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Drugs and Terror

Drugs and Terror --- ===
Terroristic Security Incidents by Category |Timeline

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Drugs are often part of a terrorist grade crimes


Year 2016

May 2016 David Njuguna Accidentally Slams Into MA Police Cruiser

Paranoid High on Marijuana Zachary T. Hays Drive By ...   May 1, 2016 Paranoid High on Marijuana Zachary T. Hays Drive By Murder of Tracy Czaczkowski Zachary T. Hays was driving an SUV when

2016 Pike County, Ohio Rhoden 4-family Mock Terrorist ...  Apr 28, 2016 - Evidence of marijuana growing and cockfighting were found. Relatives mentioned a road rage conflict, and threats to family members on social ..

Colby James Robinson Murders Pham Family in Portland ... Apr 15, 2015 - The family is in the legalized medical marijuana business but do not believe they were growing medical marijuana at the apartment, and ...

Charles Severance accused in 3 killings suspect arrested Jul 22, 2014 - When the home is searched, police found a half-pound of marijuana February 6, 2014 Piano Teacher Ruthanne Lodato Killed in One of 3 Front Door Alexandria Murders December 5, 2003 Nancy Dunning Sheriff Wife November 11, 2014 Transportation official 69-year-old Ronald Kirby was fatally shot inside his home

California marijuana dispensary owner tortured left in desert Nov 25, 2013 California marijuana dispensary owner tortured left in desert Handley, Nayeri and Ryan Kevorkian went to the man's Newport Beach ...

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez Chattanooga Attacks ... Sep 2, 2015 - Drugs: May 20, 2013 let go from Perry Nuclear Generating Station in North Perry, Ohio, after failing a drug test

April 16, 2014 Dawn Nguyen guilty of giving guns in firefighter gun ambush Dawn Nguyen  also faced charges of illegal marijuana use.

25 injured January 23, 2014 Man on Meth Attacks Driver Crashes Greyhound Bus Dozens were injured when a 25 year old Maquel Donyel Morris from Los Angeles hallucinating on meth' screaming 'I'm gonna flip this bus!' kicked open the driver door and attacked a Greyhound driver causing bus to crash in the Arizona desert. It was just before 2am near Tonopah when the bus nearly swerved across the median into oncoming traffic as passengers fought to get the attacker off the injured driver who called for help. He fled into the desert with his female companion before returning to be arrested. The girlfriend claimed he had taken meth, was 'paranoid' and 'did not want to be on the bus.'  Counter conspiracy theory: Was drugs a cover story and excuse for a terror attack?

Year 2013

Rick Allen Walker Meth Wrong Way Driver Injured 3, Gets 13 injured, 4 seriously June 17, 2013 Rick Allen Walker, age 54 was sentenced to 7 years for his wrong way run of 85 mpg on the 17 freeway in Southern California freeway. He caused a nine-vehicle pileup before colliding head-on, and was under the influence of methamphetamine. He pleaded no contest on Aug. 19 to four counts of D.U.I. causing injury. No one speculates it was a deliberate traffic terrorist attack. Thirteen people were injured, four of them seriously.

May 9, 2013 Alex Donald Jackson 4 Pit Bulls Convicted Murder of Pamela Devitt  (Deliberate attack)  Pamela Devitt, 63, was killed by 4 pit bulls owned by Alex Donald Jackson, of Littlerock, was convicted of second-degree murder in August. Was also charged for marijuana growing and sales posession, and  assault with a deadly weapon in another case