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Timeline May 2014

Timeline May 2014 ---
Timeline May 2014 ---

May 31, 2014

  1. 1 plot May 31, 2014 arrest Mufid A. Elfgeeh: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know Mufid A. Elfgeeh, 30, a Yemeni American citizen who lives in Rochester, NY. The local store owner was indicted for attempting to recruit three people into ISIS, who turned out to be FBI informants. Elfgeeh will face charges of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, attempting to kill officers and employees of the United States, having an unregistered firearm silencer and possessing guns or silencers. He was arrested on May 31 in an FBI parking lot sting, however, federal officials didn’t outline the case against him until Tuesday, September 16. 
  2. 2 crashes kill 6 May 31, 2014 Airborne Wrong-Way Kamikaze Silverado Causes Traffic Pileup In Flagler County Florida crash 38-year-old Roy White, of Jacksonville, was driving a Chevrolet Silverado north on I-95 and for some reason drifted across the highway. That car hit the median and became airborne, traveling over a guardrail, and entered southbound lanes of I-95. White's car hit the top of the Honda Civic driven by 56-year-old Pamela Taylor Thor, of St. Augustine, and then a third car.Troopers say White's passenger, 17-year-old Benjamin Smith, who was not wearing a seat belt, was ejected from the truck. Both Smith and Thor died from their injuries. No one in the third car was hurt. The backup may have caused another crash of 8 passenger cars and 3 trucks, killing 4 when a semi-truck did not slow down and rear-ended cars slowing for the detour for no known reason.

2014-05-31Rock, Tayler (22)Kansas (Dexter)A deputy pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation. Tayler Rock and a one-year-old child were inside. As the deputy approached the vehicle, Rock tried to drive away, allegedly dragging and running over the deputy, and Rock was shot. The deputy then removed the child from the vehicle and performed CPR on Rock, who was pronounced dead at a hospital. [1]
2014-05-31Hiatt, Brian Scott (49)California (Turlock)Two sheriff's deputies shot and killed Hiatt during a confrontation. Hiatt was a suspect in an incident the previous day in which two women were shot and killed.[2]
2014-05-31Baucum, Etoine (44)New Jersey (Patterson)Baucum was armed with an undetermined firearm in the area of 85 Montgomery St. when police arrived at 2:20 a.m., said Michael DeMarco, the chief assistant Passaic County Prosecutor. Detectives ordered him to drop his weapon — but Baucum did not comply. Instead, Baucum pointed the gun at one of the responding detectives — and another detective fired his service weapon at the suspect and killed him with a single shot.[3]

Religious inspired attacks 37 killed worldwide
Terrorist incidents
  1. May 31, 2014 30 killed in Attack/Ambush Central African Republic Bangui, Central African Republic Suspected Séléka militants attack Notre-Dame de Fatima, a Catholic church, with grenades and gunfire killing at least 30, including a priest Members of Séléka are almost entirely Muslim..[149] 
  2. May 31, 2014  7 injured Attack Indonesia Slemen district, Yogyakarta, Indonesia A home owner and six women were attacked while holding a Catholic prayer service in the Slemen district of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The victim, Julius Felicianus, said that there were two separate attacks on his home. The assailants attacked the victims with iron bars and household items. Catholics are a minority in a predominantly Muslim nation. See persecution of christians in Indonesia: "there are some religious tensions and persecutions in the country, and most of the tensions and persecutions are civil and not by state." .[148]
2014.05.31AfghanistanGiro142Seven women are among fourteen civilians taken out by Taliban bombers as they are returning from a wedding.
2014.05.31IraqJurf al-Sakhar1015Ten Iraqis are killed by suspected al-Qaeda in two attacks.
2014.05.31IraqBaiji80Eight captives are executed by ISIS fundamentalists.
2014.05.31YemenLahej10A local man is machine-gunned by al-Qaeda.
2014.05.31ThailandYala10A meatball vendor is taken out by Muslim 'insurgents' with an AK-47.
2014.05.31PakistanKarachi10Sipah-e-Sahaba gunmen take out a TV station employee simply for being Shia.
2014.05.31PakistanHussainabad10A Shiite doctor is murdered by Ahl-e-Sunnat-Wal-Jamaat.
2014.05.31PakistanKarachi10The custodian for a Shiite mosque is hacked to death by axe-wielding Sipah-e-Sahaba.

Mass shootings  1 killed 7 injured

  1. 4 injured May 31, 2014 Crown Heights Brooklyn New NY shots rang out at a playground  Two men and one woman were shot  A fourth person was shot in the hand as they tried to intervene.
  2. 1 killed 3 injured San Brenadino CA drive-by shooting Davis and three family members were working on cars parked on West Victoria Street a black four-door Honda drove past the family and gunned them down. Police have not determined the motive for the shooting or if it was gang-related.
Daily Misfortune May 30, 2014 ---

