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    13Raid75Philippines Zamboanga,PhilippinesArmy troops captured a jungle base belonging to Abu Sayyaf in the southern Philippines. 5 militants and 2 troops were killed during the raid, with an additional 5 soldiers wounded.[60]Abu SayyafSymbol confirmed.svgSymbol confirmed.svg
    13Car bombing018Thailand Yala,ThailandA car bomb exploded next to a grocery shop in Yala, southern Thailand. 18 people were injured, including four soldiers.[61]Pattani United Liberation OrganizationSymbol confirmed.svg
    14Suicide bombing22Afghanistan Kabul,AfghanistanA suicide bomber detonated his explosives prematurely inside a shopping complex, after being challenged by Afghan security guards in the centre of the Afghan capital city of Kabul.[62]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    14Suicide bombings325+Russia Gubden,DagestanRussiaTwin suicide bombings, one of which involved a female, detonated an explosive-belt and a car bomb at a security forces checkpoint within this particular town of the republic.[63]Caucasus EmirateSymbol confirmed.svg
    15Violence100+0Sudan Southern SudanA series of violent clashes occurred, between government forces and fighters loyal to rebel leader,George Athor, after they were attacked thus initiating the violence, which has now risen to some 200 people, rather than the original 100 fatalities estimate, as a result of this internal violence.[64]Sudan People's Armed ForcesSymbol confirmed.svg
    17Car bombing1333Iraq Muqdadiya,IraqA car bombing struck outside a popular car sales centre that was packed with people and vehicles in the north-eastern town of Muqdadiyah, which is located in north-eastern Iraq.[65]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    18Car bombing1140+Afghanistan Khost,AfghanistanA suicide car-bomber detonated his explosives at a central and crowded area, of the north-eastern Khost city, which is located on the Afghan-Pakistan border, of north-eastern Pakistan.[66]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    19Armed assault4273Afghanistan Jalalabad,AfghanistanTaliban suicide bombers armed with automatic weapons and grenades attacked a Kabul Bankbuilding while targeting police and intelligence officers who had gone to collect their salaries in the north-eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad, which is located in north-eastern Afghanistan.[67]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    19Armed assault41Russia Kabardino-BalkariaRussia4 Russian tourists from Moscow were ambushed and killed on a Ski lift that was heading up to Elbrus Mountain.[68]Caucasus EmirateSymbol confirmed.svg
    20Military attack15Pakistan PakistanA military operation killed up to 15 militants after dozens of insurgents attacked a security checkpoint in a northwestern tribal region on the Afghan border on Sunday.[69]Symbol confirmed.svg
    21Car bombing1720+Somalia Mogadishu,SomaliaA suicide car-bomber attacked a police training camp, which is located next to a police academy within Somalia's capital city of Mogadishu.[70]Al-ShababSymbol confirmed.svg
    21Suicide bombing3040+Afghanistan Kunduz Province,AfghanistanA suicide bomber detonated his explosives in a crowd of people lined up to collect identity cards outside a government building in the Imam Saheb district, of the northern Kunduz Province, which is located in northern Afghanistan.[71]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    21Car bombing1325Iraq SamarraIraqA suicide car-bomber rammed his explosive-laden vehicle into a police elite tactical squad compound in the central Iraqi city of Samarra, which is located in central Iraq.[72]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    21Armed assault36Senegal Carongue,SenegalRebels killed three soldiers and wounded six others in Senegal's troubled Casamance region. Two of the injured are reported to be in serious condition. The government has been battling a low-level insurgency since the 1980s.[73]Movement of Democratic Forces of CasamanceSymbol confirmed.svg
    22Ambush47Pakistan Hangu,PakistanSuspected Pakistani Taliban insurgents fired rockets towards a military checkpoint, which inadvertently struck two house in a remote village, killing both women and children within Pakistan's north-western Hangu district, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[74]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    23Ambush102Ivory Coast AbidjanIvory CoastUnidentified rebels ambushed four army vehicles, killing all of the occupants, in the major city of Abdigan, which acts as the economical capital of the Ivory Coast.[75]Forces Nouvelles de Côte d'IvoireSymbol confirmed.svg
    24Car bombing126Afghanistan Spin Boldak,Kandahar Province,AfghanistanA suicide car-bomber detonated his explosive-laden vehicle, after being pursued by Afghan security forces in the centre of the southern Afghan town of Spin Boldak, which is located in the Kandahar Province, of southern Afghanistan.[76]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    24Suicide bombing1118Iraq RamadiIraqA suicide bomber targeted a religious ceremony, injuring a possible intended target in the form of the deputy governor of the province, in the central-western Iraqi city of Ramadi, which is located in central-western Iraq.[77]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    24Airstrike6Pakistan North Waziristan,PakistanAt least six people were killed Thursday evening when two U.S. drones fired missiles into the northwestern Pakistani tribal area of North Waziristan.[78]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    25Armed assault42Pakistan Peshawar,PakistanAttackers blew up several tanker trucks in northwest Pakistan Friday and killed two security workers and two drivers.[79]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    26Armed assault46Iraq BaijiIraqSuspected Iraqi insurgents attacked the Baiji oil refinery that acts as Iraq's biggest oil extractor, which is based in the northern sectors of the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad, which is located in northern Iraq.[80]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    26Suicide bombing/Roadside bombing1319Afghanistan Faryab ProvinceKhost Province,AfghanistanTwin bombings, one of which involved a suicide bomber and the other a roadside bombing, targeted civilians playing traditional sports and a civilian vehicle in both the north-western Faryab Province and the central-eastern Khost Province, of north-western and central-eastern Afghanistan.[81]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    26Suicide bombing10Russia Moscow,RussiaAn unidentified individual blew himself up with a grenade outside a supermarket, killing only himself, in an unknown motivational attack, within the north-eastern sectors of Russia's capital city of Moscow.[82]Symbol confirmed.svg
    27Bombings1420+Afghanistan Kandahar CityKandahar Province,AfghanistanTwo bomb attacks struck a dog fighting match on the outskirts of Kandahar City, which is located within the southern Kandahar Province, of southern Afghanistan.[83]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    28Shootingraid6Nigeria Borno State,NigeriaPolice said they shot and killed Salifu Damaturu and other supporters, who they believed to have funded Boko Haram.[84]Nigerian policeSymbol confirmed.svg


