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Deliberate Accidents

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Not all deliberate crashes are terrorist, but many crashes that are classified as accidents could be or are actually determined to be deliberate. Many crashes thought to be caused by drugs, intoxication, texting or other distraction could actually just be cover stories. Dropping a phone does not explain speeding for example.
  • *Authorities established incident was deliberate or at fault, or likely based on previous criminalistic behavior
  • *Possible, not ruled out

  • Murder by truck and vehicle
  • Suicide by balloon
  • Suicide by bus driver
  • Suicide by cop: 
  • Suicide by train 
  • Suicide by truck: Search “suicide by truck” on YouTube, and you’ll find videos that show four-wheelers and pedestrians deliberately colliding with trucks, usually ending in death. “Unfortunately, our requests to help with incident investigations believed to be suicides has increased in every month of the past year.”
  • Suicide by pilot (Wikipedia) describes aviation disasters in which pilots deliberately crash or attempt to crash an aircraft as a way to kill themselves and sometimes
  • Suicide by train driver

*Authorities established incident was deliberate or at fault, or likely based on previous criminalistic behavior

Year 2018

5/1/2018  Driver pulled from river and accused of attempted murder in head-on crash on Highway 50 Sacramento Bee A man whose van landed in the American River after he allegedly drove into oncoming traffic on Highway 50, causing a head-on collision, is in El Dorado County Jail accused of attempted murder. California Highway Patrol officers responded about 6:35 p.m. Monday 

Year 2017

November 7, 2017 Snohomish Woodinville Deliberate Hit Run Crash Leaves Bomb in Car  In a Seattle suburb between Woodinville and Snohomish, a Toyota driver deliberate crossed into the opposing lanes and the State Patrol established that he deliberately crashed head-on into a box truck. He tried to flee but was held by the truck driver who was told that there was a bomb in the car, but a bomb squad did not find anything. The unidentified driver was charged with reckless driving but media made no mention of the terrorist aspect of a deliberate vehicle attack or bomb threat

2017 Lower Manhattan truck attack - Wikipedia October 31, 2017, a person drove a rented pickup truck into cyclists and runners for about 1 mile (1.6 km) of the Hudson River Park's bike path alongside West Street from Houston Street south to Chambers Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City. The vehicle-ramming attack killed eight people and injured 11 others.

10/22/2017  Man, 21, killed when his truck gets intentionally rammed off the road ... wgntv  Oct 22, 2017 - CHICAGO -- One man died after someone intentionally rammed his truck, forcing him off the road. ... A red truck crashed into a tree and police said the crash was intentional. Police said the redtruck was forced off the road after being repeatedly rammed by another truck and dragged ... 2 a.m. Sunday morning in the Gage Park neighborhood

Aug 12, 2017 Man arrested, accused of intentionally crashing pickup truck into police car  post and courier  A man who authorities say intentionally crashed his Ford F-150 pickup truck into a Goose Creek police officer's car on Saturday has been ...

2017 Times Square car rampage  May 18, 2017 car driven by Richard Rojas accelerated into a deliberate u-turn to drive wrong way crashed into a crowd. Mayor declined to call it terrorism but it was deliberate murder, perhaps to due to mental illness. Later attack by ISIS rented truck is called terrorism.

March 25, 2017 Islington car crash: 4 arrested as car mows down crowd at pub and run, looks deliberate › UK Mar 26, 2017 - Three people have been injured after a car rammed into a crowd outside a pub in ... It definitely looked deliberate and we all thought it was a terror attack. Peugeot Partner hitting people queuing for the Old Queen’s Head at ’50mph’ before two men got out of the car and fled on foot. suspicion of a variety of offences including GBH and possession of points and blades and remain in custody this morning.

Crash Into Papa Murphy's Not Deliberate | KNCO Mar 24, 2017 - Several minor injuries, after the driver of a car crashed into Papa Murphy's,  Injuries After Car Crashes Into Papa Murphys | KNCO Mar 24, 2017 - A lot of excitement at the Fowler Center in Grass Valley Thursday evening. Police Sergeant Jason Perry says the female driver of a car, with two children inside, major injury female driver of a car, with two children inside, crashed deeply into Papa Murphy’s, stopping around the counter area

Shocking footage shows the moments before a pedal confusion car crashes into coffee shop UK Mar 23, 2017 - Shocking footage shows the moments before a car crashes into Westerham Costa Coffee killing a woman. It was not a deliberate act. an elderly 87 y.o. man lost control at the wheel and crashed into a coffee shop, killing a 74-year-old woman.  given a 22 month suspended sentence  Read more: An elderly man has been spared jail for killing a pensioner in Westerham Costa Coffee crash  turned left out started accelerating.  colliding with several vehicles, and narrowly missing pedestrians.  It was not a deliberate act. He is extremely remorseful about his actions." Kent Police Sergeant Glyn Walker said: "David Lord's car was rigorously checked by experts for any defects, but there were none. We believe he simply lost control of the vehicle by wrongly pressing the accelerator,

March 1, 2017 'I'm vegan': Woman intentionally crashes car into chicken truck, flees ... RT Mar 2, 2017 - Live and let live is apparently not the motto for one Georgia woman who was so angry at seeing a truck transporting chickens that she ...Judith Armstrong, 26, was driving in her red car on a stretch of Highway 72 in Hull, Georgia when she spotted the foul fowl freight. She drove her car into the side of the chicken-transporting truck, the unnamed driver told police. This vegan took her hatred for poultry to the extreme | New York Post Mar 2, 2017 - A Georgia driver purposely crashed into a truck filled with live chickens — because she's “a vegan,”  arrested Armstrong on charges of hit-and-run, aggressive driving, driving under the influence and obstruction. admitted to the deed, telling cops “she was a vegan and hit the truck due to it being a chicken truck,” according to the Athens Banner-HeraldVegan Purposefully Crashes Into Chicken Truck To Save The Meat crave online  Mar 3, 2017 - Judith Armstrong, a 26-year-old woman from Georgia who happens to be a vegan, spotted a chicken truck and decided to do something that ...  Woman allegedly tells police she crashed into chicken truck because vegan 2017 - Judith Moriah Armstrong allegedly told police that she crashed into a chicken truck because she is a vegan (Madison County, Georgia jail ... ed four-door car hit his truck twice, WXIA-TV reported. The unidentified truck driver called police as the car fled. When the trucker hit the brakes, the car again drove into his truck,   denied having alcohol before making the drive but claimed to have “taken a couple of shots” when she arrived home. tested for alcohol consumption and blew a .089, which is over the legal limit.

Driver who 'deliberately' crashed into five people bailed | Daily Mail ... 27, 2017 - Driver arrested after car 'deliberately smashed into five Romanian car wash ... man has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and drink driving ... in the morning yesterday andcrashed into a group of people at a car wash. .

2/20/2017 crash: deliberate head-on killed: Shaun Southern Acccused Deliberately Driving Wrong Way Into Head On Crash Killing In Capel, Western Australia, (south of Perth) 45 year old Shaun Southern has been accused of suddenly leaving his beach camps and driving on a wrong way rampage deliberately aiming for trees, signs and forcing at least 20 cars to swerve out of his path before killing 62 year old Jenni Pratt in a high speed head-on crash. Witnesses said he appeared to be deliberately trying to crash into objects and other cars, and was smiling and proud of what he had done after he got of out the crash. No apparent motive except reports of an argument and financial difficulties.

Year 2016

1 killed in deliberate attempted murder suicide attack December 23, 2016  Palo Alto: Man killed when Caltrain hits vehicle deliberately stopped on tracks unknown motive Mercury News PALO ALTO - A man in his 60s died Friday night when a commuter train hit his vehicle, according to a Caltrain spokesman. The collision occurred just before 6 p.m.  early reports indicate that this was an intentional act,” said Caltrain spokesman Will Reisman

Woman killed in car-train crash near downtown Laredo - Laredo December 22, 2016. A woman died Thursday after her vehiclestruck a train in the downtown area, Laredo police said. Police said the crash happened when the woman, who was driving a Ford Fusion, attempted to cross the railroad tracks at a dead end on Washington Street.