  1. 4 casusalties 3 killed including gunman, 1 wounded May 30, 2014 Norfolk Drive-By Shooting Spree Kills High School Grad, Policeman 
  2. Islamist terror group Boko Haram abduct two prominent traditional rulers from Borno State in Nigeria(IANS via Biharprabha)
  3. United States State Department makes its first confirmation that a U.S. citizen has been "involved" in a suicide bombing as part of Syria's ongoing civil war.(ABC News)Disasters and accidents
  4. At least nine people are killed and over a dozen injured when a storm hits Indian capital New Delhi(AAP via SBS)
  5. An earthquake in China's Yunnan province injures at least 45 people and forces thousands to relocate. (AP via USA Today)
  6. Wadsworth, Danny Michael, Jr. (31) killed by police in Nevada (Las Vegas) after shooting at them. 
  7. Blocker, Mark Anthony (20)  killed by police in  Maryland (Suitland)  when he refused their orders to drop the weapon, which was discovered to be a pellet gun.
  8. Jimenez, Brandon Lee Macias (26)  killed by police in  California (Woodland) while he allegedly held a gun to the head of a woman he had taken hostage.
May 29, 2014


May 29, 2014 Florida Driving While Terrorist Deliberately Hits New York Trooper  On a New York highway, police beleive Florida driver Almond Upton deliberately swerved his pickup truck into state trooper Christopher Skinner on Interstate 81 near Binghamton at noon. He has been charged with murder. Upton was captured after a police dog tracked him into nearby woods, where he was found naked. He told police he was driving to Connecticut to visit his mother.

Officer involved killings:  3 killed
2014-05-29McCoy, Ransom Duane (45)Tennessee (Bristol)Ransom Duane McCoy, 45, of Bristol, Virginia, crashed a green Ford F-150 pickup through a chain link fence at a property on Keith Drive off Blountville Highway, according to Sullivan County, Tennessee Sheriff Wayne Anderson, who said he then “ran at an officer.” McCoy was shot and killed.[9]
2014-05-29Valerio, Jose (17)Louisiana (New Orleans)The shooting happened around 2 a.m. in the 2600 block of Dreux Street where three women -- ages 23, 24 and 27 -- were approached by a gunman while stopped to deal with a flat tire, NOPD said. The 25-year-old SUNO officer was with the women after they called him to help fix the flat. A SUNO officer was changing the tire when a car, possibly a Chrysler, approached and a gunman jumped out, pointed a gun at one of the women and demanded her purse, NOPD said in a news release. The woman handed over her purse. At that time, the officer "identified himself as a law enforcement officer," drew his gun and exchanged gunfire with the robber.[10]
2014-05-29Vos, Gerrit (22)[11]California (Newport Beach)Police responded to a disturbance at a 7-Eleven store. When officers tried to break up an altercation between the employee and Vos, Vos allegedly lunged at the officers with a sharp object. Officers opened fire on him, and he later died in a hospital.[12]

Religious inspired

2014.05.30SyriaHoms1012At least ten people are killed when Sunnis set off a truck bomb in a residential neighborhood.
2014.05.30PakistanNazimabad10Sectarian Jihadis shoot a school principal to death.
2014.05.30IraqMuqdadiya63An al-Qaeda attack is among three that leave six dead including three women.
2014.05.30PakistanBir10An 18-year-old girl is shot to death by her brother for talking on her cell phone to a suspected love interest.
2014.05.30NigeriaTashan Alade30Boko Haram open fire on a vehicle traveling to a funeral, killing three people.
2014.05.30IraqBaqubah12A woman and child are among the victims of an 'insurgent' bombing.


May 29, 2014 Abu Hurayra Al Amreiki American Syria Suicide Bomber Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha of Florida who became known as Abu Hurayra al-Amriki ("the American) was confirmed by US officials as one of four suicide bomber attacks who detonated 16 tons of explosives in a truck. He grew up in a gated community in Vero Beach 140 miles north of Miami and loved basketball as his mother would watch games in a hajib. He attended and dropped out of American colleges before spent two months at a Nusra Front training camp. in Syria. Abu-Salha was once suspended from school for fighting after some boys made fun of his mother's clothing.

May 28-29, 2014: Suspected Arson 'Terror' Targets Samaria Village Arab Several other recent fires are suspected as being arson attacks, the largest of which was a massive forest fire that covered Jerusalem in ash and caused residents to be evacuated on Wednesday.(May 28, 2014) came a day before two more blazes burst out on Thursday (May 29, 2014) in Jerusalem and Carmiel in the north...arrest of a 20-year-old Arab resident of Abu Ghosh to the east of Jerusalem, suspected of setting a forest in the area on fire Sunday. Police say he confessed to the crime (of course no way the California fires were deliberately set despite arrests of suspects that were let go) Officials complain the arsons are not treated as terrorism, and may be too busy investigated "price tag" attacks against Palestinians.

May 28, 2014

1 killed, 6 members of a family arrested May 28, 2014 China McDonalds Beating Death In Zhaoyuan city in Shandong Province in China, video caught a man, four women, and a boy beating a woman to death in a McDonalds' restaurant. The woman reported was beaten because she refused to give them her phone number. The government tied the killing to members of a group Church of the Almighty God which is considered to be a doomsday cult. Police investigators believe the the family of six owned three cars including the Porsche Cayenne SUV that they drove to the restaurant that day, but none of them held a job in the past 7 years.