    DateTypeDeadInjuredLocationDetailsPerpetrator[Note 1]StateNon-state
    1Armed assault135+Pakistan Mardan,PakistanSuspected Pakistani Taliban insurgents on motorbikes lobbed grenades and opened fire at a college party based in a state-run girls school in the north-western town of Mardan.[85]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    2Ambush10PakistanIslamabad,PakistanShahbaz Bhatti, the country's Minorities Minister and the only Christian Cabinet Minister, was ambushed and shot dead by suspected Pakistani Taliban insurgents who ambushed his vehicle in broad daylight in Pakistan's capital city of Islamabad. It was the second assassinated of a minister over the blasphemy law.[86]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    2Shooting22GermanyFrankfurt,GermanyA Kosovon was arrested for shooting two US Air Force personnel at Frankfurt's airport. Manfred Fuellhardt, the Frankfurt police spokesman, said one of the dead was a bus driver and the other was a passenger and that one of the wounded personnel was in serious conditions. Chancellor Angela Merkelcondemned the "terrible incident" and pledged to carry out a full investigation.[87]Lone wolfSymbol confirmed.svg
    3Car bombing930+Pakistan Hangu,PakistanA suicide car-bomber detonated his explosive-laden vehicle struck a police patrol van in Pakistan's north-western Hangu district, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[88]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    3Suicide bombing1026Iraq Haditha,IraqA suicide bomber detonated his explosives in a crowd of people lined up to collect salaries outside a bank in the north-eastern Iraqi town of Haditha, which is located in north-eastern Iraq.[89]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    3Ambush63Pakistan Khyber,PakistanSuspected Pakistani Taliban insurgents ambushed a police patrol vehicle on a routine patrol within the Gudar area, of Pakistan's north-western Khyber Agency, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[90]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    3Bombing13[91]11Nigeria Abuja,NigeriaA bomb attack struck a political rally that was based near to a market in Sulega, which is located some 40 km from Nigeria's capital city of Abuja.[92] President Goodluck Jonathan reacted with vows that the perpetrators would not be punished. One person had been arrested.[93]Symbol confirmed.svg
    3Drone bombing90Afghanistan Pech valleyKunar province,AfghanistanA NATO air raid, followed a call-in by on field forces. They were responding to an attack on a NATO base. This led to the deaths of nine children who were collecting firewood. President Hamid Karzai told his American counterpart Barack Obama that civilian casualties are a serious problem that has not been adequately addressed by NATO. NATO commanded General David Petraeus apologised to Karzai for the deaths.[94] Karzai rejected the apology saying "It is not acceptable for the Afghan people anymore. Regrets and condemnations of the incident cannot heal the wounds of the people."[95]ISAFSymbol confirmed.svg
    3Bomb00MadagascarAntananarivo,MadagascarPresident Andry Rajoelina escaped an assassination attempt after a bomb exploded by his car. His aide de camp Lieutenant Colonel Fidimalala Rafaliarison said that the bomb occurred after on the president's daily route home where the presidential convoy usually slows down and that there was no damage to the armour-plated car that the president sits in. He said an investigative team then go to the side and found a 150 metre long wire and explosive material hidden in the grass on the side of the road. Prime Minister Camille Vital said that "Given the political context, it could be have been a political assassination attempt. It could be intimidation. In any case, investigations will show what really happened."[96]Symbol confirmed.svg
    4Bombing1140+PakistanNowshera,PakistanA bomb attack struck a mosque just after Friday prayers, as food was being distributed to the poor in Pakistan's north-western Nowshera district, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[97]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    6Roadside bombing125Afghanistan Paktika Province,AfghanistanA vehicle carrying civilians struck a roadside bomb in the Waza Khwa district of Afghanistan's south-eastern Paktika Province, which is located in south-eastern Afghanistan.[98]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    6Ambush50Yemen Ma'rib Governorate,YemenSuspected al-Qaeda militants opened fire on a military vehicle in a valley east of the capital Sana'a. Four members of Yemen's Republican Guard were killed in the attack. In a separate attack, an army colonel was killed in a shooting while shopping in Zinjibar, capital of Abyan.[99]Al-Qaeda in the Arabian PeninsulaSymbol confirmed.svg
    6Roadside bombing612Iraq Basra,IraqA bus carrying civilians struck a roadside bomb in Iraq's second largest city. Eyewitnesses report that an US military vehicle was the intended target, but the explosion missed it.[100]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    8Car bombing25131+PakistanFaisalabad,PakistanA car bombing struck a gas station, triggering off several nearby gas cylinders at the station, thus creating an even bigger explosion in the eastern Pakistani city of Faisalabad, which is located in eastern Pakistan.[101]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    8Airstrike5Pakistan South Waziristan,PakistanA US missile strike targeting a compound killed five militants in South Waziristan on Tuesday.[102]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    9Suicide bombing43100+PakistanPeshawar,PakistanA suicide bomber struck a funeral for a local militia member. At least 43 were killed and more than 100 were injured in Pakistan's deadliest attack for the year so far.[103]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    9Roadside bombing619PakistanBalochistan Province,PakistanA small pick-up truck struck a landmine in the Dera Bugti area, of Pakistan's south-western Balochistan Province, which is located in south-western Pakistan.[104]Balochistan Liberation ArmySymbol confirmed.svg
    9Bombing00Russia Moscow,RussiaA bomb explosion occurred at a bus stop on Michurinsky Avenue, which is located near to Russia's FSBnational anti-terrorist committee in south-eastern Moscow. No casualties were reported at the scene of this bombing, however nearby vehicles and the bus stop were damaged as a result of this bombing.[105]Caucasus EmirateSymbol confirmed.svg
    10Suicide bombing510+Afghanistan Kunduz,Kunduz Province,AfghanistanA suicide bomber targeted the province's police chief, detonating his explosives whilst killing him and killing and injuring other passers-by in Kunduz City, which is located in the northern Afghan Kunduz Province, of northern Afghanistan.[106]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    10Roadside bombing313Pakistan Dera Murad Jamali,Balochistan Province,PakistanA roadside bombing struck a Pakistani Frontier Corps vehicle in the Pakistani city of Dera Murad Jamali, which is located in Pakistan's south-western Balochistan Province, of south-western Pakistan.[107]Balochistan Liberation ArmySymbol confirmed.svg