2016 Berlin attack A terrorist attack on 19 December 2016, during which a truck was driven into the Christmas market next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin, Germany

December 14, 2016 police car rammed, chase, suspect arrested Rochester MN Man Rams Police Deliberately Drives into Silver Lake During Police Chase - KROCAM Man suspected to be on drugs was not let into house house, when police showed up , he jumped back into his vehicle, rammed a squad car and drove off, led police on 80 mph chase then deliberately drove into a lake.

December 7, 2016 10 cars hit driving wrong way deliberately Charge: Wrong-way driver on I-5 proud of 'Fast and Furious' score by KOMO Staff  A man, accused of smashing 10 cars on I-5 and driving up the wrong way on the Columbian Way on ramp was taken into custody Wed,

December 5, 2016 NJ State Trooper Frankie Williams Killed By Erratic Wrong Way Driver killed: 2 including suspect On a monday night in Millville, Cumberland County  , New Jersey State Trooper Frankie Williams, 31 was killed responding to reports of an active driver who apparently accidentally, not deliberately, crossed the freeway median to hit the trooper head on. Governor Christie ordered flags flown at half staff. The other driver who apparently committed suicide by cop was also killed was identified as Lloyd Rudley of Elmer who drove a red Toyota matching the description  as the erratic driver.

Policewoman in serious condition after being dragged under wheels mirror UK  Oct 24, 2016  pair stopped a car to speak to the occupants when it reversed and struck both of them.  attempted murder on two police officers doing their job."  The car was later found burnt out and a hunt is under way

10 injured, suspect killed September 17, 2016 Islamist Terrorist St Cloud MN Crossroad Mall Mass Stabbing a mass stabbing occurred at the Crossroads Center shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Members of the Somali community identified the suspect as Apollo High School graduate and St. Cloud State University student Dahir Adan. On the way he hit and run a bicyclist with his Camry car He wore the security uniform he had from his previous job, He walked into a cellphone store with two kitchen knives and stabbed an employee who ran out. He tried to enter another stores which shut the gates. He heard to shout "Allah" and asked off duty police officer Falconer if he was muslim. Falconer saw the knife, announced he was a police officer and ordered to drop the knife, chased him into the Macys. Falconer shot Ten people were injured, and the attacker was shot dead inside the mall by an off-duty law enforcement officer who had a gun. He had told his father he was going to buy a new iphone. Within hours, the ISIS terrorist group called him one of their soldiers, but authorities chose to discount the claim without further proof.
Sept 12, 2016  1 killed after car [vehicular homicide investiation] crashes into tent near I-5 offramp in Seattle’s University District Seattle Times  One person was killed when a car crashed into a tent in Seattle’s University District, police said. The driver who fled the scene was taken into custody and is under investigation of vehicular homicide, police said. Two people were sleeping in the three-tent camp when the car left the roadway, authorities said. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

26 killed, murder suicide motive, terrorism not established: 2016 Taoyuan Taiwan Intentional Suicide Terrorist Murder Bus Crash  July 19, 2016 2016 Taoyuan bus crash   2016 Taoyuan bus crash occurred on the ROC National Road, in the 2nd Taoyuan City Great Park section. The bus that was involved was carrying Chinese tourists. At 12:57 on, on State Road at the 2nd West Park section of the convoy of red coral tour, a bus with the license plate number 197-EE suddenly began to burst into flames after it collided with a guardrail, killed all 26 people on board the bus.  An investigation found out that the bus driver had purposefully crashed, killing everyone including himself.

2016 Nice truck rampage attack  July 14, 2016 84 killed 303 injured suspect killed by policeOn the evening of , 84 people were killed and 303 injured when a 19-tonne cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France. The driver was Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a lapsed but recently observant muslim Tunisian resident of France. The attack ended following an exchange of gunfire during which police surrounded the truck and shot the driver, killing him. Agence France-Presse described the incident as the third major Islamist terrorist attack in France since the beginning of 2015.

claims attempted assault, suspect not found May 18, 2016 Caught on camera: Cyclist claims SUV driver jumped cub tried to run him down | KIRO-TV  Caught on camera: Cyclist claims driver tried to run him down ...apparent road rage as black Ford Explorer with clearly visible license plate cuts across a lane of traffic into a gas station and apparently jump a curb to try to run him over when he bikes on the sidewalk.  a GoPro at the back of his bike, which caught a Black SUV driving past him.

Fallen deputy hailed a ‘hero’ for acting as ‘human shield’ in wrong-way crash myfox8 MARCH 15, 2016 TAMPA, Fla. -- A fallen deputy in Florida is being hailed a hero for acting as a human shield in a wrong-way crash that took his life. wrong-way driver on the expressway. believes Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy John Robert Kotfila Jr. saved her life by intentionally driving into the path of the oncoming vehicle to prevent it from hitting her.

April 3, 2016 Man charged with running down golfer with golf cart after argument DENVER -- April 29 CBS 57-year-old man accused of running down a golfer with a golf cart has been charged with assault. Richard Ponds is accused of second-degree assault by Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey. Ponds is accused of running down the unidentified man on April 3 at Wellshire Golf Course in Denver after the two men got into an argument

March 20, 2016 crash An Accident And Stabbing Attempted Head On Crash On Iowa Highway 5-Year Prison Sentence She confessed to grabbing the steering wheel and “yanking it” in an attempt to cause an accident. The victim claimed Keahey was attempting to steer into oncoming traffic but just ended up off the road

March 16, 2016 1 police killed, suspect charged,  investigated as deliberate crash, suspect is muslim  State trooper killed in Mass. Pike crash by Kenyan lost control unknown reasons across 3 lanes Astead W. Herndon Boston GLOBE MARCH 16, 2016   Massachusetts State Police trooper was killed during a routine traffic stop around noon Wednesday when a speeding Nissan car "accidentally"  swerved off the Massachusetts Turnpike here and smashed into his cruiser in the breakdown lane. Maxima  swerved across all three travel lanes, smashed into the back of Clardy’s Ford Explorer without slowing... David Njuguna of Webster, was charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle and failure to stay within marked lanes. suspect is a black Muslim from Kenya, witnesses saw the car cross 3 lanes of traffic and then steadily control travel into the police cruiser in breakdown lane. He had two broken wrists which could indicate he steadily steered at the target until the moment of the crash if he was deliberately trying to crash and kill the policeman.

February 24, 2016  Emma Michelle Halliday guilty intentionally hitting pickup truck in Canada investigation has revealed that the driver of the car had intentionally struck the pickup truck. Emma Michelle Halliday, 21, of Stellarton was arrested and charged with assault with a weapon. She pled guilty to dangerous driving in May 2017

January 16, 2016  1 killed suspect arrested Holly Davis Arrested Shooting Arizona Chinese Exchange Student After Crash Suspect Holly Davis (white) is accused of rear ending a Mercedes driven by 19 year old sophomore Arizona State University exchange student from China Yue Jiang. When Jiang's passenger got out to look at the damage, Davis got out of her car and shot the victim. Trying to drive away, Jiang crashed into a third car before she died.  32-year-old Holly Davis has been booked on three charges including first-degree murder. Suspect hid her car and weapon before returning to her Mesa apartment where she showered and washed her clothes, The Arizona Republic reported.  When police found Davis, they found out she suffers from depression, she denied involvement and admitted to using Oxycodone, a controlled substance that can treat pain. Davis reportedly had 'penned a note saying she was planning violence' and 'expressed a desire to be shot by law enforcement' Police say there is evidence the suspect was deliberately "planning to engage in violence."