May 27, 2014

2 arrested Two arrested in weekend stabbing | KIMT 3  creeping May 27, 2014 - ROCHESTER, Minn. – Two men are behind bars after a stabbing early Saturday morning in Rochester. Mohamed June, 21, and Mohamed Ahmed, 20, were arrested and charged with assault after stabbings occurred during a large fight near the Edge Apartments

May 26, 2014 wikipedia

  1. 1 killed, 3 injured May 26, 2014 Dustin Frederick Brown Drunken Bellingham Rampage Blamed On Possessed Pickup In Bellingham Washington, Dustin Frederick Brown sent text messages to friends saying he was too drunk to drive before he plowed his truck into four pedestrians in Bellingham. Brown told police he only had one beer and that when the throttle became stuck his truck was "possessed" as it took him on "an amusement ride from hell."  A mechanic told the police the throttle could not stick that way, and it worked fine. Of four pedestrians were hit,  Dragan Skrobonja, 37, was killed. The truck continued and hit several moving and parked cars. When he shifted into reverse a bystander grabbed the driver and pummeled the driver, knocking him out.
  2. 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine Pro-Russian militants force the closure of Donetsk International Airport a day after preventing any voters in the city of Donetsk from casting a vote in the Ukrainian presidential election. (Reuters via Chicago Tribune)
  3. The Ukrainian Air Force conducts airstrikes on Donetsk International Airport while paratroopers drop in to fight pro-Russian separatists. (Irish Times)
  4. Islamist insurgency in Nigeria: Islamist terror group Boko Haram kills at least 33 security personnel during attacks in Nigeria's northeastern Yobe State. (CNN)
  5. At least 25 people are killed and 100 injured as a passenger train rams into a stopped freight train in Uttar Pradesh, India.(NDTV) (IANS via Biharprabha)
  6. 7 killed, 20 injured. Fire a bus terminal north of Seoul in the South Korean city of Goyan may be caused by welding work at an underground restaurant. (Yonhap)  news-com-au (Alternate theory - could this be sabotage, a lot of mysterious fires attributed to welding mistakes)
  7. At least 26 people are dead and 10 missing since Wednesday as storms hit southern and central China. (ABC News Australia)

May 24, 2014  Jewish Museum of Belgium shooting 4: 3 killed 1 injured. Car double parks in front of the Jewish Museum in Belgium, gunman runs in and shoots and gets away. Suspect later captured with clothing and guns used in crime, he is associated with radical Islamist Syrian opposition fighters.

Daily Misfortune Friday May 23, 2014  ---

USA: 3 incidents 11 killed, 8 injured 

  1. 7 killed 7 injured May 23, 2014 Elliot Rodger UC Santa Barbara Shooting 9:30 pm Friday night near UC Santa Barbara 7 people dead including killer, 7 hospitalized when Elliot Rodgers shot at crowds from his BMW trading shots with police for 10 minutes
  2. 1 killed May 23, 2014  Teen Shoots Pennsylvania Cab Driver Dead For Not Driving Shortcut
  3. 3 killed, 1 injured, suspect driver arrested May 23. 2014 Police say driver who killed 3 in Sedro-Woolley was drunk, high, speeding 
World: 45 killed 205 injured
  1. 4 killed Sinai insurgencyEgyptian security forces claim to have killed Shadi el-Menei, the leader of Ansar Bait al-Maqdis, and three other senior members in overnight fighting.
  2. 2 killed Taliban insurgencyGunmen attack the Indian consulate in Afghanistan's Herat Province.(CNN)
  3. 39 killed 205 injured Syrian Civil War Syrian  mortar attack on a pro-Assad rally.

Daily Misfortune May 22, 2014 Wikipedia

  1. May 22, 2014 122 casualties 31 killed 91 injured Uyghur Region Urumqi China Bombing Car Rampage Kills 31 In Urumqi China, capital of the Uyghur Autonomous Region, 31 were killed and 91 injured as two cars deliberately ran over people while tossing explosive bombs in a morning marketplace area. The government is blaming militant muslim Uyghur separatists who have also been behind a series of bombing and stabbing attacks at train stations. Western media reports it is a very obvious case of terrorism. May 2014 Ürümqi attack:An explosion occurs in the city of Ürümqi, the capital of China's far-western Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, resulting in at least 31 deaths and 91 injuries. (BBC) (RTE)
  2. 2014 pro-Russian unrest in UkraineAt least 11 Ukrainian Army soldiers are killed and 30 injured when pro-Russian separatists attack a military checkpoint. (AP via Time)
  3. Korean maritime border incidents:South Korean media reports that North Korea fired shells in a disputed area near a Republic of Korea Navy ship. (BBC)
  4. 2013–14 Thai political crisisThailand's army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha announces a coup d'état, saying the military is taking control of government. (BBC)

