Thursday, May 15, 2014

Abe Shrine Visit Condemned by China and Flying Tigers

Abe Shrine Visit Condemned by China and Flying Tigers
Flying Tigers denounce Abe's visit
  (China Daily)
Ju Qiaoling, a tourist from Shanghai, poses on Tuesday in front of the tomb of General Claire Lee Chennualt in the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. Chennault commanded of the Flying Tigers in China during WWII. Provided to China Daily 

Citing disregard for the feelings of those afflicted
The Flying Tigers are the best example to show how Chinese and Americans joined hands in World War II to fight the Japanese aggressors on Chinese soil.
The group of volunteer pilots from the US Navy, Army and Marine Corps was set up in 1941 and fought many bloody battles against the Japanese to help achieve the ultimate victory in 1945 of China's war of resistance against Japanese aggression.
After Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Dec 26 visited the controversial Yasukuni Shrine where 14 Class-A war criminals are honored, the Flying Tigers are getting as angry as Chinese and Koreans.