February 1, 2016 Slough driver  Adeel Ahmed  ‘DELIBERATELY runs down a cyclist’ who then ... This is the shocking moment a driver 'deliberately' ran down a cyclist, causing him to ... thecurb and head straight towards him. ... Shocking footage shows a car driver ‘DELIBERATELY running down a cyclist’ who then chases after him and smashes up his vehicle
Video shows car driving onto path and 'deliberately' mowing down cyclist
Man gets up and chases vehicle with weapon he picks up from the ground
Cyclist catches up with the car as it stalls and smashes in the rear window
He is seen strolling back to his bike after incident in Slough, Berkshire  black Volkswagon Golf then appears to mount the curb and head straight towards him. the incident took place at around 2.30pm on 1 February. They also confirmed that Adeel Ahmed had been arrested last month and was charged with attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent. Slough Times : Dangerous car driver arrested but cyclist victim missing Feb 4, 2016 - Motorist Adeel Ahmed sent to prison awaiting court trial ... whether the cyclist fell-off hisbicycle; whether the bicycle was badly damaged or ... Cyclist 'smashes window of car that deliberately knocked him down ... UK MetroMar 24, 2016 - Thames Valley Police charged 25-year-old Adeel Ahmed from Slough, ... the object that he picked up came from the guy on the bike, looks a lot ... similar to Seattle area biker video SUV mounts curb but misses.

Year 2015
December 20, 2015 1 killed 30 injured 1 arrested. No motive Lakeisha Holloway Accused in Las Vegas Baby On Board Terrorist Style Vehicle Rampage A 24-year-old Oregon woman had her 3-year-old daughter in the car when she allegedly intentionally drove her 1996 Oldsmobile onto a sidewalk and into dozens of pedestrians Sunday night on the Las Vegas strip, as she would drive back on the curve to hit more people. One person was killed. After the attack, she drove to a casino, left her toddler in the car, and told a valet parker she had run over some people and requested that he call 911. Deputy Chief Zimmerman announced "This was not an act of terrorism. Initial investigation appears this was intentional" but others said that terror could not be completely ruled out either. It is said that she was stressed out by being homeless and living in her car and hassled by people who would let her park. She may have had some conflict with the father of her child, and that she wanted others to feel the hurt in her life. One of her cousins, LaShay Hardaway, said she was a successful, overachiever and this wasn’t something she would ever do. Holloway reportedly told police “I am hurting, and I want others to feel pain!” and she gave a motive to authorities which they were not "comfortable" releasing but it did not indicate any connection to terrorism.

November 4, 2015 Suspect in stolen truck intentionally head-on rams Pierce County WA deputies’ patrol SUV head-on Kiro TV Nov 4 The driver rammed the deputies’ patrol SUV and pushed it 25 feet up onto a sidewalk,  sped away, crashing into three other cars.  Authorities say two Pierce County deputies were intentionally rammed after trying to pull over a stolen truck... reversed direction and rammed the deputies’ Explorer SUV head-on, pushing it 25 feet up onto a sidewalk. The stolen truck, a 1999 Ford F-250 work truck, sped away, crashing into three other cars, then found abandoned tags: head on crash, Deliberate Accidents 

4 killed 46 injured 2015 Oklahoma State University homecoming parade crash - Wikipedia vehicle collision mass attack that occurred on October 24, 2015, in Stillwater, Oklahoma, when a driver is accused of deliberately driving into a crowd watching the homecoming parade for Oklahoma State University–Stillwater on the university's campus.Four people were killed in the crash, and 46 others were reported injured.

October 19, 2015  Woman killed in head-on crash with bus unknown reasons  A mother has been killed and her infant son injured after her car collided head-on [drove into? Only one good reason to drive into a bus] with a bus in central Israel. Deliberate Accidents
2 injured 1 arrested October 17, 2015 Texas Driver Who Swerved Into Motorcyclist Blames Insect BiteABC NEWS Oct 20, 2015, A Texas driver who swerved before hitting a motorcyclist says he didn’t intend to hurt anybody, but simply reacted from pain caused by a wasp or spider bite.

October 15, 2015 Teens allegedly deliberately crash stolen unmarked police car head-on into bus in Melbourne's east ABC Online October 16, 2015 Two teenagers have been taken to hospital with serious injuries after allegedly crashing a ...If teens were driving a stolen car, they probably deliberately steered head-on into a bus, it was not an accident. See similar incidents ruled "accident" 5 killed 12 critically injured September 24, 2015 Seattle Ride The Ducks Accidentally Head On Rips Open Side of Tour Bus and 10 killed, 37 injured April 10, 2014 California FedEx Truck Hits School Charter Bus and June 13, 2013 Yousef Adhami Gets Away With Murder, Kills LA Bus Driver With Illegal Tow Truck

October 13, 2015 Shocking moment Palestinian Day of Rage terrorist drives his car into crowd of Israelis at bus stop and then hacks one of them to death before he is shot by police Daily Mail UK Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky, 60, was mown down and killed with a meat cleaver in Geula, Jerusalem, today Police released footage of alleged attack by Palestinian, believed to be an employee of Bezeq phone company Moments earlier, two men shot and stabbed people on a bus. Two Israelis and one of the attackers were killed Three Israelis were killed and several were wounded in separate attacks in the Israeli city today - declared by Palestinian groups as a 'Day of Rage'. drove his vehicle into a bus stop in Malchei Israel Street before getting out and stabbing pedestrians. The murderer was critically injured by police

1 killed 3 injured ruled accident September 27, 2015 Israel: Two Year-Old Dies in Head-On Collision Unknown Cause  Three others injured, including the girl's mother, in car accident along Route 90. two year-old girl died at HaEmek Hospital in Afula on Monday, after being wounded critically in a head-on collision. On Sunday, on Sukkot Eve, the girl was injured with three other people after her family's car collided with another Deliberate Accidents

September 9, 2015 Firefighter collecting money for charity killed in intentional hit ... The Washington PostSep 10, 2015 - A Michigan firefighter was killed in what police believe was adeliberate ... is that he deliberately hit the firefighter who was standing in the road, ...devastated by the passing of Lansing fire fighter Dennis Rodeman, firefighters were collecting donations for a “Fill the Boot” campaign. 

3 in one day

  1. (Crash during crime is likely intentional) 5 injured September 7, 2015 Teen duo steals truck, causes 3-car crash, injuring 5 people in Ogden Utah  (KUTV) Two 13-year-old teens found truck with the keys still in it and decided to take it. Stole the Dodge Ram truck ... owner got his friend to help him chase the thieves in the friend's truck.cops got reckless driving complaints... owner decided to hop into the bed of his truck when stopped.. remaining juvenile crashed the Dodge truck into two other vehicles, flipped on its side, sent owner flying did not sustain any serious injuries. Chase also damaged lawn and crashed into parked cars. 
  2. September 7, 2015 2 injured, suspect killed Israel Errant Driver Causes Terrifying Head-On Collision Into Police Car video Arutz Sheva Sep 8, 2015 - An 81-year-old motorist was killed Monday night in a head-on collision while he driving on the wrong side of a major highway in northern Israel. Passenger captures terrifying moment elderly driver slams into police car, after driving along a busy highway in the wrong lane.  [terror attack on police car?] troll disinfo:  police car was dashing on the highway like a rocket!!! How stupid can you be??  The accident could have been prevented, if not for the speeding crazed officers. They did not even have their bluelight on, but drove at least some 140 km/h. Idiots. Deliberate Accidents
  3. 1 killed September 7, 2015 West Jordan Utah 80-year-old man killed apparently intentionally driving truck through gates into moving TRAX train  KUTV "West Jordan 80-year-old man dead after TRAX train, truck crash" An 80-year-old man is dead and a TRAX line was derailed following a crash in Midvale Monday morning, police say. Police say Howard Glenn Hillam of West Jordan drove his truck through the closed crossing gates and directly into the path of a train traveling at full speed. Witnesses say it ***looked like the man intentionally drove in front of the train.*** 

1 injured, several vehicles damaged, suspect arrested Long Island woman Kendra Sterling, 24, intentionally strikes rival with car, then gets into another crash during getaway: officials NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, August 29, 2015 Kendra Sterling was charged with 2nd degree assault after she hit a woman with her car in Central Islip and fled the scene. facing assault charges for the crash... Her target, Shaquita Passmore, 27, was crossing Wheeler Rd. when Sterling, behind the wheel of a 2012 Nissan Sentra, intentionally rammed into her, leaving her victim with non-life threatening head and face wounds, cops said.Sterling sped away from the hit-and-run attack, only to "accidentally" slam into several vehicles a block away, officials said.

Fort William Gardens car crash could have been 'deliberate ... Aug 6, 2015 - Thunder Bay police are exploring the possibility that the car crash into Fort William Gardens was intentional.