Daily Misfortune May 21, 2014


  1. 25 total 4 killed 21 injured May 21, 2014 Taipei Taiwan Train Stabbing Spree Kills 4 In Taipei Taiwan, a university student with 2 knives he purchased at a store attacked subway riders, killing four and injuring 21. No connection to other terrorist style stabbings or train station attacks in China and across the world. 2014 Taipei Metro Attackknife attack on a Taipei Metro train leaves at least 4 dead and 21 passengers injured. (Focus Taiwan) (AP via Washington Post)
  2. 60 killed 30 injured War in North-West Pakistan:Pakistan Air Force fighter jets bomb suspected militant hideouts inNorth Waziristan, killing approximately 60 militants and injuring another 30. (Reuters)
  3. 13 killed The Taliban launch attacks in Badakhshan and Laghman provinces inAfghanistan, killing 10 policemen and 3 civilians. (AP via ABC)
  4. 17 killed Boko Haram attacks the village of Alagarno, in Nigeria's Borno State, killing 17 people. (BBC)
  5. The Republic of Korea Navy fires warning shots at 3 Korean People's Navy patrol boats after they violated South Korean waters. (CNN)
  6. 2 killed Israeli-Palestinian conflictDefence for Children International publishes a video showing two Palestinians allegedly killed by Israeli soldiers during a demonstration that became violent. (New York Times)
  7. 1 detained 2014 pro-Russian unrest in UkraineGraham Phillips, a British national and reporter for the Russian TV network RT, is detained in Mariupol by the SBU(BBC)
  8. Six Iranians that were arrested have been released in Tehran after releasing a fan video set to Pharrell Williams' "Happy", sparking outcries over the internet. (CNN)
  9. Ten men convicted for producing poisoned alcohol that killed more than 30 people in 2012 have been sentenced to prison by a court in the Czech Republic, including 2 life sentences. (BBC)
  10. 2014 Vietnam anti-China protestsThe death toll has risen to 6 as anti-China riots continue in Vietnam over oil rich islands in the South China Sea. China has sent ships to evacuate 3000 citizens from Vietnam. (Reuters)
  11. May 21, 2014 Broughton High School Bomb Scare Relocation In Raleigh North Carolina, the entire student body of Broughton High School students were bused to another school after a credible bomb threat. No bomb was found. Schools officials could not recall an entire student body being evacuated from a school in response to a bomb threat or other emergency, it is an option under the school system’s safety guidelines. 
  12. eBay forces its users to change their passwords after a database containing encrypted user passwords and other non-financial data is compromised by a cyber-attack. (BBC)

Daily Misfortune May 20, 2014 ---

2: 1 dead, 1 injured,  40 police May 20, 2014 Car Driven Through UK House in Multiple Shooting and Stabbing In England, More than 40 armed police officers, four ambulances and a bomb squad van have been called to a village in Hull after one man was shot dead and a second left seriously injured in a ‘multiple shooting and stabbing’. A car had been driven through a bungalow house in the village of Melton, near Hull

May 20, 2014 1 killed, Florida Crossing Guard  hit by man who abandons injured child, has17 Arrests  WTSPIn Clearwater, Florida 70 year old former policeman crossing guard Doug Carey is killed and the 2 girl passengers of the suspect were hospitalized when an African America man driving a brand new $45,000 Cadillac XTS rented by his sister in an arrangement common for drug dealers, ran a red light and was hit another car, spinning out and hitting the man standing by a pole. Suspect abandoned his 4 yr old daughter who was ejected on the street, gave another 2 year old daughter to a stranger and fled the scene before he was quickly caught. Suspect Julious Johnson ran because he had a suspended licence.

  1. Oxford High School gym teacher Dung Nguyen charged with rape May 19, 2014 OXFORD, Mass. Oxford High School gym teacher was ordered held in jail after being accused of inappropriately touching a girl over a two-year span, the Worcester Telegram and Gazette reported Monday. Dung Nguyen, 40, appeared in court Monday
  2. 1 teacher made sick, 2 arrested May 19, 2014 Brooklyn 4th Graders Put Rat Poison In Teacher's Water 1 sickened, 2 9 yr old suspects arrested.  In Brooklyn New York, two 4th grade students were arrested after they were seen putting rat poison into a teacher's water bottle. The teacher got mildly sick but was not seriously injured. The boys reportedly wanted to see what would happen.
  3. 1 killed May 19, 2014 Salina Kansas Fatal Pickup Truck Bomb Explosion Police believe a homemade pipe bomb exploded in the cab of a pickup truck near Jerry Ivey Park, injuring the man who was found just outside who was identified as 46-year-old Wayne Guerrant. Police have not determined if the blast as intentional or an accident or what he intended to do with the bomb (probably just some harmless prank), and found an empty can of powder which they are not certain was used to make the bomb. They don't believe it was connected to bomb threat notes found in a nearby high school.
Date: May 18, 2014, Sunday 
Daily Misfortune May 18, 2014 ---

May 18, 2014 Anacortes 85 foot yacht sinks at launch An 85-foot yacht that sank as it was being launched Sunday in Anacortes, Washington, has been pulled upright while the Coast Guard investigates what went wrong.