    10Shootings30Pakistan Karachi,PakistanA series of political attacks of sectarian nature occurred as armed men opened fire and torched two buses in various areas of Pakistan's biggest southern city of Karachi, which is located in southern Pakistan.[108]Symbol confirmed.svg
    11Bombings00Russia Moscow,RussiaTwo bomb explosions occurred in the north-eastern districts of Moscow, resulting in no casualties but causing damage to nearby apartment buildings in the north-eastern sectors of Russia's capital city.[109]Caucasus EmirateSymbol confirmed.svg
    11Shootings40Pakistan Karachi,PakistanA series of targeted killings culminated in various incidents of shootings, which targeted both civilians and political activists within Pakistan's biggest, southern city of Karachi, which is located in southern Pakistan.[110]Symbol confirmed.svg
    11Airstrike5Pakistan North Waziristan,PakistanTwo US drone strikes in the volatile tribal belt of northwest Pakistan killed at least five suspected militants on Friday.[111]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    12Ambush60PakistanBalochistan Province,PakistanA series of rocket and mortar attacks struck a village, killing six members of the same family, in Pakistan's south-western Balochistan Province, which is located in south-western Pakistan.[112]Balochistan Liberation ArmySymbol confirmed.svg
    12Ambush71Iraq nearMosulIraqSeven Iraqi soldiers were killed as they were coming home from a military base outside Mosul. The van that they were travelling in was ambushed by four gunmen and only the driver survived.[113]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    13Ambush87Pakistan Hangu,PakistanSuspected Pakistani Taliban insurgents ambushed and opened fire upon a passenger bus carrying Shia Muslims, in a supposedly sectarian attack in Pakistan's north-western Hangu district, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[114]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    14Suicide bombing1029IraqBaqoubaIraqA suicide bomber blew up his car outside an army base in Baqouba, eastern Iraq. At least 10 soldiers were killed and 29 wounded, but the death toll was expected to rise as rescuers searched for victims in the rubble.[115]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    14Suicide bombing3742Afghanistan Kunduz,Kunduz Province,AfghanistanA suicide bomber attacked an army base in Kunduz, northern Afghanistan. At least 37 people were killed and more than 40 wounded in the third attack in the region this year and the second against the base.[116]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    14Airstrike6Pakistan North Waziristan,PakistanA suspected U.S. drone strike in Pakistan's tribal region killed six alleged militants.[117]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    16Airstrike5Pakistan Datta Khel,PakistanA US drone strike in Pakistan's lawless northwest tribal belt on Wednesday killed at least five militants, security officials said, as the covert campaign steps up in the border region.[118]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    17Airstrike41Pakistan North Waziristan,PakistanForty-one people, majority of them civilians, including children, were killed and several others sustained injuries in one of the bloodiest attacks by the US drones in the remote Dattakhel area in North Waziristan.[119]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    21Ambush110Pakistan Gwadar,Balochistan Province,PakistanUnidentified militants on motorbikes opened fire whilst attacking a camp for road construction workers near to the port town of Gwadar, which is located in Pakistan's south-western Balochistan Province, of south-western Pakistan.[120]Balochistan Liberation ArmySymbol confirmed.svg
    21Execution40PakistanMiranshah,North Waziristan,PakistanSuspected Pakistani Taliban insurgents executed four alleged spies for the U.S, leaving their bullet-riddled bodies beside roads in Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal regions, of north-western Pakistan.[121]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    23Roadside bombings111PakistanPeshawar,Hangu,PakistanTwo bomb attacks aimed at striking Pakistani security forces struck in the Hangu district and the outskirts of the major north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[122]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    23Ambush417Pakistan Quetta,Balochistan Province,PakistanA rocket attack struck a public square, killing both police officers and civilians within the Pakistani city of Quetta, which is located in Pakistan's south-western Balochistan Province, of south-western Pakistan.[123]Balochistan Liberation ArmySymbol confirmed.svg
    24Car bombing825+Pakistan Doaba,Hangu,PakistanA suicide car bomber detonated his explosive-laden vehicle near a police station in the Pakistani town of Doaba, which is located within Pakistan's north-western Hangu district, of north-western Pakistan.[124]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    12–24Shootings/Targeted Killings50+100+Pakistan Karachi,PakistanA series of relentless targeted killings occurred, over the past fortnight, which culminated in a spate of targeted shootings within Pakistan's biggest, southern city of Karachi, which is located in southern Pakistan.[125]Symbol confirmed.svg
    25Ambush820+Pakistan Kurram Agency,PakistanSuspected Pakistani Taliban insurgents ambushed and attacked two civilian vehicles belonging to Shia Muslims, in a suspected sectarian attack, killing and taking civilians hostage, in the Bagan area of Pakistan's north-western Kurram tribal agency, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[126]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    25Airstrike42Afghanistan Helmand Province,AfghanistanFour Afghan civilians were mistakenly killed and two others injured in an attack by a remotely controlled RAF "drone" targeting insurgent leaders in Helmand province.[127]Royal Air ForceSymbol confirmed.svg
    27Ambush77Yemen Ma'rib Governorate,YemenSuspected al-Qaeda militants opened fire on a military post, killing seven soldiers and wounding seven more. The attack took place in the central Marib province, where the militant group is active.[128]Al-Qaeda in the Arabian PeninsulaSymbol confirmed.svg
    27Ambush610+Pakistan Kurram Agency,PakistanTwo militant attacks, one of which involved a rocket strike that struck a vehicle, and other involving a shooting occurred in Pakistan's north-western Kurram Agency, of north-western Pakistan.[129]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    28Car bombing2459Afghanistan Paktika Province,AfghanistanA suicide car-bomber detonated his explosive-laden truck at a construction company compound, killing and injuring labourers, engineers and guards in Afghanistan's eastern Paktika Province, which is located in eastern Afghanistan.[130]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    28Explosion150+45Yemen Jaʿār,YemenAn ammunition plant, which had previously been raided by Al Qaeda militants was blown up in suspicious circumstances, in a series of explosions in the Khanfar area, of Yemen's southern Jaar City, which is located in southern Yemen.[131]Al-Qaeda in the Arabian PeninsulaSymbol confirmed.svg