Feb 11 crash, August 3: Ahmad El-Moghrabi, 21, who has no driver's license, was indicted for driving like a terrorist through the city of Malmö in February, and nearly killing a mother and baby. Gatestone On February 11, he drove a luxury Mercedes at high speed, with some other Arab men as passengers, one of whom is a well-known extremist, when the police tried to pull the car over. Instead of stopping, El-Moghrabi sped away at about 150 km/h on the busy inner city street of Amiralsgatan, where the speed limit is 40 km/h. The police chase ended when El-Moghrabi hit some parked cars. Three people were injured, and the mother and baby sustained life-threatening injuries after being crushed between the cars. El-Moghrabi fled the scene, but was apprehended later. He has been charged with gross negligence, grievous bodily harm, fleeing the scene of an accident, and driving without a license. His own explanation to the rampage was that he did not want to be caught by the police, as his license had been revoked.

3 killed July 26, 2015  Israel: Three killed in head on collision unknown reasons northeast of Haifa  By BEN HARTMAN  The accident near Tamra occurred when for unknown reasons a taxi cab and a separate private vehicle hit head on. All three victims, men in their 30s who have yet to be named, were pronounced dead at the scene. [deliberate terrorist attack in Israel?]Deliberate Accidents ?

2 injured, brush fire, intentional July 15, 2015 Los Angeles Man Claims He Intentionally Crashed Car That May Have Started Macy Fire in Lake Elsinor fire started at about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night, the same time a man crashed his car in the area. Authorities were investigating the cause of the 5-acre blaze, now 80 percent ... driver told witnesses it was on purpose many witnesses claiming the driver of the crashed vehicle told them he crashed it on purpose. "We called the cops and got the cops there and were talking with him about his entire story, how he crashed the car and it was all on purpose," Man was was found in a nearby neighborhood with burns covering parts of his body, his passenger was found near the wreckage. Both were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries tags: deliberate accident, no motive

victim run off road suspect fled June 21, 2015  Israel: Truck Pushes Car Off Road Was This a Terror Attack?  Video shows a truck pushing a private vehicle on Highway 443, nearly causing it to crash. Hit and run? Attempted murder? Terror attack? By Arutz Sheva Staff ...truck on Highway 443 appears to have deliberately rammed her car from behind.   It is not known at this point whether the driver was an Arab, but a large proportion of Israel's truck drivers are Arab. In addition, there have been numerous vehicular terror attacks against Jews, in recent months. Deliberate Accidents (?)

1 killed, suspect possible suicide attack May 30, 2015 Moorhead ND Man Witness Believes Man Deliberately Stopped To Cause Train Crash  In Moorhead, near Fargo North Dakota. One of the only people to witness the deadly train, truck crash says he believes the driver purposely stopped on the tracks to get hit. Troy Blevins saw the truck get it and heard it explode, and took pictures. Usually no one suspects someone stopping or driving on tracks is trying to get hit by the train.  "it sure honestly looked to be that someone tried to do that, it's the only thing I can think of that they stopped, it made me ill, sad," says Blevins. Victim was identified as 80 yr old Gerald Sinclair. Two witnesses saw the truck go through the crossing after lights flashed and gates came down, and train was unable to stop in time.

Man jailed for life after killing wife in deliberate M1 car crash ... The Guardian May 7, 2015 -Driving test examiner Ian Walters drove his pick-up truck off the M1 motorway in Leicestershire at more than 80mph  A driving test examiner has been jailed for life after being found guilty of murdering his wife by deliberately driving off a motorway. Ian Walters, 51, who is also a church treasurer, had denied murdering his wife during the six-week trial at Leicester crown court. The jury had been told he had been questioned over claims of domestic abuse a week before the murder.

April 10, 2015 6 vehicles stolen including 1 slashing and carjacking Utah 6 car theft slashing carjack spree dump truck police chase ramming police cars ends with spike strips, shooting  pepper spray grenades KSTU  In a drama worthy of a hollywood script, 30-year-old Stephen White's car theft spree stole 6 cars and trucks leading police on a chase through two counties, and slashed one victim in a carjacking. His last dump truck towing a trailer stopped after ramming police cars when tires were flattened by a spike strip and fled after policed fired pepper spray grenades through the cab window.

April 1, 2015 Suspected DWI suicidally drives SUV wrong way head on into semi-truck truck driver saw an SUV parked at the base of an exit ramp, pointed toward traffic. As the tractor-trailer ahead of Rivera’s approached, the SUV driver drove head-on into it. She later was charged with DUI and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

24 March 2015 Germanwings Flight 9525 The crash was deliberately caused by the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz. Having previously been treated for suicidal tendencies and been declared "unfit to work" by a doctor, Lubitz kept this information from his employer and reported for duty. During the flight, he locked the pilot out of the cockpit before initiating a descent that caused the aircraft to crash into a mountain. No motive

1 killed 1 jailed March 21, 2015 crash UK Husband jailed for murdering wife in deliberate M1 crash The Independent May 7, 2015 sentence- Husband jailed for murdering wife in deliberate M1 crash . former driving instructor has been convicted of murdering his wife after he deliberately drove their car into a motorway embankment. Church treasurer Ian Walters was charged with murder after CCTV footage recorded his vehicle moving from the centre of the M1 motorway to the hard shoulder shortly before the crash. witness: driver of the Mitsubishi L200 appeared to deliberately swerve across the road. Walters, who was badly injured in the crash, was given a life term and ordered to serve a minimum of 17 years. Man jailed for life The Guardian May 7, 2015 'Sex mad' driving instructor jailed Daily Mirror deliberately steered their pick-up truck into a tree killing his wife Tracy. told jurors he had 'no memory' of the crash ...The couple, both driving instructors.. Walters had a history of attacking his wife when she refused his demands for sex. must serve a minimum of at least 17 years in jail before he is even considered for parole. tags: amnesia, no explanation for crash, witness, murder, domestic issue

Year 2014 

December 4, 2014  Ahmed Aden Charged Murder Vehicle Attack Kills Teen Outside Kansas City Mosque 1 killed suspect charged with murder.  Ahmed H. Aden admits he drove his Chevy Blazer into Staley High School teen Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein near a downtown Kansas City mosque, but he thought he hit one of the men who had threatened him nine days earlier. Anti-muslim hatred is suspected as a motive by the Somali Christian who threatened muslims at the mosque. 
December 9, 2014 Whyalla man found guilty of murdering two in deliberate suicidal  head-on Australia collision April 11, 2016  ABC Online Natasha Turnbull and James Stephen Moore, both aged 24, were killed in the head-on collision on the Lincoln Highway, near Whyalla, in December ... Natasha Turnbull and James Stephen Moore, both aged 24, were killed in the head-on collision on the Lincoln Highway, near Whyalla, in December 2014.  Michael Frank Knowles, 38, was charged with their murder Witnesses had told the court Knowles was suicidal and had often spoke of killing himself by crashing into an oncoming vehicle. He admitted causing the crash and being intoxicated, but maintained it was an accident. Whyalla fatal crash not a suicide bid, charged driver tells ... Australian Broadcasting Corporation  Michael Frank Knowles, 37, of Whyalla, admitted he was drunk when he drove onto the wrong side of the road and into an oncoming vehicle in the early hours of December 29. The other driver, James Stephen Moore, died along with passengerNatasha Turnbull, both aged 24. Whyalla man Michael Frank Knowles to face trial over car ... The AdvertiserSep 11, 2015 - A WHYALLA man who killed two people and seriously injured another two in a shocking road ... trial over car crash deaths of James Moore and Natasha Turnbull at Middleback in December 2014 ... Picture: Stephen Laffer.