May 18, 2014 In Fairfax Virgnia near Washington DC, there was some sort of bottle that exploded causing a panic as it sounded like a bomb or a gunshot at a showing of the movie Godzilla at Tysons Corner. Nova
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May 18, 2014 31 Children Die In Bus Fire at Church in Columbia 31 children killed after bus catches fire in Colombia (CNN) -- A bus packed with children burst into flames in Colombia on Sunday, killing at least 32 people, officials said. The bus was picking up children from an event at a church in Fundacion, Colombia, when the blaze began

Date: May 17, 2014, Saturday w

Daily Misfortune May 17, 2014 ---

1 killed May 17, 2014 Mummified Man With Bolt Cutters in Manhole Electrocuted In Tucson AZ, a man holding bolt cutters in a high voltage utility vault was found mummified May 17 after workers investigated a power surge. The manhole was last opened in 2006. Authorities did not speculate on a motive, but it could have been sabotage similar to attacks on substations

Saturday May 17, 2014 Fatal shooting outside Preakness among 6 in one day rash of Baltimore shootings  (Los Angeles Times)  Baltimore police were investigating six shootings Saturday that occurred in less than 20 hours, including a fatal one a block away from the Preakness Stakes horse race. The shootings left four men and two women wounded. The incident occurred less than two hours before more than 110,000 people at the track watched California Chrome win the the second leg of the Triple Crown. The six shootings in one day compares a normal rate of about two homicides or aggravated gun assaults from Jan. 1 through May 10, down from a three year average of 2.5 shootings a day during the same period. (timeline)
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Armed conflicts and attacks
Disasters and accidents

Date: May 16, 2014 Friday w
  1. 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine: Pro-Russian rebels quickly withdraw from Mariupol as dozens of unarmed pro-Ukraine steelworkers joined by the police start to patrol the city. (New York Times)
  2. 10 people are killed in two explosions in the Gikomba market area of the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. (BBC)
  3. San Diego County, California announces that 11 wildfires have burned more than 20,000 acres. 
  4. 1 house, 1 car destroyed May 16, 2014 Car With Parking Brake Off Rolls Into Garage, Gas Meter Explodes In Calabasas, California a neighbor’s car was parked on the hill apparently without its parking brake on rolled down the hill, crashed into the garage of a man named Brandon and knocked the gas meter loose, triggering the explosion. There were no injuries, but the house was a total loss.
Date: May 15, 2014 Thursday  w

  1. May 15, 2014 No injuries or damage, 2 fire set, 2 arrested 2 Escondido Teens Arrested for Suspected Arson in Setting Small Fires A 19-year-old and a teenager were in custody Thursday night for allegedly setting at least two small fires that burned vegetation in Kit Carson Park and other areas of southern Escondido. Isaiah Silva, 19, and an Escondido teenager, whose name was not released because of his age, were arrested. Witnesses saw them allegedly set a fire, and called police and extinguished it. An hour later, they were seen trying to start a fire in Kit Carson Park near Interstate 15
  2. Thursday May 15, 2014 2 stabbed to death, 1 injured, 1 arrested James Watts botched bank robbery stabs 3 women, 2 to death  In St. Louis former convict and registered sex offender James Watts, 29 was charged Friday with a federal weapons count linked to a botched southern Illinois bank holdup. At bank closing, the gunman confronted the three victims, and forced the women back inside but, because the bank was closed, got no money from it, The suspect placed the victims' purses into a victim's SUV and fled. Two women stabbed to death and a third critically injured by a knife were found in a break room by  police.

Armed conflicts and attacks
Arts and culture
Disasters and accidents
Law and crime

Date: May 14, 2014 Wednesday

  1. 3 children hit May  14, 2014 Yainira Boria Cocaine Conviction and Brockton MA School Bus Hit and run  (Boston Globe)  Once Yainira Boria realized she had hit some children as she tried to drive around a school bus Thursday morning, the 38-year-old Brockton woman allegedly told police she stopped her car and got out to give them “kisses like a mommy,” according to a police report filed in court. But after she said she gave one child a hug and kissed others on their thumbs and their knees, police said she got back into the car and drove away, only to be arrested about 90 minutes later allegedly drinking a Genesee Ice beer outside a food mart on Legion Parkway. The Boston Herald called Boria "schizophrenic Brockton woman off her meds" who plowed into three children crossing the street to reach the school bus. Boria had previously been convicted for dealing cocaine to an undercover cop.
  2. 4 killed including suspect May  14, 2014  In Avila, Florida Darrin Campbell Slays Family Blows Up Tennis Star Home With Fireworks Executive and father Darrin Campbell purchased $650 in fireworks and gasoline, and set fire to the 6000 sf rented tennis star's mansion after killing his family with a gun in an apparent carefully planned and staged murder suicide.

