Wednesday, June 20, 2018

New Nationalist Propaganda

New Nationalist Propaganda --- ===

Right wing anti-Israel pro-Palestine pro-Iran website.

About:  New Nationalist (TNN) is not a news publication. It is a blog focused on the following core issues: the misuse of U.S. and NATO troops in foreign military interventions, the lopsided Israel First agenda in the U.S. and U.K. in particular and the excessive influence of the extremist Likudnik Jewish lobby and their controlled media. Additionally, we draw attention to the problems of western intelligence misconduct and covert action, domestic government repression, police state surveillance, violations of civil liberties, repression of free speech, the use of weaponized migration, false flags and staged deceptions, the ills of cultural Marxism and promotion of cultural and social degeneracy.


  • Anthony Bourdain: Suicide or Suicided? Mike Prysner, an American political activist said on Twitter, “The food traveler“ made a point to show the evils of the military occupation and said in the episode that no honest journalist— even one like him — could report from Israel/Palestine without acknowledging that overarching reality of oppression. Brave and set an example.” He continued to be a supporter of the Palestinians and critic of Israel. Here he gives a thumbs up to Iran.
  • Iran: Global Foundations Retard Development of Iran   Debunked Video Links Iran to 9/11   Anthony Bourdain thumbs up to Iran
  • XXXTentacion Racist white supremacists don't like  the rapper who was killed since September 2017  Who would want to harm him? Background on the Criminal XXXTentacion, the Now-Deceased Black Rapper Who Performed Mock Hanging of White Child June 19, 2018    during a “possible robbery.” Sept. 19, 2017, article in which we predicted XXX wouldn’t be long for this world. Will this be a lesson for aspiring reprobates? Somehow we doubt it, as a cult of death seems to be developing around this character. 19-year-old untermensch gangsta rapper who doesn’t look long for this world. He is a small, multi-racial with black-and-yellow hair and face tattoos. The New Nationalist (TNN) sees him as a product of the hyper-tolerant, degenerate, violent and pervasive untermensch culture destroying America.  music video released Sept. 12. It shows the murderous execution by hanging of a white child combined with a litany of alleged white racial offenses — including several hoaxes. (see: The Bizarre Case of the Philandro Castile Police Shooting). The hanging itself looks almost too real. A small black child and passive audience observes the on-stage hanging.

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