1 killed 12 injured - terrorist attack Hamas takes responsibility for Jerusalem van attack The Times of Israel Nov 5, 2014 Hamas claimed responsibility for a car ramming terror attack in Jerusalem on Wednesday in which a Palestinian man drove his car into pedestrians, killing a border policeman and injuring more than a dozen other people.
Oct 25, 2014 Woman Crashed Into Plasma Center On Purpose? - The Inquisitr Oct 27, 2014 DCI Biologicals in Jacksonville, when a 35-year-old woman named Pamela Miller showed up with the hope of donating plasma. Sources say that Miller was told that she couldn’t donate and she got into a fight with employees. Minutes after leaving the building, Miller reportedly got into her car and drove it straight into the building, injuring eight people (not including herself), this according to Click Orlando. Sources say that Miller was with her boyfriend while in the waiting room of the donation center. Some recall her “taking pills” as she waited her turn. It is unknown where her boyfriend was when Miller decided to driver her car 40 feet into the building It is not uncommon for cars to crash into buildings, however, most of these instances are reported as “accidents.

Van deliberately hits pedestrians at Christmas market in France not a terrorist CNNDec 23, 2014 - Police collect evidence at the site where a driver shouting "Allahu Akbar" plowed into a crowd injuring 11 people, two seriously. the Nantes prosecutor has said the incident appears to be an isolated case and not a terrorist attack. A van plowed into shoppers at an outdoor Christmas market Monday in Nantes, France, injuring at least nine people in addition to the driver, police said. No motive determined.Another Attack in France: Van Rams Into Christmas Market ... Haaretz Dec 22, 2014 - Another Attack in France: Van Rams Into Christmas Market, Hits 10 Pedestrians ... repeatedly with knife after mowing down shoppers and passers-by. ...told authorities that Brice had embraced radical Islam, Molins said. France: Another Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” plows ... Jihad Watch Dec 22, 2014 - Nantes hit and run jihad Islamic jihadists called for attacks on France, and suddenly mentally ill people unaccountably screaming “Allahu ... 

Islamic convert in Dijon mows down 13 people in his car, motive unknown Daily Mail Dec 21, 2014 - Two of those hit by the driver, who was believed to be drunk, were in a 'very ... Psychiatric patient mows down 11 people in Dijon, France Ploughed his car into crowds of pedestrians at Place du President Wilson Was reportedly heard shouting 'For the children of Palestine' in Arabic  French authorities said the unidentified man 'may face terrorism charges' Comes days after a knife-yielding man attacked French police station Attack may have been inspired by recent Sydney Siege, authorities said  the man was a ‘psychiatric patient’ and used expressions including ‘Allahu Akbar’, or ‘God is Great’. He was also heard to say ‘For the Children of Palestine’, referring to deaths of more than 500 youngsters during the Israeli military campaign in the Gaza Strip over the summer BREAKING: Dijon, France – Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar ... Dec 21, 2014  Dijon, France – Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar” .... What mortifies me …. is that many of these …. hit and run terrorists …. do not ... not immediately clear whether the incident was related to one Sunday in Dijon, France, in which witnesses said a man shouting "God is great" in Arabic rammed his vehicle into pedestrians.At least 12 people were injured by that vehicle, said police in Dijon, a city in eastern France
 Father deliberately drove into big rig, killing 2 kids and ...Los Angeles Times Dec 9, 2014 - A car crash early Monday in Castaic that killed a father and his two children wasn't an accident -- it was the violent, tragic end to a custody ...

1 house damaged December 4, 2014 Canada RCMP say someone intentionally drove a transport into a house Stolen transport truck crashes into home in Wilmot - New ... Dec 4, 2014 - Stolen transport truck crashes into home in Wilmot ... "The male driver intentionally drove the truck into the residence and then fled the scene," tags: hit and run, intentional crash, car hits building

1 shot, 1 carjack, car hits gas station LP gas tank damaged, 1 arrested November 6, 2014 Australia Gunman Confesses Assault On TV Then Hijacks Camera Van Hits Gas station, nearly blows up  LP Gas Tank
Note - 2 attacks in one day, officially declared as terrorism and Hamas takes credit1 killed 10 wounded, suspect killed November 5, 2014  1 dead, Over 10 Wounded in 2nd Terror Ramming Attack in Jerusalem  3 injured November 5, 2014 , 2014 West Bank Palestinian drivers runs over soldiers in 2nd attack of the day

4 killed. October 20, 2014 Christophe de Margerie Killed By Drunk Russian Snowplow In Moscow, Russia, the plane carrying Total Oil CEO Christophe de Margerie was taking off just before midnight when Dassault Falcon 50 burst into flames after hitting a snowplow during takeoff from Vnukovo airport. All four people on the plane were killed. Snowplow driver Vladimir Martynenko has denied claims by Russian officials that he was "in a state of alcoholic intoxication" and said he had just lost his bearings. The 60 year old driver who worked there for 10 years without incident has been detained for 48 hours, and a Moscow court was to rule later Wednesday whether he could be formally arrested. The driver said he barely noticed that the plane was taking off because his snowplow was operating noisily and it was dark. Conspiracy theorists speculated it might be deliberate on the part of enemies of Russia since the executive was working to expand trade with Russia

October 22, 2014 Infant Dead, Pedestrians Hurt as Hamas Terrorist Car Rams Train Station in Jerusalem  A three-month-old baby is dead and at least seven pedestrians are hurt in Jerusalem after an Arab driver plowed into people waiting at a Light Rail station close to the National Police headquarters on Wednesday evening, officials said. The suspect vehicle hit and struck nine people that were waiting at the train stop. The 20-year-old driver, Abdelrahman al-Shaludi, was a resident an Arab neighborhood who had served time in an Israeli prison for security offences, and was a Hamas member who served two sentences for terror activity. Israeli Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich said “all signs” suggested that the ramming was a terror attack,Alternative theory - bears similarity to "no motive" attacks and "accidents" in China, US and Canada by cars against civilians, police and soldiers. tags: deliberate accident, vehicle attack, hamas, Israel

2 killed, including 1 suspect killed by police October 20, 2014 Martin Courture Rouleau Killed After Canada Lone Wolf ISIS Car Attack On Soldiers In what media is calling a possible terrorist attack by a radicalized Islamist in  Quebec, Canada, Martin Couture-Rouleau, 25 drove his car into the two young soldiers, and one died in a hospital. After a police chase, the suspect was shot and killed. Royal Canadian Mounted Police announced that the suspect 'was known to Federal authorities' and 'authorities were concerned that he had become radicalized.' A neighbor noticed that  Rouleau grew out his beard and began wearing loose-fitting Muslim clothing, and Roleau's father was worried as he became increasingly radicalized and "tried everything," to help him. The International Business Times called the suspect a ISIS Lone Wolf killer who was a depressed conspiracy theorist recently drawn to radical Islam. Two days later another muslim convert who also had his passport seized killed a soldier and shot up Parlement in Ottawa. 
1 building 1 vehicle damaged August 24, 2014  Resigned fireman crashes firetruck into Iowa fire station KTTC A former fireman in Floyd Iowa who had just quit is suspected of being drunk (cover story for deliberate attack) when he crashed a fire truck into a wall between fire station doors  

Likely: 1 killed in suspected DUI suspended licence rear-end crash by man on probation who made terroristic threats and joked about damage July 22, 2014 Michael J. Vanwagner DUI Rear End Killing Brooklyn Center Teen The car of Jason F. McCarthy, of Brooklyn Center was struck by Michael J. Vanwagner, 24, of Coon Rapids and later died in the hospital. Vanwagner sideswiped one vehicle, fled then rear ended McCarthy, totaling both cars. Vanwagner made a laughing post of damage to his car and denied knowing he had hit someone. He was driving on a revoked license because of careless driving, twice driving after having his license suspended and driving without insurance. Vanwagner is on probation for a felony conviction in April for terroristic threats and must abstain from drinking.

Likely deliberate: 3 killed, 7 injured in 2 unconnected crashes Two Tesla Crashes in Los Angeles July 4, 2014 There were two apparently unconnected crashes of Tesla cars that received wide coverage on the same day, July 4. One was stolen near midnight from a dealer in West Hollywood. After a 100 mph police chase, it was sliced in two after it hit a light pole, with the back end hitting the entrance to a Jewish synagogue, and shattered batteries sparking like fireworks. The driver who was driving as if he were on some kind of a suicide mission was ejected through the windshield but survived. Another Model S rear-ended a Toyota Corolla in Palmdale, Calif., killing the Toyota's driver and two child passengers. Tesla shares were down after a weekend with two major crashes, one fatal of an involved vehicle. 