Daily Misfortune Tuesday May 13, 2014 ---

1 TV station standoff and damage, air traffic control center shut down due to unexplained electrical

  1. 1 killed suspect life sentence May 13, 2014 killing Prosecutor: life sentence in school janitor's death, claimed self defense AP District Attorney W. Dewayne Richardson says a Washington County man has been sentenced to life in prison for stabbing an elementary school janitor Willie Dean III. to death in the school's parking lot. Dean was killed May 13, 2014 outside Susie Trigg Elementary School in Greenville Missippie Boston testified that he killed Dean in self-defense.
  2. Valery Bolotov, a leader of the separatist movement in the eastern city of Luhansk, is wounded in an assassination attempt by an unknown assailant. (CNN)
  3. An insurgent ambush kills six Armed Forces of Ukraine soldiers. (AP via Netscape)
  4. Central African Republic conflict (2012–present): The body of 26-year old French photojournalist Camille Lepage was found in the Bouar region. The French presidency released a statement saying she was "murdered" and announced that a team of investigators will be dispatched to the scene. (TIME) (The Guardian)
  5. Villagers in the Nigerian Kala/Balge district of Borno State form a vigilante group and successfully repel an attack from the terrorist Islamist group Boko Haram, seizing three cars and a military vehicle and killing around 200 of the militants. (BBC) (CNN)
  6. An apartment block in the North Korean capital Pyongyang containing 100 families collapses. 
  7. Four students and another person are injured during a shooting near Therrell High School's campus in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. A 17-year-old suspect is arrested. 
  8. May 13, 2014 Man Claims To Be God Rams Maryland TV Station  In Towson Maryland, 28 year old Vladimir Baptiste, 28 was arrested after the black male with a shoulder bag made a disturbance yelling at the front door, and then stealing a heavy-duty landscaping truck and driving it through the front doors. The building was evacuated Police SWAT teams with an armoured car searched for him and found him in an editing room armed with a golf club
  9. May 13, 2014 Smoke from Bathroom Fire Halts All Air Traffic to Chicago The Federal Aviation Administration halted 1,120 flights going into or out of Chicago's major O'Hare and Midway airports because of a fire which was traced to an electrical fire in a restroom ceiling fan in a restroom filled the regional radar facility's control room. All air traffic at one of the nation's busiest aviation hubs was halted as workers were evacuated from the radar facility in suburban Elgin at about 11:30 a.m.
  10. May 13, 2014 White family stalked, pummeled by black mob WorldNetDaily WTOC-TV said the attack on eight members of a family visiting from Atlanta happened in downtown Savannah on Saturday night

Daily Misfortune May 12, 2014 ---

 Monday 7 killed in 4 incidents
  1. 1 killed 19 injured May 12, 2014 Arson suspected as explosion Is Cited in Deadly Fire on Bus in China 
  2. 2 killed May 12, 2014  RITE AID AND EAST LANSING SHOOTING CASE  
  3. 2 killed May 12, 2014 Mesa Officer Killed Head-On by 30 Mile Wrong Way Driver Raul Silva Corona
  4. May 12, 2014 1 killed Houston homeowner shot in home invasion, no motive. 
  5. May 12, 2014 2 killed including suspect, 2 homes destroyed by fire and explosion. May 12, 2014 Cop Shot Before New Hampshire Home Exploded 
  6. A new video released by the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram claims to show 100 girls they kidnapped last month as they seek a prisoner exchange. (BBC)
  7. Mexican Drug War: Galindo Mellado Cruz, one of the founding members of the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas, and four other armed men are killed in a shootout with Mexican security forces after they raided Cruz's hideout in the city of Reynosa(BBC)
  8. Iraqi insurgency (post-U.S. withdrawal)
  9. 49 people have been killed and 69 wounded in a series of attacks across Iraq including attack by Iraqi security forces on insurgents in Anbar province(Biharprabha News)Arts and culture
  10. Spanish police arrest a mother and daughter for the suspected shooting of Isabel Carrasco, a León provincial council chief from the ruling Popular Party(AAP via SBS Australia)Politics and elections

date: May 9, 2014 Friday

  1. Durham College Lockdown A possible gunman has prompted a lockdown at Durham College and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Canada reports Durham Region. The first call about a possible shooter came at around 12:45 p.m. local time. The lockdown was lifted an hour later. The U.S. Military's largest mortuary is operated in Dover Air Base. The base is also the home of the Air Mobility Command Museum. (Heavy)
  2. 1 killed 2 shot May 9, 2014 Police Officer Chuck Dinwiddie Dies From Killeen TX Shooting Authorities went to the apartment of Marvin Lewis Guy to serve a search warrant for drugs. When Detective Chuck Dinwiddie and another officer tried an unannounced entry at 5:30 a.m. by breaching a window to enter the apartment, Guy and a 49-year-old woman opened fire, hitting Dinwiddie in the face and Officer Odis Denton in the leg. Dinwiddie succumbed to his injuries at Scott & White Hospital on May 11. Guy pled not guilty. Two other officers who were shot at were treated and released. Some civil libertarians say he was protecting his home from unknown intruders and no drugs were found.
  3. May 9, 2013 160,000 Soc. Security numbers exposed in WA court system hack The Washington state Administrative Office of the Courts was hacked sometime between last fall and February, and up to 160,000 Social Security numbers and 1 million driver's license numbers may have been accessed during the data breach of its public website, officials said Thursday.

date: May 8, 2014 Thursday

Dover Air Force Base Lockdown Dover Air Force Base in Delaware was locked down on May 8, reports NBC Philadelphia. The base is located southeast of the city of Dover and close to Delaware State University. At 3 p.m. local time, the lockdown was lifted after four hours. (Heavy)

May 8, 2014 Washington DC The White House is locked down for the second time this week as two men working together each tossed an object over the fence on opposite sites of  the White House. The two were arrested.

date: May 7, 2014 Wednesday

(HeavyThere were reports of shots fired at San Francisco General Hospital, reports KPIX 5. At 5 p.m. (ET) a hospital spokesperson declared that it was a false alarm and the facility is clear.

