Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Carjacking Terror

Carjacking Terror --- ===

Is carjacking ever a terrorist attack?


June 17, 2018  Gunman carjacked 5 vehicles before armed citizen shot him dead ... q13fox   Gunman carjacked 5 vehicles before armed citizen shot him dead, Tumwater cops say. Police are responding to a shooting at a Walmart ...

6/11/2018  Mom Porsha Owens killed in front of her 3 young children during carjacking: 'I'm sorry. I think...  aol Missouri mother was shot dead in front of her three young children during a failed carjacking attempt on Monday morning, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.  Porsha Owens, 28, was loading her kids, RJ, 8, Hailee, 4, and Haiyden, 3, into her white Dodge Charger at around 7:00 a.m. when she was approached from behind by accused killer Mark L. Haywood.  Haywood, 18, allegedly pulled his shirt over his face to conceal his identity before demanding Owens hand over the keys to her car and her purse. When Owens began to turn around, the suspect shot her but fled

Two killed in Madison County crash suspected of carjacking ... dispatch  May 15, 2018 - Two people killed in a single-vehicle crash were carjacking suspects fleeing a Madison County deputy sheriff at a high rate of speed, the ...

Retired Chicago cop fatally shoots armed carjacker in Bridgeport ...Chicago Tribune Apr 25, 2018 - A retired Chicago police officer shot and killed a 20-year-old man who tried to carjack him in the Bridgeport neighborhood Wednesday night, ...

Man shoots, kills carjacking suspect near Millenia mall - Orlando Sentinel Apr 23, 2018 - A man in his 20s is dead after a carjacking attempt at a New Texas Fried Chicken east of the Mall at Millenia in Orlando turned fatal early ...

Fugitive suspected in Westminster carjacking shot and killed by US ... denver channel Apr 13, 2018 - THORNTON, Colo. — U.S. Marshals shot and killed a man who Thornton police say was involved in a carjacking and shooting in Westminster ...

Woman carjacked in Granite City Walmart parking lot | FOX2now.com
Mar 13, 2018 - The suspects approached a woman in a vehicle and told her at ... in a carjacking in the parking lot of the Walmart on West Pontoon Road. suspects are black males.   this was the second carjacking that happened roughly 30 minutes after the first car was taken in the same area.  The 3 suspects, who were black males, pulled up in a 2017 grey Ford Fusion that they had just stole from Madison, Illinois. Two of the suspects got out with an AR-15 and a hand gun and took the red Dodge Charger.

One of three teens accused in carjack murder of 6-year-old boy in ...
www.nydailynews.com/.../teen-accused-carjack-murder-points-finger-accomplice-arti...  May 20, 2017 - A Mississippi teen charged with murder in the death of a 6-year-old said the boy was actually shot by another of the three suspects.

4 cars hit, 1 injured/shot 1 arrested February 9, 2015 Terrorist style gunman multiple car crash chase, carjack, police shooting in Los Angeles Police ran the plate on a new Toyota Camry, and tried to pull it over when they found out it was stolen. The driver fled and sped through traffic in Los Angeles, South Gate and Huntington Park, sometimes driving on the wrongside and smashing into at least at least four vehicles. Then when the car was stopped by a head-on crash, he fled, produced a gun and carjacked another car before it was wedged between two cars, and he was shot by police after he fled on foot, and ended up in the hospital in stable condition. Alleged gang member and parolee Aaron Lorta of Los Angeles was booked on suspicion of carjacking.

1 killed 1 injured 1 carjack August 3, 2014 Yee Vang St Paul Gunfight Carjacker In St. Paul Minnesota on a Sunday afternoon 20 year old suspect Yee Vang clipped another car, then crashed into a fence. He pointed a gun at a bicyclist and hijacked his bike and started firing shots into the neighborhood. Then he started firing at an SUV to stop it in the middle of the street and carjacked it. Police soon caught up with the suspect who got out and engaged in a gunfight with police while the two occupants were still inside. The suspect was shot and died on the way to the hospital

Sunday December 15, 2013 Short Hills New Jersey Mall Carjacking resulted in the death of a Hoboken lawyer Dustin Frieland who was murdered in front of his wife while returning to his Range Rover after shopping at the Short Hills mall in New Jersey. Authorities believe they were motivated by a desire for the victim's silver Range Rover. The suspects were identified as Hanif Thompson, 29, Karif Ford, 31, Basim Henry 32, and Kevin Roberts, 33 which led a number of bloggers to note that 3 of the 4, Hanif, Karif and Basim had Arabic first names which suggests perhaps another motive.

1 arrested, 1 attempted carjack, 1 carjack, 1 speeding crash July 14, 2014 South Everett Wanted Motorcycle Crash Carjacker In Everett, Washington a motorcyclist crashed into the back of an SUV, then the bloodied man tried to carjack the woman driver who stopped to help him. She fought him off from taking away the car with her children, then attacked witnesses who followed him as he ran away, then carjacked a 72 year old woman's Mazda Miata nearby. Police arrested wanted felon with an extensive criminal history. William Westmoreland, a 38-year-old white Stanwood native the next day who left his identification at the crash scene.

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