1 grandmother killed  , 1 suspect arrested  June 26, 2014 Douglasville Silverado Intentionally Rams, Runs Over Grandmother in Navigator: In Douglasville, Georgia, 23 yr old Dewey Calhoun Green was surrounded by motorists and stopped after he repeatedly rear-ended a Lincoln Navigator stopped at a light with his late model $30,000 pickup truck, and then floored it and  crushed driver and grandmother Janice Pitts when she got out to look at the damage. Green was charged with murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, and had been arrested before for non-violent drug charges. Police believed "he wasn't in his right mind" and wanted to check for influence driving or a medical condition.

1 killed by terrorist June 18, 2014 ISIS Report Includes 1 Apostate Run Over USA Today Among an annual report cataloging assassination, suicide bombings and knifings, it claims credit for killing by vehicular assault "apostates run over" 

May 29, 2014 Florida Driving While Terrorist Deliberately Hits New York Trooper  On a New York highway, police beleive Florida driver Almond Upton deliberately swerved his pickup truck into state trooper Christopher Skinner on Interstate 81 near Binghamton at noon. He has been charged with murder. Upton was captured after a police dog tracked him into nearby woods, where he was found naked. He told police he was driving to Connecticut to visit his mother.

Possible: 1 killed, 3 injured May 26, 2014 Dustin Frederick Brown Drunken Bellingham Rampage Blamed On Possessed Pickup In Bellingham Washington, Dustin Frederick Brown sent text messages to friends saying he was too drunk to drive before he plowed his truck into four pedestrians in Bellingham. Brown told police he only had one beer and that when the throttle became stuck his truck was "possessed" as it took him on "an amusement ride from hell."  A mechanic told the police the throttle could not stick that way, and it worked fine. Of four pedestrians were hit,  Dragan Skrobonja, 37, was killed. The truck continued and hit several moving and parked cars. When he shifted into reverse a bystander grabbed the driver and pummeled the driver, knocking him out.

1 killed May 3, 2014 SUV Accident Deliberately Rammed and Killed LAPD Officer Roberto Sanches  In Los Angeles, LAPD investigators concluded that an SUV that rammed a police cruiser pursuing a Camaro was following the cruiser and deliberately crashed and killed officer Roberto Sanches before running from the scene. The death was one of a number of deadly accidents involving cars crashing into LAPD police cars and motorcycles

Possible deliberate attack, damage: $150,000 April 10, 2014 Man High On Paint Fumes Trashes Arapahoe Kia Dealership In Denver area Arapahoe, Joshua Jerrod Lopez, 22 was hospitalized after sideswiping a a police car and then ran down a power pole, rolling several times and landing on cars in a Kia dealership lot, and damaging 20 other vehicles with flying debris. Lopez stopped in the middle of the road, and when a policeman approached, the tried to assault the officer and took off. He was believed to be high on paint fumes, which provides a cover story for a deliberate attack.

Possible deliberate attack, damage: $300,000 March 30, 2014 Stolen Car Crashes Into Cadillac Dealer $300,000 Damage In Watchung, New Jersey, a stolen car pursued by police "accidentally" crashed into Crown Cadillac, causing $300,000 in damage to cars in the parking lot and injuring 2 in the car.

2 killed January 16, 2014  crash, March 27, 2014 investigation Blossom Street Bridge Crash Deliberate Murder Suicide  35-year-old Denzel E. Whyatt Jr. crashed his SUV through a guardrail and plunged 50 feet off a bridge into the Congaree River. The crash killed himself and passenger, 40-year-old Shannon Y. Mickens. Police believe the fact that the driver accelerated through the guardrail leads investigators to conclude the crash was deliberate. The driver, Denzil Whyatt, Jr., had alcohol and marijuana in his system at the time of the crash.  Anonymous tips stated the driver was often violent and they fought a lot in a relationship, and had threatened before that "he was going to drive off the Blossom Street bridge." washtimeswist

Year 2013

Family killed by suicidal driver who deliberately crashed car head on after splitting with wife Daily Mail Nov 19, 2013 - Young family was wiped out by suicidal driver who deliberately crashed his car head-on into their vehicle after splitting up with his wife.

1 killed SUV hits motorcycle Friday September 13, 2013 Autumn Brenae Mason Kills Motorcyclist in Hit and Run Saint Paul MN Autumn Brenae Mason was charged in a fatal hit and run collision which her SUV hit and left a 92 year old motorcyclist Roy Kromschroeder dead. Witnesses saw a 2000 Dodge Durango let the motorcycle go first at a two way stop sign, then accelerate rapidly and strike a motorcycle in the middle of the intersection so hard that it knocked his helmet off, The motorcyclist died of head injuries later. Then she stopped to check on the rider and fled. A licence plate that fell off led police to her house. She admitted she was in the accident, and told police she did not see a motorcycle, just a reflection from the sun, and she just blacked out and does not remember anything before she was near Lake Phalen. She has an extensive criminal history, but she has aunts who say she was just blinded by the sun and was distraught so it was probably an honest accident. In 2012, the suspect of good character was charged with a felony after police say they traced her to two online ads offering prostitutes in Plymouth MN.  With a former nurse, she was  charged for forging prescriptions ( Mar 29, 2012 - Summer Lenae Mason, 23, and Autumn Brenae Mason, 24,  were charged with gross misdemeanor financial ...  In Feb, 2014, the woman pled guilty in the hit-and-run death

1 killed, 16 injured, suspect convicted, not terrorism (?) August 3, 2013  Venice Beach Driving Rampage  Los Angeles California. 38 yr old Nathan Campbell deliberately drove a car through a crowd at the Venice Beach boardwalk, injuring 16 and killing Italian newlywed Alice Gruppioni on her honeymoon. Police are searching for a motive since terrorism was quickly ruled out. Campbell was arrested two hours later after turning himself in. He was charged with murder, 16 counts of assault with a deadly weapon and 17 counts of hit-and-run. He was a transient living in a late model Dodge Avenger who had served time for shoplifting in Colorado. The public defender called it "horrendous accident", not a "rampage", and Campbell pleaded not guilty, saying he was struggling to get the car shifted out of park when it went out of control and he gunned the gas, somehow slipped through the only gap in row of anti-car barriers. Video showed the car hit crowds, then accidentally back up and then make another pass at the throng. In September 2015 Campbell was convicted of second-degree murder  and sentenced to 42 years to life in state prison.

Ruled an accident. Arab suspect with past history of terroristic crimes was not arrested or charged with crime. Casualties: 3 (1 dead, 2 injured including suspect) June 13, 2013 Yousef Adhami Gets Away With Murder, Kills LA Bus Driver With Illegal Tow Truck At 5:00 a.m A Los Angeles Metro bus was struck by a tow truck that was speeding from a side street at 60 in a 30 zone through a red light. The crash killed bus driver Olivia Gamboa, and sent the tow truck into a 7-Eleven, injuring an employee, and sheared off a fire hydrant sending water into the air. The tow truck driver Yousef Adhami was hospitalized in critical condition, and was apparently neither arrested nor charged in the case despite that neither he nor this truck or company had a proper commercial driver's license for towing or an operating permit for the business. The family of the bus driver was going to sue the estate of the other driver and the towing company. Media and authorities made little note of the role his religion or ethnic background might have played into a possible motive for a deliberate crash, nor his prior conviction in a terrorist style police chase and bomb threat. 