May 7, 2014 Shooting victim was not intended target In Des Moines Iowa, .Ameisha Heard, 19, was shot once while walking into her apartment. Officials have determined she was not the intended target. In April 2013, Kenyatta 20 was shot and killed  walking with his girlfriend at the same complex.

May 7, 2014 Nigeria militants killed "hundreds" in remote village

CBS News - ‎8 hours ago‎
LAGOS, Nigeria -- Islamic militants killed hundreds of people in an attack on a border town in Nigeria's remote northeast, escalating the country's violent insurrection in which more than 270 schoolgirls have been kidnapped.

May 7, 2014 Deputies investigate fatal stabbing near UCF campus

Orlando Sentinel
6 hours ago
Written by
Jeff Weiner
Orange County deputies are investigating after a man was fatally stabbed during a fight near the University of Central Florida's main campus Wednesday, the Sheriff's Office said...May 7, 2014 A 29-year-old man was charged in connection with a fatal stabbing after a fight near the University of Central Florida's main campus ..Luis Angel Aponte was charged with second-degree homicide ...The men, who are believed to know each other, got into a fight...

Explosion in Berkeley - possible drug blast

SFGate - ‎4 hours ago‎
(05-07) 16:28 PDT BERKELEY -- Berkeley police and firefighters extinguished a blaze Wednesday that resulted from an explosion possibly linked to an illicit methamphetamine lab. The blast was reported about 2:40 p.m. underneath the University Avenue ...

Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation Of Culinary School Near San Francisco United ...

CBS Local - ‎5 hours ago‎
Officers responded at 10:59 a.m. to the International Culinary School at The Art Institute of California, located at 1130 Market St., on reports of a bomb threat, police spokesman Officer Albie Esparza said. Fire spokeswoman Mindy Talmadge said that a ...

Afraid For My Kids And Myself,' Slain Oxford Woman Wrote

Hartford Courant - ‎1 hour ago‎

date: May 6, 2014 Tuesday 3 incidents 1 killed 4 injured, 1 lockdown

1 killed, 1 injured
May 6, 2014 University City 2 Car Accident Hits Wharton Student Off Bridge Two men seriously injured One car ran a red light, hitting another which swerved towards 27-year-old Zachary Woods who jumped onto a pole, but the car either uncontrollably or steered towards and crashed into the pole and sent the University of Pennsylvania Wharton graduate student falling 60 feet from the bridge. The student later died, while the driver was also hospitalized.

3 injured
May 6, 2014 Pastor Hurt as Van Backs Over 3 At Concord Church Voting Site In Concord North Carolina at church parking lot, a woman suddenly backed up her van at a high rate of speed over 3 pedestrians, including the pastor of Center United Methodist Church. The church was being used as a polling place for voters. The victims have been identified as Tony Allen, 55, of Midland, Susan Hicks, 64, of Concord and Sharon Campbell, 62, of Mount Pleasant. Officials do not believe the accident was intentional.

May 6, 2014 Washington, D.C. The White House is locked down for an hour after a vehicle followed the motorcade with daughters of the president into the gate . It was the first of two lockdowns at the White house

2 casualties, 1 killed, 1 injured in double shooting
May 6, 2014 Baltimore Nail Salon Owner Killed in Bystander Shooting In East Baltimore, Maryland Salon owner Truc Thi Ly Nguyen, Vietnamese owner of the T and T Nail Salon was shot and died after two men chased each other into her shop. One man shot the other in the leg and then shot the owner in the head, killing her, making it look like a bystander shooting, but shooting her in the head makes it look like she actually was an intended victim. Her husband Tran wrestled 26-year-old shooter Tremaine Washington to the ground. The man who was running away from the gunman was shot in back and stomach was in critical condition.

date: May 5, 2014 Monday

May 5, 2014 Winnipeg Bar Shooting Kills Filipino College Student In Winnepeg, Canada Paclipan was the only fatality among the three people who were shot outside the Opera Ultralounge bar in Winnipeg, Canada. 23-year-old Rustom Vito Paclipan was laid to rest June 7, 2014 at his hometown in Cebu, Philippines. Paclipan was about to received his diploma as an aircraft maintenance engineering student at Red River College.

May 5, 2014 shooting  Attorney: 'Hillbilly hell,' not deer feeding, led to New Brighton shooting ... Minneapolis Star Tribune  The May 2014 shooting occurred after Damerow-Cleven ran into the Zumberges' son, Jacob, at a restaurant. She called police on the son, who was wanted for a previous incident in which he allegedly threatened to kill Damerow-Cleven and Stevens. Neal Zumberge didn’t shoot and kill his New Brighton neighbor last year over the man’s long-standing habit of feeding deer. Rather, Zumberge’s attorney said Wednesday, he shot Todd Stevens because of the “hillbilly hell” his family endured for years living across the street from Stevens, an inveterate drinker who fought with his father and the entire Zumberge family. Zumberge, 58, acted in self-defense and in defense of his wife, Paula Zumberge, when he fired a 12-gauge semiautomatic shotgun at Stevens and Damerow-Cleven from his yard across the street on May 5, 2014.