    28Violence916Iraq Mosul,BaghdadIraqA series of bomb attacks and shootings occurred in the northern Iraqi town of Mosul and in the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad, targeting both Iraqi security forces and civilians across the north of the country.[132]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    29Hostage Crisis5698Iraq Tikrit,IraqSuspected Al Qaeda militants stormed a council building, holding dozens of people hostage at a council meeting, only to execute council members, civilians and a journalist when Iraqi security forces attempted to take back the building through means of a military storming in the northern Iraqi town of Tikrit, which is located in northern Iraq. At least 15 of the victims were executed during the standoff.[133]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    30Suicide bombing1320+Pakistan Swabi,PakistanA suicide bomber on a motorbike detonated his explosives near to a crowd, which had gathered to meet a prominent hard-line Islamist leader in the north-western Pakistani town of Swabi, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[134]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    31Suicide bombing1240+PakistanCharsadda,PakistanA suicide bomber detonated his explosives near to the convoy of the same prominent hard-line Islamist leader, who had survived a prior assassination attempt the previous day, in the north-western Pakistani town of Charsadda, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[135]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    31IED30Pakistan Loralai,Balochistan Province,PakistanA vehicle struck a landmine, which had been planted by unidentified militants in the Chamalang area of Loralai district, which is located within Pakistan's south-western Balochistan Province, of south-western Pakistan.[136]Balochistan Liberation ArmySymbol confirmed.svg
    31IEDShooting70Pakistan Turbat,Qalat,Balochistan Province,PakistanTwo militant attacks occurred, one of which involved a remote controlled bomb that struck a vehicle in the south-western Pakistani city of Turbat, whereas a targeted shooting occurred in the south-western Pakistani village of Qalat, which are both located in Pakistan's south-western Balochistan Province, of south-western Pakistan.[137]Balochistan Liberation ArmySymbol confirmed.svg


    DateTypeDeadInjuredLocationDetailsPerpetrator[Note 1]StateNon-state
    2Car bombing10United Kingdom Omagh,Northern IrelandIn a widely condemned attack, a car bomb explodes killing Ronan Kerr, a Catholic member of thePSNI.[138]Suspected Dissident republicans[139]Symbol confirmed.svg
    3Suicide bombings50+100+Pakistan Dera Ghazi Khan,Punjab Province,PakistanTwin suicide bombings struck the Sakhi Sarwar Shrine, as Sufi Muslim devotees gathered for an annual three-day festival in the Dera Ghazi Khan district, of Pakistan's eastern Punjab Province, which is located in central-eastern Pakistan. The Pakistani Taliban later claimed responsibility for these suicide attacks, claiming they were retaliation for a Pakistani military offensive in the north-west of the country.[140]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    4Suicide bombing840+Pakistan Lower DirPakistanA suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a bus station, as the bomber supposedly killed his intended target who was an official from a peace committee, in the north-western Pakistani town of Lower Dir, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[141]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    7Car bombing120+Pakistan Quetta,PakistanA suicide car-bomber rammed his explosive-laden vehicle outside a senior police officials house, killing a police guard and injuring dozens of others, in Pakistan's south-western Pakistani city of Quetta, which is located in south-western Pakistan.[142]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    8Bombing1020+Nigeria Suleja,NigeriaA bomb explosion struck an office of the country's election commission, as citizens of the country inside the office were preparing for voting within the central town of Sulega, which is located in central Nigeria.[143]Symbol confirmed.svg
    9Shooting617Netherlands Alphen aan den Rijn,NetherlandsA gunman in the Netherlands has killed six people and wounded at least 11 before taking his own life.[144]Symbol confirmed.svg
    11Bombing14200+Belarus Minsk,Belarusbomb explosion occurred at the escalators of the Minsk Metro at the peak of the evening rush hour, targeting commuters in the underground Metro system, near to President Lukashenko's central office, which is located in the centre of Belarus's capital city of Minsk.[145]Symbol confirmed.svg
    12–14Targeted killings/Shootings180Pakistan Karachi,PakistanA series of targeted killings of a political and sectarian nature occurred across Pakistan's biggest, southern city of Karachi, which is located in southern Pakistan.[146]Symbol confirmed.svg
    13Suicide bombing1010+Afghanistan Kunar Province,AfghanistanA suicide bomber detonated his explosives, as he apparently embraced a prominent tribal military commander who incidentally was his intended target, killing him and those tribal elders around him in Afghanistan's eastern Kunar Province, which is located in eastern Afghanistan.[147]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    13Airstrike6Pakistan South Waziristan,PakistanU.S. drone aircraft fired four missiles in Pakistan's South Waziristan tribal region on Wednesday, killing six militants, days after the head of the country's intelligence agency called for an end to the strikes that have caused deep anger.[148]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    14Suicide bombings310+Afghanistan Paktia Province,Kabul,Kandahar,AfghanistanA series of failed suicide attacks targeted police compounds and governors offices in various areas, including the Afghan capital and in the eastern Paktia Province and the southern Kandahar Province of Afghanistan.[149]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    15Suicide bombing028Indonesia Cirebon,IndonesiaIndonesian police say a bomb went off at a mosque in the West Java town of Cirebon, killing at least one person and wounding 17.[150]Symbol confirmed.svg
    15Suicide bombing35+Afghanistan Kandahar City,Kandahar Province,AfghanistanA suicide bomber in a police uniform targeted and killed the police chief of Afghanistan's southern Kandahar Province, through means of evading security measures in penetrating the defences of the police headquarters, in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar City, which is located in the southern Kandahar Province, of southern Afghanistan.[151]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    16Suicide bombing108AfghanistanJalalabad,AfghanistanA suicide bomber wearing an Afghan security forces uniform blew himself up Saturday at the entrance to a military base in eastern Afghanistan.[152]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    18Car bombings925+Iraq Baghdad,IraqTwin suicide car bombings occurred at entrance posts as they were queuing to enter the heavily fortified Green Zone of Iraq's capital city of Baghdad.[153]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    18Suicide bombing37Afghanistan Kabul,AfghanistanA suicide attacker wearing a military uniform and an explosive-vest opened fire inside the Afghan Defence Ministry, killing and injuring soldiers and civilians, before himself being killed, within Afghanistan's capital city of Kabul.[154]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    18Bombing125Thailand Pattani,ThailandSuspected Muslim insurgents have set off a car bomb that killed one soldier and wounded 25 people in restive southern Thailand.[155]Symbol confirmed.svg