Not enough evidence to prosecute:  2 dead, 1 recommended criminal charges, russian suspect: Monday May 6, 2013 Kirkland Runaway Bus Kills Ford Escape Kirkland, Washington USA. Bus driver Aleksandr Rukhlin (Russian first and surname) had driven for a year when his Community Transit bus and claimed (actually lied) he lost all brakes as he exited the freeway, ran a red light and slammed into the side of a small Ford Escape SUV, killing 2 of 3 occupants.  On May 15, 2014, State Patrol established that the driver of the bus was at fault and recommended filing criminal charges of  two counts of vehicular homicide, one count of vehicular assault and one count of hit-and-run with death. No media have speculated on terrorism as a possible motive

Year 2012

1 killed December 4, 2012 crash August 29, 2014 sentence  PA MAN SUFFOCATED GIRLFRIEND AFTER SHE SURVIVED 100 MPH CRASH A central Pennsylvania man Benjamin Klinger, 21, of Elizabethtown will serve 28 to 56 years behind bars for suffocating his girlfriend Samantha "Sammi" Heller after she survived his deliberate crashing of his car into a guardrail near Manheim at about 100 mph, authorities said.  When police arrived, Klinger was sitting on top of Heller's head and torso, according to the arrest affidavit. tags: deliberate crash, girlfriend victim, suffocation.
3 injured 2 charged Monday, October 29, 2012 Cape Girardeau say an Arkansas man purposefully steered a stolen car into a group of joggers Sunday morning, 3 were injured including the provost of Southeast Missouri State University. No motive revealed. Two Arkansas men charged in the crime.
2 killed 80 homes damaged in deliberate natural gas explosion Nov. 10, 2012 explosion. January 20, 2015 update Woman agrees to testify against others in Indiana home gas explosion 2 killed, neighborhood bombed out in alleged plan to collect insurance money by blowing up home, or simply attempt to blow up neighborhood. 

Monday, October 29, 2012 Cape Girardeau police say it was no accident: An Arkansas man purposefully steered a stolen car into a group of joggers Sunday morning, 3 injured... including the provost of Southeast Missouri State University... no motive... two Arkansas men charged in the crime, Vincent T. Anderson of Little Rock and his alleged accomplice, Marcus E. Jones of Cotton Plant. But the men were in custody shortly after the car struck three of the six runners, including university provost Ron Rosati... faces five felony counts, including three for first-degree assault along with tampering with a motor vehicle and resisting arrest. Anderson also faces a misdemeanor charge of leaving the scene of an accident. He was being held on a $75,000 cash-only bond, Smith said.
source: tags: deliberate accident

Year 2011

Killer rammed SUV in Alberta shooting Ex-boyfriend armed with three loaded guns, RCMP say CBC News Dec 17, 2011 ...Derek Jensen finally caught up with his four victims travelling on Highway 2 to the Calgary airport. Jensen's target was an SUV carrying Mitchell MacLean and Tanner Craswell, two college students who had just finished exams and were on their way home to P.E.I. for the holidays. Also in the car was Jensen's ex-girlfriend, Tabitha Stepple, and a friend of hers named Shayna Conway, who was at the wheel. Jensen, 21, had followed the group from Lethbridge, Alta., apparently looking for Stepple. He found them at a Claresholm 7-Eleven store moments before shooting them and taking his own life, RCMP said Saturday. While there was no confrontation at the store, RCMP said, Jensen rammed the rear end of the SUV roughly 1.5 kilometres north of Claresholm at about 3 a.m., when he got out and shot shot Conway who survied, then walked up and shot into car killing Conway's boyfriend, Tanner Craswell, as well as Stepple and Craswell's best friend, Mitch MacLean. Jensen fired numerous rounds into the car, killing Craswell and Stepple where they sat. After shooting the four people, Jensen turned his gun on himself while still at the scene and committed suicide, police said. Police found a loaded 12-gauge shotgun and a loaded Winchester rifle as well as the Heckler & Koch 9-mm handgun used in the shootings, and found another gun in Jensen's home.MacLean, 20, and Craswell, 22,were Lethbridge Bulls amateur league baseball players had been training in Alberta.
Year 2011
1 killed, 16 injured, 15 vehicles hit, 1 arrested in suspected vehicular terrorist attack May 15, 2011  Israel 2011 Arab Terrorist Truck Traffic Attack  In Tel Aviv Israel one person was killed and at least 16 injured when a truck driven by 22 year old Israeli Arab Issa Islam Ibrahim in Tel Aviv smashed into cars and pedestrians in a suspected terror attack. The driver, a 22-year-old man from the Israeli-Arab town of Kfar Kassem in central Israel, was arrested in the Sunday morning incident. May 15 is designated by the Arab world as Nakba or Catastrophe Day, referring to the day that Israel obtained statehood. The driver reportedly told police that his tire had exploded, causing him to lose control of the truck, a scenario that police suspected was cover story deception. The truck drove for about two miles down a major thoroughfare in Tel Aviv, hitting cars, several buses, a motorcycle and pedestrians; it also knocked down traffic lights and security rails. The driver drove off in the truck following the destruction but was arrested shortly after. (Euro-Asian Jewish congress)

Year 2010

Los Angeles Motorist rams SUV head-on into school bus filled with children in apparent suicide attack attempt OCTOBER 20, 2010
A driver apparently bent on suicide rammed his sport utility vehicle into a school bus filled with children, officials said....none were seriously hurt. The SUV driver, described as an older man, was hurt and had to be cut out of his vehicle.... appears the driver was trying to take his own life. The driver could face criminal charges, Parent said.

Year 2007

Kazakhstan journalist  Saken Tauzhanov, 08/02/2007. A fierce critic of both the government and the opposition, he too was mysteriously killed by a car.note

Year 2005

Kazakhstan journalist   Batyrkhan Darimbet, 06/07/2005. Editor of the opposition weekly Azat, killed in a hit-and-run "accident" that was never solved. note

Year 2004

Authorities conclude suicide but not murder by train: 6 November 2004 Ufton Nervet rail crash: The tragic events which saw level crossing ... train carrying around 300 passengers was travelling at 100mph as it hit the car occupied by Brian Drysdale, a chef to say whether or not his death was deliberate and recorded an open verdict. train's driver Stanley Martin, 54, from Torquay in Devon, and five passengers were killed, and around half of the people on board were injured. The incident, which happened on Saturday, November 6, 2004, prompted an enormous response from the emergency services and the world's media descended on the normally quiet West Berkshire village. crossing continued to be the scene of a number of deaths. In 2009 67-year-old Reading man Thomas Porter died after being hit by a train, as did 60-year-old Gary Provins of Haywood Way, Calcot , in October 2014. In both these cases a coroner ruled a suicide verdict.  Suicidal chef responsible for Ufton Nervet crash - Telegraph  Nov 1, 2007 - Troubled chef Brian Drysdale, 48, was agonising over his hidden ... and the train drivers' union that the accident could have been prevented, ... Police piece together life of 'suicidal' driver | UK news | The Guardian Nov 9, 2004 - Detectives spent yesterday investigating the past of Mr Drysdale, 48, who lived and worked a few miles from the scene ... he manoeuvred the car as if positioning it in front of the train.  Ufton Nervet rail crash - Wikipedia 1 November 2007 the inquest returned the verdict that the crash was caused by Brian Drysdale's suicide.

Kazakhstan journalist Askhat Sharipzhan, 07/20/2004. Independent journalist who worked mainly on the Internet, he was, like so many other opposition journalists, killed by a car whilst crossing the street. note

Year 2002 

Kazakhstan journalist Alexei Pugayev, 01/04/2002. Co-publisher of opposition newspaper Eurasia, known for strongly criticizing President Nazarbayev and his cronies, he was run over by a car and later died. note

Kazakhstan journalist Nuri Muftah, 11/17/2002. Correspondent of the opposition newspaper Respublika 2000 and editor of the weekly Altyn Gasyr in the oil town of Atyrau, he was pushed in front of a bus. note

Year 2001

1 killed  in suicide attack January 17, 2001, Truck Rams California Capitol Firefighters extinguish flames at the front a tractor-trailer that crashed into the south entrance of the California State Capitol on Tuesday, Jan 16, 2001, in Sacramento, Calif. The driver of the truck died at the scene.  AP A big rig driven by a mentally disturbed parolee with a grudge against Governor Davis crashed into the state Capitol in Sacramento and burst into flames late Tuesday night just as the Assembly was clearing out after an evening session. Witnesses said the single-trailer rig careened through downtown streets at high speeds before it smashed into the south portico below the Senate's second-floor chambers. The vehicle stopped just short of the Capitol's doors. No one speculated that terrorism could have been a motive.