date: May 4, 2014 Sunday

Sunday May 4, 2014 Hyattsville woman sexually assaulted near Metro station  HYATTSVILLE, Md. - Hyattsville City Police are searching for a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman near the Prince George's Plaza Metro station. Officers said the assault happened just after 2 a.m. Sunday morning on East West Highway. The victim said she was walking home from the Prince Georges Plaza Metro station when the suspect approached her from behind, held a knife towards her and told her to get behind a dumpster. He then robbed her of her belongings and sexually assaulted her. (Attack on transit patron)

May 4, 2014 stabbing incident: Body found after Wisconsin man claimed to have killed 3 people CBSNews JANESVILLE, Wis. - Police investigating if there is a connection between a woman's body was found behind a former furniture store at 5:45 a.m. on Monday and stabbing. A man arrested in a stabbing incident Sunday night claimed to have recently killed three people. Clayton Courtney, 28, was involved in a dispute with his roommates at their Janesville home, where he allegedly stabbed Michael Clark, also 28, several times, police said. Clark was taken to Mercy Hospital with what doctors described as near-fatal wounds. Before the stabbing, Courtney said, "I've already killed three people tonight. We are all going to die," according to police. (Photo shows a "pure hate" tattoo across his lower neck / upper chest) Courtney attempted to set the woman's car on fire before the fight started.

date: May 3, 2014 Saturday

  1. 1 assaulted by 3 men May 3, 2014 Police: Rhode Island College student raped at off-campus party  PROVIDENCE, R.I. – A Rhode Island College student told Providence police she was sexually assaulted by three men at a party on Oakland Avenue in the city’s Elmhurst neighborhood early Saturday morning. The 20-year-old woman said she was at a party on first floor of the house when 21-year-old suspect Quincy Ambe pulled her into a bedroom and pinned her down on a bed, according to an incident report. The woman said two other men then entered the room and all three of them began to rape her. She said she told them to stop and they “proceeded to turn the music up that was playing in the apartment,” according to the report. She said she ran out of the room when Ambe fell to the ground because he was intoxicated. (Attack on college student) tags: Off Campus 
  2. 1 killed Saturday May 3, 2014 3:45 AM Officer Roberto Sanchez was broadsided and killed by a hit-and-run SUV which struck as he was trying to follow a Camaro in a U-turn. The driver fled. Officeer (Hispanic) LAPD Loses 3 Officers
  3. 1 killed May 3, 2014 SUV Accident Deliberately Rammed and Killed LAPD Officer Roberto Sanches  In Los Angeles, LAPD investigators concluded that an SUV that rammed a police cruiser pursuing a Camaro was following the cruiser and deliberately crashed and killed officer Roberto Sanches before running from the scene. The death was one of a number of deadly accidents involving cars crashing into LAPD police cars and motorcycles
  4. 8 casualties 4 killed (gunman, 3 victims), 4 injured May 3, 2014 Jonesboro Arkansas Home Nearby Business Shooting In Jonesboro, Arkansas a man and a 13 year old girl were killed Saturday afternoon in a home where they were hosting a party. The gunman shot six people, and critically wounded two boys, before fatally shooting a worker at a nearby business. The suspect was found dead from a gunshot in the driver seat of a car, but it was not clear if it was suicide. Number 83: 5/3/2014, Porfirio Hernandez, 4 dead 4 injured, Jonesboro, AR
  5. U2 suspected of causing failure of air traffic computer which was not tested for a very high altitude flight interacting with airliners at a higher altitude that would not normally interfere.
  6. mass shooting Number 84: 5/3/2014, Unknown, 0 dead 4 injured, Houston, TX

date: May 2, 2014 Friday

damage: 3 Ambulances destroyed, 2 damaged, ~$100,000 May 2, 2014 3:30 AM Ambulance Roofs Blown By Fire Explosions In Inwood, Long Island it is believed that an accidental electrical problem caused an ambulance to catch fire, which resulted in 3 which were destroyed and 2 were damaged out of a fleet of 28 ambulances. The fire department arrived to see 3 ambulances on fire.

Current events/2014 May 2

Daily Misfortune May 1, 2014 ---
  1. 9 killed Islamist insurgency in Nigeria: A car bomb attack in the Nigerian capital Abuja kills at least nine people. (BBC)Arts and cuture
  2. 1 killed 10 injured An explosion on a train in the central railway station in the Indian city of Chennai 
  3. May 1, 2014 Waseca MN Student school bomb plot foiled
  4. 1 killed 1 sought May 1, 2014 Man indicted in shooting at truck death of off duty Cleveland firefighter 
  5. car bomb attack in the Nigerian capital Abuja kills at least nine people. (BBC)
  6. Update: May 1, 2014 Stabbing of Israeli Woman Shelly Dadon Was Terrorist Motivated Crime 
  7. Damage: $100,000? May 1, 2014 Fire Hits Truck and Storage Building at NH Truck Dealership 
  8. 1 killed May 1, 2014 Andrew Sadek North Dakota missing drug informant college student found dead 

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