    18Bombing60Afghanistan Ghazni Province,AfghanistanSix policemen have been killed in a roadside bomb blast in eastern Afghanistan.[156]Symbol confirmed.svg
    21Bombing36AfghanistanJalalabad,Nangarhar Province,AfghanistanA bomb planted inside an Afghan National Police van exploded, killing and injuring security officers, in the Afghan city of Jalalabad, which is located in the eastern Nangarhar Province, of eastern Afghanistan.[157]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    21Bombing1940+Pakistan Karachi,PakistanAt least nineteen people have been killed while 40 sustained injures in a powerful blast that ripped through Rami Club building near Ghaas Mandi area in Lyari locality.[158]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    21Airstrike25Pakistan North Waziristan,PakistanAt least 25 people have been killed in a US drone strike in the troubled Pakistani tribal region of North Waziristan.[159]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    23Ambush22Afghanistan Dara-I-Nur District,AfghanistanTwo Afghan policemen died and two more were wounded in an ambush in eastern Afghanistan.[160]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    23Suicide bombing55Pakistan Bajaur Agency,PakistanA suicide bomber targeted the vehicle of an anti-Taliban militia leader, killing him, a soldier and civilians, as well as injuring others within Pakistan's north-western Bajaur Agency, of north-western Pakistan.[161]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    24Clashes5577+South Sudan Jonglei,Southern SudanAt least 55 fighters were killed when south Sudan's army clashed with a rebel group in Jonglei State.[162]
    25Bombing315NigeriaMaiduguri,NigeriaAn explosion at a hotel killed three people and wounded 14 others in northeastern Nigeria only days before the state's gubernatorial election. A second explosion went off Monday morning at a cattle market in the town of Maiduguri, which has long been wracked by violence related to the radical Islamic sect.[163]Boko HaramSymbol confirmed.svg
    26Bombings456Pakistan Karachi,PakistanTwo bomb explosions struck two Pakistan Navy buses's in Pakistan's major, southern city of Karachi, which is located in southern Pakistan.[164]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    27Shooting95Afghanistan Kabul,AfghanistanA rogue Afghan Army pilot opened fire at Kabul Airport, killing eight U.S servicemen and a contractor, before himself being killed after an apparent argument. The Afghan Taliban later claimed responsibility for this suicide attack.[165]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    28Bombing512Pakistan Karachi,PakistanA roadside bomb tore through a bus taking Pakistani navy employees to work in Karachi.[166]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    28Suicide bombing1620+MoroccoMarrakesh,MoroccoA suspected suicide bombing struck a cafe in Djemaa el Fna square, killing mostly foreigners and several Moroccan's, in the centre of Morocco's southern city of Marrakesh, which is located in southern Morocco.[167]Moroccan Islamic Combatant GroupSymbol confirmed.svg
    28Suicide bombing1240+Iraq Diyala provinceIraqA suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque in Iraq's eastern Diyala Province, which is located in eastern Iraq.[168]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    28Bombing30Afghanistan SouthernAfghanistanThree coalition service members were killed in two separate attacks in eastern and southern Afghanistan.[169]Symbol confirmed.svg
    29Bombings/Shootings1129Iraq Baghdadand Diyala provinceIraqAt least 11 people killed in a string of attacks in Baghdad and Diyala province amid nationwide surge of violence.[170]Symbol confirmed.svg
    30Bombing29Thailand Raman District,ThailandTwo Thai troops died and nine were injured in bombings that struck Thailand's restive south on Saturday.[171]Symbol confirmed.svg
    30Suicide bombing819Iraq Mosul,IraqEight people were killed and 19 wounded on Saturday when a suicide bomber blew himself up at an Iraqi army checkpoint next to a market in the northern city of Mosul.[172]Symbol confirmed.svg


    DateTypeDeadInjuredLocationDetailsPerpetrator[Note 1]StateNon-state
    1Suicide bombing/Shooting/Bombing730Afghanistan Barmal District,Ghazni province, andKandahar,AfghanistanMilitants staged attacks in two Afghan provinces, killing seven people, including a district council member and two policemen on Sunday, the first day of the Taliban's announced spring offensive.[173]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    1Shooting34Yemen Abyan GovernorateYemenAt least three soldiers were killed and four others were wounded on Sunday after an attack by suspected al-Qaida members in Yemen's southern province of Abyan.[174]Islamic Jihad of YemenSymbol confirmed.svg
    2Raid52Pakistan Abbottabad,PakistanUS Navy SEALs raided a compound belonging to Osama bin Laden killing bin Laden and 4 others including a woman and one of bin Laden's children.[175]US Navy SEALsSymbol confirmed.svg
    3Bombing1140India Lohardaga,JharkhandIndiaA landmine planted by Maoist rebels struck a convoy of police vehicles in the Lohardaga district, of the country's eastern state of Jharkhand, which is located in north-eastern India.[176]Communist Party of India (Maoist)Symbol confirmed.svg
    3Bombing01Russia MoscowRussiaA bomb explosion occurred in a car park outside a police station, injuring a police officer who discovered the explosive device, which was located in central Moscow.[177]Caucasus EmirateSymbol confirmed.svg
    3Car bomb1637Iraq BaghdadIraqA car bomb tore through a cafe packed with young men watching a football match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF on Tuesday night in Baghdad, killing at least 16 people.[178]Symbol confirmed.svg
    4Shooting/Bombing12Turkey Kastamonu,TurkeyAn armed assault involving a grenade explosion and a shooting struck a police vehicle at a political rally in the country's north-eastern city of Kastamonu, which is located in north-eastern Turkey.[179]Kurdistan Workers' PartySymbol confirmed.svg
    4Shooting920Yemen ZinjibarYemenUnknown gunmen have attacked a Yemeni military patrol, killing five soldiers and four civilians in the ensuing fire fight in the city of Zinjibar in the southern province of Abyan.[180]Islamic Jihad of YemenSymbol confirmed.svg
    5Car bombing2175Iraq HillaIraqA suicide bomber rammed a car packed with explosives into a police station south of Baghdad before blowing it up, killing at least 21 policemen.[181]Symbol confirmed.svg
    6Shooting815Pakistan QuettaPakistanSuspected Islamist militants on Friday opened fire on a group of Pakistani Shi'ites in the southwestern town of Quetta, killing at least 8 and wounding 15.[182]Symbol confirmed.svg