Year 1998

2 killed November 27, 1998 Seattle Bus in 1998 Carrying 31 People Plunges From Aurora Bridge After Driver Is Shot by Terrorist Passenger 2 Are Dead  SEATTLE A city bus carrying 31 people plunged off a bridge here and plowed through the outer edge of an apartment roof this afternoon after the driver was shot by a passenger. The driver, and a person suspected of shooting the driver, were both killed, the police said. The 29 others were injured. The two-section bus was just starting to cross Aurora Avenue Bridge, which spans the Lake Union ship canal, about 3:10 P.M. when the driver was shot by a passenger, the police said. The bus, heading south, jumped a lane of northbound traffic, hit a van, then crashed through a guardrail and fell 50 feet, landing upright in an apartment garden in the Fremont district, an area of residential buildings, restaurants and businesses. Police officers did not disclose a motive for the shooting. Strongly resembles attacks in Israel in 2015, but not connected to terrorism by authorities or media. 

Year 1989

16 killed 27 wounded 6 July 1989 Tel Aviv–Jerusalem bus plunges off cliff  Suicide Islamist terrorist attack on 6 July 1989 carried out by Abed al-Hadi Ghaneim of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. On a crowded Egged commuter bus line No. 405 en route from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem (Israel), Ghanim seized the steering wheel of the bus, running it off a steep cliff into a ravine in the area of Qiryat Ye'arim. 16 civilians died in the attack—including two Canadians and one American, and 27 were wounded. The attacker survived.

Year 1975

The Moorgate tube crash occurred on Friday 28 February 1975 at 08:46 on the Northern City Line, then operated by London Underground as the Northern line (Highbury Branch). A southbound train failed to stop at the Moorgate terminus and crashed into the wall at the end of the tunnel. Forty-three people died as a result of the crash, the greatest loss of life during peacetime in the London Underground, and a further seventy-four were injured. With no fault being found with the train equipment, the Department of the Environment report found that the driver had failed to slow the train and stop at the station and there was insufficient evidence to determine the cause. Evidence to the inquest showed that the driver did not have any reason to be suicidal. The coroner's verdict was accidental death. The Department of the Environment report found that there was insufficient evidence to say if the accident was due to a deliberate act or a medical condition. The writer Laurence Marks, whose father died in the disaster, presented a Channel 4 documentary Me, My Dad and Moorgate that was broadcast on 4 June 2006,maintaining his personal belief that the crash was suicide. A 2009 BBC Radio 4 In Living Memory episode also suggested that the driver might have lost concentration, or confused the terminus with the closed Essex Road station.

Year 1945

1 dies in hospital, no arrest December 9, 1945 General  George S. Patton's Head-On Car Accident or Assassination Tech Sgt Robert L. Thompson leads one of two trucks which have been waiting by the side of the road until the approach of General Patton's Caddilac. Thompson says he was drinking the previous night, and he and two buddies had commandeered (or possibly stolen) a duece and a half truck for joyriding. They were sixty miles from their ordered posting. He was slightly drunk when he claimed he was pulling into a depot to return the truck, and later changed his story to a side road, but neither was close to where he failed to signal, hit the gas, and acoording to Patton's driver, steered directly into the nose of Patton's car with no other possible reason other than to deliberately hit a target. Patton's driver could not avoid a collision. Patton hit the front seat, hurt his neck, and was paralyzed. He died later in the hospital on December 21, 1945. When Woodring, Patton's driver yells "Do you know who you hit? This is General Patton", Thompson grins drunkenly and tells his companions "General Patton, do you believe it?"

Other Years

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Did huffing cause a driver to crash or just a cover story? July 13, 2017  Serghei Kundilovski Huffing Wrong Way Russian Driver Killer California man Russian immigrant  Serghei Kundilovski charged in the death of three people from a two-vehicle crash on  near Knapp, Wisconsin  sentenced by a Dunn County Judge to a total of 75 years in prison for driving the wrong way wrong way down Interstate 94 and killing 3 [2] Prosecutors said 36-year-old Serghei Kundilovski "huffed" cans of air duster before the fatal wrong-way crash, Dunn County which led to criminal charges. Kundilovski entered three guilty pleas for homicide by intoxicated use of vehicle in late November  Huffing and driving is a crime in Wisconsin, but not Minnesota[3]

Texas Balloon Crash Kills 16  Aug 2, 2016 Experienced balloon pilot who has suspended license and jail time for drunk driving flies a perfectly good balloon into power lines for no apparent reason or mechanical failure.. Was it a murder suicide attack?

 Feb. 24, 2015 Truck driver fatigue cited in California train crash - Daily Herald  Federal investigators say acute fatigue and lack of familiarity with the area likely caused the driver of a work truck to turn onto train tracks where the vehicle and ...ruck driver had been on duty for nearly 24 hours, (cover story?) including nearly 17 hours traveling from Somerton, Arizona, to a work site in Oxnard, California, according to the National Transportation Safety Board's final report on the accident. crash on Feb. 24, 2015 Ventura County prosecutors filed a misdemeanor charge of vehicular manslaughter against the truck driver, Jose Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez  truck traveled about 80 feet down the tracks before it became stuck.
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Driver in California train crash has prior DUI conviction - NY Daily News
Feb 25, 2015 - Truck driver Jose Alejandro Sanchez Ramirez, 54, was arrested on suspicion of felony hit-and-run after he fled the scene as a Metrolink train ...
Jose Alejandro Sanchez Ramirez | KTLA
Truck driver Jose Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez leaves jail with jacket ... A booking photo was released ofJose Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez, the driver of truck ...
Missing: immigration ‎status
Driver of Pickup Truck in Metrolink Crash Was Going to Get Help, Not ...
Feb 25, 2015 - Jose Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez, a 54-year-old from Yuma, Arizona, was driving toward an agricultural field where he was due to work the ...
Missing: immigration ‎status
California crash: driver who left vehicle on train tracks released from ... › US News › California
Feb 27, 2015 - Investigators say Jose Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez, 54, of Yuma, Arizona, ... The article says nothing about his immigration status which is ...
Illegal alien chased out of AZ was responsible for the Metrolink crash ... 25, 2015 - Jose Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez - Whenever they have two last ... Their own immigration status is more important than doing the right and ...Breaking News Jose Alejandro Sanchez Ramirez Mexican Hits Train in California - Presumed Illegal 50 passengers injured_ Drunk Driver
 -ILLEGAL MEXICAN HAD  FORMER DRUNK DRIVING CONVICTION HE IS ILLEGAL - READ FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH:  Sanchez-Ramirez, 54, of Yuma, Arizona, didn't call authorities because he was "in shock" and didn't even realize he had a phone on him, Bamieh said. Ramirez only speaks Spanish, and two people he encountered in the area could not understand him, the lawyer said.   Mexican Driver had Former Drunk Driving Conviction  - In one day, the media has removed his Mexican name rom the stories because of outrage against an illegal alien from Mexico causing such a tragedy-
Mexican Illegal Alien Truck Driver Causes Train Derailment In Oxnard ...
Feb 25, 2015 - His name?Jose Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez and he's charged with ...

hat we appear to have is either insanity or DUI.

Possibly an illegal alien, too? When you get out of your vehicle and run after an accident, that’s “somewhat likely” according to police records. Either that or the perp is a gang member with a weapon and/or narcotics on his person. Since Mr. Sanchez-Ramirez was driving a pickup truck full of fruit and vegetables, I’m doing to discount the gang/gun/narcotics potential for now.

At least it wasn’t terrorism. There are drones buzzing our embassy in Paris, and in Toronto they’ve discovered a “tunnel to nowhere” (its not complete yet) under sensitive buildings.

I hope none of these are terrorism. But the odds recently haven’t been in our favor.
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3 killed March 16, 2013 Pennsylvania bus crash kills pregnant Seton Hill University lacrosse coach and driver A tour bus carrying a college women’s lacrosse team crashed along a Pennsylvania highway Saturday — killing the squad’s pregnant head coach and the driver. ..carrying 23 Seton Hill University players and coaches veered off the Pennsylvania Turnpike and jumped a guardrail — before rolling about 70 yards and plowing into a tree, authorities said. Head coach ...six months pregnant, died from injuries sustained in the crash. Her unborn son also died, [the guardrail] might deflect it...The cause of the crash was unclear

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