    6Airstrike12Pakistan North Waziristan,PakistanAt least 12 people have been killed in a US drone strike in the troubled Pakistani tribal region of North Waziristan.[183]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    6Airstrike21Yemen Shabwah GovernorateYemenUS officials have said that a US drone attack that killed two suspected al-Qaeda fighters in Yemen on Thursday was targeting US-Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.[184]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    7Suicide bombings/Shootings223Afghanistan Kandahar,AfghanistanIntense fighting is taking place in Afghanistan's second city of Kandahar amid co-ordinated militant attacks, including at least six suicide bombs.[185]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    8Clashes1714Iraq BaghdadIraqThe accused mastermind of a Baghdad church siege that killed dozens last fall nearly escaped from prison Sunday after wresting a gun from a guard and launching an hours-long assault that left 17 people dead, including a top Iraqi counterterrorism general.[186]Al Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    8Bombings210Pakistan North Waziristan,PakistanTwo Pakistani soldiers were killed and ten people including five security men were injured in three bomb attacks in northwest Pakistan on Sunday.[187]Symbol confirmed.svg
    9Shooting90Russia North Caucasus,RussiaOne Russian police officer and eight fighters were killed in firefight in Russian Southern Federal District.[188]
    9Grenade attack00United Kingdom DerryNorthern IrelandFour PSNI members and two schoolchildren escape unharmed when a grenade thrown at them fails to explode. The four police officers were on cordon duty during an earlier alert and were speaking to two young boys on bicycles when a man threw the device at them.[189]Suspected Dissident republicansSymbol confirmed.svg
    10Bombing28Pakistan Nowshera DistrictPakistanTwo people, including a policewoman, have been killed in a bomb explosion outside a district court in north-western Pakistan.[190]Symbol confirmed.svg
    10Bombings21Iraq TikritIraqTwo bombs exploded as a police patrol passed through the centre of Tikrit, north of Baghdad, on Tuesday, killing two policemen.[191]Symbol confirmed.svg
    10Airstrike4Pakistan South WaziristanPakistanA US drone strike destroyed a vehicle in Pakistan's tribal belt on Tuesday, killing four militants in the second drone attack since the killing of Osama bin Laden.[192]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    12Airstrike5Pakistan North Waziristan,PakistanA US drone fired two missiles into a vehicle in Pakistan's tribal district of North Waziristan on Thursday, killing at least five suspected militants.[193]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    12Shooting10Russia Dagestan,RussiaRussian police officer was gunned down by militants in Dagestan.[194]Caucasus EmirateSymbol confirmed.svg
    13Suicide bombings80140Pakistan Charsadda,PakistanAt least 80 people have been killed and 140 others injured in twin blasts at a military training center in Pakistan's northwestern city of Charsadda. The Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, terming it the "first revenge" for the killing of Osama bin Laden.[195]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    13Ambush7Algeria JijelAlgeriaAt least seven soldiers were killed in Algeria when a group of gunmen opened fire against a military outpost.[196]Symbol confirmed.svg
    13Airstrike5Pakistan North Waziristan,PakistanAs many as five suspected militants were killed when a US drone hit a vehicle at Datta Khel area of North Waziristan Agency on Friday morning.[197]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    14Bombing6Pakistan Kharian,PakistanPolice say a roadside bomb has hit a passenger bus in eastern Pakistan, killing at least six people and wounding several others.[198]Symbol confirmed.svg
    16Airstrike10Pakistan North Waziristan,PakistanU.S. drone strikes on Monday killed 10 suspected militants in a compound in Pakistan's North Waziristan.[199]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    18Shootings25Pakistan Peshawar,PakistanTwo policemen were killed and five others were wounded early Wednesday when dozens of Taliban militants attacked a police checkpost in Pakistan's northwestern capital Peshawar.[200]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    18Suicide bombing1313+Afghanistan Jalalabad,AfghanistanAt least 13 people including civilians, police cadets and a suicide bomber have been killed in an attack in eastern Afghanistan.[201]Symbol confirmed.svg
    19Car bombs2990Iraq KirkukIraqA spate of bomb attacks against police in Iraq's disputed oil-rich city of Kirkuk on Thursday killed at least 29 people, the worst violence to hit the country in nearly two months.[202]Symbol confirmed.svg
    19Shooting3520Afghanistan Wazei Zadran,AfghanistanInsurgents firing heavy machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles killed 35 workers and guards in an attack on a NATO-funded road construction site in a remote area of eastern Afghanistan.[203]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    20Car bomb110Pakistan Peshawar,PakistanTehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan said on Friday it had attacked a US consulate convoy in Peshawar.[204]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    20Airstrike6Pakistan North Waziristan,PakistanU.S. drone strikes on Friday killed at least 6 suspected militants in Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal region.[205]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    21Bombing150Pakistan Khyber Pass,PakistanA Nato oil tanker has exploded in northwest Pakistan, killing at least 15 people.[206]Symbol confirmed.svg
    21Suicide bombing623Afghanistan Kabul,AfghanistanA suicide bomber killed at least six people and wounded 23 more at a military hospital in a heavily guarded area of Kabul.[207]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    22Suicide bombing60Afghanistan Khost,AfghanistanTwo attackers were shot dead during the fighting in the eastern city of Khost, but two others managed to detonate their bomb vests, Six other people were killed in a gun battle with the militants at the traffic police headquarters.[208]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    22Bombing1624+Iraq TajiIraqAt least 16 people have been killed in Iraq in a series of bomb blasts in the Baghdad area.[209]Symbol confirmed.svg
    22Bombings, shootings, hostage taking - see PNS Mehran attack2421Pakistan KarachiPakistanMembers of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan attacked PNS Mehran base in Karachi. Six militants and 18 military personnel (including the lieutenant in charge of the anti-terrorist operation) were killed during the 16 hour battle.[210]Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistanal-QaedaSymbol confirmed.svg
    23Bombing40Afghanistan EasternAfghanistanA roadside bomb attack killed four foreign soldiers in eastern Afghanistan.[211]Symbol confirmed.svg
    23Airstrike7Pakistan Mir AliPakistanA US drone strike on Monday destroyed a vehicle in Pakistan’s Taliban and al-Qaeda-linked stronghold of North Waziristan on the Afghan border, killing seven militants.[212]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    24Bombing1028Afghanistan Kandahar ProvinceAfghanistanAt least 10 road workers have been killed and 28 injured in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar when their truck hit a roadside bomb.[213]Symbol confirmed.svg
    24Car bomb415Iraq BaghdadIraqAt least four killed in Iraq attack, which comes two days after a series of explosions that claimed 16 lives.[214]Symbol confirmed.svg
    25Car bomb626Pakistan Peshawar,PakistanA car bomb explosion has badly damaged a police station in Pakistan's volatile city of Peshawar, killing six people and wounding several others.[215]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    26Car bomb3852Pakistan HanguPakistanAt least 38 people have been killed and over 52 others injured after a massive car bomb struck a police station in Pakistan's northwestern town of Hangu.[216]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    26Bombing8Afghanistan SouthernAfghanistanEight soldiers with the US-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) have been killed in the latest spate of violence against foreign troops in southern Afghanistan.[217]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    28Suicide bombing811Pakistan Bajaur Agency,PakistanA suicide bomber targeting a pro-government tribe on Saturday killed at least eight people and wounded 11 others at a market in a restive Pakistani tribal area.[218]Pakistani TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    28Suicide bombing63Afghanistan Takhar Province,AfghanistanThe police commander for northern Afghanistan has been killed in a suicide bomb attack on the provincial governor's compound in Takhar.[219]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    29Airstrike14Afghanistan Helmand ProvinceAfghanistanA Nato air strike has killed 14 people, all civilians, in south-west Afghanistan's Helmand province.[220]NATOSymbol confirmed.svg
    29Bombing10~20Nigeria BauchiNigeriaAt least 10 people have been killed and about 20 injured in a bomb blast near an army barracks in northern Nigeria.[221]Symbol confirmed.svg
    30Bombing18Pakistan Miranshah,PakistanOne person was killed and eight wounded in the blast at the 12-room Super Waziristan hotel in Miramshah, the main town of the tribal region.[222]Symbol confirmed.svg
    30Suicide bombing, shootings534Afghanistan Herat,AfghanistanAt least five people have been killed and 34 injured after armed men launched multiple attacks in the western Afghan city of Herat.[223]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    31Airstrike17Pakistan Orakzai Agency,PakistanUp to 17 suspected militants were reported to be killed in the bombings while five different hideouts were destroyed.[224]Pakistan Air ForceSymbol confirmed.svg


    DateTypeDeadInjuredLocationDetailsPerpetrator[Note 1]StateNon-state
    1-2Shooting76?Pakistan Upper Dir District,PakistanTaliban militants crossed the border from Afghanistan and attacked several villages and a border post in the Upper Dir district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Among the killed were 28 soldiers, at least 45 militants and 3 civilians. Several villages were torched and at least 3 Pakistani soldiers are missing after the two-day battle.[225]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    2suicide bombingcar bombingIED1015IraqRamadi,IraqMilitants killed 10 and injured 15 in a series of four attacks directed against government buildings in the western Iraqi city.[226]al-Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    3Bombing \ Suicide bombing2160Iraq Tikrit,IraqAt least 21 were killed and 60 others were wounded after attacks by suspected al-Qaida members in the city of Tikrit. The first bomb was hidden in a barrel next to a mosque inside a supposedly secure government complex. The device exploded as several prominent regional figures were leaving Friday prayers. Ten hours after the initial attack, a suicide bomber blew himself up near the emergency room of a hospital treating the wounded. The second blast killed at least 5 and wounded many more. This was the third major incident in Tikrit during the year.[227]al-Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    5Bombing610Pakistan Garhi Matani,PakistanAt least six people have been killed in a bomb blast outside the north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar.[228]Symbol confirmed.svg
    5Suicide bombing1840PakistanNaushera,PakistanA suicide bomber has attacked a bakery in northwest Pakistan, killing 18 people and wounding 40 others.[229]Symbol confirmed.svg
    6Airstrike23Pakistan South Waziristan,PakistanAt least 23 people were killed and several others injured in three consecutive US drone strikes in different areas of the South Waziristan Agency.[230]CIASymbol confirmed.svg
    6Bombing \ Suicide Bombing \ Shooting2739Iraq Tikrit,Ramadi andBaghdad,IraqA series of attacks across Iraq took the lives of at least 27 people, including 5 US soldiers killed in a rocket attack on Camp Victory. A suicide bomber struck the main gate of a government compound in Tikrit, killing 13 people. Nine of the dead were soldiers, including senior military intelligence official Nuri Sabah al-Mashhadani. In Baghdad a car bombing killed one and injured 10, while gun attacks at checkpoints in the mainly Sunni neighborhood of Adhamiyah killed four. A local politician and three members of his family were killed when a bomb exploded in front of their house in Ramadi.[231]al-Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    6Shooting \ Bombing130Afghanistan Pul-i-Alam,AfghanistanGunmen killed 11 people outside Pul-i-Alam, capital of Logar Province. Among the dead were five Afghan soldiers and three government employees. Two ISAF service members were killed in IED attacks in the south.[232]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    6Shooting712YemenZinjibar,YemenGunmen believed to be allied to al-Qaeda killed 7 Yemeni soldiers and wounded 12 others in a skirmish outside the city of Zinjibar. Assailants took over the town of 20 000 the week before.[233]Al-Qaeda in the Arabian PeninsulaSymbol confirmed.svg
    7Shooting450YemenZinjibar,YemenUnits of the Yemeni Army fought street battles with Islamic militants in the southern city of Zinjibar. At least 30 non-state fighters and 15 soldiers were reported killed.[234]Al-Qaeda in the Arabian PeninsulaYemen ArmySymbol confirmed.svgSymbol confirmed.svg
    7Shooting, Bombing75IraqBaghdad,Ramadi,Mosul andHillaIraqThree people were killed and 5 wounded in attacks by insurgents in Baghdad. Two shepherds were killed by a bomb in Mosul and a policeman died in Ramadi when a sticky bomb attached to his car exploded. Additionally, police found the body of an unidentified man near the city of Hilla.[235]Al-Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    8Shooting, IED513IraqBaghdad,Fallujah,Mosul andBaqubah,IraqFour people were killed and 13 wounded in shootings and roadside bombings across the country. Additionally, a US soldier was killed while conducting operations in southern Iraq.[236]Al-Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    8Shooting, Bombing25ThailandNarathiwat,ThailandSuspected Islamic militants killed two Buddhist monks and left a bomb at the scene that subsequently exploded and wounded five police officers.[237]Pattani United Liberation Organization(suspected)[not in citation given]Symbol confirmed.svg
    10Assassination10RussiaMoscow,RussiaCol. Yuri Budanov, who had been convicted of war crimes and released early from prison for the murder of Chechnyan teenager Elza Kungayeva, was shot dead. Dokku Umarov claimed responsibility for the assassination as he sat by the commander of the Riyadus-Salikhiyn Brigade saying "I am addressing you today about a joyous occasion: yesterday, on June 10, Allah by his will brought us a great celebration, punishing one of the sadists, the reprobate, the killer Budanov. The same fate, the same revenge awaits the others. Let these celebrations happen more often for Muslims." His funeral was attended by such Russian right-winged leaders as Vladimir Zhirinovsky and accompanied by a three-gun salute. The Moscow police were report to have made a dozen arrests immediately before closing most of the investigation to the press. Upon the release of a video by Umarov, one of the investigators in the case said that "We have been expecting this kind of statement for a long time because the 'Chechen version' is one of the main ones we are working with. Nevertheless, these types of terrorist statements will not alter the course of our probe. We are studying all the leads."[238]Caucasian MujahadeenSymbol confirmed.svg
    11Shooting300YemenZinjibar,Yemen21 militants and 9 soldiers were killed in the latest round of fighting in the southern city.[239]Al-Qaeda in the Arabian PeninsulaYemen ArmySymbol confirmed.svgSymbol confirmed.svg
    11Suicide bombing, Bombing2026Afghanistan Khost,MetherlamandKandahar,AfghanistanThe commander of a provincial Afghan police rapid reaction force was killed in a suicide attack outside a base in the city of Khost. Two of bodyguards were also killed and 16 others were injured. In the south of the country a roadside bomb hit a bus, killing 15 people and injuring one. Two policemen were killed and 9 wounded by a bomb in the city of Metherlam in the east.[240]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    11Bombings34100+PakistanPeshawar,PakistanAt least 34 people have been killed and over 100 others sustained injuries after two massive explosions ripped through a market in northwest Pakistan.[241]Symbol confirmed.svg
    11Bombings1260Iraq Mosul,BaghdadandSamarra,IraqAt least six people were killed and more than 60 injured by two car bombs that exploded in the center of Mosul. In Abu Ghraib, near Baghdad, police found the body of a local human rights activist. In addition, gunmen stormed the home of a teacher in Samarra, killing him and four members of his family.[242]Al-Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    13Suicide bombing515Iraq Basra,IraqA suicide bomber in a car blew himself up outside a police brigade unit in Iraq's southern oil port city of Basra on Monday, killing five people and wounding 15.[243]Symbol confirmed.svg
    14Suicide bombing, Shooting1425IraqBaghdad,Baqubah,Mosul andKirkukIraqMilitants attacked the provincial council building in Baqubah, setting off a car bomb and then laying siege to the building. Eight people were killed and at least 25 wounded before Iraqi forces regained control. At least 6 people were killed in other attacks across the country[244]Al-Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    15Suicide bombing84Afghanistan Kapisa Province,AfghanistanEight people have been killed and four others injured in a suicide attack in Afghanistan’s north-eastern Kapisa province.[245]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    16Suicide bombing, Car bombing67Nigeria Abuja,NigeriaA suicide bomber drove his car into the parking lot of a police HQ in central Abuja after picking up a traffic officer who guided him to the spot. At least 30 cars were destroyed in the large explosion and it took several hours to extinguish the fire.[246]Boko HaramSymbol confirmed.svg
    18Suicide bombing912Afghanistan Kabul,AfghanistanThree suicide bombers attacked a police station in central Kabul near the city's biggest open air market. At least one of them managed to detonate his explosives, killing nine people including two policemen. The two other militants were shot by security forces after a short battle.[247]Afghan TalibanSymbol confirmed.svg
    20Drone strike, Bombing1212Pakistan QuettaandParachinar,PakistanA drone strike killed 11 militants near the border with Afghanistan while a car bomb exploded in Quetta, killing one and wounding 12 others.[248]CIATTPSymbol confirmed.svgSymbol confirmed.svg
    20Shooting, Bombing, IED619IraqBaghdad,Kirkuk andMosulIraqAt least six people were killed and almost 20 wounded in a series of shootings and bombings across the country. These included an IED attack on a French embassy convoy which left seven people injured.[249]Symbol confirmed.svg
    20Shooting30Thailand Pattaniand Yala,ThailandSuspected Islamic militants killed two policemen and a village chief in the southern parts of the country[250]Pattani United Liberation Organization(suspected)[not in citation given]Symbol confirmed.svg
    21Car bombing, Suicide bombing3554 +IraqDiwaniyah,MussayabandBaghdad,IraqAt least 27 people were killed and almost 40 wounded after two suicide bombers drove their cars to the front gate of the governor's compound in the southern city of Diwaniyah. The governor escaped injury as he was just about to leave his offices. In other attacks across the country at least 8 people were killed, including five in a restaurant bombing in the city of Mussayab.[251]Al-Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    23Car bombing, Suicide bombing4896IraqBaghdad,Mosul andKirkukIraqAt least 34 people were killed and more than 82 wounded after three bombs exploded at a market and near a Shiite mosque in Baghdad. Fourteen people were killed and at least 16 wounded in other attacks across the country, including a bomb attack against a police patrol in the capital that killed 10 officers.[252]Al-Qaeda in IraqSymbol confirmed.svg
    24Bombings04BurmaNaypyitaw,Mandalayand Pyin U LwinBurmaFour explosions hit three different cities in Burma.[253]Symbol confirmed.svg
    25Bicycle bombing1024Afghanistan Khan Abad District,AfghanistanTen people were killed and 24 others wounded when a bicycle bomb went off in a busy bazaar in northern Afghanistan.[254]Symbol confirmed.svg
    25Suicide car bombing3553Afghanistan Azra District,AfghanistanAt least 35 people have been killed in a suicide car bombing at a medical clinic in eastern Afghanistan.[255]Symbol confirmed.svg
    26Bombings2512NigeriaMaiduguri,NigeriaAuthorities in Nigeria have said that three separate bombs explosions in the country's northeast have killed at least 25 people and wounded 12 others.[256]Boko HaramsuspectedSymbol confirmed.svg
    27Airstrike21Pakistan South Waziristan,PakistanMissile strikes from two US drones killed at least 21 suspected militants in Pakistan’s South Waziristan on Monday.[257]Central Intelligence AgencySymbol confirmed.svg
    28Suicide attacks128Afghanistan Kabul,AfghanistanAt least 21 people, including the nine suicide bombers, are reported to have been killed after the Hotel Inter-Continental in the Afghan capital, Kabul, came under attack by gunmen who managed to penetrate several rings of security.[258]


    This is a timeline of individual violent attacks which took place from July to December,2011, including attacks by state and non-state actors for political, criminal ...
    July - ‎August - ‎September - ‎October

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